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Hamel Capital's Blacksmith
Name Horatio
NPC Role Hamel Capital's Blacksmith
Location Hamel Capital
Age 60
I make the best weapons in town!

~ Horatio


Official Description

Horatio's constant smithing is the reason why he's always soaked in sweat. He aspires to become the best blacksmith in all of Elrios and devotes himself to creating the best equipment. He has a quiet but cool vibe about him, and his seemingly ageless muscular body is admired by all the citizens. In Hamel, he is known as the "Flaming Horatio".


Pre-Story Events

Horatio was very close to the royal family of Hamel and a close friend with the former Lord of Hamel, Lord Rod Gess.

Chapter 12: Hamel Fell into Darkness

Penensio confronted Horatio when he was investigating the Guardian Stone discovered in Resiam Outskirts. After melting the stone and removing the rough exterior, Horatio reveals a symbol on the stone, one which Penensio identifies as being similar to that seen on the demon known as Shadow Master.

Chapter 13: Secrets of the Temple

When investigating the Water Seal, Penensio went to Horatio since he was close friends with Lord Rod Gess. Horatio reveals that Lord Rod Gess was quite the opposite of his son Rod Ross, humble and not arrogant. Rod Gess felt his son was unworthy of receiving the Water Seal. Unable to tell the Penensio and the El Search Party much more, he redirects the group to Lucy, the local expert of accessories and trinkets.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 호레이쇼 Horatio
Spanish Flag.png Spain Horacio Horatio
Italian Flag.png Italy Orazio Horatio
Polish Flag.png Poland Horacy Horatio

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