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Blacksmiths are a type of NPC that reside in every town except Ruben. Blacksmiths offer services that help you acquire armor and weapons, as well as enhancing your equipment to increase its strength, as well as obtain QPL jellies to feed your pet.

All Alchemists

Currently, there is a total of 11 Blacksmith NPCs in the game.


Main Article: Upgrading Equipment

Blacksmiths can allow you to enhance your equipment to increase its enhancement level, making it much stronger. Every blacksmith offers this service, however be cautious, as the higher your enhancement level increases, the higher the chance you have of downgrading or breaking your equipment.

Secret Dungeon Equipment

Main Article: Secret Dungeon Equipment

At the Blacksmith, you can use the Upgrade option to upgrade your Secret Dungeon equipment to the next stage. Any Blacksmith that resides in a region with its own Secret Dungeon will offer this option, and you can upgrade equipment from any region, even if it's not from the same region as the blacksmith. As such, Blacksmiths regions without Secret Dungeons (Lento, Durenda, and Equipment Refiner) will not offer this option.


Blacksmiths generally only sell very basic equipment appropriate to the level range of the current region. This equipment is very cheap, although very weak and impractical as a result, making it more commonly used for feeding pets or Dismantling.


With the exception of Lento, Blacksmiths will exchange QPL Jelly pet food for your Magical Crystals, which can be obtained by dismantling equipment.

Magical Crystal.png Magical Crystal x170
Magical Crystal.png Magical Crystal x170 Trade Type
Trading List
JELLY STEP11.png QPL Jelly (Step 11) JELLY STEP11 F.png Fantastic QPL Jelly (Step 11) JELLY STEP11 W.png Strange QPL Jelly (Step 11) NOIMAGE.png N/A



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