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So apparently the 4th evolution of the Pocket Phoru, the one with the red scarf, is actually a separate pet obtained through the event back when pets were first released. The regular Pocket Phoru has only three evolution forms.

Needs Updating

The part with the details is missing info on Eltrion Jr., and Hedgehog.

Revamp Page

This page needs a revamp. you know that one table that is all condensed? The one with all the pets at the beginning? condense the inventory and evolution tables like that. Also, with the Critter's Carnival patch, some of the pets that were "limited time" are now perm'ed into NA's item mall. also, update the information. not very informative when theres ????'s everywhewre. ~User:SonicEXE 6.21.15 10:17 AM EST

Item Mall

Can you send me screenshots of the pet section Item Mall (NA), please. -Antiaris (talk) 10:13, 20 August 2019 (EDT)