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Elsword World

The Elsword World is the fantasy world created by KOG Studios, in which is depicted the story of Elsword. According to the Lore of Elsword, the world of Elrios was once a desolate with life being scarce. That all changed when the El was bestowed upon the land and life began to flourish. The all mighty Ellian Kingdom was born surrounding the El until the day of the El Explosion, scattering the El all across Elrios giving birth to many villages and kingdoms.


The Elsword World.png

Elrios Continents

Old Map

The Elsword world consists of a major supercontinent which was split into two. This supercontinent is called Elrios. The supercontinent of the Elsword World that broke apart due to the explosion of the El in the Festival of Harmony.


Old Colored Map of Lurensia

The Elrios supercontinent has been divided into two continents, Lurensia being the western one. Due to the El, Lurensia housed a fertile and prosperous environment and at the same time, filled it with the supreme energy of green earth.













The Elrios continent exploded whilst in chaos, causing the colossal mountain to sink within the sea. After several months of pandemonium, the Elrios continent was eventually split into two separate continents... From the Velder Kingdom in Lurensia, one can pass through the Velder Marina to the eastern Elrios Continent called Fluone.







Unaffiliated Elrios

The area of Elrios that doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of either of the two continents.



Elysion Dimension

A completely separate dimension outside of Elrios discovered by Devrians when they sought to build their own city beyond the goddess. Despite being separate from Elrios the El's energy is still present in the dimension's Diceon Ore.



Other Locations

Demon World

The opposite of the physical world that Elrios exists in. Created by Elia during the creation of the two worlds, the Demon World became inhabited with creatures vastly different than those who exist in the physical world such as Glitters, Shadows, Incubi, Succubi, among many others. This is where Lu originates from as well as many demon figures invading Elrios.

Instances Ingame: Gates of Darkness (Season 3)

Northern Empire Xin

A large empire located south of the deserts of Fluone. A powerful empire which developed separate from the Ellian Kingdom and much of Elrios. This independent empire survives indirectly through the El's power as well with the help of the region's Spiritual Beasts. The Empire is comprised of many clans and villages working under a single Emperor. In Xin is the region of Fahrmann and the village of Isshin which are the origin place of both Ara and Ran.

Instances Ingame: A burning village

El Tower

The place where the original El was protected. After the Nasod War when the first El Lady made herself known, the people of Elrios constructed the El Tower to house the newly rejuvenated El and to be protected by the El Masters. The tower is located in the northern region of Elrios where the original El had fallen. However, after the events which occurred on the Harmony Festival where both Solace and the El Lady disappeared, the El shattered and the El Tower was destroyed with it.

Instances Ingame: Halted Sun's Memory

Henir's Space and Time

A strange dimension also created by the God of darkness, Henir. Formerly under the care of Luto, the dimension is currently in the control of Glave. It appears that reiterations of past enemies are able to manifest or mind there way into this dimension.

Instances Ingame: Henir's Time and Space


The capital city of Elrios during the era prior to the El Explosion. In its prime to the day of its fall, it was the heart of all of Elrios and the capital of the Ellian Empire. With the help of Adrian Nasod, Aero City was built surrounding the capital as a defensive fortress. Even after the Nasod War and the El having become greatly weakened, the city stood under the guidance of the El Lady and soon appointed El Masters. The city housed the El Tower, being built around the original El. However the city was destroyed during the event of the El Explosion.

Sutra Kingdom

An unknown Kingdom that Denka had once visited to help solve some problem. Other than that, there is little information regarding this kingdom.

Empyrean Empire

A land which exists in a separate universe, ruled by Princess Ezre and is the home land of Rose. The empire is known for its vast military power.


  • In the North American version of Elsword, the continents Rurensia and Pluone are spelled as Lurensia and Fluone.
    • In the Korean version of Elsword: The name Pluone seems to have a certain relation to "Pluone Stones" used to protect items from degradation when upgrading items.

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