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Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm. The ship is swept by rough waves. The sound of cannon fire pierce through the rains.
The ship is swept by rough waves. With rain, came chilling fear.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Ally Image Ally Description
  Cannon - One of the ship's cannons. Use them to blast the beast unconscious, making him open for an all out attack.
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
  Leap Octopus Leg - One of the beast's large tentacles. It will block the way to the many cannons on the ship.
  • Whip: The tentacles can swipe at nearby targets.
  Pawn Fisher - A fat flying fish creature.
  • Water Beam: Fire a thin compressed stream of water out of its mount at a downward angle.
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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
  Leap Octopus - A large octopus monster has attacked the ship. It must be stopped.
  • Pawn Summon: It is able to summon Pawn Fishers as reinforcements.
  • Water Jet: The octopus will cause water to burst out in a small pillar indicated by a blue light.
  • Tentacle Smash: The octopus will slam one of its tentacles on the stage, indicated by a large blue light.


  •   Bellonde: Target the cannon to his head.

  •   Bellonde: Alright! It's down. Now is your chance, Laby! Focus on its head!


Date Changes
12/06/2018 01/03/2019
  • Eye of the Storm added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
  South Korea 폭풍의 중심 Eye of the Storm
  Germany Das Auge des Sturms Eye of the Storm
  Spain Ojo de la Tormenta Eye of the Storm
  France Œil du cyclone Eye of the Cyclone
  Italy Occhio del Ciclone Eye of the Cyclone
  Poland Oko Wichury Eye of the Storm

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