Palace of Gold Medovine

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Palace of Gold Medovine

The palace is full of precious treasures and magic. The display inside is like a small curated world.

The El Search Party receives the Queen's invitation and step foot inside the Queen of Gold's palace on the east side of the Red Demon Territory.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 90%.
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  • Rena: It seems the Artifacts are on the left, the Creatures on the right, and the Plants below.
  • Laby: Alright. Where should we go first?

Artifact exhibit:

  • Ain: This is the Artifact exhibit. Let's read the introduction.
  • Ain: 'The Artifact exhibit displays historic artifacts from Noctiluca...'
  • Elsword: It's nice and quiet here. It won't take... Gah?!
  • Eve: There are traps guarding the artifacts. Be.... Ah, never mind.

  • Ara: Queen of Gold.... Here?
  • Aisha: It's not actually her. It looks like the final security measure.

Creatures exhibit:

  • Elesis: Here in the Creatures exhibit, you can admire the still beauty of the rare
  • Elesis: 'Still' exhibition? You call this 'still'?
  • Chung: They must have escaped once the preservation magic lifted. Let's subdue them!

Plant exhibit:

  • Raven: Here's the introduction. 'The Plant exhibit ah, achoo, preserves endangered'
  • Lu: Are you alright? You don't have to force yourself.
  • Rena: These plants... Are they supposed to be this big?! Greenhouse plants are really different...

  • Add: Oh? Now that's a familiar face.
  • Noah: ...???

Completion of an exhibit:

  • Chung: One down. Shall we check out the others?
  • Ciel: We've done enough, right? We can end it here and receive our reward.
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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 황금성 메도바인 Golden Castle Medovine

  • Region 19~20
  • Region 1~6
  • Region 7~12
  • Region 13~18
  • Laby
  • Noah
  • Lithia
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