Anguish of the Wavering Servant

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Anguish of the Wavering Servant

The subconscious with Hernia's memory. The figures of light with a mission have landed at the center.
  • Normal Mode
  • Hell Mode

Ain woke up in Hernia's subconscious memory.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
  • Normal Mode
  • Hell Mode


Entry Requirements
  • Must have reached level 99 and completed the quest [Dungeon] Master Road Entry.
  • Only 1 Resurrection Stone can be used to revive in Hell mode.

Environmental Debuff - Chain of Mission

  • Unknown space, you can't bind to your mission and exert proper power, Attack and HP will be reduced by 30% (70% on Phase 2). Effects are reduced by Adaptation.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Messenger of the Present - Manifestations of Ain's uncertainty appearing as uncorrupted angels attempting to banish the traitor.
  • Erst · Bohren: Project and throw [Erst · Bohren], the first spear, with the God's power.
  • Sabelhieb Sequenz: Project a dagger and quickly slash the enemy ahead 3 times.
  • Zweit · Schneiden: Concentrate and project a longsword to cut enemies ahead.
  • Fantasiegebilde Speer: Project [Fantasiegebilde Speer] diagonally from the ground and maintain them for a certain period of time.
  • Brocken Phantasm: Project an incomplete form of the spear of the gods due to the suppression of the world and throw it forward.
  • Bewachsen Feste · Gott Waffe: Scatter a mass of magic circles above a surrounding area and bombard your foes with countless projected weapons.
  • Erst der Letzt: 4x messengers appear at the edges of the map and summon God's weapon [Erst der Letzt] to release concentrated magic power towards the middle of the stage. They will inflict power stun across the map ahead of the attack.


  • The messengers all share a single health bar, and cannot be defeated by skills, but are removed from the field when hit by a command attack. If 12 messengers are on the field, indicated by the UI below their health bar, they will use Erst der Letzt.
Dominus Angelus (Phase 2) - The manifestations after they have been depleted to half health. They will manifest into the form of the Goddess Ishmael herself.


  • Projection Bombs: Small projections will spawn around the map and slowly rise up before shattering into a small explosion. These projections can be destroyed with any type of hit.
  • Projection Slam: Raise one of her hands with a projection sword then slash down covering one of the two sides of the map. This attack will flatten targets.
  • Projection Swipe: Pull her arm back, creating a projection sword, as she lowers her body, she will swipe at the bottom layer.
  • Projection Slash: Create projection swords as she crosses her arms then slashes at the top layer.
  • Projection Fall: Project multiple swords above the map that drop down. There will be an opening to avoid the attack as well as small spaces between each sword.
  • Projection Chain: Raises one hand and targets a single player with a projected binding, locking them in place until an ally uses a command attack on them. This is not used if only 1 player is alive.
  • Goddess Guard: Her ultimate attack, she will retreat and protect herself as she summons messengers. Clear out the messengers which are the same color as her wings to avoid a devastating unavoidable attack. If the corresponding messengers are kept at bay, Dominus Angelus will be left stunned for a period of time.
    • While fatigued, her defense will be reduced drastically temporarily.
    • Dominus Angelus's overall defense will decrease each time she performs this attack.


  • Messenger of God: Foolish being, who wish to escape their fate. What do you expect is at the end of your path?
Image Name Boss Character Stats Set Effects
El Aura Halo
El Aura Halo
El Aura Halo
Dominus Angelus

Face Accessory (Top):
All Skill Damage +0.5%

Critical Damage +0.5%

[Unidentified * 1]

Master Piece:

2 Pieces:

  • +3% Physical Attack Power
  • +3% Magical Attack Power
  • Adaptation +1%

3 Pieces:

  • Max MP +20
  • Polarize +3%
  • Adaptation +2%
  • Befitting their roles as representation of Ain's brethren, they only perform attacks from the Richter class, representing how Ain will be like in case he stays devout to the goddess Ishmael.
  • This dungeon marks the first time Ishmael appears in any form, though it is unclear how much her appearance is being distorted as a manifestation of Ain's uncertainty.
  • The first map of the dungeon is seemingly based on Hernia's memories, taking place in some part of Elrianode.
Date Changes
02/27/2020 03/25/2020
  • Anguish of the Wavering Servant added.
05/13/2021 06/23/2021
  • Phase 2 damage reduction decreased.
07/06/2023 08/02/2023
  • Boss HP reduced.
  • Hell Mode:
    • Phase 2 Damage Reduction reduced.
    • No longer utilizes Hyper Armor except for the Ultimate Attack.
    • Resurrection limit increased from 1 to 3
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 흔들리는 권속의 고뇌 Agony of the Wavering Kin
Germany Qual des Zweifelnden Agony of the Doubtful
Spain Tormento del Indeciso Torment of the Doubtful
France Souffrance de l'indécis Suffering of the Doubtful
Italy Tormento dei Dubbiosi Torment of the Doubtful Ones
Poland Męka Wątpienia Torment of the Doubt
United Kingdom Torture of the Doubtful
Brazil Angústia do Servo Incerto Anguish of the Wavering Servant

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