Moonlight Hill (Day) (Downhill)

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Moonlight Hill (Day) (Downhill)

Below the beautiful hills, was an ominous, old abandoned manor.

Noah heads over to find trace of the Order.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Derurung - A baby griffon local to the region.
  • Scratch: Scratch in front of it.
  • Charge: Charge forwards at a constant pace doing multiple hits overtime.
Papilleo - A butterfly local to the region.
  • Glitter ball: Release a ball of enemy which slowly travels forward.
  • Aroma: Release an aura around it, it will not deal hitstun but will deal damage.
Lympy - A flower spirit.
  • Spirit Ball: Create a small green ball of light which travels forwards.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Gate Keeper - The statue in front of the abandoned manor rises up to fend off intruders.
  • Stab: Thrust its spear forward.
  • Double Slash: Slash twice with its spear.
  • Erupt: Slam the rear end of its spear into the ground, creating a shockwave.
  • Guard: Enter a defensive stance with its shield raised to decrease incoming damage.


  • Titania: You got the flowers. Thank you.
  • Titania: It was nice meeting you. So long.
  • Clamor: ...What? She is acting strange...
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Gate Keeper's Spear
Gate Keeper's Spear
Gate Keeper

Lv19 Accessory (Bottom Piece):

Physical Attack +5

Magical Attack +5

Maximize +1%

Critical +1%

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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 낮의 언덕 (하행) Daytime Hill (Downhill)
China (Simplified Chinese) 白昼山丘下山道 Daytime Hill Downhill
France Colline ensoleillée (descente) Sunny Hill (Downhill)

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