Wally's Memorial Bridge

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Elder Village Wally's Memorial Bridge Bethma Village
Wally's Memorial Bridge
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves Monster Type
Mercenary Bandit - This bandit will attack in the exact same way as Big Brother.
  • Punch Combo: A two punch combo.
Elite Soldier Bandit - This large bandit will attack in the exact same way as Bruce.
  • Club Swing: A two hit combo swinging around his heavy club.
Scout Bandit - A smaller bandit that will fight like Little Brother.
  • Dagger Combo: A quick short dagger combo.
Water Fairy - This large monster will attack in the exact same way as Fairy Guardian.
  • Heavy Punch: The Guardian will perform a downward punch if you get close to it.
Wet Shroom - A mushroom that lives in the watery canals under Wally's Memorial Bridge.
  • Headbutt: Smacks players with its mushroom head.


Wally's Memorial Bridge - field_elder001
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 월리 기념교 Wally's Memorial Bridge
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 瓦利紀念橋 Wally Memorial Bridge
China (Simplified Chinese) 瓦利纪念桥 Wally Memorial Bridge
Germany Robo-Gedenkbrücke Robo Memorial Bridge
Spain Puente Monumental de Robon Robon Monumental Bridge
France Pont Robo Robo Bridge
Italy Ponte Monumentale di Robo Robo Monumental Bridge
United Kingdom Robo Memorial Bridge
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