The Great Zombie Invasion

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The Great Zombie Invasion

Zombie virus has spread all over Elrios! Team up to defeat the zombie together and achieve victory!


Guild Mini Game - The Great Zombie Invasion! Defeat the zombie or survive until the very end!
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power

Upon entering the dungeon, players are given 20 seconds to prepare, after which a random player will be transformed into a zombie, pitting the humans against the zombie.


Humans will be mounted on blue Moby mounts. The goal for the humans is to survive until the end, or defeat all of the zombies to win.

Attack Types:

  • HMZ.png Z/Z Jump: Fire missiles ahead
  • HMX3.png X: Set a destructible obstacle
  • HMC.png C: Significantly increase moving speed for a short duration


When a zombie kills a player, that player turns into a zombie. The goal for the zombies is to turn all of the humans into zombies to win.

Attack Types:

  • ZombieZ.png Z/Z Jump: Swing arms ahead
  • ZombieX.png X: Set a trap
  • ZombieC.png C: Significantly increase moving speed for a short duration

Defense Zones

There are bases on each end of the map which can only be entered from the front, making it impossible to enter them from above or below. Additionally, random defense zones will appear every 20 seconds in various parts of the map, which can only be entered from the top or bottom.


Buff items will appear randomly across the map. Pick them up to increase your speed and strength to give yourself an advantage over the enemy.

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Buffs Image Buffs Description
TGZI - Fast Attack.png Fast Attack - Increase your the speed of your attacks for a short amount of time.
TGZI - Acceleration.png Acceleration - Increase your moving speed for a short amount of time.
TGZI - Power Up.png Power Up - Increase the power of your attacks for a short amount of time.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
TGZI - Rock.png Rock - A destructible obstacle intended to block off approaching zombies.
TGZI - Trap.png Trap - A trap designed to ensnare humans for a short amount of time. Can be escaped by rapidly mashing back and forth.


  • Elsword:
  • Aisha:
  • Rena:
  • Raven:
  • Eve:
  • Chung:
  • Ara:
  • Elesis:
  • Add:
  • Lu:
  • Ciel:
  • Rose: Situation over. Mission objective achieved.
  • Ain:
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Guild Coin.png Guild Coin Obtained by playing the dungeon. Used to purchase Guild items at Myu.
Date Changes
03/28/2019 04/24/2018
  • The Great Zombie Invasion added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 좀비 대습격 Zombie Outbreak
German Flag.png Germany Zombieplage Zombie Plague
Spanish Flag.png Spain Plaga de zombis Zombie Plague
French Flag.png France Fléau zombie Zombie Plague
Italian Flag.png Italy Invasione di zombie Zombie Invasion
Polish Flag.png Poland Plaga Zombie Zombie Plague
English Flag.png United Kingdom Zombie Outbreak

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