Adrian's Palace

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Adrian's Palace[edit]

A dwelling Adrian, this is where the creator of Elysion is asleep. It is isolated by a mysterious seal.


The place where Adrian, the creator of Elysion, is asleep. It is isolated due to an unknown barrier.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout


The final ascent to Adrian's Chamber is gated by an elevator. PooPang enemies will fall from the sky, defeating them will cause them to drop enemy orbs which the elevator will absorb. The elevator requires a certain amount of energy before players can progress.

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Ally Image Ally Description
10-5-Elevator.png Elevator - The elevator that leads to Adrian's room. Defeat all the PooPang monsters to power up the elevator.


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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Emperacyd Lance.png Emperacyd Lance - A more powerful lance wielding angel Nasod.
  • Double Stab: Stab twice leaving behind a sphere of dark energy.
  • Spear Barrage: Perform a rapid barrage of spear stabs in front of it.
Emperacyd Orb.png Emperacyd Orb - A more powerful magician like angel Nasod who attacks with energy rather than a weapon.
  • Energy Tracker: Casts a ball of dark energy that homes onto players and implodes on impact.
  • Silencer: Shoot out a cloud of dark energy in front of itself that inflicts Silence.
Emperacyd Shield.png Emperacyd Shield - A more powerful large hammer wielding angel Nasod.
  • Judgement: Release a large pillar of dark energy out of its body upwards.
  • Army Shield: After performing Judgement, it will enter a defensive stance. Its defense will increase significantly and they will grant temporary invincibility to surrounding mobs.
  • Smash: Perform a downward smash with its hammer which stuns players.
  • Ram: Perform a shield ram, typically followed up by either its Smash or Judgement attack.
  • Dark Lasso: Fire one large dark orb forward which he can use to pull you closer to him.


  • Does not receive proper hitstun, will instead flinch in super armor allowing it to retaliate.
Emperacyd Bow.png Emperacyd Bow - A more powerful bow wielding angel Nasod archer.
  • Arrow Shot: Fire a single arrow straight forward.
  • Arrow Barrage: Backflip then follow with three consecutive arrow shots.
  • Arched Shot: Fire three arrows in a parabolic arc aimed at players from a distance six times.
    • Can fire behind him.
PooPang.png PooPang - A tiny ball Nasod created by Herbaon.
  • Puff: It will jump and cause the area in front of it to burst.
MangPang.png MangPang - A tiny ball PooPang Nasod wielding a large hammer.
  • Hammer: Perform a single hammer smash.
  • Hammer Twirl: Perform a series of spinning strikes with the hammer.
  • Roll: It will bloat up then roll forwards before rolling back.
  • Self-Destruct: After being defeated they will bloat up and pop.
BoomPang.png BoomPang - A tiny ball PooPang Nasod with a bomb strapped to its back.
  • Bomb Plant: Plant its bomb in the ground while they retreat. The bomb will explode momentarily.
  • Bomb Throw: It can also throw its bomb causing explosions a short distance away from it.
ShingPang.png ShingPang - A tiny ball PooPang Nasod with a large hat.
  • Sleeper: It will flip its hat over then start dancing on top of it. It will release several yellow orbs which inflict
    Status 241.png
    SleepEnemy Debuff
    and burning 15 MP.
  • Blast Attack: If players are close by it will take its hat then shoot out a large orb of light that harms players.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
DekalHead.png Dekal - Dekal makes his return with an upgraded chair.
  • Cube Release: Dekal will release 8 energy cubes as projectiles in a 180° arc.
  • Cube Explosion: Dekal will release energy cubes onto the ground as it moves. This no longer leaves behind an energy field.
  • Dekal Wave: Dekal will release a shockwave that will travel across the ground in both directions, will drag players doing multiple hits, however will do significantly less damage than its previous incarnation.
  • Concentrated Explosion: Dekal will create a vortex of energy underneath his chair with a powerful suction force that does continuous damage before exploding.


  • Does not receive proper hitstun, will instead flinch in super armor allowing him to retaliate.
  • Immune to debuffs.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Pitfalls - The place is very high up, don't fall or you'll lose a set percentage of HP.
10-5 Launchpad.png Launch Pad - Platforms that will propel you the the high ground.
10-5 DPlatforms.png Disappearing Platforms - Platforms that can phase in and out of existence.
10-5 MPlatforms.png Moving Platforms - Platforms that are not in a fixed position and will travel in a variety of patterns.
10-5 E Field.png Electrical Field - Machines which create fans of electrical energy that will rapidly push players outward and harm players during platform segments.
10-5 Laser.png Lasers - Powerful lasers which fire out at players. Do not provide hitstun but hit many times.
10-5 ESlide.png Energy Slide - Ramps of energy which drag players forward.
10-5 GArrows.png Giant Arrows - Giant spikes that launch out from the background harming players in their path.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
HerbaonFace.png Herbaon - The ruler of Elysion in Adrian Nasod's stead. He will stop at nothing to defend his father.
  • Light Arrow: Forms a bow-like structure out of his drones, then fires two spheres of light energy a distance forwards.
  • Light Trap: Imprison players in a suction of light energy before sending a piece of debris straight down from the sky. Can be escaped by mashing back and forth.
  • Light Barrier: Covers himself with his drones, empowering them with light energy, then slides forward harming players in his path.
  • Light Explosion: Expels a blast of light energy around him, dealing high damage.
  • Lasers: Either the horizontal or two vertical lasers will close in. Standing on the bottom most layer will avoid the horizontal laser and the two vertical lasers will stop before they collide with each other.
  • Iris Blade: Herbaon will warp to the center and cause laser beams to close in around him. Herbaon will not lose HP, but can still be damaged. Will always follow up with Laser Onslaught if this attack is not cancelled.
  • Quadrato Laser: Two lasers will try to home onto a player, one vertical and one horizontal. An additional vertical laser that exclusively homes onto players is added off screen for every player. Herbaon is completely invincible during this attack.


  • Immune to debuffs.


  • Story Quest Icon - Dekal.png Dekal: We meet again, you little rascals.. Now it's goodbye!
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Elysion's Hernacyd Staff
Elysion's Hernacyd Staff

Lv86 Staff:

Physical Attack +5078

Magical Attack +5078

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

2% chance of double attack (Except special active skills)

Critical +6%

  • This is the first dungeon that truly integrates platforming into its design, with moving platforms, disappearing and re-appearing platforms, and obstacles that will try and knock you off the map.
  • Adrian, being a normal human, is no older than is normally possible. He does however, have a hibernation chamber that preserves his body as he sleeps for centuries at a time.
  • Herbaon is supposed to be Herjuno's replacement, who was abandoned on Atlas after trying to warn Adrian about Solace, explaining their similar designs.
  • Looking at the images of Adrian's room and Herbaon, it can be noted that the floor texture was changed from an opaque off white striped pattern to a translucent blue hexagonal pattern before it was released.
Date Changes
06/16/2016 08/24/2016
  • Adrian's Palace added.
07/08/2021 08/04/2021
  • 4th stage summons improved.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아드리안의 거처 Adrian's Abode
Japanese Flag.png Japan アドリアンの宮殿 Adrian's Palace
American Flag.png North America Adrian's Dwelling (prior to the September 28, 2016 update)
German Flag.png Germany Adrians Palast Adrian's Palace
Spanish Flag.png Spain Palacio de Adrián Adrian's Palace
French Flag.png France Habitation d'Adrian Adrian's Dwelling
Italian Flag.png Italy Palazzo di Adrian Adrian's Palace
Polish Flag.png Poland Pałac Adriana Adrian's Palace
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Residência de Adrian Adrian's Residence

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