Outer Edge of Black Forest

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For the pre-release event dungeon of the same name, see Outer Edge of Black Forest (Event).

Outer Edge of Black Forest

Beyond where the warm light falls, you hear someone's voice deep within the forest.

Beyond where the warm light falls, there's someone deep within the forest.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Bibi - A tiny native rat like creature of the Black Forest.
  • Tackle: When it notices a player it will raise its tail in the air before it tackles. There is a very long window of time before it actually attacks.
Poco - A loud shadow creature that disguises itself into the ground and emerges when disturbed.
  • Roll: The Poco will curl itself up and roll towards the player.
  • Chomp: Open it's mouth and suck in players in front of it before chomping down on them.
Wooki - A native creature of the Black Forest with long arms and a long tail.
  • Roll Swing: Roll forwards swiping at players with its tail before swiping with their hands.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Zumyu - A monster of the Black Forest which lures victims with its ability to mimic voices.
  • Light Inhale: Inhale energy which harms plays as well as dragging them toward it. While it will not do damage, it will still drag players even if they're behind it.
  • Tail Whip: Swing its tails in a circle attack in front and behind it.
  • Charge Attack: It's wind up and charge forwards doing multiple hits as it moves forwards.


  • ???: Please...

  • ???: Save...

  • ???: Us...

  • ???: I'm in here...
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Date Changes
12/06/2018 01/03/2019
  • Outer Edge of Black Forest added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 검은 숲 외곽 Black Forest Outskirts
Germany Umgebung von Finsterhain Dark Forest Surroundings
Spain Afueras de Sotolóbrego ?
France Alentours du Bosquet des ténèbres Dark Forest Surroundings
Italy Dintorni di Boschettoscuro Dark Forest Outskirts
Poland Okolice Mrocznego Gaju Dark Forest Surroundings
United Kingdom Murky Forest Area

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