Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area

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Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area

Alterasia was a more persistent and hardy plant than you thought. You brace yourself to enter this area filled with contagious spores.

A Transporting Tunnel where advanced spores have completely contaminated everything.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • 5 weekly entries permitted. Entry count is shared with other Secret Dungeons.
  • Must be Level 99 or higher.

Poisonous Air

The air in the the tunnel is filled with poisonous Alterasia. While players are granted immunity to the poisonous gasses, their immunity is only temporary. A timer will be displayed counting down from 12 minutes. Once the timer had run out, players will be subjected to the poisonous gases and take continuous poison damage till the end of the dungeon. The poisonous air cannot kill players, leaving them at 1 HP.

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  • All mobs except Evolved Alterasia and Evolved Alterasia Spore now can activate stoic briefly after ?? hits and electrocute players around them.
Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Corrupt Nasod Scorpion - Same as Nasod Scorpion, but will super armor during certain attacks.
  • Sting: Attacks with its pincers and claws.
Corrupt Nasod Blader - Same as Nasod Blader, except it is much faster.
  • Propeller Assault: Spin a set of blades like a propeller then flies forward towards players doing rapid hits.
  • Heal: It can heal itself and mobs around it.
Corrupt Nasod Guard Type-ICE - Same as Nasod Guard Type-ICE, except that it super armors during certain attacks and will curse.
  • Arm Swing: Swings its arm downwards.
  • Arm Thrust: Prepares itself and trusts forward doing multiple hits.
  • Curse Ball: Fires a green poison ball out of its arm that inflicts curse.
Corrupt Nasod Scout Type-L - Same as the Nasod Scout Type-L aside from that the zap attack deals Curse rather than stun.
  • Tackle: Lunges at enemies with its legs.
  • Shock: Fires a short burst of lightning that curses players.
  • Electron Ball: Shoots a small electron ball. Inflicts curse.
Corrupt Elite Cannon - A stronger corrupted version of the Elite Nasod Guard: Cannon.
  • Laser Shots: Ready themselves then fire three sets of three lasers.
  • Grenade Lob: Lob a grenade that explodes on impact.
Corrupt Nasod Assault: Type-W9 - Same as the Assault Nasod Type-W9 except bigger and with higher attack speed.
  • Knife Twirl: It will twirl it knives and perform a several slash combo.
  • Knife Uppercut: Slashes downward then slashes upward sending players flying.
Evolved Alterasia - Same as the regular Alterasia.
  • Spore Summon: Alterasia plants will continue to spawn more Evolved Alterasia Spores.
    • They will lose a negligible amount of HP per each spore spawned.
Evolved Alterasia Spore - Same as the Alterasia Spores, all mobs can absorb these on contact to regain HP.
  • Electrocute: Alterasia Spores can create a burst of electricity around them inflicting curse.
  • Heal: Nasods can absorb the spore to heal a significant amount of their HP.


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Monster Image General Description General Moves
Enroded Elite Nasod - This mob's attack virtually similar to Nasod Assault: Type-W9.
  • Knife Twirl: It will twirl it knives and perform a several slash combo.
  • Knife Uppercut: Slashes downward then slashes upward sending players flying.
Enroded Nasod Scorpion King - This mob's attack virtually similar to Scorpion King.
  • Sting: Attacks with its pincers and claws.
  • Stomp: Leaps and stomps players.
  • Laser Pincers: Enhance its pincers with laser blades increase its power and range.
  • Photon Blaster: Fire a barrage of photon orbs out of its tail doing immense damage.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Poisonous Air - While the Anti-Alterasia Capsule keep the poisonous air from affecting you at first, its effects are only temporary and after 12 minutes the poisonous gases begin to take their toll, dealing non-lethal DoT damage (This debuff cannot kill you unlike other debuff).


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Alterasia Type-H - A Nasod unit programmed to utilize sword techniques that has been consumed by the Alterasia plants.
  • Sword Commands: Type-H's attacks are basically mixture of Elsword's Sword Knight and Magic Knight. Knows >>^XXX, XXZ, >>ZZX, ZZZ >>^XXX and >>^XZ.
  • Wind Blade: Same as Magic Knight's Wind Blade skill, causing moderate damage to target. Type-H usually uses this move to finish off his combos.
  • Armageddon Blade: Larger and longer than Sword Knight's version (more than half the screen), causing enormously high damage on activation.(During activation you're unable to move.) Type-H will use this whenever he has full mana.
    • Sometimes he will refuse to use it unless he feels he can hit someone with it on activation.
  • Storm Blade: Same as Magic Knight's Storm Blade skill, dealing extremely high damage. Be warned that it is tall enough to reach the top platforms from the bottom of the stage. After being reduced to a certain amount of HP, Type-H will automatically perform Storm Blade. In addition, Type-H will retain stoic for several seconds preventing him from being immediately caught right after this skill.
    • He will usually use Armageddon Blade during his stoic phase after Storm Blade if he has the MP.
    • Type-H will Storm Blade at 40.7, 34.8, 28.8, 22.9, 17.3, 10.4, and 5.6 life bars on any difficulty.
  • Air Slash: An exact copy of Sword Knight's Air Slash. Tends to use it in a middle of a combo or for catching purposes.


  • Has Stoic on when it attacks.
  • Very fast in terms of Attack and Movement Speed.
  • Pulls combos similar to Elsword's.
  • Stoic is off when it falls from a platform.
  • Has higher resistance to all elements than most other monsters. (Roughly 200/500 resist to everything)
  • After The Fields update, his attack damage has been significantly reduced while the Spore spawn rate was increased from every 15 seconds to every 10 seconds.

Basic Tactics:

  1. Split your team into two groups, one on spores and one on Type-H.
  2. Lure Type-H onto the right platform away from the spores and fight him there.
  3. Always watch its health bar; at certain HP thresholds Type-H will unleash Storm Blade.
  • Type-H will Storm Blade at 40.7, 34.8, 28.8, 22.9, 17.3, 10.4, and 5.6 life bars on any difficulty.
  • If you get hit by it, quickly MP Break as fast as you can before you take serious damage.
  • Triple Frozen Master is recommended due to Type-H's fast movement and high defense.
  • Never have everyone on boss unless you're confident in your team's attack power.
  • After The Fields update spores can no longer phase through players, so as long as the blockers remain grounded it is possible to block the spores without doing anything.
    • This allows them to be 'saved' for building MP\Awakening later should that be desired, they additionally have very low resistance to dark element.
Advanced Tactics:

This is much more difficult after The Fields update due to Freezing status not being extended by skill delay.

  1. Focus everyone on Type-H.
  2. Have someone freeze him either with Blizzard Shower, Freezing Arrow, or use a Water Orb. Freezing Arrow is more difficult to work with due to its extremely short duration on Type-H.
  3. Have someone use a Wind Orb on him to break his defenses.
  4. Chain Special Actives against him to keep him frozen and defenseless, he cannot Storm Blade while frozen.
  5. Repeat starting off with a freezing attack again until he dies.
  • If any of his HP thresholds are exceeded while he is frozen he will fail to use Storm Blade, this will additionally put him into super armor for roughly 10 seconds during which he is unable to use Storm Blade again until it wears off.
    • During this super armor phase he is unable to attempt Storm Blade again if HP thresholds are exceeded, even if frozen status wears off.
    • This allows the party to safely skill chain him for the duration of his super armor state, skill delays will further extend his super armor frame's duration.
    • If he is hit by a non-freezing attack after surviving until his super armor ends there is a chance he may use Storm Blade after every hit due to the HP thresholds exceeded.
    • Exceeding HP thresholds while frozen\SA will often cause him to 'forget' to ever use Storm Blade for that threshold, but this is not 100%, especially if you exceed multiple in one skill chain.

Elemental Master Tactic:

  1. UseBlizzard Shower before Type-H hits a Storm Blade HP threshold.
  2. Blaze Step is useful for clearing out spores and damaging Type-H, but be careful not to activate Storm Blade with the initial hit.
  3. If clearing out spores, Chain Lightning and Meteor Shower/Lightning Shower can help a lot with the amount of space those spells cover.
  4. Activate Meditation immediately after a Blizzard Shower along with some MP potions to throw out some specials of your own while Type-H is frozen.

Void Princess Tactic:

  1. "Run away" by not attacking and just letting the spores spawn (jump on the upper platform, go right, wait until he comes, press down, go left and jump on the platform again.
  2. Repeat until there are a lot of spores.
  3. Go on the platform with the spores.
  4. Wait until Type-H stands on it too.
  5. Activate Awakening Mode
  6. Use Death Field
  7. Use Binding Circle

Blade Master's Tactic:

  1. Wait for the spores to spawn and lead them to the bottom while running away from Type-H.
  2. Once enough spores fill up bottom the bottom portion of the room, use Hypersonic Stab

Grand Archer Tactics:

  • Supporting Against Type-H:
  1. Use Stigma Shot first.
  2. Fire Freezing Arrow/Freezing Arrow - Drizzle, to freeze Type-H at certain points to bypass Storm Blade thresholds.
  3. XX combo can be used to catch him for party members.
  4. Alternatively, prepare siege and snipe him from long range.
  • Supporting Against Spores (normal mode only):
    • After 6/4/2013 patch, you can simply just ZZZZ kick spam them.
  1. Prepare Siege to the right of where it spawns when you hear a spore spawning.
  2. Siege Z to knock it down to the platform on the left.
  3. Siege X to kill the spore.
  4. Charge mana for next spore.
  • Solo Method: Wind Ward (Must have enough damage to defeat spores with Wind Ward)
  1. Fight Type-H normally until any spore(s) comes close.
  2. Wind Wall both Type-H and the spore(s)\Alternatively Freezing Arrow if Wind Ward is not available.
  3. Retreat when Type-H is near a Storm Blade threshold.
  4. Catch and repeat until Type-H is defeated.

Wind Sneaker Tactics:

  • Supporting Against Type-H:
  1. Lure him to the right platform.
  2. Use Middle Kick to slow down his attacks and hit recovery.
  3. Use Nature's Force and combo him while keeping an eye on his HP bar.
  4. If a spore approaches, Sharp Fall when it is in range for you to hit both it and Type-H.
    1. (After 6/4/2013 patch, you need only maintain your grounding to prevent spores from coming in contact with Type-H and don't need to Sharp Fall every approaching spore anymore.)
  5. Escape backwards and attack him from a safe range when he is about to Storm Blade to trigger it safely.
  6. Alternatively, use a skill with long invincibility frames like Dive Kick Bombing or Violent Attack.
  7. Catch him after Storm Blade and repeat combo until next Storm Blade.
  8. Wind Sneaker may support with Siege from long range much like a Grand Archer.
  9. Airelinna may be used in advance to negate the skill delay of Type-H's Armageddon Blade.
  • Supporting Against Spores (normal mode only):
    • After 6/4/2013 patch, you can simply just ZZZZ kick spam them.
  1. Prepare Siege to the right of where it spawns when you hear a spore spawning.
  2. Siege Z to knock it down to the platform on the left.
  3. Siege X to kill the spore.
  4. Charge mana for next spore.
  • Solo Method: Sharp Fall (Must have at least near enough damage to OHKO spores)
  1. Get Type-H to the right, onto the platform.
  2. Catch and combo Type-H until close to a Storm Blade threshold while Sharp Falling approaching spores.
    1. After 6/4/2013 patch, you need only maintain your grounding to prevent spores from coming in contact with Type-H and don't need to Sharp Fall every approaching spore anymore.
  3. Trigger Storm Blade and retreat.
  4. Repeat from Step 1 until Type-H is defeated.

Rune Slayer's Tactic

  1. Spam Luna Blade and/or Wind Blade (With the skill note) to prevent Type-H from using Armageddon Blade.
  2. Phoenix Talon helps here too, as it gets rid of the spores that spawn.

Deadly Chaser's Tactic

  1. Keep running away from Type-H by jumping on the platforms and falling down, while the spores are spawning.
  2. If you need to get the spores with Type-H together, use Rumble Shot.
  3. Use Heavy Railgun after the spores are on top of Type-H.

  • Type-H will heal if he eats the spores generated by the (inaccessible and invincible) 2 Alterasias at the top of the level. It would be wise to have at least 1 person on spores.
    • Sometimes the Alterasia plant will fail to generate spores, dying and reviving will sometimes fix this.
      • The timing on spore release has been altered after the Hunting Fields patch reducing the occurrence of this glitch.
  • Type-H has a fast hit recovery. 20% Action Speed strongly recommended.


Helpful Skills

For dungeon

For boss

  • Dungeon Victory Quote
  • Elsword
  • Aisha
  • Rena
  • Raven
  • Eve
  • Chung
  • Ara
  • Elesis
  • Add
  • Lu/Ciel
  • Rose
  • Ain
  • Elsword: Agh, the air here stinks... Can hardly breathe. About time! With the monster killed, we can get the heck out of here.
  • Elsword: Whew, that was close. We could've suffocated if we didn't get out of that lousy air!
  • Elsword: -
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Barrier's Fragment Obtained by playing the dungeon. Quantity: 100

Throw at A tree imbued with the El energy to gain rewards.

El Reward Obtained by playing the dungeon. Quantity: 5

Exchange for rewards at Ariel.

ED Obtained by playing the dungeon. ED Gain: 2,000,000
EXP Obtained by playing the dungeon. EXP Gain: 200,000,000
  • In the earliest versions of Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area there were no spores and Type-H would automatically stoic and use Storm Blade after every 10 hits outside of stoic frames with a cooldown on Storm Blade of 15 seconds, it would also have stoic active at almost all times unless it was falling from a platform. There was a timer but upon reaching 0 the player would instantly be defeated regardless of remaining HP instead of becoming poisoned. Elsword NA used to have that version of Type-H in the previous version of Henir as a secret stage boss.
  • Later versions would remove the timer and then even later modifications would re-add it but the system was altered so that the player would instead be poisoned once time ran out instead of automatically failing. Type-H would also no longer be stoic while moving, and Storm Blade activation would be triggered by HP thresholds instead of hits.
  • The healing spores came with the latest updates to Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area, the initial version though only dropped them down once every couple minutes instead of every ~15 seconds.
  • When the Type-H execute a skill,there is deaf sound clips from Elsword's voice clip modified to sound like a monster.
    • Type-H is not the first boss to have this feature, Crow Rider from 4-5 also has a robotized clip voice of Raven.
  • Type-H is one of the few bosses to have a skill cut-in inside the .kom files that contain the character skill cut-ins, but was never used for some reason.
Date Changes
11/09/2023 12/06/2023
  • Level Requirement increased from 70-90 to 99.
  • CP Requirement increased from 15000 to 500000.
  • Dungeon shortened.
14/03/2024 04/24/2024
  • Alterasia TYPE-H invincibility while casting Storm Blade will be removed.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 운송 터널: 오염 구역 Transportation Tunnel: Contaminated Area
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 運送通道汙染區域 Transporting Corridor Contaminated Area
China (Simplified Chinese) 运输隧道:污染区域 Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area
Germany Kontaminierte Zone Contaminated Area
Spain Zona contaminada Contaminated Area
France Zone contaminée Contaminated Area
Italy Zona Contaminata Contaminated Area
Poland Skażony Teren Contaminated Area
United Kingdom Contaminated Zone
Brazil Túnel de Transporte: CA Transporting Tunnel: CA

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