Heroic Mode

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Heroic Mode

The demon revival ritual at the Grand Cavern has made the monsters bloody-thirsty and dangerous. You are the rightful Hero that will save Elrios from doom.

Heroic Mode is a gameplay mode where normal dungeons can be played at a significantly increased difficulty to obtain powerful equipment.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • 1 free daily entry permitted.
  • Requires 3 of Heroic Invitation to enter.
Gameplay Guide

Heroes Assemble Buff

Similar to regular dungeons, players will receive the Heroes Assemble buff when entering dungeons on Heroic Mode through the queue system, which will increase stats in proportion with the number of players in the party. Unlike the normal buff, the Heroes Assemble buff will be weaker in Heroic Mode dungeons.

Buff 1 Player 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players
Physical/Magical Attack +90% +60% +30% 0%
Physical/Magical Defense +15% +10% +5% 0%
HP +15% +10% +5% 0%


In Heroic Mode, all monsters and bosses will be stronger than their normal dungeon counterparts. They will have increased offensive and defensive stats and will attack with increased speed.

Supreme Monsters

In Heroic Mode, there will be additional monsters known as Supreme Monsters, which are stronger than normal Heroic monsters. These monsters will possess an attack-type buff from the elixirs that can be made from the Darkness Souls found in Gate of Darkness. These buffs can be transferred to the player if the Supreme Monster is defeated. When the buff is transferred, it will last for 30 seconds. Supreme Monsters will also possess the ability to teleport to the player if they move too far from them.



In Heroic Dungeons, a special monster known as Wimp can appear. They will have a 25% chance of appearing in the dungeon except for the first and boss stages. When the Wimp is defeated, one of the following buffs will be given to the entire party:

  • Infinite HP for 10 seconds
  • Infinite MP for 10 seconds
  • Freeze all monsters for 5 seconds
  • No cooldown time for all skills except Hyper Actives for 10 seconds

Players will not be able to get the same type of buff in one dungeon.


Heroic Magic Stones

Heroic Magic Stones are drops which can be obtained from running Heroic Dungeons. They can be be used and will grant a random Dual Magic Stones effect. They can be used to craft specific Dual Magic Stones at Glave. They can be obtained from Heroic Mode.

Heroic Certification

Heroic Certification is a material required in order to upgrade Dual Magic Stones at Glave, imbuing them with greater proficiency. They can be obtained by clearing the Heroic Mode. You will receive 1 after each run and have a daily limit of 3.

Ancient Wedge

Ancient Iron Wedge and Ancient Guardian Wedge are items that drop from Heroic dungeon bosses. They are used to increase the number of socket slots on any particular piece of gear. Playing in Heroic mode will also drop Ancient Stones, which are used to craft wedges at Glave.

  • x40 + x310 to create 1 Ancient Guardian Wedge.
  • x100 + x625 to create 1 Ancient Iron Wedge.

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Heroic Mode is a mode where high level players can play significantly more challenging versions of normal dungeons, and acquire rare items and powerful equipment. Upon entering Heroic Mode, you and your party will be placed in a random dungeon (Velder ~ Elysion, excluding Secret Dungeons). Unlike normal dungeons, stamina is not consumed while playing, and you are limited to only 3 resurrections. Mobs and bosses of the dungeons are the same as in their normal counterparts, but significantly buffed, including Absolute Monsters which have even stronger buffs and abilities.



  • The events that occur during Heroic Mode are a result of what happened at the end of Lanox's story. After the Demon God Sult was revived by Scar, before the El Lady sealed him away, he was able to plague the land with darkness causing the monsters of all the regions to becoming significantly more powerful.
    • During the development of Heroic Mode, it had no relationship with Sult. It was based on a unique phenomenon called "Trentay Gas Cycle" (트란테이가스 주기). The Trentay Gas System expands in Elrios every ten thousand years, and it will bring the Shadow World to Elrios. Enemies in the Shadow World are the same as the ones in Elrios, except they're much stronger.
  • Heroic Mode dungeons are considered separate dungeons than the normal version of the same dungeon within the game's code. Because of this, characters who have unique or generic clear lines for the normal versions of that dungeon will always use unique clear lines when clearing Heroic Mode dungeons.
    • Additionally, some clear lines may only appear in Heroic Mode dungeons even if the character had unique clear lines in the normal version of that dungeon. Similarly, some clear lines from the normal version may not appear in Heroic Mode.

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