Atlas Station

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For the Region of this Rest Area by the same name, see Atlas.
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Distant Ruins Atlas Station Shyflowne Pond
A station that transports Diceon Stones, which can store the power of El.
Atlas Station
Level Required to Enter
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Name Image Description
Yuno Npc yuno.jpg Yuno is a third generation Nasod and manager of the Atlas Station. He and Nono seem to be the only ones around the station, apart from Glave. Yuno is friendly, active, and curious. He longs for Elysion that stands above the great pillar of light.

He will change appearance after the story quest [Village] What happened?!. He is later replaced by Nono after he decides to go with the El Search Party to Elysion Tower after the story quest Entrance Core, [Village] Someone New or [Village] Unfamiliar Meeting. He sacrifices himself to deliver the El Search Party to Elysion.

Nono Npc nono.jpg Yuno's faithful robot companion. Nono will take over Yuno's role as manager of Atlas Station after the story quest Entrance Core, [Village] Someone New or [Village] Unfamiliar Meeting.
Glave Npc-glave.jpg A mysterious masked man who appears to be the owner of Henir's Time & Space.


Atlas Station - field_rest_elysion001
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  • Unlike other Rest Areas before it, Atlas Station was the first to have a level required to enter.
  • As of the 07/08/2021 Epic Quest renewal, this Rest Area once again doubles as the town for its respective region of Atlas.
  • Atlas Station does not appear in the Cobo Transportation Service until reaching level 87.
Date Changes
11/05/2015 04/06/2016
  • Atlas Station added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아틀라스 정거장 Atlas Station
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 阿特拉斯驻地 Atlas Station
German Flag.png Germany Atlas-Station Atlas Station
Spanish Flag.png Spain Estación de Atlas Atlas Station
French Flag.png France Station d'Atlas Atlas Station
Italian Flag.png Italy Stazione Atlas Atlas Station
Polish Flag.png Poland Stacja Atlas Atlas Station
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Distrito de Atlas Atlas District
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