Altar of Invocation

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Altar of Invocation[edit]

The altar located at the central portal... Once a place awaiting the safe arrival of those who left, is now in ruins.


The El Search Party passes the White-Ghost Castle to arrive at the central portal. There, the final battle with Berthe awaits.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
  • Story Mode
  • Normal Mode


  • Up to 6 players can enter (minimum 3 players required to enter)
  • All enemy attacks except Berserk Berthe's Swipe attack in this dungeon ignore players' physical and magical defense.

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 80%.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
15-6-1 boss.png Berthe - The traitorous leader of the White-Ghost Army, empowered by Aegirp's soul, he is much more powerful than he was in the past.
  • Prohibiting Howl: Berthe stands upright and sends out a blue, purple or red howl. This does not deal damage, but for 30 seconds after, the skill tier that matches the color of the howl will cause Berthe to counter with his signature Howl attack.
  • Howl: If the currently designated skill tier(s) are used by any player, Berthe will become immune and send out a howl across the battlefield, instantly killing everyone. Anyone that survives the howl through revival effects will be inflicted with Silence.
  • Claw Strikes: Berthe slashes at a player up to two times with his claws.
  • Ice Carve: After performing Claw Strikes, Berthe will sometimes smash the ground to send out a wave of ice in front, launching players away.
  • Breath: Berthe charges up an icy breath, before firing it at players ahead while slowly arcing the beam upward. Players hit by the beam will be frozen in place, but can rapidly tap left and right to break free. Berthe will take reduced damage during this attack.
  • Ice Pillars: Berthe smashes the ground and makes several ice pillars appears from the ground, inflicting Frostbite on hit. The area an ice pillar will spawn is telegraphed by a dark blue magic circle, and it does not remain on the field afterward.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.


  • Flexibility, Hyper Active and Master skills are never targeted and can freely be used throughout the fight.
  • Bravery Prohibiting Howl does not happen until 150x HP is reached.
  • Upon reaching 150x HP and any time afterwards, Berthe will perform the Prohibiting Howl, targeting two skill tiers at once. The previous howl's effect will be cleared. This can be avoided by Freezing or Petrifying the Berthe before reaching the HP threshold.
15-6-2 boss.png Berserk Berthe - Unleashing the true powers of Aegirp's soul, Berthe has begun to merge with the former King's power and has grown into a giant.
  • Special Active Block: As before, Berthe will periodically target certain skill tiers throughout the fight, displayed through the use of a special UI at the top of the screen with 3 colored orbs. These follow the same colors as in phase 1 and will automatically change depending on Berthe's health.
HP Threshold Color Skill Tier
240x ~ 210x Red Bravery
150x ~ 120x Blue, Purple Tenacity, Strength
90x ~ 75x Purple, Red Strength, Bravery
30x ~ 20x Blue, Purple, Red Tenacity, Strength, Bravery
  • Howl: If the currently designated skill tier(s) are used by any player, Berthe will become immune and send out a howl across the battlefield, instantly killing everyone. Anyone that survives the howl through revival effects will be inflicted with Silence.
  • Grab: Berthe performs a grab towards the center of the map, then swipes in the opposite direction, pushing back everyone hit.
  • Swipe: A yellow indicator will be shown on the map, and a second later, Berthe will swipe across the stage horizontally in the marked area, pushing away everyone hit.
  • Black/White Barrier: Berthe charges up one of his two wings and then releases a ray towards that side of the map. Right after, he'll fire a ray towards the other side of the map with the other wing as well. Afterwards, waves of black and white light corresponding to the beam fired towards that side will pour out of his wings. Each wave inflicts its own unique debuff that lasts for 2 seconds and stacks up to 10 times. Players must switch between the two sides to prevent either debuff from reaching 10 stacks, as they will be immediately killed along with close by teammates. This move has about 60 seconds cooldown.
  • Ice Pillars: Berthe raises his arm to summon an ice pillar from the ground. The area an ice pillar will spawn is telegraphed by a dark blue magic circle, and it remains on the field afterward. They can only be hit by command and active attacks.
  • Isolation: Berthe will raise his left hand into the air and will spawn yellow soul fragments across the map, while also teleporting some players to a different dimension. The fragments will disappear every 10 seconds, sending a pulse across the field that inflicts massive damage to all players regardless of the dimension they are in, however it can be delayed by about 1.5 seconds by focusing one fragment. Destroy them to prevent the pulse from occurring. Once all orbs have either exploded or been destroyed, Berthe will be dazed and open to attack. This move has about 2 minutes cooldown.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.


  • Flexibility, Hyper Active and Master skills are never targeted and can freely be used throughout the fight.
  • The Isolation pattern is delayed if Special Active Block or the beginning of Black/White Barrier is active.
  • Orb explosion in Isolation phase ignores Damage Reduction.
  • If Special Active Block and Black/White Barrier patterns are active, Berserk Berthe will not use Howl until the lasers are finished.
  • Howl can be survived with enough Damage Reduction source from party members or by using Seal of Time.
15-6-3 boss.png Annihilator - The power of Aegirp's soul conflicting within Berthe goes out of control, creating a being that is neither truly Berthe nor the White-Ghost King.
  • Ice Pillars: The boss raises its arm to summon an ice pillar from the ground. The area an ice pillar will spawn is telegraphed by a dark gray magic circle, and it remains on the field afterward. They can only be hit by command and active attacks.
  • Aiming Shot: The boss aims at a party member and shoots 3 light orbs that will track them until they get hit, inflicting a stack of the "light" debuff on them per hit.
  • Soul Orb Release: The boss releases 9 light orbs and then 9 dark orbs in a circle around itself. After being released, the orbs will initially slow down slightly before accelerating again. Players hit by the light orbs will receive a stack of the "light" debuff per hit. Players hit by the dark orbs will receive a stack of the "dark" debuff per hit.
  • Mass Soul Orb Release: The boss teleports to the top-left platform and immediately performs an enhanced version of Orb Release, sending out two sets of each orb. It will then repeat the attack after teleporting to the center platform and the top-right platform respectively.
  • Lasers: The boss raises its hands and marks the map with lines, both horizontally and vertically. After a small pause, light and dark rays will spawn there, dealing huge damage on contact. This move is always used twice in a row above 150x HP, and 4 times in a row below 150x HP, interchangeably with the delayed variant below. The rays can either spawn in a grid or horizontally and vertically separately.
  • Orb Call: Two orbs will fall from the sky in two separate locations. Players can absorb the effects of these orbs by standing on the location where they hit the ground. They will not be absorbed while they are travelling through the air.
    • Light Orb: Removes both the "light" and "dark" debuffs from the player and grants the player a Light Aura buff. The light aura buff grants immunity to the two debuffs for 20 seconds, and allows the player to deal damage to the Dark Cage.
    • Dark Orb: Traps players in a Dark Cage 3 seconds after absorbing the orb's effects, inflicting 15 seconds of Potion Sickness and constantly draining their HP by 10% per second, rendering them unable to act. The cage can be broken by commands and active skills by players with the Light Aura buff.
  • Soul of Vengeance: The boss raises its hands and uses Orb Call while a yellow aura appears below them. It will heal itself by 15x HP if no one absorbs the Dark Orb.
  • Spark of Inhibition: The boss will go into the background and use Orb Call, while charging up a flame attack that will kill anyone who makes contact with it. Players who are trapped inside the Dark Cage will create a barrier which prevents people inside it from dying. Players with the Light Aura buff will not receive protection from the flame attack. Players will be freed from the Dark Cage automatically after this attack and Annihilator will enter fatigue for a brief duration.
    • This move has about 1 minute 48 seconds of cooldown, and has a chance to be executed immediately after Soul of Vengeance. Make sure to keep track of the time as you will NOT be able to avoid the attack if you picked up the light orb from the previous attack.
  • When below 150x HP:
    • Dance of Light and Darkness: An enhanced version of Mass Soul Orb Release. The light orbs from both sets will start to spiral clockwise, while the dark orbs from both sets will start to spiral counter-clockwise. Immediately after releasing the second set of orbs, the boss will then send out an additional 2 rings of bright light spheres that move outwards past the light and dark orbs rapidly, after which they slowly return towards to the boss to form 2 rings around it. The rings then move outwards again after some time. At the same time as the bright light spheres, smaller light particles will flow out of the boss in a spiral like pattern until the bright light spheres have formed a ring around the boss. A visual representation of the entire attack can be found here. As before, the boss performs this 3 times, on the top-left, center and top-right platforms.
    • Delayed Lasers: Areas are marked for lasers to appear like before, but the indicators appear 4 times first, before any lasers are fired. Then a few seconds after, lasers will appear in the marked locations in order, requiring players to memorize each of the 4 patterns' safe spots.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.


  • "Light" debuff reduces attack power by 2% per stack, unlimited duration. (Up to 30 stacks)
  • "Dark" debuff reduces movement speed by 2% per stack, unlimited duration. (Up to 30 stacks)


  • Story Quest Icon - Daybreaker.png Rena: I remember it was hard dealing with his howling attack at Feita. Everyone watch out!
Legendary Weapon
Icon Name Stats Enhancement Bonuses
15-6 Raid Weapon - Sword.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Staff.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Bow.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Blade.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Drones.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Cannon.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Spear.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Claymore.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Dynamo.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Dual Weapon.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Guns.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Pendulum.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Mirror.png15-6 Raid Weapon - Sickle.png Vestige of Soul - Weapon of Requiem

Lv99 Weapon:

[Unidentified Stats]

[Unidentified Stats]

[Unidentified Stats]

Adaptation +5%

Enhancement +10: Physical/Magical Attack Power +10%
Enhancement +11: Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv.10
Enhancement +12: Polarize +7%
Enhancement +13: Critical Damage +10%

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Soul Crown
Soul Crown

Lv99 Face Accessory (Top):
Adaptation +2%
Awakening Charge Speed +5%
Upon awakening, Physical/Magical Attack Power +5%

  • Following Savage White-Ghost's Castle's loading screen, the characters featured on the loading screen are the next three characters: Rage Hearts, Code: Esencia, and Comet Crusader.
  • The dungeon's name calls back to the Altar of Dedication back in Feita, where Berthe was first fought. Additionally, just like back then, a portal is prominently visible in the background during the fight.
  • Many of Berthe's attacks in the first phase of the dungeon are the same as those used during his original fight, adjusted to fit his current more agile quadrupedal form. These include Pounce, Ice Beam, Ice Carve and his defining skill, Howl.
  • The remixed version of Berthe's original boss theme is the first time an original boss theme was created for the game since CODE-Maya in Elysion Tower.
Date Changes
08/13/2020 09/09/2020
  • Altar of Invocation added.
08/27/2020 09/09/2020
  • Stage 2
    • Soul fragment HP adjusted and are now vulnerable to debuffs.
    • Ice pillars now vulnerable to debuffs.
  • Stage 3
    • Ice pillars now vulnerable to debuffs.
    • Dark Cage now vulnerable to debuffs.
09/24/2020 09/23/2020
  • Fixed Berthe howling additionally when HP decreases below 50%.
  • Adjusted Berthe's howling intervals.
  • Fixed Annihilator's cage not generating shield sometimes.
  • Fixed shield sometimes not disappearing after Annihilator's special attack.
  • Fixed characters being killed by remaining pattern after Annihilator is cleared.
01/28/2021 02/24/2021
  • When Berthe is howling, the color and symbol will be visible.
  • Soul Fragment's HP has been adjusted for Berserk Berthe stage.
- 01/27/2021
  • Fixed the laser remaining when clearing Altar of Invocation Annihilator during laser pattern.
03/11/2021 -
  • Fixed an issue where hitting Dark Cage with a petrifying weapon attribute during Ultimate attack would prevent protection shield from forming.
03/25/2021 04/28/2021
  • Berthe
    • Can now be inflicted with debuffs during the Claw Strikes pattern.
  • Berserk Berthe :
    • Can now be inflicted with debuffs while dazed after the Isolation pattern. (Excluding debuffs with incapacitating effects)
    • Can now be inflicted with debuffs during the Black/White Barrier pattern while firing energy rays. (Excluding debuffs with incapacitating effects)
  • Annihilator:
    • Players can no longer pass through the boss during the Laser patterns.
    • Can now be inflicted with debuffs during the Laser patterns. (Excluding debuffs with incapacitating effects)
    • Adjusted HP of the summoned Ice Pillars.
08/05/2021 09/01/2021
  • All monsters' HP and damage dealt has been reduced.
  • Story mode has been added.
    • The weapon can also be obtained, but at a lower chance than in Normal Mode.
    • Gauge increase is different than in Normal Mode.
    • In case of death, the usual resurrection penalty is applied, but there is no resurrection limit.
  • Berthe:
    • The Prohibiting Howl pattern's cooldown has been increased and duration has been decreased.
    • Berthe can be damaged when using Breath attacks.
    • Berthe will receive decreased damage when using Breath attacks.
    • The rate of Berthe using Bravery Prohibiting Howl will slightly decrease.
    • When Berthe's HP is less than 150 bars, when he is howling, he will not howl again before the howling attack ended.
    • Story Mode:
      • When Berthe is using Prohibiting Howl, it will show which skills are blocked.
  • Berserk Berthe:
    • Amount of damage needed to be dealt to end Special Active Block Pattern will decrease (Strength/Bravery, Tenacity/Strength/Bravery).
      • 90 ~ 60 → 90 ~ 75 (Purple, Red)
      • 30 ~ 15 → 30 ~ 20 (Blue, Purple, Red)
    • When only 1 player remains, they will not be sent to another dimension, and a fragment will be created at the current location.
    • Black/White Barrier debuff duration will decrease.
    • When Black/White Barrier pattern and Isolation pattern appears at the same time, Black/White Barrier will be removed.
  • Annihilator:
    • Annihilator will enter fatigued state after using Ultimate.
    • All patterns cooldown will increase.
    • The frequency of Annihilator constantly using 1 type of Laser will decrease.
    • The Annihilator will look ahead during the Soul Orb Release pattern.
    • Soul Orb movements during Soul Orb Release pattern will change.
12/23/2011 01/12/2022
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented party members from applying attacks to Berserk Berthe if they are not the host.
03/17/2022 04/13/2022
  • All monsters' in Altar of Invocation will have decreased HP.
    • The HP of the Ice Pillars summoned by both Berserk Berthe and Annihilator has been decreased. The HP of the Soul Fragments summoned by Berserk Berthe have also decreased.
    • When Berserk Berthe dies, the soul barrier will also disappear.
    • The Annihilator’s action preceding the Resenting Soul/ Restraining Flame patterns will become more apparent.
  • Pruinaum Story Mode minimum party requirement has been decreased from 3 to 2.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 비원의 제단 Altar of Wishes
Japanese Flag.png Japan 悲願の祭壇 Altar of Wishes
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 悲願祭壇 Altar of Wishes
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 悲愿之祭坛 Altar of Wishes
German Flag.png Germany Altar der Wünsche Altar of Wishes
Spanish Flag.png Spain Altar de los Deseos Altar of Wishes
French Flag.png France Autel de la volonté Altar of Will
Italian Flag.png Italy Altare dei Desideri Altar of Wishes
Polish Flag.png Poland Ołtarz Życzeń Altar of Wishes
English Flag.png United Kingdom Altar of Dreams
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Altar da Invocação Altar of Invocation

  • Region 13~18
  • Region 1~6
  • Region 7~12
  • Laby
  • Noah
  • Other