Bamboo Forest

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Bamboo Forest

In bamboo forest, a malicious presence awaits.

A trail surrounded by dense bamboo forest.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Lord's Keep Spearman - A soldier who wields a spear and shield.
  • Block: The soldier are able defend against oncoming attack with their shield.
  • Charge Stab: Charge forwards then stab. The charge will not deal damage and the stab does multiple hits.
  • Triple Stab: Stab three times.
Lord's Keep Crossbowmen - A soldier who wields a crossbow.
  • Double Shot: Ready his crossbow and fire two arrows.
  • Power Shot: Ready his crossbow and charge one powerful arrow.
Wood Hammer Dokkaebi - A spirit wielding a small wooden mallet.
  • Whack: Hit targets with their wooden hammer.


  • This monster will have no collision while they're standing still or moving.
  • They will have collision when attacking or being attacked.
Twiggy Dokkaebi - A spirit wearing a straw hat and cape.
  • Roll: Roll forwards doing continuous damage in complete super armor.
  • Flash: The spirit can surround itself in a burst of light which stuns players.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Cauldron Chaw - A large sentient cauldron spirit that serves as the king of the forest.
  • Rollout: Curl up into the cauldron and roll in one direction, doing continuous damage.
  • Crash: Roll up and jump high into the air. It will then come crashing to the ground sending a shockwave of energy across the map to its left and right. Its landing point is indicated by a purple smoke. The cauldron will land on the highest platform.
  • Flash: The spirit can surround itself in a burst of light which stuns players.
  • Summon: Summon Wood Hammer Dokkaebis all across the map.


  • Laby: Wah! It turned in to a scary black basket! So this is a cauldron... Wait, Mao, you have one too?
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Dokkaebi King's Symbol
Dokkaebi King's Symbol
Cauldron Chaw

Accessory (Arm):

Physical Attack +10

Magical Attack +10

Physical Defense +10

Magical Defense +10

Maximize +2.5%

  • During the development, this dungeon was initially called "북부제국 변두리 (Northern Empire Outskirts)".
  • Dokkaebi, also known as Korean goblins, are legendary creatures from Korean mythology and folklore.
  • The Korean boss name, Chiyou Cauldron, is likely a reference to Chiyou, a mythical king and God of War in ancient Chinese mythology.
Date Changes
12/06/2018 01/03/2019
  • Bamboo Forest added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 대나무 숲 길 Bamboo Forest Road
Germany Bambus-Waldpfad Bamboo Forest Path
Spain Senda del bosque de bambú Bamboo Forest Path
France Sentier de la Forêt de bambous Bamboo Forest Path
Italy Sentiero attraverso il Bosco di Bambù Bamboo Forest Path
Poland Ścieżka Bambusowego Lasu Bamboo Forest Path
United Kingdom Bamboo Forest Path

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