Altar of Dedication

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Altar of Dedication

The shrine is filled with overwhelming evil energy. A familiar growling sound can be heard above you.


An indescribable evil aura can be felt. You can hear loud growls.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Rt1.png Glitter Guard - An advanced demonic soldier that uses its spear to attack!
  • Spear Combo: Stab forward with its spear.
  • Spear Charge: Charges forward with his spear dealing multiple hits.
  • Aerial Counter: It will counter attack with a downward smash if it is struck while in the air.
GlitterDasher1.png Glitter Dasher - A larger and higher ranked Glitter Soldier wielding a hammer. His skin is now red.
  • Hammer Swing: Pulls its hammer back then slams it into the ground.
  • Trip: While preparing for its attack it will lose balance and fall backwards hurting anybody behind it.
  • Leap Smash: Leaps in the air and smashes the ground with its hammer.
GlitterSniper1.png Glitter Sniper - A larger and higher ranked Glitter Soldier wielding a bow. His skin is now red.
  • Arrow Shot: Fires an arrow forward.
  • Down Shot: Fire an arrow downward.
GlitterProtectorHead.jpg Glitter Protector - A larger and higher ranked Glitter Soldier wielding a shield. His skin is now red.
  • Block: Guards against any oncoming attacks from the front.
  • Shield Bash: Smashes players with its shield.
  • Shield Rush: Dash forward shield bashing anybody in front of it.
GlitterIllusionistHead.jpg Glitter Illusionist - A larger and higher ranked Glitter Mage. He now wears red robes.
  • Dizzying Ghost: Summons a ghost that travels in a straight line.
  • Poisonous Cloud: Creates a fog of dark clouds that inflicts Curse onto you.
Rtttt1.png Thunder Fly - The Thunder Fly is a stronger version of a Lantern Fly.
  • Stun Rush: Fly at players to try to ram into them. This will now stun you.
Ptttt3x-21.png Mana Eater - A creature that is able to absorb all the MP of anybody close to it. It will then try to run away and flee.
  • Mana Absorb: The Mana Eater will absorb all the MP of anybody close to it. Defeating it after it has absorbed your MP will give you a 100% MP recover, this can be used as a means of recovering MP.
Rtttttt1.png Jubigee - The Jubigee is a harmless creature that doesn't attack you. Instead, however, it follows you and waits for you to attack it.
  • Gland Explosion: After being attacked its poison gland will expand until it decides to explode dealing large damage and inflicting poison.
StoneGargoyle1.png Stone Gargoyle - Attacks with high frequency sound waves that can deal substantial damage.
  • Gargoyle Dive: Gargoyle will stall in the air then dive at an angle.
  • Sonic Screech: It can create Sonic Waves that can do huge damage.
Pttt3x-21.png Rage Stone Golem - An upgraded golem that is much more aggressive than the Stone Golem!
  • Drop: Fall from the ceiling smashing the ground with a small shockwave. Debris will signify their entrance.
  • Arm Crusher: Slams the ground with its arm.
  • Body Slam: Slam the ground with both of its hands then body slams whoever is in front of it.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Duty1.png Wise Dutor - The Wise Dutor is a higher ranked version of the Glitter Necromancer and wears red robes along with a small cap. Its moves and attacks are very similar to the boss Amethyst.
  • Dark Throw: Taking a moment to charge up its energy, the Wise Dutor will throw a purple, mist-like object from his hands that acts as a boomerang, aiming straight at you and then coming back.
  • Rising Darkness: When being crowded or attacked, the Wise Dutor will summon a dark energy that rises around him, dealing heavy damage. This attack also gives you a status effect at times which drains your MP.
  • Black Cloud: The Wise Dutor will tap its staff onto the ground and conjure up a huge grey cloud that spreads around it. Any player in the area will have their MP drained.
  • Spirit Push: The Wise Dutor will summon a purple spirit that slowly moves forward. Any player hit by it will take heavy continuous damage while also being pushed back.
Rttttttttt1.png Proxy the Nimble - A Glitter Archer who wears a eagle beak hood. His movement and attack speed is greatly enhanced.
  • Stab: Proxy will unleash a hidden knife from his sleeve to stab the player. The knife is decorated with poison, so you should always be cautious of his knife!
  • Arrow Sling: At times, Proxy will use his bow with high accuracy to damage anybody in its path. It should also be noted that Proxy's arrows are decorated with poison too, so any arrow attack will have a chance of poisoning you.
  • Roll: When stuck in a combo or being crowded, Proxy will roll backwards in order to dodge your attacks. The miniboss can use this move at any time.
  • Multi-Shot: Proxy grips his bow tightly and charges up three arrows to shoot right at you.
  • Tempest: His strongest move. Proxy will unleash a circular range of arrows from his bow, shooting out like a machine gun.
AssaulterCrash1.png Assaulter Crash - A heavily armored Glitter Knight with a humongous hammer.
  • Hammer Swing: Pulls its hammer back then slams it into the ground.
  • Dash: The Glitter dashes towards you and can continue to Leap Hammer or Hammer Swing. (Super Armored)
  • Leap Hammer: The Glitter jumps and pounds down at you heavily with its hammer. He can continue combo-ing from here. (Super Armored)
  • Hammer Swing: Usually chained from Leap Hammer. He simply swings his hammer to sideways and knocks you far far away.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
MeFla1.png Medieval Flails - These things hang above pitfalls and sway around dangerously. The good thing about it is that it sometimes helps you injure some of the Stone Gargoyles.
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Berthe berrut.jpg Berthe - The big blue baddie is back, and he is the one responsible for bringing the demons to Feita.
  • Leap Attack Berthe will momentarily kneel then leap diagonally into the air. He then crashes down, smashing the earth around him. Both the leap and the crash deal damage. This is the only attack that Berthe performs without Super Armor.
  • Pounce: Berthe will briefly kneel then gallops across the arena, slashing and inflicting Frostbite when he comes to a halt.
  • Spin Slash: Berthe will momentarily kneel then slashes twice, once with his claws and another with his tail.
  • Ice Carve Berthe will perform two slashes, with the second slash raising a pillar of ice from the ground, inflicting Frostbite and launching his targets a fair distance. If the first slash did not hit any targets, he will not perform the second slash.
  • Bottom Cast: Berthe will dig a chunk of earth out of the ground then flips it forward across a fair distance. He usually uses this skill if there's a certain distance between you.
  • Howl: Berthe will howl as a counterattack whenever someone uses a Bravery skill. He will be invincible during this attack.
    • Howling Summon: If he chooses to, Berthe can perform a variation of Howl where 2 or 3 Glitter Snipers will be summoned to the field after he finishes his attack.
  • Ice Blast: Berthe will momentarily charge before firing an ice beam, inflicting Frostbite to anyone it hits. The beam's horizontal range covers the entire field.


  • Berthe will Howl if anyone use a Bravery skill. While he is howling, he will be invincible and will not be damaged by your attack. This will also damage and knock back all players that are close to him. He will be able to Howl, regardless of how much MP he has. Do not use any of said skills under any circumstances except if he is frozen.
  • Berthe can summon as many Glitter Snipers as he sees fit. Defeat them to gain MP.
  • Berthe will receive an increase in Damage Reduction if you attack him in midair when he does not possess Super Armor. Refrain from using any skills or combos that would launch him into the air when he does not have Super Armor.
  • Ice Blast has a large horizontal range and damage. Refrain from leaving Berthe too far when you're no more than half of HP, or you will probably be killed by Ice Blast.


  • If you use a Water Orb to freeze him, you can quickly use a Bravery Skill and he won't be able to Howl, since he is frozen.
  • Aimed skills can be used against Berthe by holding the attack and firing after Berthe's howling animation is finished.



Story Quest Icon - Berthe.png Berthe: I choose not to close this gateway. The time has come. Witness this!! This world will be ruled by demons!!!

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Dutor's Staff
Dutor's Staff
Wise Dutor

Lv42 Wand:

Physical Attack +2885

Magical Attack +2885

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +5%

  • There is a glitch where, if you awaken right before teleporting into Berthe's room, only your weapon (and tails if you're Ara) will appear, and you will be invincible against all attacks. However, you can still attack in this state.
    • This state of invincibility and avatar invisibility will wear off once your awakening mode ends.
Date Changes
- -
  • Altar of Dedication added.
07/08/2021 08/04/2021
  • Dungeon stages adjusted.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 봉헌의 제단 Altar of Dedication
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 奉獻祭壇 Altar of Dedication
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 奉献之祭坛 Altar of Dedication
German Flag.png Germany Altarraum Altar Room
Spanish Flag.png Spain Altar
French Flag.png France La salle de l'autel Altar Room
Italian Flag.png Italy Stanza dell'Altare Altar Room
Polish Flag.png Poland Prezbiterium Presbytery
English Flag.png United Kingdom Sanctuary
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Altar da Devoção Altar of Devotion

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  • Region 13~18
  • Region 19
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