Collapsing Temple of Fire

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Collapsing Temple of Fire[edit]

Looking for Ignia, the instigator of this entire incident, you arrive here. This is where the divine beast Ifritan is enshrined.


The temple of fire that enshrines the divine beast Ifritan. You arrive by chasing after Ignia from Volcanic Flame Entrance.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
9-4mob5Face.png Steel Lava Fighter - An intensely burning magma beast.
  • Grab Attack: The beast will attempt to attack with its two lava arms.
9-4mob6Face.png Steel Lava Berserker - An giant intensely burning more armored magma beast that can grab you and breath fire.
  • Grab Attack: The beast will attempt to attack with its two lava arms then smash you.
  • Flamethrower: The beast will charge itself up in super armor then exhale a stream of fire.
9-4mob4Face.png Volcanic Fire Bird - A phoenix like creature that flies inside the depths of the Temple of Fire.
  • Flare Dive: The Fire Bird will engulf its body in flames then dive downward at and angle leaving behind a trail of fire in the air.
9-5mob4Face.png Steel Lava Scout - An armored soldier of the demon army.
  • Teleport Smash: The scout will ready himself then will warp to another location smashing however is near him.
  • Blue Flame Barrage: The scout will enhance himself with blue fire then dash forward performing a flurry of punches.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Demon2.png Entranced Demon Jin - A demon who fights wielding two blades.
  • 5-hit Sword Combo: She will perform a 5 slash combo with her whip like dual swords.
  • Sweeping Slash: Jin will charger and splash her swords in a circular disk around her.
  • Darkness Explosion: Gather around darkness aura, then explode it. Similar to Waldo's Pendant Explosion.
TwinDemon1.png Enslaved Demon In - A demon who fights wielding a strange spherical device.
  • Attraction Void: In will send his sphere forward sucking in players before detonating it dealing continuous hits to anybody in range.
  • Release Void: He will hold his weapon behind him then send it out dealing continuous damage to anybody in range.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
9-5 UnstableGround.png Unstable Ground - Due to structural instability of the temple various areas are structurally unsound and will collapse after being walked upon long enough. These collapsed floor will reveal a horde of enemies.
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
IplitanFace.png Bound Ifritan - The Holy Beast of the Fire Temple. Unfortunately, in his possessed state, he sees you as nothing but an intruder that must be eliminated. Moves:
  • Slash Combo: Ifritan strikes twice with his claws and then smash the ground.
  • Ground Wave: Ifritan smash his claws into the ground and then attack with shockwaves.
  • Roar: Ifritan smash the ground 2 times before roaring, which will surrounding him in a pillar of fire causing continuous damage.
  • Ground Break: After his HP dropped to around 21~22 bars, Ifritan will automatically teleport to the center of the map and release a roar, breaking the outer rings of the platform and making the platform smaller. If you are on the platform when it break, you will drop into the lava and receive damage. Iflitan will be invincible during this period.
  • Flame Shot: This move will only occur after Ground Break. Ifritan fires a flame shot from his mouth which will travel a bit in front before exploding into a flare, dealing continuous damage.


Image Name Boss Character Stats
Blue Lava Demon Blade
Blue Lava Demon Blade
Entranced Demon Jin/Enslaved Demon In

Lv78 Blade:

Physical Attack +4670

Magical Attack +4670

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

3% chance of casting Fireworks when attacking

3% chance of additional Vibration hit cannot be overlapped

  • During the development, this dungeon was initially called "고대 불의 신전 (Ancient Temple of Fire)".
Date Changes
02/05/2015 09/09/2015
  • Collapsing Temple of Fire added.
07/08/2021 08/04/2021
  • Dungeon stages adjusted.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 무너지는 불의 신전 Collapsing Temple of Fire
Japanese Flag.png Japan 崩壊する火の神殿 Collapsing Temple of Fire
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 坍塌的火之神殿 Collapsing Temple of Fire
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 坍塌的火之神殿 Collapsing Temple of Fire
German Flag.png Germany Einsturzender Feuertempel Collapsing Temple of Fire
Spanish Flag.png Spain Templo del Fuego derrumbándose Collapsing Temple of Fire
French Flag.png France Temple du feu s'effondrant Collapsing Temple of Fire
Italian Flag.png Italy Tempio del Fuoco Franante Crumbling Temple of Fire
Polish Flag.png Poland Zapadająca się Świątynia Ognia Collapsing Temple of Fire
English Flag.png United Kingdom Collapsing Fire Temple

  • Region 7~12
  • Region 1~6
  • Region 13~18
  • Laby
  • Noah
  • Other