Elysion Tower

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Elysion Tower[edit]

The final obstacle before reaching Elysion. The beam of light that penetrates the skies is the only way inside Elysion.


The final gateway to Elysion. The enormous Light pillar piercing through the sky is the only entrance.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Ally Image Ally Description
HerjunoYunoAlly.png Yuno (Herjuno) - Herjuno will use his powers to build the path acceding Elysion Tower.


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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
10-3mob1.jpg CODE_B_Futer - A mechanized beast Nasod modeled like the Alboko Furyta in 10-1.
  • Lunge: It will perform a short lunge and ram you.
  • Electro Stream: It will charge its tail with electricity and fire a constant stream of electricity doing multiple hits.


  • Does not receive proper hitstun, will instead flinch in super armor allowing it to retaliate.
CODE B LibyaHead.png CODE_B_Libya - A black armored advanced Nasod security unit armed with gauntlets.
  • Gauntlet Shot: Fire its gauntlet like a ranged projectile which returns back to it after being fired.
  • Electro Pulse: Attacks players with highly condensed balls of electricity.
CODE B TemplarHead.png CODE_B_Templar - A black armored advanced Nasod security unit wielding a spear.
  • Triple Swing: Swing its spear three times.
  • Double Swing: It will twirl its spear twice in super armor with extremely large range. Players hit directly will be inflicted with wound.
10-2mob1.jpg CODE_D_Proto - Nasod security robots that will drop in to intervene.
  • Energy Spike: Stab with its robotic appendage.
  • Jet Trust: Rearrange itself into a jet and propel itself forward into players.
10-2mob1.jpg CODE_C_Proto - A more powerful version of the CODE_D_Proto.
  • Energy Spike: Stab with its robotic appendage.
  • Jet Trust: Rearrange itself into a jet and propel itself forward into players.
Prober Head.jpg CODE_C_Prober - A Nasod security unit armed with two ion cannons on its arms.
  • Plasma Shot: Rearrange itself then fire a short range pulse of plasma.
  • Plasma Web: Fires a web of plasma out of its arms.
10-2mob5.jpg CODE_C_Decepter - A flying Nasod security unit.
  • Jet Blasters: The unit will fire beams straight down out of its two blasters.
  • Plasma Buster: Take in energy around itself then fire a concentrated ball of plasma downwards.
Silence Head.jpg CODE_C_Silence - A tall humanoid Nasod security unit armed with blades on its arms.
  • Cloak: This unit is capable of making itself completely invisible as well as invincible. A faint trail of sparkles will emit from it while invisible.
  • Cross Slash: Attack with its two blade arms launching players. Typically done once it has revealed itself from cloaking.
  • Blade Slash: Slash once with its blade.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
CODE A HighTemplarHead.png CODE_A_High_Templar - An A class Nasod unit wielding a spear.
  • Double Swing: It will twirl its spear twice with extremely large range.
  • Focus Swing: Deliver one strong swing with its spear.
  • Spear Shock: Electrifies its spear swing it then plants it in the ground causing the ground around him to burst with electricity.


  • Does not receive proper hitstun when hit from the front, will instead flinch in super armor allowing it to retaliate. Will still receive proper hitstun when hit from behind.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
10-3obstacle.jpg CODE_B_Diceon_Shield - A stone like device that emits a protective aura that reduces the damage given to enemies nearby by 80%. Cannot be destroyed by players and will automatically destroy itself once all mobs have been defeated.
Dunno.png Transport Tunnels - Tunnels connecting parts of the tower, they will propel you along the path at great speeds.
Dunno.png Portal - Certain blocks on the accent up Elysion Tower come with portals allow players to reach different areas.
Dunno.png Launch Pad - Certain blocks on the accent up Elysion Tower come with propulsion technology launching players to higher ground. The entire lowest floor in the boss room is one large launch pad to allow player to reach the top platform.
Pitfalls - The boss area has no borders and Maya will attempt to push you off the map.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Code-Maya.jpg CODE-Maya - Relentless Commander of Atlas. A Nasod created in Elysion, she protects the gateway between Atlas and Elysion.
  • Teleport Suction Disk: If players are on the opposite platform she is, she will teleport to the other platform. She will create a small blackhole with her power disk then makes it explode launching players a great distance forward.
  • Disk Boomerang: She slash her disks around herself then throw her power disks forward and they will come back to her.
  • Sharp Fall: Maya will assault kick into the air then dive straight down releasing a shockwave of lingering energy.
  • Overclock Movement - Energy Burst: She will dash forward taking any players nearby her with her then create a saw with her disk energy dealing several powerful hits and pushing player away.
  • Dual Advance: She will teleport to the center of the lower platform then send her two disks in opposite directions which grabs players and drop them off the map. While she perform this she will also leap into the air and create a large sphere of electrical energy harming players in the air. The disk will also harm players when returning to Maya.
    • Can be avoided by either jumping over each disk or standing on the edge up the upper platform.
  • Limited Code Cancelled: After her health is depleted to 4 bars she will activate a scripted cutscene and create a vacuum of energy that sucks in players while healing 15 life bars.
  • Annihilation Mode: The arena will darken and she will become even more powerful but will have less defense. She will enter Annihilation mode after she has regenerated her health with Limited Code Cancelled.
    • During Annihilation Mode, Maya is immune to debuffs.


  • Does not receive proper hitstun, will instead flinch in super armor allowing it to retaliate.


  • Story Quest Icon - Maya.png Maya: You sure are stupid. Fearlessly coming here. You will regret stepping foot here.
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Atlas Dicetium Staff
Atlas Dicetium Staff

Lv82 Staff:

Physical Attack +4874

Magical Attack +4874

[Unidentified * ?]

Maximize +3%

Add. Damage +3%

Action Speed +3%

  • It is possible to cause Maya to fall off the map resulting in her dying instantly like a normal mob.
    • However she will often times float over the abyss.
  • Yuno despite being a background character is considered as a mob and will sometimes have mob buffs with him.
  • Since the enemies comes in waves, you can wait for second wave arrive then clear them all at once to conserve MP.
Date Changes
11/19/2015 04/19/2016
  • Elysion Tower added.
03/26/2020 03/25/2020
  • Can no longer skip CODE-Maya's Annihilation Mode by freezing or petrifying her when she has K.O. protection.
07/08/2021 08/04/2021
  • Extra enemy waves improved.
    • All enemies now spawn at once throughout the entire dungeon.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 엘리시온 타워 Elysion Tower
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 艾丽西昂塔 Elysion Tower
German Flag.png Germany Elysion-Turm Elysion Tower
Spanish Flag.png Spain Torre de Elision Elysion Tower
French Flag.png France Tour d'Elysion Elysion Tower
Italian Flag.png Italy Torre di Elysion Elysion Tower
Polish Flag.png Poland Wieża Elysion Elysion Tower
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Torre de Elysium Elysion Tower

  • Region 7~12
  • Region 1~6
  • Region 13~18
  • Laby
  • Noah
  • Other