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Undiscovered Ruins (Tomb)

  • Undiscovered Ruins (Tomb)
  • Sander Village
There's sounds of wailing echoing from the chilling ruins.


  • Undiscovered Ruins (Tomb)
  • Sander Village
Lithia and Mathi receive a request from the chief of Sander, and step foot inside the ancient ruins of Sander.
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Dungeon Layout
  • Undiscovered Ruins (Tomb)
  • Sander Village
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
  Casky - A small dinosaur-like creature that will latch on to players and start biting furiously.
  • Bite: The Caskey will latch onto a target then repeatedly gnaw on them with heavy hitstun.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
  Spike Trap - Spikes which shoot out of the ground when approached and block the path. Sling over or through them to avoid.
  Stone Spikes - Sharp stone spikes protruding from the ground. Touching them will deal damage and send players to an earlier point.
  Sand Trap - Shifting sands which drag players inward.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
  Wraith of the Ruins - The woeful wraith that was entombed deep within the ruins.
  • Tornado: Create a sigil on the floor which signals a small tornado in its place.
  • Wind Slash: Send a circular slashing blade of wind forward.
  • Wrath of the Wind: Charge for a powerful attack, then unleash a powerful updraft of wind which covers all but the very edge of the arena.


  • Lithia: (That wraith... it feels different. I don't think it's a curse. It feels like it's trying to tell me something...)
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  South Korea 미확인 유적(묘소) Undiscovered Ruins (Tomb)

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