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Image Name Location Resale Value What Can Be Upgraded
HQ Shop Item 109971.png Ruben Forest's Spirits All Ruben Dungeons 2,100 ED Red Giant's Set
HQ Shop Item 109972.png Banthus's Bandit's Hood 2-1 and 2-2 2,100 ED Bandit's Set
HQ Shop Item 109973.png Elder Mercenaries' Flag 2-3 through 2-5 2,100 ED Elder Mercenary Set
HQ Shop Item 109974.png Bethma Native Dyestuff 3-1 through 3-4 2,100 ED Red Rock Chief Set
HQ Shop Item 109975.png Miner's Cloth 3-5 and 3-6 2,100 ED Nasod Miner Set
HQ Shop Item 109976.png Black Crow's Feather Ornaments 4-1 through 4-3 2,100 ED Black Crow Set
HQ Shop Item 109977.png Shape Memory Alloy 4-4 through 4-6 2,100 ED Altera Set
HQ Shop Item 112022.png Evil Spirit's Essence All Feita Dungeons 2,100 ED Feita's Royal Knight Set
HQ Shop Item 110882.png Glitter Armor Piece 5-1 through 5-3 2,100 ED Velder Militia Set
HQ Shop Item 110883.png Dark Crystal 6-4 through 6-6 2,100 ED Glitter Hunter Set
HQ Shop Item 111377.png Tangled Element Shard 7-1 through 7-4 2,100 ED Fire Flower Set
Tempest Set
HQ Shop Item 111619.png The Great Chaos of Wind Crystal 7-5 through 7-7 2,100 ED Twisted Wind Set
Bizarre Chaos Set
HQ Shop Item 132119.png Nasod Turbine 2-X 1,000 ED Mechanized MK-2 Set
HQ Shop Item 132120.png Heated Scale Fragment 3-X 1,000 ED Dragonic-Caligo Set
HQ Shop Item 132121.png Contaminated Alterasia Seed 4-X 1,000 ED Alterasia Type-B Set
HQ Shop Item 111926.png Alchemist Reagent 6-X 1,000 ED Glitter Alchemist Set
Item Mall
     ElswordNEW.png Elsword Costume
     AishaNEW.png Aisha Costume
     RenaNEW.png Rena Costume
     RavenNEW.png Raven Costume
     EveNEW.png Eve Costume
     ChungNEW.png Chung Costume
     AraNEW.png Ara Costume
     ElesisNEW.png Elesis Costume
     AddNEW.png Add Costume
     LuCielNEW.png Lu Costume/Ciel Costume
     RoseNEW.png Rose Costume
     AinNEW.png Ain Costume
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