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Costumes are a special type of Equipment that can be worn over your current gear, allowing you to customize your look. They often have their own socket slots and in many cases, offer additional stats and set effects in order to further increase your stats. As with other pieces of equipment, costume pieces can be equipped by right-clicking the item, or by click-dragging them to the respective slot in the Character Window. Costume pieces are often character exclusive and can be obtained from a variety of sources, most commonly the Item Mall, Ice Burners, or events.

Costume pieces can be registered in the Magic Wardrobe allowing players to change the appearance of the costume part without affecting the stats. Additionally, many costume hair pieces can be dyed using the Hair Dye System.

Costume Sets

Costume Sets are a full ensemble of costume pieces: Costume Hair, Costume Top Piece, Costume Bottom Piece, Costume Gloves, Costume Shoes, and Costume Weapon. Costume Sets follow a theme and will often release a package containing the full ensemble at a discount price. Occasionally, these packages will include additional pieces such as a secondary or alternative design hair or top piece, or an accompanying Costume Accessory.

  • 0 ~ 9
  • A ~ I
  • J ~ R
  • S ~ Z

Character Exclusive Costume Sets

Certain characters have costume sets that are not part of a universal set, often released alongside the character's initial release. These costume pieces can be purchased at a lower price compared to regular costume sets. However, they often have lesser or outright lack individual stats and/or set effects. These costume sets are listed below.

  • Elsword
  • Aisha
  • Rena
  • Raven
  • Eve
  • Chung
  • Ara
  • Elesis
  • Add
  • Lu
  • Ciel
  • Rose

Set List

  • Cross Buckled
  • Iron-maiden
  • Dragon Knight
  • Flashy Dandy
  • Zoroichi
  • Royal Guard
  • Wild Treasure


Image Name Description
Jagged Hair (Red/Reddish Brown) Elsword's sporty and jagged hair
Cross Buckled Top Piece (Red/Blue) Elsword-exclusive costume with a large X around the waist.
Cross Buckled Bottom Piece (Red/Blue)
Cross Buckled Gloves (Red/Blue)
Cross Buckled Shoes (Red/Blue)
Opener (Blue/White) The name taking after a tuna tin opener.
...But it looks gorgeous..


Ice Burner Costume Sets

Main Article: Ice Burners#List of Ice Burner Costume Sets

Ice Burners are the gacha system in Elsword and can contain rare costume pieces. These rare costume sets are often more elaborate in design and feature greater stats and additional bonuses compared to regular costume sets. In addition, many recolors of cash shop and Ice Burner costumes were released through special events such as Bingo or Treasure Hunt.

Costume Design Contest

Main Article: Costume Contest

In past occasions, the publishing companies would host costume design contests. Winning designs for each character would be made into a costume set, available to purchase in the cash shop for a limited time.

Costume Suits

Costume Suits are a unique piece of equipment that has its own equipment slot. These costume pieces often cover the character's entire body, overriding many equipment appearances.

Costume Suit Sets

Costume Suits with an accompanying Costume Hair or other parts.

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