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What are Boss Drops?

Boss drops, as obvious as it is, are drops that drop from specific bosses. Some people are lucky and may find these highly sought untradables within a single digit number of runs. On the other hand, some people aren't lucky and farm the same dungeon for over a week before actually finding it.

You can tell an item's rarity by their name color.
White: Normal
Yellow: Rare
Violet: Elite
Beige: Unique

Here are some tips on farming these accessories and special equipment:

  • It has been confirmed that Fever increases the drop rate of items.
  • This one is another myth but on Minibosses, if you kill the other mobs before it, chances of the boss drop to drop becomes greater. This has worked a lot, but it can still drop without killing all the other mobs. (This is myth is only on the Minibosses, not with Main bosses.)
  • Lastly, keep in mind that item drops are extremely rare, and not all of us can get that special weapon within a day. Keep your spirits up and keep hunting.
  • Interestingly enough, it is possible for a boss item to drop twice, or even thrice, in the same run, though needless to say, this happens very rarely.

Characteristics of a Boss Drop

  • Boss drops are always untradable. (You can tell if an item is untradable if you see red letters underneath the item's stats and price.)
  • You can make them tradable by buying that purple footprint stamp from the Cash Shop for 1.9k won NX each or by exchanging 30 Evil Souls orbs to Ariel. You can only ever use 5 stamps on one item.
  • It should be noted that in some versions of Elsword, the Boss Drops come unsealed when obtained.
    • The equipment, when obtained, will be in a sealed and unidentified state.
  • Like any sealable item that is not tied to an ID, you can freely transfer Boss Drops between characters via the bank. However, 1 seal count will be consumed.
  • They are always of Elite rarity.
  • Every dungeon has one of these special drops, some more than others.
  • There are some special boss drops that can be worn by all characters (*Common Class), or have a specific version with different attack/defense for each character (**X Class).
  • Difficulty of the dungeon does not matter unless stated (the difficulty stating is due to minibosses appearing only on higher difficulties).
    • ?-?a. Any difficulty/Top path.
    • ?-?b. Hard difficulty or higher/Bottom path.
    • ?-?c. Very Hard difficulty/Bottom path.
  • The Boss Drop Accessories and Weapons can be identified with 1 or 2 extra stat effect.

List of Boss Drops

NOTE: The Stats of all Boss Drops Equipments you see on this page are stats from their Base Jobs. For specific stats of 2nd Jobs, see this page.


Stage Image Name Boss Character Stats
Banthus' Necklace
(벤더스의 목걸이)
Banthus Common Necklace:

Physical Defense +20

Magical Defense +20

Critical Hit Rate +1%

Steel Dogtooth
(강철의 송곳니)
Giant White Phoru Common Face Accessory (Bottom):

Physical Defense +30

Magical Defense +30

Max HP +1%

Phoru Toy.PNG
Giant Phoru Toy
(자이언트 뽀루 장난감)
Giant White Phoru Eve Lv12 Drones:

Physical Attack +1257

Magical Attack +1592

Attack Speed +3%

William's Leather Suspenders
(윌리엄 가죽 멜빵)
William Phoru Common Lv6 Top Piece:

Click here to see the different Stats between the Characters

Evasion +2%

Monkey King's Tail
(몽키킹의 꼬리)
Monkey King Common Accessory (Bottom Piece):

Physical Attack +15

Magical Attack +15

Movement Speed +4%

Ancient Sword.PNG
Ancient Sword
(에인션트 소드)
Ancient Phoru Raven Lv8 Blade:

Physical Attack +1237

Magical Attack +1093

Critical Hit Rate +3%

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