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Legendary Equipment?

Unique equipment is considered the "must have" equipment in the game. They are also known as "Endgame" or "Legendary" equipment. They are extremely high in attack power, defense, and stats (relative to the respective level). However, they are the most difficult to obtain. As a result, they are sold for high prices in the market.

  • Every craftable armor in the game, excluding secrets, has a Master's version of the armor. The Master's version may be an unique grade, but falls short compared to other unique equipment.
  • Unique grade equipment can NOT drop from mobs or bosses.

Unique equipment can be obtained by:

Equipment List

Box Set

Image Name Item Grade Additional Effects Set Bonus
HQ Shop Set Sword Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Staff Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Bow Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Blade Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Gear Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Cannon Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Spear Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Sword Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Dynamo Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Dualweapon Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set WeaponPack Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Weapon Item Level: 34
Required Level: 18
  • Critical +4%
  • MP Gain when attacking +2%

2 Pieces Effect:

  • All Elemental Resistance +50
  • Awakening Charge +5%

3 Pieces Effect:

  • MP Gain when attacked +5%
  • MP Gain when attacking +2%

4 Pieces Effect:

5 Pieces Effect:

HQ Shop Set Upbody Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Top Piece Item Level: 29
Required Level: 16
HQ Shop Set Lowbody Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Bottom Piece
  • All Elemental Resistance +20
HQ Shop Set Hand Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Gloves
  • Attack Speed +1%
HQ Shop Set Foot Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Shoes
  • Movement Speed +3%
  • Jump Speed +3%

Secret Dungeon Set

Article: Secret Dungeon Set List

Henir's Time and Space Set

Article: Henir's Time and Space Set List

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