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Epic NPCs are a feature added to a new type of Player Vs Player mode called Matchmaking, where players fight other random players that match their skill level and rank. However, what do Epic NPCs have anything to do with this? When a player searches a player through this Matchmaking feature, there is a rare chance of encountering an Epic NPC. An Epic NPC is not a real player but an AI that uses advanced techniques and combos. There are currently 10 NPCs, each representing a different class which will use the class's skills along with exclusive and special properties. NPCs are widely known to be extremely challenging, but offer great rewards for defeating them, which include special titles, an abnormal amount of Rank Points (20-30RP), Arena points and exp. Even if one loses against them, a substantial amount of Arena Points and experience will be given, regardless if no kills were made.
Special Titles are obtained after beating a specific Epic NPC for a certain number of times. These titles are difficult to obtain, but the stat boosts obtained from the titles are known to be some of the best in the game.

Properties of Epic NPCs

Epic NPCs have several common properties:

  • Each has 30% Attack Speed as well as 30% Run and Jump Speed. This enables them to react almost immediately, while recovering incredibly fast from hitstuns. This explains their ability to skill and awaken mid-combo. You should also prevent launching them into the air within combos, as they can easily use a skill or attack and counter you.
  • Epic NPCs all have a passive that permits extremely fast passive mana regeneration, as well as heightened MP regen when hitting, and when being hit. To prevent them from constantly mana breaking, they have a cooldown on mana break installed in their AI. Their passive mana regeneration is set at approximately 10 MP per second. Some NPCs, however, despite this mana bonus, will still have some difficulty in regenerating mana - Edan is an example, because he constantly burns mana thanks to his repeated abuse of Shadow Step and 99% chance of Emergency Escape.
  • Epic NPC loading is similar to the dungeon system; a host is chosen (the oldest player in the room) and will act as a temporary server to the other players. Thus, while the oldest character in the room will have minimal lag against the NPCs, the other characters may find the NPCs to be fairly laggy. When making an Epic NPC hunting party, it is wise to choose a host who has good ping to the other players, as well as a strong and stable connection.
  • Epic NPCs, being monsters, will not pick up any items.
  • Debuffs will affect Epic NPCs exactly the same way they do monsters in dungeons - for instance, Wound will not prevent NPCs from dashing.
  • Epic NPCs have extremely high resistance to elements.
  • Epic NPC damage is highly impacted by Reduced Damage; 30% Reduced Damage will reduce all of their Special Active hits to 1%. Likewise, the damage you deal to Epic NPCs is also highly improved by Additional Damage.

Encountering Epic NPCs

First, Epic NPCs will only show up in matchmaking Arena; they can appear in 1v1, 2v2 and in 3v3. While not much is known about the algorithm in which Epic NPCs are generated, experienced players have speculated the following:

  • They can be found randomly at any time while playing PvP.
  • Rank does not affect your probability of getting NPCs; similarly, the rate of NPC appearances tend to be the same regardless of whether you do 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3.
  • You are more likely to meet an NPC when you are doing PvP frequently.
  • There are a limited number of NPCs at any given time available for combat; if one of the NPCs is currently in a game, they will not appear elsewhere.
    • For this reason, NPCs are more likely when fewer players are playing than when there are more.
    • Randomly, the number of NPC duplicates may increase at certain times or dates, drastically increasing the number of NPC encounters temporarily.
  • NPCs only spawn in a limited number of maps; blocking the maps in which NPCs do not spawn has been known to have some impact on frequency of appearance. However, NPCs can ignore if a map is blocked and still spawn in one of your blocked maps.
  • Random games tend to have a higher rate of NPC spawn over pre-made teams.
  • It's been tested that if the player keeps cancelling a match they know is against a human player instead of an NPC, only willing to accept NPC matches, no NPC whatsoever will appear for that player, thus implying playing matches against players is some kind of requirement for having the chance to meet Epic NPCs.
    • A player or team likely gets replaced by an NPC or NPC team only when both player sides already agreed to fight to begin with.

Epic NPCs

Appearance Introduction

Name: El Search Captain Lowe

Class: Lord Knight

Rank: RankA.png

The power of El was once lost then restored back to Elrios by the legendary heroes.

Lowe's great-great grandfather was one of these heroes.

He perfected the skill "Mega Slash" and passed it down to his descendants.

Lowe now focuses on training the new adventurers of Elrios and hopes one of them will be able to gain back the lost power of the Elstone.


Name: Red Knight Captain Penensio

Class: Rune Slayer

Rank: RankS.png

Penensio is the leader of the Hamel army and is a skilled Rune Slayer who can summon and combine elemental magic with his runes in order to inflict status effects on his victims and constantly pressure them.


Name: Ice Princess Noah

Class: Elemental Master

Rank: RankSS.png

Don't let Noah's heavy armor deceive you.

She is an Elemental Master in disguise!

Noah has mastered the basic elemental skills of fire and can convert them all to ice skills.

You will want to watch out for Ice Magic Balls when in battle against her.

Noah also has the ability to freeze opponents that are right in front of her.

Gather all the adventurers and come challenge her to see her magical powers!


Name: Shadow Witch Speka

Class: Void Princess

Rank: RankS.png

Speka became the shadow witch princess because of her intense love and affection for darkness.

Her favorite outfits must have black and purple in them, so that her dark personality manifests itself.

She studies her spell book daily and sometimes takes on challenging adventures in Elrios.

She wants to strengthen her darkness skills and bond more with Petite Angkor.

Her love for darkness and evil surpasses even that of the glitter demons!


Name: Green Forest Ranger Lime

Class: Wind Sneaker

Rank: RankS.png

Lime's purpose is to guard the forest and protect mother nature.

She trains her combat skills in the forests of Elrios and focuses mostly on her kicks, which are proven deadly, though her skills with the bow are lacking.

However, she can summon the wind spirit to strengthen her bow if she is in a tight situation.


Name: Wind Shooter Amelia

Class: Grand Archer

Rank: RankA.png

Believe in the strength of the grand bow and try to follow Amelia's tactics.

Friendly Elves are known treasure hunters that practice the mechanisms of archery.

She can subdue an enemy from a long distance without getting hurt.

Also, Amelia's arrows can be used to attack targets in a wide range.

Velder is a good source of equipment and rare goods for adventurers and information on how to knock down your opponents. Practice those skills there!


Name: Blood Colonel Edan

Class: Blade Master

Rank: RankSSS.png

Edan uses a powerful bloody sword that is one of a kind.

It is said that he made a deal with something outside the realm of Elrios.

No one really knows if it's true or not, but his uniform used to be white.

The red is from all the blood stains from his fallen opponents.

There is an old Feita folklore about a cursed demon sword hidden in this region's caves.

Could he have made a contract with the sword?


Name: Lord of Pain Valak

Class: Reckless Fist

Rank: RankSSS.png

Valak roamed around Velder in his heavy armor.

In fact, we don't think he takes it off when he showers.

He believed everyone was jealous of his powers and keeps it on in order to protect himself if he's ever ambushed.

The demon that bonded into the armor has taken over his true personality.

His armor can be damaged but his claw can still tear enemies apart.

One day, he encountered Edan in the forest and they fought day and night.

No one dared enter the forest until the clashing sound of swords stopped.

Now...there is a search party looking for Colonel Edan.


Name: Code: Q-PROTO_00

Class: Code: Nemesis

Rank: RankSSS.png

Code: Q-PROTO_00 is known as one of the most powerful Ancient Nasod Prototype Drones.

She failed to develop normal human senses, so instead she became one of the strongest Nasod combat troopers that ever existed in Elrios.

She has the potential to do everything herself by installing a core of countless data to progress her self-image.

She has the ability to maximize combat capability by destroying thousands at a time and making them disappear!

After some time, some unknown spirit from Altera Core has revealed another hidden Ancient Nasod, 'Apple'.

Apple is known to be reckless. Visit the Arena and find out what these Ancient Nasods are up to!


Name: Ancient Nasod Princess Apple

Class: Code: Empress

Rank: RankA.png

Apple is the Ancient Nasod Princess that has been asleep for centuries but was awakened by King Nasod.

Apple is very gentle and intelligent. She was quietly hiding at Altera Core until it was time to come out.

However, the Ancient Nasod Code: Q-PROTO_00 was not able to rest due to the El's explosion.

Now, Code: Q-PROTO_00 is aware of Apple's existence and is headed to Altera Core.

Apple intends to use all of the power remaining from the El and use it against Code: Q-PROTO_00 to modify and control her code.

Apple seeks to gain more of the Elstone's power but realizes that Colonel Edan, the Bloody Officer, holds the power of El.

She now hopes to use the modified Q-PROTO_00 to attack him.

Event Epic NPCs

Appearance Introduction

Name: Veteran Blood Demon Noma

Class: Grand Master

Rank: RankS.png

Unknown fighter wearing Hamel Arctic Officer clothes. They called her "Veteran Blood Demon".

Epic NPC Titles

Icon (KR) Icon (NA) Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Title 20160.png Title 20160.png El Search Party Valedictorian Kill El Search Party Master Lowe (Lord Knight Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Lowe 7 times in PVP Physical Attack +200
Active Skill Damage +20%
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Repair Discount +10% (Max 10%)
Title 20170.png Title 20170.png Centurion Kill Red Knight Captain Penensio (Rune Slayer Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Penensio 25 times in PVP Physical Attack +200
Magical Attack +200
Physical Defense +100
Magical Defense +100
2% chance of double attack (not including special actives)
Title 20180.png Title 20180 English.png Break the Impregnable Kill Ice Princess Noah (Elemental Master Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Noah 25 times in PVP Critical Hit Rate +3%
Additional Damage +3%
Freezing Effect +2% (if you use freezing)
Title 20190.png Title 20190.png The Fallen Angkor Queen Kill Shadow Witch Speka (Void Princess Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Speka 15 times in PVP Dark Resistance +250
Plagued Effect +1.5% (if you use plagued)
MP Gain when attacking +3%
Title 20200.png Title 20200 English.png Combat Expert Kill Green Forest Lime (Wind Sneaker Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Lime 20 times in PVP Additional Damage +2%
Attack Speed +2%
Movement Speed +10%
Title 20210.png Title 20210.png Broken Arrow Kill Wind Archer Amelia (Grand Archer Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Amelia 15 times in PVP Physical Attack +75
Magical Attack +75
Wind Resistance +250
Piercing Effect +2% (if you use piercing)
Title 20220.png Title 20220.png Born to Blood Kill Blood Colonel Edan (Blade Master Epic NPC) in PVP Kill Edan 40 times in PVP When debuffed, MP regen per second +5
Additional Damage +7%
Title 20230.png Title 20230.png Painkiller Kill Lord of Pain Valak (Reckless Fist Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Valak 60 times in PVP Reduced Damage +10%
Damage increased by 1.5 times to enemies in down state (Dungeon)
5% chance to gain 7 MP when hit
Title 20240.png Title 20240.png Souless Ego Kill Code Q-Proto_00 (Code Nemesis Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Q-Proto_00 75 times in PVP Physical Defense -200
Magical Defense -200
Awakening Charge Speed +20%
Max HP -50%
Max MP -33%
Active Skill Damage +5%
Special Active Skill Damage +5%
Title 20250.png Title 20250 English.png Ancient History Kill Nasod Princess Apple (Code Empress Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Apple 10 times in PVP Magical Attack +200
Active Skill Damage +20%
Attack Speed +1%
7% chance of Super Armor activating for 1 second when attacked (Dungeon)

Event Epic NPC Titles

Icon (KR) Icon (NA) Title Discovery Obtain Stats
TITLE 100650.png TITLE 100650.png Best defense is offense Discovered at the start Kill Noma 10 times in PVP during the PvP Pre-Season event Critical Hit Rate +10%
Additional Damage +10%

Epic NPCs
Event Epic NPCs
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