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Long ago, there was a continent of void and darkness.

The soil was barren, stormy seas and wild disasters were everywhere, and the land itself was a barren wasteland. The continent has been called many names, "The Abandoned Country" or "God's Disaster". Gruesome legends grew around this desolate place and the people avoided the land at all costs.

One day, however, began a miraculous transformation. The land was cultivated, plants everywhere began to sprout, the seas calmed, the storm was a gentle breeze, and life returned to the continent.

There was a huge gem in the midst of the miracle that shone so bright that it defeated the darkness. The people were surprised at the strength of this stone and wondered what it even was. Fascinated, they gave the blue diamond a name: They called the gem the El Stone.

Several generations passed and the dark past of the continent became a legend which was long forgotten. Plants flourished, the ground gave rich harvests, and gave people a carefree life. They no longer called this continent "The Land Abandoned by God" but instead, it was called Elrios.


Ruben, the little hamlet situated in the northern region of Lurensia, is home to the great El-Tree which grew as a result of the Elstone. The tree is now powerless after Banthus and his gang stole the Elstone. Elsword and his gang has to find Banthus and bring back the artifact back to the Ruben. But little do they know that this will be the start of their legendary journey...

Chapter 1: Banthus, the one is after El

  • Ch.1 #1: Suspicious Movements
Description: Banthus thieves have appeared in the quiet town of Ruben. First, let's go find Lowe at Ruben Village

Lowe: Hm? You look like a newbie? Are you a newcomer adventurer? This village is the closest in Ruben Forest. The El Search Party originated from here. Oh brother...Banthus has disappeared into Ruben Forest, could you please help me track him down? Let's go to Hagus, the chief of the village.

Lowe: You are here, rookie. This is the Ruben Village closest to the Ruben Forest. El Search Party is stationed here. We lost traces of Banthus' whereabouts around Ruben Forest. We will need some help from the villagers.

Lowe: Huh? What? Elesis, are you telling me you are embarking on another journey? I was hoping you could continue to help us as the El Scout in the Ruben Village. Ah...huh? Who are those bandits blocking the path? Aah, are you talking about Banthus? They are quite infamous thieves around here. Banthus is is nowhere to be found in this Ruben Forest. I'm scared he may be up to something. Can you help us track Banthus and the thieves down? Also, it seems Hagus is looking for you as well. So please go talk to him.

ED: 100
EXP: 500
Items: Beginner's Potion x 5

  • Ch.1 #2: [Field] Thief Pursuit
  • Enter Lake Noahs
  • Banthus Bandits Command (Tobu, Lake Noahs) 0/1
Description: Many people have said to have seen Banthus in Lake Noahs! Let's go find the thieves!
Quest accepted dialogue:
Hagus: Banthus is notorious around here as a bandit boss. If he showed up in Ruben Forest he must be up to something. Outside the village by Lake Noahs, some bandits started to show up. Maybe they are related to Banthus. Perhaps you can find some clues from them?
Quest cleared dialogue:
Hagus: Hm...that thing you have... that is a bandit's order. Let me take a look. We can probably find out what Banthus is up to from it.
ED: 1500
EXP: 800
Items: Beginner's Potion x 5, Red Giant Shoes

  • Ch.1 #3: [Dungeon] Protect the El
  • Tree of El
  • Find Banthus (Tree of El)
  • Defeat Banthus (Tree of El) 0/1
Description: The notorious thief Banthus is heading to the Tree of El to steal the El. Let's pursue Banthus and protect the El!
Quest accepted dialogue:
Hagus: The El placed on the top of the Tree of El is the treasured symbol of our village. Usually the El is protected by the forest spirits, but the rumor is that Banthus has a special necklace that can control the forest spirits... Our El is in danger as suspected. Please get to Tree of El and protect it.
Quest cleared dialogue:

Lowe: Pant...pant... Darn those bandits and their cheap tactics! Arghh! Hey there! Let's turn back and head to the village. We should regroup before we continue our pursuit.

Lowe: Pant...pant... Darn those bandits and their cheap tactics! Arghh! Ey rookie! Let’s head back to the village first. Since we lost them, we need to regroup to go after them.

Lowe: Pant...pant... Darn those bandits and their cheap tactics! Arghh! Darn...Lowe! Let's go back to the village first. We need to regroup before we attack again.

ED: 600
EXP: 1100
Items: Magic Stone x 1, Red Giant Gloves

  • Ch.1 #4: [Dungeon] William the Prankster
  • Forest Ruins, ‘Any Difficulty’
  • Find the leader of the Phoru Bandits (Forest Ruins, ‘Any Difficulty’)
  • William’s Letter (William Phoru, Forest Ruins, ‘Any Difficulty’) 0/1
Description: The thieves in Forest Ruins turned out to be Phorus from the forest. Let’s go Find these thieves!
Hagus: I heard from Lowe. They took the El...That’s a big concern...We need to go after them right away, but there’s another problem. There seems to be other bandits appearing near the Ruins by the Tree of El where spirits resided before the El exploded. Can you go take care of them before they make a big mess?
Hagus: Phorus? Those docile animals living in the forest? Are you telling me they’re running rampant in the ruins? I see...So a phoru named William is the culprit and he said he’s sorry right?
ED: 1,200
EXP: 1,400
Items: Magic Stone x 1, Armor Enhancement Stone Lv. 1 x 1, Adventure Bag: Accessory (Top Piece), Intermediate Bronze Weapon

  • Ch.1 #5: [Field] Thief Phoru
  • Enter Lake Noahs
  • Stolen Relics (Thief Phoru, Lake Noahs) 0/5
Description: You’ve learned that William, the leader of the Phorus, has commanded the others to cause all this trouble. Let’s go to Lake Noahs per Anne’s Request and find the Stolen Relics.
Quest accepted dialogue:
Ann: Relics are being stolen? Those Elf relics are precious tourist attractions for our village. We can’t let them take even a single piece.
Hagus: Hmm...It seems like those phorus didn’t stop stealing. We need your help to restore things to the way they were.
Quest cleared dialogue:
Ann: Thank you for your help. This is a small token of appreciation from me.
Lowe: Heard you helped out the villagers while we were gone? Very nice!
ED: 4200
EXP: 1700
Items: Armor Enhancement Stone Lv.1 x 1, Red Giant Bottom Piece

  • Ch.1 #6: [Dungeon] Sacred Animal
  • White Mist Swamp, ‘Any Difficulty’
  • Ancient Phoru (White Mist Swamp, ‘Any Difficulty’) 0/1
Description: The El Scouts have been chasing the Banthus Thieves and ended up in a foggy swamp near the Tree of El.

Ancient Phoru and the Monkey King are furious about the stolen El. This is a major threat to all the residents! Let’s listen to Ann and go to White Mist Swamp and make all of the robbers surrender!

Quest accepted dialogue:
Lowe: We weren’t just playing around either, we followed the trail to the White Mist Swamp but had to retreat because of a giant phoru.

Player: Are you telling me you've lost them?

Chung: You missed it...

Elesis: What are you saying? You lost him in the end?

Add: What? So you're saying you lost him?

Lowe: Q...Quiet! We did our best. Hmhm...We got to get rid of it if it keeps bothering us...
Ann: Please no! It’s a good creature that has been protecting our forest ever since ancient times. The bad ones are the bandits! It’s their fault!
Lowe: she says...Well, let’s try to find a way without harming it...all you rookie.
Quest cleared dialogue:
Ancient Phoru: Grr...
Lowe: Couldn’t avoid a fight but this should be ok...
Ann: Thank you for listening to my demand. Hope you can retrieve the El too.
ED: 1800
EXP: 2000
Items: Magic Stone x 1, Armor Enhancement Stone Lv.1 x 1, Red Giant Top Piece

  • Ch.1 #7: [Field] Clues for Pursuit
  • Enter Lake Noahs
  • Banthus Bandits Escape Plan (Bor, Lake Noahs) 0/1
Description: Clues of Banthus have been found in Lake Noahs!

We must find him! The remaining Banthus Thieves might know the answer!

Quest accepted dialogue:
Hagus: The Bandits still have the El and we don’t know where they have fled to...We heard that towards the end of Lake Noahs, there are still some Banthus bandits remaining. We can find some clues.
Quest cleared dialogue:
Hagus: This escape plan from the bandits. Let’s see...Hm...seems like Banthus ran to Elder Castle...
ED: 6000
EXP: 2300
Items: Ruben Forest’s Spirits x 4, Weapon Enhancement Stone Lv.1 x 1, Red Giant Weapon

Chapter 1-1: Lesson from Lowe

  • Ch.1-1 #1: Learn about Skill Points (SP)
  • Open the Skill Window with the "K" key and spend "SP" (Skill Point)
Description: Low taught his know-hows on spending SP. Let's spend SP.

Quest accepted dialogue:
Lowe: No way! You already leveled up? That is pretty impressive, newbie. Every time you level up you will receive skill points. We call it SP to make it short. Then you can use the SP to level up your skills!
Quest cleared dialogue:
Lowe: You feel that? That's the strategy to improving your powers! You never know when you might be asked to do important tasks! Don't make me keep nagging on you. You should use the SP right after you level up. Saving isn't always helping, you know! Am I clear, newbie?

Quest accepted dialogue:
Lowe: have grown even more since we last met! You think so? Thank you, but I want to fill you in on what happened. Every time you level up you will receive skill points. We call it SP to make it short. Then you can use the SP to level up your skills!
Quest cleared dialogue:
Lowe: You feel that? That's the strategy to improving your powers! You never know when you might be asked to do important tasks! Don't make me keep nagging on you. You should use the SP right after you level up. It's all good and I'm sure you'll have advice to give me too. more preaching! Haha

ED: 200
EXP: 90

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