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ElType are a series of magazines created by KOG, the creators of Elsword. They involve a main story in each magazine with short comic gags in the beginning and end. After the first four volumes had been released, the series went on a hiatus due to the main artist of Elsword leaving. Later on, KOG has created a short series of Manhwas (Korean Mangas) different from ElType, involving Chung and his transformation into his 2nd Job advancement. Chung's Manhwas are only available in English and Korean.

ElType has been rebooted with a new team of artists during the release of Ara. The new title is now ElType Season 2. The first volume introduces Ara and her lore, along with numerous different short comics, each illustrated several different artists.
All of the magazines have been scanlated (Translated). The first four magazines are able to be read in English, Portuguese, and Korean. Explosive Dimensions and Season 2 are only able to be read in English and Korean.

Eltype Season 3 was released some time after it was announced that Ara, Elesis and Add's 3rd paths are going to be released.

Eltype Season 4 was released some time after Atlas Territory was complete and Rose was released.



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