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Pet Icon.png Mounting

On the 2nd of May 2013 in the KR server, the new mount system was introduced.

Pet Icon.png How to acquire a Mount

Icon of a Fossil Reader(Left) and an Unidentified Ancient Fossil(Right)

You may purchase a Mount 'Ice Burner' item called a Fossil Reader in the cash shop for 900NX. (NA : 100 K-Ching) Opening this special 'Ice Burner' will give you a chance at acquiring a random mount of your own. Do note that not only Mounts are obtainable from Fossil Readers, other rewards for example are: Pets, Lv 7, Lv 8, Lv 9 upgrade scrolls, some pet food and El Shards. After purchasing a Fossil Reader, you will also need to make an Unidentified Ancient Fossil at the alchemist in every town by combining 5 Magical Ice Powder and 1 Elixir of Alchemy.

  • Another way of acquiring a Mount is to buy it off someone from the Market.
  • After the 13th November 2014 KR Patch, you can now obtain previously released limited edition pets from Fossil Readers (ex: Miho, Thanatos).

Pet Icon.png Items obtainable from Fossil Readers

As of 06/25/2015 in the KR server, the obtainable items from Fossil Readers have been changed.

Item Rating Item List
S grade Magic Amulet (Lv 7 ~ 9)
A grade Promotional Costume (7 days) Cube
Special Magic Stones
B grade Pet Toy (30 Days) Cube
10 El Tree Seeds
Complete Recovery Potion (Cube of 100, 200, or 300)
C grade El Shards (30 pieces of specific element)
QPL Jelly (STEP 9) (Random Rarity)
10 Orb Pouches

Additional Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect/Uses
HQ Shop Item 92378.png Ancient Fossil Piece (고대 화석 조각) Automatically obtained after using a Fossil Reader Material required to craft:

Pet Icon.png How to access Mounts

If you are a lucky winner of getting a Mount from the Fossil Reader or buying it off the market, you should have 1 of these icons.

Icon Mount Name Icon Mount Name
CCBIcon.png Cockatigle (바람의 코우시카) RTIcon.png Moby Chariot RT (돌진 전차 모비RT)
APIcon.png Ancient Phoru (에이션트 라이딩 뽀루) ScopIcon.png Ponggo Scorpion TYPE-R (퐁고 스콜피온 TYPE-R)
DragIcon.png Ice Hameling (아이스 하멜링) FH.png Fire Hameling (파이어 하멜링)
DH.png Dark Hameling (다크 하멜링) 650.png Eve's Custom Oberon 650 (이브 커스텀-오베론650)
BlackSkullIcon.png Eve's Custom Black Skull (이브 커스텀-블랙 스컬) AngelHeartIcon.png Eve's Custom Angel Heart (이브 커스텀-엔젤 하트)
NaverMountIcon.png Naver Ancient Phoru (네이버 에인션트 뽀루) RedSpiritIcon.png Sacred Fox - Red Spirit (비호선 - 적령)
HQ Shop Item 550055.png Moby Chariot RT - Blue Storm (돌진 전차 모비RT 커스텀 - 블루스톰) HQ Shop Item 550056.png Moby Chariot RT - Golden Fire (돌진 전차 모비RT 커스텀 - 골든파이어)
HQ Shop Item 550057.png Moby Chariot RT - Sweet Blossom (돌진 전차 모비RT 커스텀 - 스윗블러썸) TeddyBearBrownIcon.png Teddy Bear - Brown (테디베어 - 브라운)
TeddyBearWhiteIcon.png Teddy Bear - White (테디베어 - 화이트) HQ Shop Item 550075.png Ponggo Scorpion TYPE-E (퐁고 스콜피온 TYPE-E)
RTIcon.png Moby ver. Mini(모비 ver. 미니) HQ Shop Item 550076.png Ramiel (라미엘)
HQ Shop Item 550077.png Nasod Battle Gear (나소드 배틀 기어) HQ Shop Item 550079.png Larva - Yellow (라바 - 옐로)
HQ Shop Item 550080.png Larva - Red (라바 - 레드) HQ Shop Item 550078.png Nightmare (나이트매어)
HQ Shop Item 550122.png Senarhl (세나르) HQ Shop Item 550182.png Ascalon (아스칼론)
HQ Shop Item 550183.png Raul's Vassal (라울의 하수인) HQ Shop Item 550184.png Sacred Fox - Black Spirit (비호선 - 흑령)
HQ Shop Item 550189.png Jet Ski E77-DX (제트스키 E77-DX) HQ Shop Item 550185.png Bumblebee (범블비)
HQ Shop Item 550190.png Rickshaw Phoru (고객감동 뽀첨지) HQ Shop Item 550191.png Oberon 650 Ver.Keroro (오베론 650 Ver.케로로)
HQ Shop Item 550192.png Oberon 650 Ver.Kururu(오베론 650 Ver.쿠루루) HQ Shop Item 550193.png Oberon 650 Ver.Giroro(오베론 650 Ver.기로로)
HQ Shop Item 550194.png Oberon 650 Ver.Dororo(오베론 650 Ver.도로로) HQ Shop Item 550195.png Oberon 650 Ver.Tamama(오베론 650 Ver.타마마)
HQ Shop Item 550186.png Optimus Prime (옵티머스 프라임) HQ Shop Item 550198.png Baal, Lord of Destruction (파괴의 군주 바알)
HQ Shop Item 550198.png Lord Baal (군주 바알) HQ Shop Item 550199.png Hellhound (헬 하운드)
HQ Shop Item 550200.png Lord of Inferno (로드 오브 인페르노) HQ Shop Item 550202.png Drakion
HQ Shop Item 550203.png Moby Chariot RT - Sunshine Gold HQ Shop Item 550215.png Perkisas (페르키사스)
HQ Shop Item 550214.png Phantom Steed (팬텀 스티드) HQ Shop Item 550216.png Nightmare - Black Blood (나이트메어 – 블러디 블랙)
HQ Shop Item 550218.png Maru (마루) HQ Shop Item 550219.png Dekal's Chair (데칼 의자)
HQ Shop Item 100005824.png Gale Force (게일포스) RedSpiritIcon.png Dormant Sacred Fox - Red Spirit
Corgi.png Corgi Dunno.png Sacred Fox - Yellow Spirit
Seta.png Seta (세타) NonoIcon.png Nono (노노-MK2)
RakshasaIcon.png Rakshasa (나찰) DChairH.png Dekal's Chair TYPE-H (데칼 의자 TYPE-Hf)

By right clicking them, they will be added to your list of Mounts. Your list of Mounts is accessible by going to your Pets list. There will be another tab added after the updates for the Mounts.
Mounts are currently limited to a maximum of 30.

Pet Icon.png Mount Interface


  • Unless you want to permanently DELETE your mount, do not press the red button.

Pet Icon.png How to use Mounts

After clicking on the Mount you want to use, next to their icon would have a button as shown below.
The left picture is showing the Mount is kept. After pressing the button next to the icon, it will change to the right Picture, meaning you are on your Mount. You are able to go into Mount Mode in Fields/Dungeons/Towns.

  • A shortcut for going into Mount Mode is by pressing the button 'F'.

Like normal pets, Mounts also have a Stamina bar.
After your Mount's stamina is consumed, it will automatically go out of Mount Mode. Its stamina bar will regenerate when you are in town or if you're off Mount Mode in dungeons and fields.
Stamina is consumed at a rate of approximately 1 point every 2.5 seconds and is regained at a rate of approximately 1 point every 7 seconds.Stamina also recover when you let your mounts sit down in fields with a rate of 1 point every 3 seconds.

Pet Icon.png Special Abilities of Mounts

While in dungeons, riding on your mount will change all your skills to Mount Attack Skills. Each Mount has a different set of skills available, and they can be used by pressing the 'Z', 'X', 'C' buttons. Movement of Mounts will also be different, for example: Cockatrice will be able to double jump, and Ponggo Scorpion TYPE-R is able to air run.
Another Use of Mounts, is that you will acquire a buff, giving the following bonuses:

Icon Effects
  • Reduce damage received by 50%
  • Recover 2.5% HP every 5 seconds
  • Activation chance of certain Elements +2%
  • Default walking speed is increased by 700
  • Basic dash speed is increased by 1000
  • A special movement can be used

Pet Icon.png Mounts Skill Information

Here is a list of Mounts and their skills which are currently in the game.

  • The mount's damage is taken from the average of your Physical and Magical Attack
  • The cooldown and MP cost of each type of mount attack will be identical.
    • Z attacks have no cooldown.
    • X attacks have a 5 second cooldown.
    • C attacks have a 10 second cooldown and requires 250 MP.

(바람의 코우시카)
It's the fastest Cockatigle in Velder. Its strong powerful legs can perform double jumps and it's the envy of all other riders.
Z Attack CCB1.png X Attack CCB2.png C Attack CCB3.png
Pecks 3 times at targets.
Pecks: 222% x3.
Jump Z, Dash-jump Z: Tail Whip
Damage: 336% x2.
Eye Laser
Fires a laser from its eye, similar to a normal cockatrice monster.
Laser: 156% x16.
Flint energy bolt
Fires a giant beam from its mouth.
Laser: 261% x8.
Sp001.png     Special Movement
Able to double jump.
Sp002.png     Elemental Activation Chance
Poison and Plagued (+2%)

Pet Icon.png Videos

Pet Icon.png Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
HQ Shop Item 185080.png El Energy Fuel Obtainable from weekly Guild missions. Recovers 20% stamina of the Mount you are riding. (Cooldown time: 30 seconds)
HQ Shop Item 269730.png Mount Random Cube Reward from some events. Randomly get one of the Mounts.

Pet Icon.png Tips and Details

  • When mounts use their C attacks, you can still be hit.
  • When you are on a mount, you cannot Mana Break.
  • When you Awaken while riding a mount, there won't be any delay so getting hit may nullify your Awakening.

Pet Icon.png Trivia

  • Moby Chariot is based off of one of Eve's drones.
  • The Larva mounts are based off of a Korean animated series called Larva.
  • The name of the mount Ramiel means Thunder of God, hence its ability to use lightning. Ramiel is also the angel of hope that guide the faithful, hence its title of Guardian Angel in its release.

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