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Deep-Sea Passage: Emergency Crisis

The El Search Party follows the noise in to the tunnel and face swarming machines.


Back at the Deep-Sea Tunnel, there's sound echoing through the tunnels where there should be none.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • 5 weekly entries permitted. Entry count is shared with other Secret Dungeons.
  • Must be Level 99 or higher.

Environmental Debuff - Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 70%.


For the first 2 maps, defeat monsters to drop unrefined rocks. Touching the rocks will give 1 stack of   Self BuffGlaciem Ore. You can reach a maximum of 30 stacks. Moving to the center of the Energy Conversion Device in the center of the map will refine them. Once the quota of 30   Self BuffGlaciem Ores is met, you will be prompted to close the gates. Hit the levers located at the gate to close them. Any enemies behind or near the closed gate will receive damage. Tip is to lure remaining enemies to the gate to kill them faster.

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Ally Image Ally Description
  Energy Conversion Device - A device in the center of the map that converts   Self BuffGlaciem Ores into energy. Each device requires 30   Self BuffGlaciem Ores.


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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
  A.M.P.S Type - Abyssicola - A floating spherical robot containing some type of suspicious liquid.
  • Gas Emission: It will start to emit gas wherever it moves for a period of time.
  • Gas Leak: Upon being defeated, they will release their contents, spewing a cloud of pink gas which will inflict   Enemy DebuffExtreme Coldness on players nearby.
  A.M.P.S Type - Archelon - A mechanical robot modeled after a sea turtle with some kind of jet propulsion system attached to its back.
  • Jet Ram: Propels itself forwards with its jet, ramming into players in its path. It will leave behind a trail of noxious gas.
  • Rocket Stomp: Shoots itself diagonally upward with its jet boosters. The landing will generate a shockwave.
  A.M.P.S Type - Kaempferi - A mechanical robot modeled after a crab with extremely long legs.
  • Claw Swipe: Swipes downwards with its two metal claws.
  • Gas Emission: Emits a gas beneath itself which deals damage to players.


  • Only its main body has a hitbox, and while it is larger than the visual, certain attacks on ground level will be too short to hit the monster.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
  Berserk A.M.P.S. Type - Gerstalker
  • Move: While moving, its legs are capable to dealing damage when they lift and land.
  • Gas Emission: Releases a volatile pink gas from its main body as well as any functioning legs. The gas will leave trails behind and continuously damage any players in it.
  • Charging Laser: Charge up a powerful laser. When fully charged, laser will be fired from one side of the screen to the other.
    • During the charging phase, one of it's legs can be "destroyed" to stop the charging. The indication for the leg that can be damaged is shown but it having a dark-red aura and a HP bar. The weakness leg can only hit damage by Commands and Actives.
  • Missiles: Its central body will open up, revealing an arsenal of missiles which it will fire off. Missiles will hit certain marked areas and is fairly dodge-able.



  • Dungeon Intro Dialogue
  • Boss Intro Dialogue
  • Mid Boss Dialogue
  • Boss Outro Dialogue
  • Dungeon Victory Quote
  •   Ciel: The machines are swarming this place. This can't be normal.
  •   Raven: We need to find a way to stop their advance.
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
  Barrier's Fragment Obtained by playing the dungeon. Throw at A tree imbued with the El energy to gain rewards.
  El Reward Obtained by playing the dungeon. Exchange for rewards at Ariel.
  ED Obtained by playing the dungeon. ED Gain: 21,000,000
  EXP Obtained by playing the dungeon. EXP Gain: 200,000,000
  • This secret dungeon is based off of Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel, having the same underwater segment level design, monsters and boss design.
Date Changes
11/09/2023 12/06/2023
  • Deep-Sea Passage: Emergency Crisis added.
14/03/2024 04/24/2024
  • A.M.P.S Type - Archelon Jet Ram attack changed to push the character instead of launching them.
  • Berserk A.M.P.S. Type - Gerstalker will prioritize performing the Charging Laser pattern.
  • ED Gain decreased.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
  South Korea 심해 통로 : 비상 사태 Deep-Sea Passage: Emergency Crisis
  Japan 深海トンネル:非常状態 Deep Sea Tunnel: Emergency Situation
  Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 深海通道 : 緊急事件 Deep Sea Passage: Emergency
  China (Simplified Chinese) 深海隧道:紧急事态 Deep Sea Passage: Emergency

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