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Sander is a merchant town located in the deserts to the far South. The village is a mecca for transporting and trading goods all across Elrios. Neighboring the village are the desert dwelling of the Trock species as well as the floating village of the Caluso Tribe.

The El Search Party come on Water Priestess Sasha's requires to seek out the Wind Priestess Anduran of the Caluso Village. The El Gang arrive just in time as the Priestess is on her way to visit the merchant village. However the sands are hiding many secrets as the Parugo Mountains loom in the distance.

Chapter 14: The Secret Truth

Chapter 14

The El Search Party journeys on to Sander, also known as the city of sand. On their arrival in the village, they find the residents struggling to fend off a massive invasion by the Trocks. Elsword and his friends proceed at once to Barren Sander, where they witness the visiting Wind Priestess being kidnapped! The gang must help rescue her, or Sander risks damaging relations with the Caluso Tribe and even possibly setting off a war!

Chapter 15: The Predicted Misunderstanding

Chapter 15

Investigations on the whereabouts of the kidnapped Wind Priestess continue. First, the El Search Party enters Trock's Lair, where they must challenge the possessed Chieftain Trockta, and then sets out for the Caluso Tribal Village to confront the Great Battle Chief Karu. Not only do the adventurers' findings help them locate the Wind Priestess, but also hint at her captor's ultimate plan of reviving an ancient, destructive being feared by all.

Chapter 16: Soul of the Wind

Chapter 16

The El Search Party learns about the legend of Behemoth, and how the kidnapper has used the Wind Priestess to revive the massive creature. Sander village chief Emirate and the alchemist Vapor send our heroes on to the Sandtilus, the Caluso Tribe's wind-powered ship, to chase and stop Behemoth from destroying the city. They had not expected to find Karis at the heart of this evil plan.

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