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Master Road

After the El Search Party was betrayed by Haivan, they make it back to Elrianode with the help of Winster's portal, but they're not in one piece. They must take on the new challenge with the Masters.

Chapter 41: A Wounded Return

After returning to Elrianode, they got themselves to safety, although the return was wounded, as Ain had also lost consciousness. Elsword blames Add for the incident, and due to the tension, they head to Denif, who tells them Ain must be brought to the El Lady, Hernia. Eve and Add decide to carry Ain to Elysion, but Elsword and Raven also tag along for their reasons. Elesis, Luciela, and Ciel decide to head to Rosso, while Aisha rushes to Ventus when Rena falls unconscious. Rose decides to find her clues, finding a transmitter. Aisha and Chung decide to go in to the seal of the Master Denif's compass. Some time later, some members return, and Lu manages to piece together Rose's message, mentioning the potential location is Aurora, a winter-like territory that can freeze the skin even solid. Aisha is optimistic about the new results.

Chapter 41-1: Trial of Earth

After arriving to the temple, Ara, Laby and Gaia decide to try and find clues on where they are exactly. After sparring with Gaia, Ara learns why she was hesitant to say something to Eun; she considers him like family. She manages to convince Eun to first help them with resurrection of the lord, then ask questions afterwards, finding the circumstances suspicious.

Chapter 42: Reunion

Elsword, Raven, Eve and Add arrive at Elysion, where they are greeted by Solace and Hernia, but Elsword isn't excited about meeting the El Lady. Solace tells Elsword that Henir's Order is not the only enemy after the El, but questions where he came from, why did he arrive only now, why did he try to fix the El just now. After doing their goals, Elsword is surprised to see Ain appearing after regaining consciousness, and reveals that since the portal was unstable, it must've taken his El energy. Add and Elsword haven't apologized yet, although Eve questions why Adrian provided Add with the device.

Chapter 42-1: From Beyond the Crossroads

Eve decides to check up with Adrian, and for maintenance too, in order to catch up with the current life. However, despite them being the Nasod King and Nasod Queen respectively, Eve decides to go on her personal way as the Nasod Queen, despite Adrian expecting that from a self-learning AI.

Chapter 43: Preparation

The entire El Search Party reunite as Elesis tells them of preparations, but tells them about the missing nobles. Add decides to apologize, saying that although it was the best choice, he could've asked their opinions, and Elsword apologizes for not knowing his own feelings. They prepare the details, as Master Gaia, Laby, Ara, as well as the supposed technician, Calonne, arrive in Elrianode. Meanwhile, the Masters hold the final meeting, as they weren't ready to tell them about the Moon Master, Ebalon, betraying them for Henir's Order. They decide to not say anything, and instead take it upon themselves to figure them out, and find out the true goal.

To a New Region

Clear the quest to follow how the El Search Party returns to the Demon Realm.

StoryEntering Pruinaum
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Achieve Level 99
  • Clear Master Road Region Dungeon once

Clear the quest to enter Demon Realm - Pruinaum.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards

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