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Master Road

El Search Party Story

After the El Search Party was betrayed by Haivan, they make it back to Elrianode with the help of Winster's portal, but they're not in one piece. They must take on the new challenge with the Masters.

Chapter 41: A Wounded Return

They had suddenly returned to Elrianode, though the return was wounded, as Ain had lost consciousness. They reported to Denif, and they decide to bring Ain to Hernia, as best solution. They temporarily go their separate ways. Some time later, some members return, and Lu manages to piece together Rose's message; "Aurora", in a cold territory.

Chapter 41-1: Trial of Earth

Ara and Laby went with Gaia heads out to find someone to build a portal. After a needed spar, Ara convinces Eun to wait first unill the resurrection of Aegirp.

Chapter 41-1: Something Important

Laby has a spar with Gaia, understanding more of her own feelings and the intersection that made it possible for her to join the Search Party.

Chapter 41-1: Everyone's Decision

Lu, Ciel, and Elesis confront Rosso to know why did he head into the Demon Realm.

Chapter 41-1: As a Friend

Rena wakes up, and though wanting to get back on track, Ventus insists her to not come to Demon Realm. After a spar, Ventus reveals to her what Lincy saw.

Chapter 41-1: Sliver of Hope

Rose decides to have a spar with Ventus; that way, she manages to get enough power for the device to tell a message: the codename, Aurora.

Chapter 41-1: Trial of the Water Dragon

Aisha and Chung decide to take the trial by going inside Denif's compass. Though Chung reaffirms his hopes of finding his father, Aisha learns something surprising.

Chapter 42: Reunion

Elsword, Raven, Eve and Add arrive at Elysion carrying unconscious Ain, where they are greeted by Solace and Hernia. Eve and Add head to see Adrian. Ain wakes up after talking of the experiences with the Search Party.

Chapter 42-1: From Beyond the Crossroads

Eve decides to go to Adrian to get maintenance for fixing her up, and Adrian asks her about her path.

Chapter 42-1: For Now in the Present

Add wanted to see Adrian as well, to ask for a deal on the device that will allow him to return to the past.

Chapter 42-1: True Strength

Elsword and Raven have a spar with Solace. Solace wonders what really is Elsword's identity, and why did he come now. He also questions Raven's way of self atonement during the conversation.

Chapter 42-1: Shackled to Redemption

Raven asked Solace about his body, and why his appearance is like that. Solace urges Raven to choose a path he won't regret.

Chapter 42-1: Beyond Uncertainty

Ain partially awakes, but he is still stuck in the memories, and sees Hernia. Ain decides to confront the Goddess in order to affirm his resolve.

Chapter 43: Preparation

They reunite after a long period. Add apologies for the situation earlier, and so does Elsword. They talk as they wait for Ara and Laby to return. Meanwhile, the El Masters discusses their next course on what to do with the Henir's Order.

Noah Story

[Noah] Chapter 13: The One Hidden

Despite Darkmoon's efforts, she could not help Noah unlock his lost memories that would allow him to face the truth. Thus, Darkmoon proposes a better solution: to do that with help from an unlikely person, the El Lady.

Lithia Story

[Lithia] Chapter 11: In Their Stead

To a New Region

Clear the quest to follow how the El Search Party returns to the Demon Realm.

Entering Pruinaum
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Achieve Level 99

Clear the quest to enter Demon Realm - Pruinaum.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

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