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The parched, dry desert region of Bethma lies in the north-eastern region of Lurensia. You can almost hear the scorching earth dry. But what makes Bethma so unique is that the Lizardmen Tribe reside here, a race of peaceful reptiles.

Elsword and his team chase Wally only to find themselves in the desert. Fortunately they find Bethma Village, but it turns out that the citizens of Bethma are about to witness a war between two races...

Chapter 4: Wally's whereabouts

Hoffman told Elsword and his Party that Wally ran to Bethma Village. Soon after, they all went to Bethma to ask Stella, the sheriff of the town, to look for Wally.

Story[Village] Wally at Large
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Do one of the Following:
  • Lv. 18
  • Let's visit Bethma Village to chat with Stella

You defeated Wally No.8, but Wally escaped with the El before you could stop him. Let's search for him in Bethma Village.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hoffman: Although there's only one place Wally could go, Bethma. It's close and surrounded by steep mountains.
  • Elsword: You're saying even if they are doing something fishy.. we won't be able to see it from the outside?
  • Rena: Bingo!
  • Hoffman: That's right, I suggest you start there first. I'll contact Stella in Bethma.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Stella: Hm? Who? Wally? Oh the Lord of Elder? There were some rumors going, what happened?
  • Elsword:'s a long story...Rena?
  • Aisha: Why don't you use your brain for a change, idiot!
  • Stella: I see.. Ordering the bandits to steal the town's El, so much for being a Lord. Oh, pardon my rudeness. Name's Stella, I've known Hoffman for quite a while and I can never say no to his favors, haha.
  • Rena: (Going around getting favors...)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 4,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 5: The uprising problem of Bethma

Chapter 5

The Lizardmen who were once friendly to the villagers of Bethma, suddenly turned hostile and started to attack them. Elsword and the gang sought the alchemist named Chacha Buch in town. From Chacha Buch, the Party received hypnotizing potions to capture and dispel the Lizardmen and Berauk. Kayak the Shaman possessed the Lizardmen, but when he was defeated, the Lizardmen went back to normal and started to regain the people’s trust again.

StoryRepelling the Lizardmen
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Dragon Road
  • Lizardman (Dragon Road) 0/4
  • Lizardman Warrior (Dragon Road) 0/2

The Lizardmen are natives tribes in Bethma and have recent conflicts with the villagers. Stella is requesting for you to scout some Lizardmen. Let's go to Dragon Road and gather up information.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Stella: There's a problem. There has been cases where people are getting attacked by Lizardman on the Dragon Road, would you help us?
  • Elsword: Lizardman?
  • Stella: Bethma's Lizardman are the natives of this land, they were here even before our ancestors were here. There has been some conflicts but we have some Lizardman that ended up living with us and others.. Lived near the Bethma Lake and formed a village. We've had no trouble with them since then.
  • Elsword: Oh...I'm going to eat that!!
  • Aisha: Stop dozing off, Elsword! I JUST started to talk.
  • Stella: ..But recently we've been finding a lot of violent Lizardman that roam the valley.
  • Rena: We can't find Wally's tracks if we can't enter the valley.
  • Stella: That's right. We're not able to fight back, would you help us?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Stella: You look like you went through a lot.
  • Elsword: Those guys, they're really violent!
  • Stella: I don't know what happened to these Lizardman, it's not like them to attack not only villagers but also outsiders.

  • Richian: Oh! New comer that Stella told me about? Welcome- Stella, you've got a guest.
  • Stella: Can't you see I'm busy? Also I told you to stop talking like that. Oh, welcome! I was looking for you, take a look at this.
  • Richian: Call me Richian, hun.
  • Elsword: Ooooch..
  • Aisha: (Put your sword away, Elsword!)
  • Stella: Apparently the Scorpion King appeared near the Dragon Road.
  • Richian: They are truly dangerous hunnies.
  • Rena: (My head..)
  • Stella: Hey, keep quiet! They appear sometimes but you can't really talk things out with them unlike the Lizardman. They need to be dealt with before the villagers can continue to look for traces of Wally. Oh, and this was a request from Richian so go directly to Richian when you are done. I'm busy so bye!

  • Richian: Oh- You are here. Now I can relax, thanks for the help sexy adventurers.

  • Stella: Hm? The Lizardman Warriors you fought on the Dragon Road told you something?
  • Elsword: Yeah, Chacha...something.. Chacha Buch?
  • Stella: Chacha Buch? Do they mean the Chacha Buch, our village Alchemist?
  • Chacha Buch: Buch Buch! I am the Lizardman Alchemist, Chacha Buch! I heard a lot about you from Stella. you mention the Dragon Road tribe?
  • Elsword: I don't know but I heard a lot of Chacha Buch, Chacha Buch and heard 'Take care Elder Berauk for me'.
  • Chacha Buch: Berauk?
  • Elsword: Why? Is it a strong villain?
  • Chacha Buch: Berauk is my childhood friend.. And the Chieftain of the Bethma Lake's Lizardman Tribe, Buch. He's known to always make wise decisions for his tribe. Did something happen to him? Could you visit the Lizardman tribe in Bethma Lake? Please find out if Berauk is safe..Buch.

  • Elsword: I met Elder Berauk at the lake...they just attacked us out of no where.
  • Chacha Buch: Berauk.. Attacked you? How buch that be?
  • Rena: It definitely did not look sane.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 32,500 HQ Shop Item 077200.png [Cobo] Stamina Potion x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 29,560 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryBerauk's Bane
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Bethma Lake
  • Find the Cause of the Problem (Shaman Lizardman, Bethma Lake) 0/1
  • Hypnotizing Orbs (Lizardman, Bethma Lake) 0/10

The wise Lizardman Chief Berauk is acting strangely these days. There must be a reason for this sudden change. Let's go back to Bethma Lake and find some answers and report to Chacha Buch.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chacha Buch: There's no way Berauk would attack you like that.. Buch.
  • Stella: At first I thought it might be the act of those few Lizardman that hated humans...
  • Chacha Buch: Could you defeat the Lizardman and check their possession, Buch? There must be a reason why Berauk would attack, Buch.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chacha Buch: There's no way Berauk would attack you like that.. Buch.
  • Stella: At first I thought it might be the act of those few Lizardman that hated humans...

  • Elsword: Hey look, I found this weird pearl from the Lizardman.
  • Chacha Buch: This.. Hypnosis Stone, Buch!
  • Aisha: Yeah, strong berserk spell was casted.
  • Chacha Buch: All the Lizardmen were controlled, Buch. Who would do such a thing?

  • Chacha Buch: To find out what spell they are under I need to see for myself. Buch.
  • Elsword: Would Lizardman be okay with it?
  • Aisha: Even if it is the same Lizardman race. Everyone's just confused.
  • Chacha Buch: Could you escort me to Bethma Lake, Buch? I beg of you.
  • Rena: I'll help.. Lizardman are easy now anyways.

  • Chacha Buch: Berauk... Can you hear me, Buch?
  • Berauk: Grrr... Kill... Kill all...
  • Chacha Buch: How could it be..? Berauk! Can you hear me? Buch!
  • Berauk: Ki...ll...
  • Elsword: Hmph....similar to the Lizardman that were controlled by the Mind Controlling Pearl..
  • Chacha Buch: Berserk.. This is the spell of a Dark Shaman, Buch. I heard there was a Shaman that was banished out of Bethma Lake.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 43,450 HP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate HP Potion x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 30,060 HQ Shop Item 109945.png Magic Stone x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
AP 0 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryNightly Raid
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Bethma Lake (Night)
  • Find the leader of Bethma Lake (Night)
  • Shadow Warrior (Bethma Lake (Night)) 0/1

The corrupt Kayak the Shaman is suspected of exploiting the Lizardmen by using a Hypnotizing Orb, but his whereabouts are still unknown. Let's go to the Bethma Lake (Night) and search for the shaman.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chacha Buch: Kayak! That was his name! He's the one, Buch!
  • Stella: Kayak, that's the one who said Lizardman should fight the humans and drive them out of the land, right?
  • Chacha Buch: Casting a spell on an object and using it to control another is a well known spell of Lizardman Shamans.
  • Elsword: So, all this...was caused by this thing called Kayak?
  • Chacha Buch: Once he was banished from town I heard he became an evil shaman.. Buch.
  • Rena: Shadow Shaman are probably more active around night time where their powers are stronger.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chacha Buch: Did you find Kayak? What? Shadow Warrior? Those are great ancient Lizardman warriors revived through evil spell.. Buch.
  • Elsword: What? Raised the dead?
  • Aisha: It's forbidden magic... Necromancy, he's really evil.
  • Stella: Kayak, to think he would go this far..
  • Chacha Buch: Shadow Warriors are like guardians for Shadow Shaman. I'm sure Kayak is near them.

  • Elsword: I found this piece of paper. I can't really talk to them and I found nothing strange about it.
  • Chacha Buch: You found a strange piece of paper from a Shadow Warrior?
  • Stella: This looks like a map Kayak drew.. But just from this it's hard to tell where it is pointing.
  • Chacha Buch: I sense something.. dangerous, buch. I'm sure the rest will be near the lake so please find all the pieces, buch.

  • Chacha Buch: Bethma Lake is known for its pitch black darkness.. Buch.
  • Aisha: And it's almost a full moon, the Shadow Shaman's strength will be stronger.
  • Elsword: Such a headache!
  • Rena: Elves see better in the dark, leave it to me!
  • Stella: It won't be easy but try and find the rest of the map pieces. I'm counting on you!
  • Chacha Buch: It doesn't feel right, Buch. If Kayak is not here it means he's out there planning something more sinister.

  • Rena: See? Found it!
  • Stella: I thought Elves just looked pretty.
  • Chacha Buch: The map pieces are complete, let's take a look.. Buch. This... Dragon Nest? Is Kayak planning to awaken the bone dragon?
  • Elsword: Bone Dragon...? Y-You're going to awaken a dragon!
  • Aisha: You just got excited by the word, Dragon didn't you?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 49,820 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133254.png Intermediate Hauberk Weapon Cube x 1
EXP 37,060 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryTrailing the Traitor
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Dragon's Nest
  • Find Kayak the Shaman (Dragon Nest)
  • Kayak the Shaman (Dragon Nest) 0/1

Dragon Nest was once inhabit by an ancient dragon. It is located deep inside Bethma Mountains which would be a perfect hiding place… Let's go to Dragon Nest and hurry up and find Kayak the Shaman

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Stella: Dragon Nest that Kayak's map is pointing to is a place where an ancient Dragon used to live. A sacred ground the Lizardman Tribe. Kayak used the hypnotizing orb to control the Lizardman, draw our attention to them and tried to waken the Dragon at the Dragon Nest!
  • Elsword: Tsk...He's really set out to kill all of mankind!
  • Rena: Such hatred towards humans..
  • Stella: Dragon Nest is hidden deep inside the valley. It's perfect for an evil scheming lizard like Kayak. Go and defeat Kayak before it's too late!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chacha Buch: Did you find Kayak, buch?
  • Elsword: He got a lot stronger than before... Is it absorbing power?
  • Chacha Buch: He fully matured into a Shadow Shaman, buch. He must be performing a ritual to revive an ancient dragon, buch.
  • Stella: Not enough time! You must stop him!

  • Chacha Buch: Shadow Shamans specialize in reviving the dead and using live souls to use it as a material to revive and control the dead, buch.
  • Elsword: Necromancy...was it?
  • Rena: Wow? You remembered that? Good job, Elsword!
  • Elsword: This was nothing, Rena. Hehe
  • Aisha: It's not a compliment!
  • Chacha Buch: There must be a spell book... We need that spell in order to safely turn Berauk and the Lizardmen back to normal.
  • Rena: There shouldn't be any more casualties of Kayak's spells..

  • Elsword: I defeated Kayak and it dropped this scroll.. Could it be?
  • Chacha Buch: This is it, buch buch. If we seal away this scroll we can stop casualties from this spell, buch.

  • Chacha Buch: Unfortunately... Elder Berauk is completely consumed by Kayak's spell, buch.. I wanted to find a way to free Berauk but Kayak had revised the spell to make it stronger.. Buch..
  • Elsword: There's no way to cure the ones under the spell?
  • Chacha Buch: That's right, buch.. There's no way to get back Berauk's soul... It is lost forever..
  • Aisha: Oh no..
  • Chacha Buch: We have no choice... but to send him off in peace...

  • Elsword: ......
  • Rena: Berauk... has found peace..
  • Chacha Buch: Berauk... sob. Thank you, buch. Thanks to you we were able to lessen the casualities and stop Kayak. Not to mention we were able to resolve the misunderstanding between the humans and Lizardman.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 29,900 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 16,660 HQ Shop COMMON AC FACE1 92112 SORTED.png Mochi's Ear x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 4: Wally's whereabouts (continued)

Stella gathered information from the townspeople and found out that Wally MK2 was hiding in the mining area of Bethma. The El adventurers traced his footsteps there and defeated him once again. Wally had been secretly trying to produce more powerful Nasods through the special minerals from the mining areas in Bethma. Originally, those minerals were utilized to build the giant cargo airship, but Wally had evil and selfish intentions. When our heroes encountered and destroyed Wally No.9, they found more clues to track down Wally. However, during their battle, someone secretly stole the El Shard and destroyed the cargo airship.

StoryWally's whereabouts
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Richie Mines
  • Find Cause of Drilling: Wally No. 8 MK2 (Richie Mines)
  • Wally No. 8 MK2 (Richie Mines) 0/1

There shouldn't be anyone near the Richie Mines but every night we hear pounding and drilling. Let's go to Richie Mines to look for Wally's whereabouts

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Richian: I really appreciate all your help hunnies, thanks to you all we were able to solve the Lizardman problem and travel safely to the Bethma Valley. But you know- Recently I visited my closed mines and heard a digging sound.
  • Aisha: W.. What.. Are you going to tell me a ghost story?
  • Richian: There were talks that it might be related to Wally, so why don't you check it out? Solve both of our problems?
  • Elsword: I will do anything to leave this place.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Richian: Whaa? Nasod miners were excavating from there? Then they MUST be related to Wally.
  • Elsword: To think you'd find Wally's clues here. If it is going to work out, it will work out.

  • Richian: As expected Wally's Nasods are still mining away. If they continue the mine will collapse.. But I have a feeling that Wally is up to something.. I'm sure he must know the condition of the mines.
  • Aisha: Hm? Didn't that guy just talk out of character out of no where?
  • Elsword: I guess I have no choice but to track down Wally and find out what he's up to!
  • Richian: Let's go find Wally and see what he is up to!
  • Rena: Time to go stalking!

  • Richian: What? They are loading up the ores to an airship? An airship in a small town like Bethma? Wally... He must be rich.
  • Elsword: I bet he's trying to mine-out what he can and flee by air!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 66,030 HQ Shop Item 133254.png Intermediate Leather Weapon Cube x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 44,860 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
AP 0 HQ Shop Item 133254.png Intermediate Hauberk Armor Cube x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Cargo Airship
  • Ensuring Security: Wally No.9 (Cargo Airship)
  • Armored Wally No.9 (Cargo Airship) 0/1

Wally has escaped to a Cargo Airship that he hid in Bethma Mountains. Although we don't know the location, we can't afford to lose him! Let's find Wally by following him to the Cargo Airship!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Toma: An Airship? There's an Airship in Bethma?
  • Richian: That's right, honey.
  • Elsword: I couldn't find Wally inside the mines..maybe he's inside the flying ship!
  • Toma: Ooooh!! I always wanted to be on one but it's probably dangerous, huh? But I really want to get on it!
  • Richian: Oh no no, kids these days.
  • Aisha: We can't feel safe yet. If he has an airship like that, I'm sure he's hiding a dangerous Nasod.
Quest Completion Dialogue

Bethma Clear Video

  • Toma: An airship filled with Nasods and weapons! Just thinking about it makes me happy. I wish I can bring them to my workshop.
  • Elsword: Do you know how dangerous those are! Be careful!
  • Stella: If someone were to take advantage of it, Wally may not be the last of its kind.
  • Toma: Sigh, you are right. Alright, I'll go help you disassemble the airship! As long as I can bring them all back...

  • Toma: Good work, this should reduce the Nasod creation somewhat.
  • Elsword: Yes, thank you for the help!
  • Aisha: Unlike someone, you understand.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 78,960 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133254.png Intermediate Leather Armor Cube x 1
EXP 55,370 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

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