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Atlas, a place which exists in neither Lurensia nor Fluone. In fact it doesn't exist in Elrios at all.

Atlas is the smaller mining island located below the proper city of Elysion.

Sent off by the Priestesses of El, the portal has taken the El Search Party to this other worldly dimension in search of the El Lady and Solace. Finding themselves on the island below Elysion, the El Search Party with the help of Yuno embark on their quest to reach Elysion.

Chapter 21: The Other Dimensional World

Chapter 21 & 22

Elsword and the gang enter the portal at the far end of Distant Ruins. Right away, they are transported to the Atlas Station, where supplies of diceon ores, which both store and amplify El energy, are managed. They meet the station director, Yuno, and his servant, Nono. They are both Nasod whose technology is more advanced than Eve. Before the Elgang could get answers on the whereabouts of the El Lady, Yuno and Nono are alerted of anomalies at the Diceon Mines. Science Dekal has been stealing supplies to help out the very same person who may lead them to the El Lady and Solace.

Chapter 22: The Elysion Journey to Solace

Together with Yuno, Elsword and the gang try to uncover Solace's plan. With Science Dekal gone and Atlas City alerted of the missing diceon, the Elgang are mistaken for thieves. Soon after, they track it on its way to the Elysion Tower. To get in, they steal the A-grade core found in the city's toughest Nasod security unit, Surveillan. Yet they find an even tougher Nasod inside the tower. Maya, the protector of Atlas City, is furious that intruders made it all the way to the tower. The path may be clear on the way to Elysion now, but not without an unfortunate sacrifice.


Constructed in another dimension by the Debrians in the distant past, Nasods have advanced far beyond those in Elrios.

Elysion is the main island where the father of Nasods, Adrian Nasod rules.

Having made their way to Elysion through Yuno's sacrifice. The journey continues to discover the truth behind the mysteries of Solace and the El Lady. What could Solace be planning in Elysion...?

Chapter 23: What's Happening in Elysion?

Chapter 23

The Elgang has finally arrived in Elysion in their search for Solace and the El Lady. Eve helped Elsword and the rest of the adventurers in disguising themselves as Atlas troops, just as Solace's message reaches them in a fiery form. As they enter Elysion, Bernard tells them the access to Adrian's Palace had been blocked. While communication with Adrian stopped, the Nasods lost control of the chaos around the city. With Durenda's help, Elsword and the gang rescue Nasod workers outside the city and find out how to locate Solac's Fortress.

Chapter 24: Find Solace's Fortress

Chapter 24 & 25

To arrive at Solace's Fortress, the El Search Party must enter Adrian's Palace and find the way through Herbaon and Adrian. With Hugo's help, they are able to destroy the barrier surrounding the palace. Once inside Adrian's Palace, Elsword and the gang deal with Herbaon's PooPangs and solve her puzzles through Hugo's code expertise. They reach Adrian safely, but Herbaon, who is protecting Adrian, mistakes them for intruders. After battling Herbaon and clearing up the misunderstanding, they awaken Adrian, who tells them everything that has happened to Solace.

Chapter 25: The Dark Flame Sun

Elsword and the gang finally manage to infiltrate Solace's Fortress and secure its entrance with Adrian and Herbaon's help. However, they still have no clue what Solace is planning with the El Lady. Meanwhile, Elesis's headache spells continue to get worse and the voices calling out to Elsword gets clearer as they get closer to Solace. What discovery awaits the El Search Party?

Chapter 26: The Past and the Future

Chapter 26

Elsword is transported to Solace's distant past and the truth slowly unfolds before our hero's eyes. The tragic series of events eventually leads back to our hero, Elsword. What choice will Elsword make for the people of Elrios? Continue the journey to find out!

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