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[Laby] Chapter 12: Meeting the El Search Party

Laby decides to tell Denif about Calonne. When the monsters start to get aggressive, Laby decides to head inside to help the Search Party.

StoryThose Waiting
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description


The Masters and Priestesses sense the El Search Party's return and prepare to open the seal.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Denif: ... I wonder...
  • Gaia: Master Denif!
  • Laby: Master Denif!
  • Denif: I see you two still get along fine.
  • Laby: Of course! Laby gets along well with everybody!
  • Denif: So? What do you need? I don't reckon you're interested in the ancient seal beneath the El...?
  • Gaia: Of course I'm interested, Master Denif. As a student of magic, I...
  • Laby: Bellonde said he's worrid because Master Denif looks troubled these days! So Bellonde and Laby are here to help!
  • Gaia: La, Laby... I told you that's a secret.
  • Laby: Oh! Right!
  • Denif: I apologize if I concerned you. I was just thinking about what Ventus said when he came back.
  • Laby: You mean... That the way back was harder then the way there?
  • Denif: If what he said is true, it means that the realm beyond this seal is coming more and more aggressive due to outside stimuli. Which means it may become that much more difficult for the El Search Party when they come back.
  • Gaia: Can't they... Look for another way? I heard demons used many different methods to invade Elrios.
  • Denif: Hm... I can't say for certain. Actually, the El Search Party was initially planning on using the giant portal below the palace.
  • Laby: (... Demon Realm? Portal?)
  • Denif: But that plan was dismissed because they didn't know the coordinates to the Demon Realm. Which means this seal is our only way to the Demon Realm for now.
  • Gaia: Is there any way for us to find the coordinates ourselves?
  • Denif: Demons might know the coordinates, but that doesn't solve all the problems. Though Add seemed confident... We should be careful when using the device, as it caused great tragedy in the past.
  • Laby: Portal... Coordinates of the Demon Realm... Demon... Uhhhh...! Laby believes in Master Denif! Master Denif believes in Laby too, right?!
  • Denif: Hm?
  • Laby: You see, before Laby came to Elrianode...

  • Denif: I see. So the demon you've met...
  • Gaia: ... Was an engineer that handled portals. That means he must know the coordinates to the Demon Realm.
  • Denif: I wasn't aware that demons had that kind of technology. It shows how little we know about the Demon Realm.... Last time you talked about Calonne, you didn't mention the portal.
  • Laby: Uh huh... Cause there was this bad guy who wanted to kidnap Calonne and make the portals! Even though Laby taught him a lesson! Even though this portal is really really important, Laby knows that Master Denif won't bully Calonne! And if it's needed, then Laby can ask him too! Calonne said he'd help if Laby needs it! So Calonne would definitely help with this!
  • Denif: I give my word. I will not do anything that betrays your trust. Will you... Help me in this regard?
  • Laby: Hehee, just leave this to Laby!!
  • Ventus: Hm? Were you having fun without me? I'm disappointed.
  • Gaia: Master Ventus? Is something wrong?
  • Ventus: I just got a response. Old man, we better get ready.
  • Laby: That's the Spirit Stone we've... Ah!
  • Ventus: Mmhm, the Spirit Stone is reacting because the El Search Party is almost here.
  • Denif: It seems there was no need to worry after all. This is good. You wanted to meet them, did you not?
  • Laby: Uh huh!! Laby wants to meet the El Search Party!!
  • Denif: Alright. Ventus, gather the priestesses. Rosso should be fine to move around also, correct?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Denif: You may all be aware, but beyond this seal is a realm under Henir's influence. We don't know what may happen so be cautious.
  • Ignia: Um...
  • Rosso: What?
  • Ignia: Uh, don't push yourself too hard. I mean, it hasn't been long since you've recovered, and...
  • Rosso: Tsk, are you even listening to yourself? It's you who should watch yourself.
  • Ignia: Hey!! I'm worried about you!! You're the one that was bedridden until recently!!
  • Rosso: Shut up! I'm not a weakling like you!
  • Ventus: Haha, I'm happy you're all getting along, but we should really get prepared. The Spirit Stone's reaction became stronger.
  • Artea: Master Denif, everyone's ready.
  • Denif: Hm. Then let's begin.

  • Gaia: This is...!
  • Ventus: ... This is more serious than I thought. It's more violent than when Rosso and I came over.
  • Anduran: What do we do? At this rate, Henir's energy will spill over to Elrianode!
  • Sasha: The seal may become irrevocably damaged.
  • Ignia: The El is right above us... But the El Search Party...!
  • Gaia: It's dangerous to keep it open. We have to close it even for a moment!
  • Rosso: Are you kidding? Do you even understand how long it will take for us to gather enough energy to open the seal again? ... They were a mess after the battle. They won't be in any condition to last in there.
  • Denif: ... Ventus. Do you see them?
  • Ventus: They can't advance because of the monsters. We need to keep it open, just a bit longer.
  • Artea: The monsters noticed the rift. They're coming this way!
  • Gaia: Kugh, if I head in there to help...!
  • Denif: If you move, we will not be able to maintain the spell. Keep your place!
  • Gaia: But if we don't stop the monsters, then the El Will be in danger!
  • Laby: Then Laby will go!
  • Gaia: Laby...?
  • Laby: Everyone's stuck here, right? But Laby and Nisha can move! Elrianode and everyone in Elrianode is important to Laby. Laby will come back with the El Search Party, so please?
  • Denif: ... Alright. I trust you.
  • Gaia: Wait... But...!
  • Laby: Don't worry, we'll be back! Come on, Nisha!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 37: Unexpected Meeting

While the El Search Party decide to return to Elrianode, they are ambushed by monsters. Just when they thought it was all over, the mysterious girl, Laby, decides to come to their rescue. However, they eventually end up far deeper than they have ever. After being attacked by machines, they are under suspiciousness by Winster, but it's cleared when he learns that Laby knows him.

StoryObstacle to Return
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description


The El Search Party enter Henir's Passage again.
They reflect on what they have accomplished in the Demon Realm and head towards the exit.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: So we're back in this never-ending labyrinth.
  • Aisha: Sigh... I'm still feeling tense and everything hurts.
  • Rena: Mmhm, so many things happened, and we haven't even been here that long.
  • Chung: Yes, we learned about the Dark Elves and Nephilim Lord... And found some clues about the Dark El.
  • Eve: Perhaps this gem we've found will be an important lead. Although the energy it emits is very weak...
  • Ara: We also met the Fire Master. It was really an unexpected encounter.
  • Elesis: Not to mention how dangerous. We were fortunate that the Fire Master came back to his senses in the end...
  • Elsword: All that matters is that we saved him in the end! And everyone is safe and sound!
  • Ain: It's too early to let your guard down. Let's go past this realm before we relax.
  • Ciel: ... Hey. Is it me, or does this place seem... Different?
  • Eve: It is still the same passage. It is expected that the form will change with this place being the realm of chaos... But it does seem to have changed significantly since last time.
  • Raven: It was expected that this realm would change forms, but this atmosphere...
  • Ara: Are we... Perceived as a threat?
  • Aisha: What's going on? Surely Master Ventus also used this path to go back to Elrianode?
  • Rena: But this place was sealed for a long time. Maybe they finally noticed our presence and decided we're not welcome here.
  • Elsword: It doesn't matter. We still need to go back to Elrianode, and this is our only way.
  • Add: Tsk, even though we have both the power source and the coordinates back to Elrianode... If only we had proper equipment...
  • Elesis: No use complaining now! Come on, let's go!
  • Chung: ......
  • Ain: Hm? Mr. Guardian, what's wrong?
  • Chung: Oh, it's nothing Ain. I'm just... Nervous. Let's go.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: It's so dangerous... Do you think Master Ventus made it out alright?
  • Rena: He is one of the masters guarding the El. I'm sure he and the Fire Master arrived safely in Elrianode.
  • Aisha: Speaking of, isn't it strange that the Fire Master had the Red Demon King's eye?
  • Rose: But it didn't seem like the Fire Master knew about the Red Demon King, other than the fact that the Red Demon King is the Master of the Crimson Eye.
  • Elesis: Lu, do you think the Red Demon King had enough power to subdue the Fire Master in his prime?
  • Lu: I may consider him weak, but that's only in comparison to other Demon Kings. That being said, he's not actually powerful enough to subdue the Fire Master without revealing his true form. He did mention a bet. We'll need to ask the Red Demon King directly if we want to learn anything more.
  • Add: Betrayal and Demonic power... The El Masters must be a dramatic sort of bunch.
  • Ciel: At least the information we got from the Red Demon King seems to be true. He perfectly predicted what Nephilim Lord was going to tell us.
  • Ara: That the spirits won't know the exact location of the Dark El either?
  • Zero: Hmph. He sent us on a wild goose chase! That's what he did.
  • Eve: However, we still managed to find important leads.
  • Nephilim Lord: This is an unstable place. Today's sancutary may well be your grave the next. One step forward, and your might find the sky and the earth switched places. The reason why we have settled here, is because this area is more stable than others. The energy of the Dark El calms rampaging land and revives withering trees. That energy is spread across the land, but is very faint. However, there are few places where the energy runs stronger. The Shadow Vein is one such place.
  • Elsword: Nephilim Lord's description reminded me of the Elriabrunnr that Denif mentioned.
  • Ain: (If what Nephilim Lord said is true, it means the Dark El functions similarly to the El. But the El was created by the Goddess. Why is there something similar in the Demon Realm when the purpose of the El is to prevent demon invasions? This can't be explained as a mere reaction to the creation of the El.)
  • Eve: If we investigate based on the locations that Nephilim Lord disclosed to us, there's a higher chance we can find the Dark El.
  • Rena: I think so too. Although, it worries me that even the spirits do not know the exact location of the Dark El...
  • Elsword: Well, now we have a vague idea of what to do from now on. Not bad for the first visit, right?
  • Aisha: What's strange is that the Dark El Hennon used definitely held powerful energy... But the energy of the Dark El in the Demon Realm is very faint, almost non-existent.
  • Chung: ... Instead, it's potent with demonic energy.
  • Ara: Do you think demonic energy is preventing the energy of the Dark El from spreading?
  • Chung: I don't think so. If demonic energy suppresses the power of the Dark El, why would demons use the El to amplify demonic energy?
  • Add: Think about it. If the Dark El functions similarly to the El, then it makes more sense to think that it's the Dark El that spreads demonic energy. It's strange that the demonic energy concentration is abnormally high, but there's no doubt the Dark El exists somewhere in the Demon Realm, not to mention the information we've received from the spirits. We need to find the Dark El no matter what. We should focus on our goal instead of pondering about useless possibilities. (If the Dark El we find lost its power, I'll be first to worry about my next step.)
  • Raven: All of this could very well be related to what the Red Demon King said, about how the Demon Realm had a systematic issue for a very long time.
  • Aisha: Sigh, nothing's clear for now. Not that I thought it would be easy, with this being the Demon Realm and all.
  • Rena: Still, we were lucky that we met the Dark Elves and Nephilim Lord first.
  • Elsword: Uh huh. Since they were someone who we could talk to. But... We probably won't come across this kind of luck again.
  • Ciel: We never expected to obtain the Dark El peacefully anyway. Since we were at the edge of the Demon Realm, the true struggle may very well start when we come back.
  • Lu: ... The Dark Elf Elder did say Varnimyr is at the edge of the Demon Realm. Perhaps she would also be nearby...
  • Elsword: She? A demon you know?
  • Lu: I'd say, she's the sort who wouldn't be too bad to work with, as long as we have a shared interest. Considering the position the Red Demon King is in, I expect she's also in a tough spot. It will be useful if she is in our debt.
  • Ciel: Huh, she must be quite useful judging by what you said.
  • Lu: We can talk about the details after we arrive in Elrianode.... I have a feeling that it won't be any easy trip.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete one of the following:
    • Complete the Obstacle to Return story quest
    • Complete the Those Waiting story quest

A critically dangerous situation, but a girl and a mirror block the monsters' advance.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Raven: Ugh, there are too many monsters! It's way more than we had last time!
  • Ain: Ms. Elf, how's the Spirit Stone?
  • Rena: It says we're close. Soon it will...
  • Ara: Over there! A dimensional rift is opening!
  • Ciel: It's the rift we used last time to enter this place. I can see Elrianode.
  • Elesis: Everyone focus! There are more monsters coming this way!
  • Add: Damn it! Where are they all coming from? We can't even approach it!
  • Aisha: Master Denif said it takes a lot of mana to open the seal. They won't be able to keep the rift open for long.
  • Elsword: Let's hurry. We're almost there!
  • Keee- Grrrrrr-!
  • Eve: ...! Enemies approaching, the numbers have increased significantly!
  • Chung: Kugh...! When did they...
  • Elsword: (Wait, is this... It's like the vision I had. Is that actually becoming a reality? Am I... Am I about to lose everyone? No... That can't be it. But if it is, then I...)
  • Ciel: Are they coming this way?
  • Eve: No. According to their movement patterns... The rift! They are heading towards Elrianode!
  • Elesis: Elsword!
  • Elsword: S, Sis...
  • Elesis: Come on, concentrate! The monsters are headed towards the rift!
  • Lu: There are too many monsters. I'm not certain we can arrive on time...
  • Raven: The El is right beyond the seal. Even though the masters are there, we don't know what will happen. Everyone hurry!
  • Zero: This is bad. I can't figure out how we can arrive quicker than those things.
  • Rose: Ugh... I'll distract them so find us a way, Zero!
  • Ciel: ... Damn it, they are approaching fast, and there's too many of them! At this rate...!
  • Eve: The monsters are reaching the dimensional rift!
  • Elsword: (How do I... At this rate, the monsters will reach Elrianode... And everyone...)
  • Laby: Oiiiii!!
  • Elsword: Who...?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: You baddies won't be able to set a single foot in this place as long as Laby and Nisha are here!! Ehhh?? But you don't have feet!!
  • Elsword: You are...?
  • Laby: Whoa!! You're the El Search Party!! There's so many of you! I'm...
  • Keeee-!
  • Laby: Geh! There's so many weird fishies...! Nisha, help!
  • Raven: She appeared from the rift. She doesn't seem like one of the masters or the priestesses...
  • Elesis: I think she's an ally. She's stopping the monsters from approaching Elrianode.
  • Ara: Reinforcement? What a relief! It seems the monsters are moving slower as well!
  • Ain: Wait, Ms. Fox. Something's not right.
  • Ciel: ... Hm? Did they just... Stop moving?
  • Rena: Their movements... Wait it's not just the monsters. This whole place is shifting!
  • Ain: (It's as she said. This area is... mutating. Is it because of the girl's interference? No... This place was changing even before. This distortion... It's like the Henir's rift when...!)

  • Chung: What's happening... Why is it shaking?
  • Eve: There's an abnormality in this realm... This large energy...
  • Ain: Looks like Ms. Fox was right earlier, and this realm is removing the threat.
  • Ara: What?! What do we do now?!
  • Eve: This realm... Is turning into a dimensional rift! Everyone be careful!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySea of Chaos
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Reinforcement story quest

The El Search Party is sucked into the dimensional rift and find themselves under the Deep-Sea of the Demon Realm

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Gurgle... Gurgle..."
  • Aisha: ......

  • Aisha: Everyone, breathe!
  • Ciel: ! Even though we're under water...!
  • Raven: Amazing. Thank you, Aisha.
  • Ara: It's also easier to move. Your magic is truly amazing!
  • Aisha: Of course! Who do you think I am!
  • Add: Not that I needed help with my Dynamo.
  • Aisha: Sheesh. What's the point of helping. Well, I guess this means you're fine.
  • Laby: Nom nom... Salty...
  • Rena: Oh my, looks like this girl was sucked into the dimensional rift with us. I guess it's better than being stuck with the monsters by herself...
  • Chung: Did she lose consciousness from the shock? At least she doesn't look hurt.
  • Elsword: Where is this? I heart someone say... Something about a dimensional rift?
  • Eve: Yes. It seems that the constant stimuli has caused the chaos to shift and change into a dimensional rift.
  • Ain: And we were sucked in to that dimensional rift when that happened. From what I can sense, I believe we are in...
  • Lu: You're right. We're back in the Demon Realm.
  • Chung: ...! Back in the Demon Realm...
  • Ara: I see. So it wasn't the water that made it difficult to move, but the strong demonic energy of the Demon Realm.
  • Ciel: The fact we're back in the Demon Realm is concerning... And to be dropped in the water like this...
  • Elesis: I'm more worried about Elrianode. I hope the realm shifting like this didn't negatively impact the opened seal.
  • Rena: I'm more worried about the masters and the priestesses. In any case, we'll have to find a way back as soon as possible.
  • Raven: Can't we go back the way we came?
  • Ain: It's too late. Unlike the opening at the Dark Elves Forest, the opening here closed the moment we arrived here. It seems the rift appears quite often around this place, considering the unstable energy around here... But I don't think it's wise to wait for another opening, since we're not sure when it's going to open next time.
  • Add: According to the component analysis results, we're under the sea. At the very depths of it.
  • Rose: Then perhaps we should go up to observe the situation of the surface?
  • Add: When I say we're at the very depths of the sea, I mean it. We are far away from the surface level. Not only that, but...
  • Ara: ... We have a guest.
  • Keee-! Krrrr-!
  • Aisha: Chased by a monster to land where there's another monster...
  • Ciel: Hm? It's not cute... But it's very familiar.
  • Add: Of course. This... looks like the whales we saw in that realm.
  • Rena: Don't tell me that the monsters there were actually mutated forms of these monsters here?
  • Aisha: What? You mean we can end up mutated like that if we stay there too long?
  • Add: Why are you surprised? We knew that place was dangerous.
  • Ain: Yes, but now that conceptualized idea is more concrete.
  • Ara: It seems we would need to be more careful next time.
  • Eve: We don't have much time. We should move, before more enemies approach.
  • Elsword: Move? Move where? Didn't Add say that the surface is too far?
  • Eve: I have searched this vicinity and sensed an unusual enclosure with air.
  • Raven: A natural cave...? But then you wouldn't have used 'unusual' to describe it.
  • Eve: You are correct. I'm not certain, but it seems artificial. I don't sense any immediate threat, but...
  • Elsword: Hm, wouldn't it be better to push ourselves and make it to the surface than vanture the unknown in the deep-sea?
  • Eve: Elsword, even as we speak, Aisha is using a spell that allows us to breathe, manage our temperature, and withstand the water pressure. We were fighting non-stop since entering Henir's Realm. It's true we must eventually head towards the surface, but we need rest.
  • Aisha: E, Eve, it's fine! A spell like this is nothing for a genius girl...
  • Elsword: ... No, Eve's right. Sorry about that, Aisha.
  • Aisha: H, huh?
  • Elsword: For now, we'll head there and get rest. We shouldn't push forward without rest like this.
  • Chung: Then for now, we'll need to defeat these monsters first. Let's hurry!
  • Laby: Zzzz... Laby... Will help...
  • Add: ... Hey, someone take this pink blob.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: Phew... Thank goodness the monster wasn't too strong.
  • Laby: Ask... Elsword... Zzzzz
  • Elsword: She knows my name! Come to think of it, didn't she mention the El Search Party?
  • Rose: She... Did come through the dimensional rift that led to Elrianode...
  • Elesis: And the seal in the El Tower can only be opened with the help of, not only Master Denif, but all the masters and priestesses.
  • Raven: Yes. The fact that this girl was present when the masters opened the seal must mean they trust her.
  • Laby: Can't eat any more...
  • Aisha: Although from the way she's acting, it's hard to think she earned their trust.
  • Elsword: We'll discuss further after we move to a safer location.
  • Chung: I see something between the rocks over there! Do you think, it revealed itself from the impact when we defeated the whale monster?
  • Rose: A circular door...? Is that the enclosure with air that you've mentioned?
  • Eve: Yes, and I still don't sense any threats.
  • Zero: Who would make something like this at the bottom of the sea? It's very suspicious.
  • Rena: What can we do? Even if it is a bit suspicious, it's our best option for now.
  • Elsword: Yeah. Everyone, let's be on our guard and head inside.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThe Trace in the Tunnel
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Sea of Chaos story quest

Clear Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel once

The El Search Party enters the Deep-Sea Tunnel. It seems the old tunnel holds a secret...

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: It's amazing. There's no water, and it seems like there's enough air.
  • Ciel: How strange for a space like this ti exist under water. Lu, have you heard of a place like this?
  • Lu: Hm... I can't say I have. But look at this place. It was clearly made to stay hidden from the public eye. It won't be easy to find places like this even if you tried.
  • Ain: Oh? Something interesting is floating past the window.
  • Ara: It's amazing! You can see a school of enormous fish swimming by.
  • Raven: Are they the same species as the one we've fought earlier? We'll have to face those again if we leave this place.
  • Rena: Sigh, well at least now we know what to prepare for.
  • Eve: Wait, there's more. There's a passage connected to this space below.
  • Rose: Hm? There's something on the floor.... Rails?
  • Elesis: An artificial space beneath the sea, with built in rails... It must have been built to serve some kind of purpose.
  • Chung: Do you think demons moved something using the rails?
  • Ciel: Then that something might be at the end of this tunnel.
  • Add: A tunnel hidden away like this? This smells trouble no matter how you look at it. The fact that there's a rail in a place like this means whatever they had to move was important, and they had a lot of it.
  • Elsword: We were originally going to rest then head back out, but what do you think?
  • Chung: I think it's a good idea to check on the tunnels. Since there's no sign of life, we shouldn't come across any enemies, right?
  • Raven: There's some merit to investigating. If we're lucky, we can figure out where we are.
  • Aisha: Yeah, I would feel better once I know where we are.
  • Elsword: Alright then, let's follow this rail. Then we can just follow this back.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Eve: The machines in here are not that advanced. Most require manual handling. It's fascinating how this tunnel can handle the water pressure with this kind of technology.
  • Ara: There's some kind of pattern on the wall... But it's been worn down with age.
  • Lu: This is...
  • Laby: Mrmrmr... Huh? Where is this?
  • Eve: Ah, I see you woke up. Moby, Remy, please check her condition.
  • Laby: Whoaaa!! You're the El Search Party, right? Are you Elsword??
  • Eve: ... She is in optimal condition. In fact, she seems very lively. And if you're looking for Elsword, he's over here.
  • Rena: Huhu, aren't you lively. Since it looks like we have a long way to go, why don't you introduce yourself on the way?
  • Laby: Ok! Laby also has a lot of question to ask about the El Search Party!
  • Elsword: Hey, I'm Elsword. So you're from Elrianode, right? Thanks to your help, the monsters were stopped before they made it to Elrianode. It's kinda late, but thanks.
  • Laby: I'm Laby!! And this is my trusty friend, Nisha! So I'm here to help with Bellonde and Ignia and... Well everyone from Elrianode!
  • Add: She must have no friends if she calls that strange thing a friend.
  • Ain: Is it so strange to talk to a floating object? I thought it was normal considering Mr. Ancient does it all the time.
  • Ciel: Wait... Bellonde? Who is Bellonde?
  • Laby: Bellonde? Bellonde gave Laby a name!! Laby heard Bellonde slept for a very very long time. He told Laby that he has to be in Elrianode!
  • Aisha: He slept for a long time? And what do you mean, he has to be in Elrianode? Could it be...?
  • Laby: Well, everyone in Elrianode called Bellonde, Gaia!
  • Elsword: The Earth Master Gaia! Of course! Just like Master Denif said, all the masters from outside the barrier are gathering in Elrianode!
  • Ara: Did you also meet Master Ventus and Master Rosso? Are they safe?
  • Laby: Uh huh! They're both in Elrianode! Rosso used to be all sickly, but now he's suuuuuuuuper healthy and always fighting with Ignia!
  • Add: Not surprising. It's obvious that he has a problem considering how he just picked a fight with everyone when we first met him.
  • Rena: Ahaha... Well, I'm just glad that they've arrived safely.
  • Raven: So now there are four El Masters in Elrianode.
  • Aisha: I was worried that Elrianode will be impacted negatively with the sudden shift in Henir's Realm, but with that many masters and the priestesses, I guess there's nothing to worry about!
  • Laby: Anyway, where's this? Laby promised Master Denif to bring the El Search Party to Elrianode...
  • Elsword: Um, well... No need to panic, but we're in the Demon Realm. We were caught in the dimensional rift and ended up here.
  • Laby: This... Is the Demon Realm...?
  • Lu: Of course, you're startled. Who would've thought they'll end up in the Demon Realm?
  • Ciel: Mm, well... She doesn't exactly look 'startled'.
  • Laby: Nisha!! Did you hear that? We're in the Demon Realm!! Laby didn't think we'd make it here like poof!
  • Chung: Ah, she looks... Really happy.
  • Laby: Well, you see, Rosso said Laby is from the Demon Realm!
  • Elsword: Rosso said that? Does that mean you're... A demon?
  • Lu: I don't sense any demonic energy... The Fire Master said you're from the Demon Realm?
  • Laby: Rosso said the energy in Laby is something he felt in the Demon Realm, but different from demonic energy! Like it was mixed with something? Laby was in the Black Forest for a very long time, so Laby's not sure where Laby's from, or who Laby is! But Laby was able to leave the forest recently thanks to Elsword!
  • Rena: The Black Forest is where the Shrine of Dedication is located in Feita... Wait, thanks to Elsword?
  • Laby: Uh huh, Laby was able to leave the forest after a blue light went Flash!!! And Master Denif said that light happened when Elsword restored the El. It was very lonely in the forest by myself, but now, Laby is meeting everyone which makes Laby happy!
  • Ain: (The Black Forest... It's where a temple was built to subdue the overwhelming demonic energy. I thought it was strange that a forest dense with demonic energy existed in the land, blessed by the Goddess, but I neer expected a being from the Demon Realm was bound there.)
  • Laby: Laby wants to know where Laby is from! If Rosso is right, then Laby can find out who Laby is in the Demon Realm! Oh! But Laby promised Master Denif to drag the El Search Party back to Elrianode, so that comes first!
  • Add: Is she even aware that we were the ones doing the dragging here?
  • Zzzzt zzzt-
  • Ara: I heard a strange noise!
  • Eve: There wasn't any life forms... Perhaps it's an unwelcomed guest that managed to go past my sensors.
  • Raven: It would be bad if there's a problem with the tunnel. Let's investigate the noise for now.
  • Laby: Uhh? Laby still needs twelve introductions!! Wait!!!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThe Source of Sound
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the The Trace in the Tunnel story quest

There's sound to movement beyond the tunnel.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Raven: The sound came from here. Hm? A gas?
  • Eve: Looks like the sound was coming from gas escaping a corroded pipe. Moby, Remy, please analyze the properties of this gas.
  • Laby: Whoa! Pink Gas!! Nom!
  • Ain: Are you... Eating it?
  • Laby: Ueh, bleh! Uuuuh... Salty...
  • Lu: Salty? Why would gas taste like anything? Let me... Oh?
  • Ciel: Lu... You shouldn't eat anything suspicious...
  • Lu: I taste it. But... Don't you mean it's bitter?
  • Ara: Mm... When I tasted it, it was neither salty nor bitter, but sweet.
  • Lu: What are you talking about. I know what I'm tasting, and this is definitely bitter!
  • Aisha: What's going on? Someone's saying it's salty, someone's saying it's bitter...
  • Add: Strange. Looks like the gas is confusing the neural system to make everyone think they're tasting something different.
  • Eve: You are correct. According to the component analysis, it's a by-product of burning something... But it's essentially toxic gas.
  • Elsword: What? Isn't it dangerous then?
  • Eve: They should be able to process it naturally in small doses. Of course, if we inhale it for too long, it won't be safe.
  • Elesis: I see. So that's why the monsters are just lurking around the vicinity. They know that the gas might start leaking if they attack this place.
  • Rose: Although the gas can prove dangerous, at least we shouldn't encounter any more enemies.
  • Rena: ... I think you spoke too soon.
  • Creeeeeek, creeeeeek...
  • Chung: ... I sense presence beyond this tunnel. They're not even trying to hide it.
  • Elsword: Do you think they're demons?
  • Eve: I still sense no life forms. There's not even a surge in energy level. But perhaps this is...?
  • Aisha: Eve, what is it?
  • Eve: I think it's better to see for ourselves. It may have unique properties like the pink gas, so please be careful.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chung: Phew... I was surprised when it exhaled cold gas, but that wasn't too difficult.
  • Raven: But it's surprising that we'd see these here.
  • Elesis: I agree. I didn't expect to encounter machines here.
  • Zero: Let's see... Huh, looks like these junk only operate through a specific mechanism.
  • Elsword: Um... Is this a Nasod, too?
  • Eve: How rude. Nasods are the culmination of Adrian's knowledge. It's an insult to be compared with this subpar technology. These machines are made with very simple parts, just like this tunnel. I'm surprised these high-maintenance machines are still moving...
  • Raven: I can see how. Look over here. Compared to the old body parts, the power cource here is relatively clean. Which means someon is regularly repairing these machines.
  • Add: That makes sense. Just like the tunnels had several parts that were fixed recently.
  • Chung: There was a demon who called himself a scientist among those who invaded Elrios. So I knew there were machines in the Demon Realm as well but...
  • Elesis: The machines here... They didn't seem like they were just made to deliver packages considering how dangerous they were, right?
  • Raven: Yes. The way they behaved were closer to that of a security system destroying any intruders.
  • Chung: Does this mean something really important is at the end of this tunnel?
  • Aisha: What could be there underneath?
  • Elsword: Let's keep going. I think there's some important things to be discovered.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryEnd of the Tunnel
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the The Source of Sound story quest

A frightening sound echoes. The large movement beyond the ice wall was...

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rena: We've come down quite far... I wonder where this tunnel will lead to?
  • Eve: Don't worry. We're almost at the end of this tunnel.
  • Chung: Oh! There's a door at the end!
  • Raven: A door? Or a wall? It can't be that we're already at the end...
  • Ara: I don't see anything special...
  • Elsword: How disappointing. I thought we'd find something at the end of the tunnel.
  • Lu: There's no way someone would create a structure this big with no purpose in the Demon Realm. Search thoroughly.
  • Chung: How about we open this? Maybe the tunnel will continue behind this door.
  • Eve: There was a space behind this door when I scanned...
  • Eve: But it was connected to the Sea.
  • Aisha: The sea? Then what is this tunnel for?
  • Elesis: Maybe it was abandoned after moving something in the past. But then why would someone continue to repair this place?
  • Rena: Maybe there's a reason to guard this tunnel? Or maybe it was used for another reason in the past... Hm?
  • Clack- Screeech-!
  • Laby: Whoa, the door just went spinny!
  • Raven: So something does exist.
  • Add: Kuhuhu, yes... We've come this far, we should get an event like this at the very least.
  • Ara: I, it's not the time to say something like... Eeeek! The legs!!
  • Eve: It's a different model from the other machines, but it looks like it shares the same command.
  • Chung: And that command would be something like, destroy the intruders... Right?
  • Aisha: What are you standing around for? It's a, approaching!!
  • Ara: I can't deal with anything with more than four legs...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: I'm exhausted for a whole other reason...
  • Ara: I agree. Thos long legs will climb the... Ughhhh...
  • Ain: Haha, now shall w check what's beyond this point?
  • Aisha: Come on, Eve said it was connected directly to the sea.
  • Eve: Wait, Aisha. I sense a new life form.
  • Rena: ... Who?
  • ???: People of Elrios...? How did you come all the way here?
  • Ara: Beast ears and tail?! Is he with the guy who claimed himself to be Ran's right-hand man?
  • ???: You are...
  • Chung: Ran's subordinate?! I won't let yo go this time. Surrender yourself!
  • Laby: Um, hey, is it bad if someone has animal ears and tail? But Calonne has ears like that...
  • Chung: ... Huh?
  • Rena: What do you... Did you already encounter a demon?
  • Laby: Uh huh. Calonne is a nice demon who helped Laby to arrive at Elrianode.
  • ???: Calonne? Do you know Calonne? Is he, is he safe? Where did you see him!
  • Laby: Of course he's safe! Are you Calonne's friend too? Laby and Calonne met when...
  • Elesis: Wait, before you start. Are you under Ran?
  • Winster: If you mean Ran, the commander of the Red Demon faction... No, I can't say we are well acquainted. My name is Winster. I am the tunnel's supervisor.
  • Chung: You mean you're the one who's been repairing the machines that attacked us?
  • Winster: I've merely entered a simple command to stop all intruders. Surely you agree that there should be some means to protect this place in case an enemy invades?
  • Elesis: To stop the intruders...? So there IS something beyond this tunnel.
  • Ciel: What? But I thought the only thing beyond this tunnel is...
  • Chung: That's before he appeared. I think there's another transporting method other than the tunnel beyond this point.
  • Lu: And everything that was moved here, would have been moved using that method beyond this point.
  • Winster: You... Are a demon.
  • Lu: Yes, I was away from the Demon Realm for a long time due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, if you're the supervisor, I'm sure you'll have answers to our questions. What is the purpose of this tunnel, and why are you guarding this place despite the possibility of enemies exploiting this place?
  • Winster: You're not from around here, why are you interested in our affairs?
  • Add: Hmph, if you want to learn more about this Calonne guy, you better answer her questions.
  • Laby: Wow, Nisha, he talks like a real villain...!
  • Winster: Looks like I have no choice. When all our preparations are done... My allies and I will return to the surface. That's when this tunnel will be of use to us.
  • Raven: ... So this was to protect your allies...
  • Winster: This region was under dispute between two races in the past. As the lands were barren, there just weren't enough for both races to co-exist peacefully. To survive, each race developed a skill to use against the other. One had absolute strength, while the other used wit and tools. The war continued between the two races until one demon ended the fight. She embraced both races without discrimination, and it seemed that the ware as finally over.
  • Ciel: The one who stopped the fight... Are you talking about THE Demon King?
  • Lu: No, if I'm correct, he's talking about...
  • Winster: However, she was betrayed, and the traitors who felled her drove us under the sea. We were hiding down here for a long time, waiting... Waiting for the day we will shred those who have betrayed our lord into pieces.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 38: Deal for Return

They make an emergency landing, due to the number of members, which hasn't been this high in a long time. The party meets Haivan, the son of Winster, and decide to retrieve the core. After getting back the core, Haivan is shocked to learn that Luciela is the Steel Queen. The group learn that Aegirp had traded with the Elrios continent. Lu considers going by herself, but Elsword and the group would rather stay together, and they, along with Winster and Haivan, decide to head to the laboratory to make a secret key.

StoryEmergency Landing
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the End of the Tunnel story quest

They decide to head towards the deep-sea.
Winster's eyes gleam as he asks the El Search Party to recover the lost power structure.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Winster: In any case, I would like to learn more about how Calonne is doing. But alas, the poisonous gas here makes this place unsuitable for such conversations. If it is alright with you, I would like to invite you all to our village. I'm sure the villagers would be happy to meet a friend of Calonne's
  • Laby: Yay! Sounds great for Laby! A friend of Calonne's is a friend of Laby's!
  • Add: Don't be stupid. We're not naive brats who follow any adults who give them candy. And how do we know if you're actually friends with this Calonne guy, or mortal enemies?
  • Laby: Eh? They're not friends??
  • Elsword: Even if they are, we have no time to visit their village. We should really try to return as soon as possible.
  • Winster: Return...? You mean to Elrios?
  • Eve: Yes, we were caught in the mutated dimensional rift while returning to Elrios. It seems to occur quite often around this area. Do you know anything about it?
  • Winster: I'm not certain if it's related, but strange things do happen around this area. Things that should be here disappear, while things that shouldn't be, appear.
  • Raven: Were there any others from Elrios who came before us?
  • Winster: I can't say I know all that happens in the sea... But this is the first time I've encountered anyone from Elrios in this tunnel.
  • Rena: Sigh... It's to be expected, I guess. The tunnel we've passed was sealed for a very long time, after all. I think the best course of action is for us to head to Varnimyr first.
  • Elesis: I don't know. Even if we do arrive at Varnimyr, there's no guarantee that this won't happen again.
  • Ara: But we have no other option. It's not like we can open a portal like the demons.
  • Aisha: ... Like demons?
  • Winster: ... Why are you all looking at me so strangely?
  • Aisha: You're a demon, right? Do you know anything about dimensional gates, or how to get to Elrios?
  • Winster: I'm sorry, we do not know much about what happened at the surface since we've been sent down here... Did somebody develop a technology that connects between our realm and Elrios already?
  • Add: ... Useless.
  • Elsword: We have no choice but to go to Varnimyr for now. Winster, you said? Where exactly are we?
  • Winster: Would you be able to trust the information I give you?
  • Elsword: Mm... Well...
  • Winster: How's this? If you accept my invitation to visit our village, I will use the special transportation device I used, to lead you to the surface. I will act as your guide, and you can supervise my actions.
  • Elesis: Are you volunteering to be our hostage? What merits do we have, that you would so boldly?
  • Winster: Would you believe it if I say it's because the news of a long lost friend is very dear to me?
  • Raven: Is he that desperate to know how his friend is doing?
  • Rena: Hm... What should we do? It still seems suspicious...
  • Chung: ... He's risking his life for this, maybe we should give him a chance.
  • Elesis: Chung?
  • Chung: There's a village here that he wish to protect, right? I don't think he'll do anything to risk it.
  • Ciel: I agree. He's not in a position to take risks. And if something happens, well...
  • Aisha: I think you should stop there, Ciel.
  • Elsword: So, we're decided?
  • Add: Tsk, fine... Let's see where you take us.
  • Winster: ... Thank you for accepting my offer. I will lead you to the village. This way.

  • Eve: So the special transportation device was a submarine.
  • Ara: Why do we have to use such a contraption? Is it too far to swim?
  • Winster: It's because of the powerful sea current below the tunnel. If you are swept away, you will be lost forever. Of course, I suspect with your skills this is rather unnecessary, but why waste energy if there's an easier way?
  • Lu: Hmph, there's no need for flattery. But why create a village below a dangerous sea current? Is it also to prevent enemy invasions?
  • Winster: That was part of the reason, but more importantly...
  • Beep-! Beep-!
  • Elsword: W, what's going on?
  • Winster: Ah... Looks like we've exceeded maximum capacity. My mistake, it's been a long time since I had to transport so many people.
  • Lu: Maximum... Are you mocking me?!
  • Winster: We can't land by the village at this rate. After we pass through the current, I will attempt an emergency landing.
  • Aisha: Landing in the deep sea? How are we supposed to move?
  • Winster: There's a layer of air beneath the current here. It's why we've built the village underneath the sea current.
  • Aisha: W, wait! You're saying there's a space between the water and the bottom of the ocean?
  • Raven: Unless this submarine is also an aircraft, won't we crash?
  • Winster: Do not worry. I've made sure to reinforce the surface multiple times in case this happens.
  • Add: You idiot, reinforcing the surface doesn't guarantee the safety of the passengers!!
  • Winster: We are exiting the sea current.
  • Add: Damn it...!
  • Crash!
  • Winster: Looks like it was a successful landing.
  • Add: Tsk, does this look like a success to you?
  • Ara: Look outside! The sea is above our heads!
  • Laby: Whoa! So cool!! There's so many fish in the sky!!
  • Ara: I have never seen anything like this!! It's truly bea... Achoo!!
  • Winster: Just because it's beautiful doesn't mean it's a great place to live. This cold, barren, desolate winter sea... We call this place, Rigomor.
  • Raven: It is... Beautiful, but the cold climate and the salt water from the sea is not suited for cultivation.
  • Ain: So it's not suited for those from land...
  • Winster: Hm? This place...
  • Ciel: Is there a problem?
  • Winster: Well, you see... The deep sea creatures here have strange... habits. They collect hard, or shiny objects to build their nests.
  • Eve: Hm? There's a creature fleeing from the submarine. It seems to be carrying the... energy core?
  • Elsword: Wait, is it ok to just let them flee?
  • Winster: Of course it's troublesome. It's not an easy device to produce. We might have to drag this submarine all the way to the village if we do not have the energy core.
  • Aisha: You say that with such a straight face... All we need to do is bring it back, right?
  • Winster: ... I have one more request. The reason why they've taken the energy core is merely because it's in their nature to do so. They do not intend harm in anyways. Would it be possible... Not to harm any of the creatures?
  • Lu: ......
  • Winster: If it's too difficult then...
  • Lu: ... Anyone can promise with words. Just wait here, and we'll show you. Come along, Ciel.
  • Winster: I will remain here and attempt to communicate with the villagers. Please, remember my request.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: Ugh... There's mountains of trash everywhere.
  • Chung: Looks like a lot of the trash here flowed here because of the current. I still can't wrap my head arund the air layer existing underneath the sea current...
  • Elesis: So we need to somehow find the creature that stole the energy core here, right? I can't help thinking that we're being duped.
  • Lu: If he were planning something, he would have already done it. I reckon he's trying to figure out something, by requesting us to bring back the energy core with a condition. Though I also find him slightly suspicious... Let's go along with it for now. In any case, could you make sure not to tell him that I'm a demon lord?
  • Elsword: No problem. Why? Is there a problem?
  • Lu: Nothing, so you can stop with the worry. I just wan to check something.
  • Eve: ... I have located the wave of the energy core. This way.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryHistory of the Beasts
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Emergency Landing story quest

Haivan, who introduces himself as Winster's son, leads the party deep into the nest.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Raven: The falling pillar of water... It's like a natural disaster.
  • Ara: And they're intertwined so tightly, we might lose our way if we get swept up by one.
  • Eve: ......
  • Aisha: Eve? Can you sense where the energy core is?
  • Eve: Ah, yes... No. It seems the waves are distorted within the air layer. It won't be easy searching.
  • Aisha: ...? Are you alright? If you're sick...
  • Lu: Wait, I sense someone.
  • ???: Where is it hidden? Why is this happening now!
  • Ciel: Animal ears... Is he from the same village as our guide?
  • Ara: It looks like he's searching for something. I guess Winster wasn't lying about the creatures here.
  • Eve: It's fortunate. If he's from the village, he might know more about the area.
  • ???: ...!! Who's there! Who... Intruders?
  • Ara: No! We're not intruders.
  • Rena: We're here to find the submarine's energy core because of Winster's request.
  • ???: Winster...? My father?
  • Chung: Your... Father?
  • Ciel: If you dont' believe us, you can ask him yourself. We speak only the truth.
  • ???: ... An invitation? Energy core... Then the crash earlier must have been father's submarine... And the creatures here probably took the energy core.
  • Aisha: Not bad, you were able to deduce everything almost instantly.
  • ???: Well, you know my father's name, and you smell like oil and sea water. Alright then, where's father?
  • Raven: He is at the crash site with the submarine. He said he will try to communicate with the village.
  • ???: ... And you just left him there? I mean, it's not really my problem, but I'm surprised you left him alone. He could be calling reinforcements with all of you here, you know?
  • Elsword: ......!!
  • ???: Hey, hey, relax. I know I'm the one who brought it up, but I'm sure it's fine. Father's the representative of the village, and all he cares about is the safety of the villagers. Since you all managed to come here without a single injury, I don't think we'd be able to stop you anyway.
  • Chung: ... You're saying it like it's not your problem. Isn't the village important to you?
  • Haivan: What? Of course it's important. I'm just stating the facts, no need to get all worked up like that. I'm Haivan. I'm the son of the village representative, Winster. As you can see, I'm a Nous.
  • Elsword: Nous?
  • Haivan: Oh, that's what we're called. Since it seems like you don't know, I guess you're not from around here? At least... Not all of you.
  • Lu: ......
  • Haivan: Whatever. In any case, how about we move together for now? You might have noticed, but I'm also looking for something of mine.
  • Eve: Do you know where the energy core might be?
  • Haivan: Since the energy core is shiny, it's more likely to be somewhere deep within the nest than a junk yard like here.
  • Lu: You're not lying, are you?
  • Haivan: Whatever for? My father's guest is my guest! Come on, I'll show you the way. The creatures here are kind of troublesome. I'll leave them up to you when they appear.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Haivan: If you're here, you must have heard the bare minimum at least. So, how much did he tell you about the village?
  • Raven: He told us that there was a ruler who united two races, and when the ruler was betrayed, you were exiled to live under the sea.
  • Haivan: It's as expected, but he kept to the basics. From what I heard, the Garen's betrayal was a lot more... Devastating.
  • Ciel: Garen... Are they the other race that was in conflict with you?
  • Haivan: Yeah. Garen have sharper fangs and claws, and superior strength. There's no Nous that can win against a Garen on a 1 on 1 fight.
  • Aisha: Hmmm... That description really reminds me of someone.
  • Laby: Mrrrr... Laby too...
  • Rena: So, have you ever met a Garen before?
  • Haivan: Uhh... Sort of? I've met a Garen, but she wasn't an enemy. I was born after we've settled in Rigomor. There's still those who've experienced the war, but that's already like, several centuries ago.
  • Elesis: That's longer than I thought.
  • Aisha: Winster said that the ruler was betrayed. I thought the ruler might have been recovering from the way he spoke, but if it's that long ago...
  • Haivan: ... Hm. So that's what father believes.
  • Ara: What is this ruler like? We didn't even hear the name.
  • Haivan: You didn't? Any demon knows the...
  • Lu: ......
  • Haivan: Um... Sure, I guess there's someone who might know. Do you at least know the story of the Demon King and the 4 Lords?
  • Elesis: Do you mean...?
  • Haivan: Oh, so you know. Our ruler is one of the 4 Lords under the demon king. The ruler of the Northern Beasts, the White-Ghost King Aegirp, that's the name.
  • Laby: The White-Ghost King...!
  • Elsword: (Is this why Lu didn't want to reveal she's a lord? But why...)
  • Haivan: I've heard a lot about this ruler, and they were all great. A wise ruler, a compassionate ruler... My father's especially loyal. Maybe it's because he experienced the changes personally.
  • Lu: Oh? And you don't share his beliefs?
  • Haivan: Haha, now you're putting words in my mouth. Father represents the village, which means his will is also the village's. As long as I live in the village, you can say that my belief lies in tandem with his.
  • Chung: The same belief... You must really respect your father.
  • Haivan: Haha, we're almost there. These guys hide the most important stuff in there.
  • Rose: I see the energy core!
  • Add: Hmph, so you weren't leading us astray.
  • Haivan: I'm hurt. What did I do to deserve all this suspicion? I haven't done anything bad yet.
  • Trosh: Screee-!
  • Aisha: Oh! It's the one we saw earlier!
  • Trosh: Scree! Screeeee!
  • Ara: A, Aisha?
  • Aisha: What's going on...! They're using magic too!
  • Haivan: I told you they'd be troublesome. Fighting really isn't my forte, so I'll leave it to you guys.
  • Elsword: He doesn't seem like a bad guy...
  • Ara: But he can be very... Trying.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySealed King
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the History of the Beasts story quest

Haivan talks about the White-Ghost King Aegirp.
What is Winster thinking, serving the ruler who's barely alive.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: Phew, that should teach them a lesson!
  • Ain: This reminds me of when we made Phorus write a letter of apology.
  • Rena: Ain, that's ages ago!
  • Trosh: Scree...
  • Rena: ... Huh? Wait! What are you doing?
  • Haivan: Hm? As you can see, I'm finishing them off. You do realize they're thieves right?
  • Ara: Oh... He's much more ruthless than I thought.
  • Chung: Stop! Your father requested us not to harm the creatures.
  • Haivan: ... Father did? But if you leave them alone, they're just going to repeat the same thing.
  • Raven: Violence may be an easy way to solve things, but it doesn't solve everything.
  • Lu: My words, exactly. Besides, I've already promised Winster. As such, I cannot just let you harm those creatures.
  • Haivan: ... You're not much of a demon either, are you. Oh well. We've found the energy core, so let's go back. I found what I was looking for, too.

  • Winster: You're back.
  • Chung: Here's the energy core.
  • Winster: It must have been troublesome finding this, and you've kept your promise?
  • Lu: They were rather misbehaved. We didn't harm them too much, as you've wished, but it would take time before they break their habits.
  • Winster: ... I see. Please forgive me for my insolence, Steel Queen.
  • Haivan: F, father?!
  • Ciel: ...!
  • Lu: I knew you were hiding something from the beginning. As suspected, you were testing me.
  • Haivan: ... Are you really the Steel Queen?
  • Winster: Haivan!!
  • Ara: Kya! That gave me a scare.
  • Winster: You are standing before one of the 4 rulers of the demon realm. Pay proper respect.
  • Haivan: ... I apologize for my insolence.
  • Elesis: A test? Lu, you knew from the beginning?
  • Lu: I suspect he already knew who I was the moment we met. Isn't that right?
  • Winster: Yes, although you look different than before, it wasn't hard to recognize you. So initially, I was thinking about destroying the tunnels. I couldn't just stand idly knowing that the villagers will be hurt, and the village destroyed.
  • Ain: My, how extreme. Just what were you doing in the past that he'd react this way?
  • Lu: Ugh... It's not polite to ask a lady's past!
  • Winster: But now, I feel grace and dignity from you, in place of the violent intent. I was certain that now, you would listen to what I had to say.
  • Lu: I'm glad I was able to prove myself, even though the process was cumbersome. Now, speak. Why did you bring me and my allies down here, when we could endanger your village?
  • Winster: In short, I wish for you to aid in my lord's resurrection.
  • Lu: As I thought, so Aegirp was also...
  • Winster: ... Others think that my lord was murdered, but it actuality, you could say that my lord is sealed. When the world was changing, my lord felt there were those who threatened this world, and devised a method to keep her soul in case she is fatally injured. That day of the betrayal, her soul was hidden in a safe location, and to this day, we are guarding one of her soul fragments.
  • Lu: If she's still not around, then even with all the preparation, something must have went wrong.
  • Winster: Unfortunately, with our body, we were not capable of keeping even a single soul fragment. Lord Aegirp also was not prepared for enemies from within. Unless the demon in contact with the soul is powerful, the demon will go berserk. However, as a demon lord yourself, you should be able to endure it. Please collect the rest of the souls and aid us in my lord's resurrection.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lu: ... The strong always prevails in the demon realm. How do you know I won't destroy the soul fragments to prevent the revival of the someone who rivals my strength?
  • Winster: All I can say is that if that were your intention, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  • Add: Before you go ahead and make a deal without our consent, I just want to say I don't agree with any of this. Reviving not just any demon, but a demon lord? Isn't that just making our own enemy?
  • Lu: I knew you would say something like that. Do you remember what I said in front of Elrianode?
  • Eve: So the potential ally you spoke of was the White-Ghost King?
  • Lu: Precisely. Even when the Demon King was around, she wasn't the sort to pick fights.
  • Laby: Yeah! Laby heard she started a trade to be friends with the Northern Empire!
  • Eun: ......!!
  • Lu: ... What?
  • Ara: Huh?! Trading with the Northern Empire? What do you mean?
  • Laby: Eh? But Calonne told Laby that the White-Ghost King traded with Elrios through the portal.
  • Rose: How... I heard that the demon realm was completely removed from Elrios.
  • Winster: ... I didn't know you already heard from Calonne. I wonder how much he trusted you. My lord believed that the reason why the Nous and the Garen were in conflict were because of the barren lands. She believed that if we had enough resources, there wouldn't be any reason to fight.
  • Lu: So she decided to... Trade with Elrios? What was she thinking...
  • Raven: That doesn't make sense. You said the lands are barren here. What could you possibly offer to establish a trading relationship with Northern Empire?
  • Winster: You are right. We didn't have much to offer. However, there were still some things you couldn't get in Elrios. For example... Like this gem here.
  • Eve: ...! This is the same gem we've found in Varnimyr, although only the surface remains...
  • Ara: So the ornaments I've seen back home were made with gems from the demon realm...
  • Winster: In the past, we opened a portal using the energy from this gem. However, we can no longer use it, as we cannot go to the surface.
  • Ain: (The energy from the gem was definitely similar to the energy of the real Dark El.)
  • Elsword: Does that mean you can open a portal to Elrios so long as you have these gems?
  • Winster: We can no longer use the portal we've used to trade, as it's located on the surface where the Garen are. I suspect it no longer exists.
  • Add: Tsk, that can't be the only one! You can't expect us to believe you don't have another one? A proto-type?
  • Winster: You are right, we do have one.
  • Haivan: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait just a second here. You're not thinking what I'm thinking...? That's too dangerous!
  • Rena: That doesn't sound too reassuring. Is there something wrong with this portal?
  • Haivan: Yes, in a sense that we've never operated it before.
  • Aisha: That's a glaring problem...
  • Eve: There's one thing I've been wondering. It's hard to believe that you've managed to develop a portal with the kind of technology available here.
  • Zero: That's what I want to say! It's not easy to jump through dimensions! How can you make a portal that jumps through dimensions with a bunch of junk?
  • Winster: I understand your concern. After all, we only invested in 'portal technology'.
  • Zero: What I'm saying is that there's no way you can create a high-tech device like an inter-dimensional portal without the basic foundation, which this place lacks!
  • Winster: We had foundation. When our lord was thinking of a way to gain resources, she found something underground. There was a secret laboratory with detailed research on portals.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryDeal for Return
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Sealed King story quest

Winster requests the El Search Party to help reviving the White-Ghost King in return to providing them a way to return to Elrianode.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Eve: A secret laboratory?
  • Add: I can't believe this. Something appears when you most need it, and you don't even think to check if it's a trap or not?
  • Haivan: Wow, aren't you a scaredy cat. Only a coward will leave it be when the answer you desperately seek is right in front of them.
  • Winster: That data was just one method of realizing our dreams. The laboratory contained many research that helped us. After many trial and error, we were able to complete a portal. But for whatever reason, we were unable to activate the portal that was in the laboratory.
  • Aisha: Huh... Is it possible to make something new, when you can't have the one you have to work?
  • Winster: We knew that the portal inside the laboratory needed special energy to operate, but it was impossible to find related data to continue with the research. Since your technology is more advanced, you might be able to use the portal.
  • Haivan: Of course, you'd need to find an energy source to activate it. The stuff you find here, just won't cut it.
  • Eve: We have an energy source.
  • Winster: This is a gem from Varnimyr...! And this power... This should be enough to act as a power source.
  • Haivan: ... Amazing. Are you sure you can just hand it over to us like this?
  • Eve: We were going to analyze it with the masters, but this is an emergency.
  • Rena: So I guess this means we can go back to Elrianode. I didn't expect to find a way this fast.
  • Raven: Looks like the conditions to use the portal have been met, but... Does the offer only stand if we decide to help?
  • Winster: It would be ideal if we can borrow all of your help, but what we really need is Queen Luciela's power. Because the laboratory that holds the portal is important to us, we can only take those who we trust as allies.... So? What will it be?
  • Lu: ... I...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: I refuse.
  • Lu: !
  • Chung: I agree with Elsword. I do not want to return by putting our friend in danger.
  • Ara: Yes! Either we all go, or we all remain! We can't let Lu handle everything!
  • Aisha: We can return together after breaking the White-Ghost King's seal, right? We just need to stay in the Demon Realm a little longer.
  • Ciel: All of you...
  • Elsword: I told you, I want to travel with Lu and Ciel, together. Let's all help resurrect the White-Ghost King and return to Elrianode together.
  • Lu:' ......... Alright. I can agree with that.
  • Raven: So it's decided. You don't disagree with our decision?
  • Winster: ... Not at all.
  • Add: Wait I can't agree to any of this before we see this portal. This 'help till our backs break only to find out it's nothing' sounds very familiar and I hate it.
  • Elesis: Add... Did you have to say that at a moment like this?
  • Add: It's not my fault you're a bunch of goody-two-shoes idiots who help without checking!
  • Eve: He's not wrong. We should help when our return is guaranteed. Winster, could we check the condition of the portal immediately?
  • Winster: If you want, I'll lead you right away.
  • Haivan: Father, but...
  • Lu: Do not worry. As long as we know we can use the portal, I will make sure to fulfill your request.
  • Winster: ... You really have changed.
  • Lu: Stop with the nonsense and lead the way. Preferably, somewhere without strange... Hm?
  • Ciel: Hey, who's that coming this way?
  • Winster: Good timing. I called someone to help us move the submarine to the village.
  • Laby: Oooh! Fluffy!!
  • ???: Winster, are you alright? Who...
  • Winster: Nichel. This is one of the four demon lords, Queen Luciela, and her allies. They've promised to aid us in resurrecting our lord.
  • Nichel: The Steel Queen...! It's an honor!
  • Chung: I don't understand... I thought you were on bad terms with the Garen?
  • Winster: Her parents were two of the few Garen who helped us. Nichel was born here, after the event.
  • Ain: So not all Nous and Garens are in bad terms. Is there always an exception?
  • Winster: Nichel. We must start the abandoned plant. We don't know what might go wrong, so please go check.
  • Nichel: That's true... It's been awhile since last time... Then I'll go scout ahead.
  • Raven: Abandoned plant? I thought we were going to the laboratory that holds the portal?
  • Haivan: The secret laboratory holds important things other than the research and the portal, so father created a complex security system. So we're going to make a key.
  • Elsword: A key?
  • Winster: I will explain on the way. Follow me.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAssigned Area
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Deal for Return story quest

A key needs to be made in order to go to the secret lab the holds the portal. Let's split up and defeat all the monsters in the abandoned factory.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Aisha: ... I didn't think it would be well maintained when you said 'abandoned', but this is worse than I thought.
  • Haivan: Don't worry. Despite how it looks, we do operate it every now and then to make sure it works.
  • Chung: When was the last maintenance?
  • Haivan: Let's see... Was it last year, or the year before...
  • Add: I have nothing more to say.
  • Raven: You said we will be creating a key. What exactly are we supposed to do?
  • Winster: In order to go through the laboratory's security system, we need a special power source from this plant. While we create the power source by operating the plant. We need help from you to make sure nothing goes awry.
  • Add: All this, to open a single door?
  • Haivan: Of course! It's where important research data and the portal lies!
  • Winster: If we refine icerite mined from the lower levels, we can create a highly concentrated icerite capsules. It contains pure condensed energy.
  • Rose: I've never heard of icerites before. Is that the names of the mineral used as energy here?
  • Winster: Yes. It's one of very few resources we can use here. It's a green, ice-like mineral with wave patterns. You will be able to recognize it easily.
  • Haivan: Here, it will be easier if you see it. It brought some from the submarine.
  • Laby: Whoa! It's so cool! Ah, it's cold!
  • Aisha: That's why it's called an 'ice'rite. It's almost like an ice shard. So we need to refine this?
  • Haivan: When it contacts water, it reacts and creates energy. We need to condense that energy.
  • Raven: I suppose it'll be difficult to collect anywhere else. What do you mean it reacts to water?
  • Haivan: If you put it in water, it starts to boil and produce this pink gas. From there, you... Wait, you didn't know? I thought you fought the machines from the tunnel. Didn't you see it?
  • Chung: So this was the reason those machines emitted pink gas! We though it was to stop intruders.
  • Haivan: Well... I did think it would be useful as a weapon since it's poisonous, but it doesn't seem that effective with all of you in tip top condition...
  • Add: Should I apologize for leaving the tunnel unscathed?
  • Winster: Back to the subject at hand, right now we won't have enough resources to create the energy source, so we need to mine the resource while operating the plant.
  • Add: Didn't you say it's one of few resources you have? Why do you not have any reserves? You're not planning anything, are you?
  • Haivan: We use the raw material for daily usage. But it's impossible to create enough energy to unlock the security system with that. Everything's there for a reason, my friend.
  • Add: If only you were well prepared...
  • Nichel: I'm back, Winster.
  • Winster: Welcome back, Nichel. How's the situation on the roof?
  • Nichel: It's just as you've feared. There were a lot of monsters... It seems they've settled there like last time.
  • Winster: Ah... I was hoping that wouldn't be the case.
  • Aisha: Settled?
  • Winster: Sometimes the deep sea creatures settle by the chimney. Unlike others, they consume icerites, so they like being near the plant. We chase them away whenever we need to operate this place. Looks like we'll have to do it this time as well.
  • Rena: Then should we chase the creatures from the chimney?
  • Winster: If they've settled by the chimney, I suspect the inside is just as infested. It's best if we split up. If it's just our usual maintenance, Nichel would be enough, but seems you are in a hurry, I will designate some of you to the upper level as well.
  • Ain: You designate work so naturally. So, where should we go?
  • Winster: Nichel will head towards the chimney, Haivan will head to the center of the plant where the refiner is, and I will be headed to the lower levels.
  • Raven: Then we should divide ourselves to three groups as well.
  • Eve: Yes. We need further information in what we would be responsible for in each section. Winster, if you may.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ciel: Then, is it decided where everyone's headed?
  • Raven: Yes. Since Nichel could have handled the upper levels alone, we don't need as many people.
  • Ara: So four with Nichel, then five each for the center and lower levels?
  • Haivan: Ah, it would have been nice if we had one more person. Then it would have been divided evenly.
  • Laby: Laby's headed to the chimney, and Laby's going with Nisha, so we're five too!
  • Haivan: I see, then I wish sparkly weird plate good luck too!
  • Laby: This is Nisha!
  • Elsword: We've all had no time to rest since we've come to the demon realm... I'm sure we'll be fine, but don't overdo it.
  • Elesis: Elsword...
  • Lu: Hohoho, I will make sure nothing goes wrong on my watch in the lower levels.
  • Ain: Oh? You'll be watching over me as well? This situation feels rather familiar.
  • Rena: If anything happens, call me! I'll be listening in!
  • Ara: Huhuhu, we will be in your care.
  • Rose: I can make Zero scout the areas first. Since he's no use to us in battle, we should use him in any other way possible.
  • Zero: What did you say?!
  • Add: You're the one that's acting weird lately. Tsk, we shouldn't have to worry about you.
  • Elsword: Hahaha, is that so?
  • Chung: (Elsword... He's been uneasy since what's happened in Henir's realm. Is it because of the vision he had when he first came to the demon realm?)
  • Haivan: It's all nice and touching, but this is all routine stuff. You're making it sound like we're about to head off to war.
  • Winster: He's right. You will all be with us as your guide. There's no need to worry.
  • Nichel: It's been several years since our last maintenance, so there's probably more monsters than usual... But it should be fine.
  • Add: You said this is all routine! Is this even safe?
  • Elsword: Looks like there's nothing to worry about. Alright, let's go!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 39: Nichel <Top Level>

Rena, Eve, Elesis and Laby decide to head to top level to defeat the monsters around the nest. Laby decides to reveal her feelings to Elesis, however, Rena had managed to hear them. While subjugating the monsters and talking about the realm, they hear a big monster coming over.

StoryAbandoned Factory Chimney Sweep
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Assigned Area story quest

Rena, Eve, Elesis, Laby head up with Nichel to defeat the monsters nesting in the chimney.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Slam! Slam!
  • Rena: Isn't this hard? I mean, we're helping now, but usually it's just you handling the upper levels, right?
  • Nichel: It's fine. I'm used to handling by myself.
  • Slam! Slam! Slam!
  • Laby: Why are you slamming that? Because it makes a good noise?
  • Nichel: If they hear loud noise, the monsters will leave.
  • Eve: It must be faster if others help. Is it because you do not wish these creatures harm?
  • Nichel: Yeah. Haivan said if you beat them hard a couple of times, they'd stop coming, but...
  • Rena: He said something like that earlier too.
  • Nichel: They're just trying to make a living too. I can't do that. That's why, I'm slamming on metal or run around yelling. Right now, we're in a hurry, so I'm rushing too.
  • Laby: Hehee! Laby's really good at making loud noises! Leave it to Laby!
  • Rena: Huhu, looks like we'll be done early thanks to Laby.
  • Eve: ... Nichel. I have several questions. Do you mind answering them?
  • Nichel: Go ahead.
  • Eve: Winster said the White-Ghost King was murdered by a traitor from within. Could you tell us more about that incident?
  • Nichel: I don't know the details since I was born in Rigomor after the fact. I only know what Winster told me... I heard that the White-Ghost King called upon her followers one by one and told them something. Among those followers, one betrayed the king and attacked.
  • Elesis: ... This sounds familiar. Maybe the same people behind Lu's dethroning were also behind this.
  • Rena: Yeah. It does sound suspicious. Have you ever heard why that follower betrayed the White-Ghost King?
  • Nichel: He never said. But I don't think he really knows why either.
  • Eve: What happened afterwards?
  • Nichel: After the king's death, chaos fell upon the White-Ghost territory, and another war broke out between the two hostile races. The adults called it war, but it sounds like the disparity in power was too great to be anything but a one-sided genocide. So, the Nous and the small number of Garen who still followed the will of the late White-Ghost King came down to Rigomor, awaiting the White-Ghost King's return.
  • Eve: It seems like the White-Ghost King was a just ruler according to Winster. How was it that a war broke out immediately upon her death? Was she of a different nature from what we've heard?
  • Elesis: He might remember her fondly as someone he followed.
  • Laby: Really? But Lu said the White-Ghost King is nice. Hmmm...
  • Rena: I think the judge on her character is right. Then maybe she didn't have great leadership...? Not all good people are great rulers.
  • Nichel: I heard the trade with Elrios was a success. Even now, we have technology and culture that developed due to our relationship with Northern Empire. But I think most were against the trade regardless of its success. They just saw Elrios as somewhere to invade.
  • Elesis: Is that the opinion of the majority of the demons?
  • Rena: Maybe there's a connection between this and the demon's invasion of Elrios as well.
  • Laby: Nichel. Do demons hate Elrios?
  • Nichel: I don't know.
  • Elesis: You don't know? What do you mean?
  • Nichel: I don't really feel in any particular way about Elrios. But if I ask the adults, they always say that they used to think of Elrios as somewhere to invade.
  • Rena: They used to? Does that mean they changed their minds after their trading relationship with Northern Empire?
  • Nichel: They always seem confused when they tell me. Like they're thinking, 'why did I think that way.' But from the records and the stories I've heard... I don't think there was any positive emotion.
  • Eve: I see... Thank you for sharing with us, Nichel.
  • Rena: ... The White-Ghost King does seem different from other demons we know, don't you think?
  • Eve: Yes. However, I'm still not sure the White-Ghost King can be considered an ally like Lu says.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Nichel: That's the monsters' favorite habits.
  • Rena: They're swarming. We won't be able to say we'e chased them off until we take care of that.
  • Elesis: Let's split up. The three of us will irritate them, while the other two will wait here and chase out any monsters that make it this way.
  • Rena: Sure. Since we can move quickly, Eve and I will take care of that. Nichel, do you know a way to approach them from the back?
  • Nichel: Yeah. This way.

  • Laby: Go on! Go that way!
  • Elesis: ......
  • Laby: Yeah! It's that way! Good bye! Live long and happy!
  • Elesis: You do everything with enthusiasm, don't you?
  • Laby: Uh huh! Laby is hopping with excitement because Laby finally met with the El Search Party! Nisha's really excited too! Why? Is Elesis no having fun? Are you worried about Elsword?
  • Elesis: Huh?! How did you...?
  • Laby: Hehee! I guess all older sisters are the same! Bellonde told Laby that Bellonde's sister also worried about him a lot! Laby doesn't have a sister, so Laby's not sure, but Bellonde says whenever he looks at Laby, he finally understands what his sister felt. Isn't that amazing?
  • Elesis: I don't think that's a compliment...
  • Laby: Why is Elesis worried? You made the same face when we were splitting up!
  • Elesis: ...... It's nothing really... I'm just worried my concerns maybe affected him too much. Did you know? I was against coming here.
  • Laby: Ehhh?! Really? Do you not like the demon realm?
  • Elesis:' Haha, not particularly. To me, the demon realm is a battlefield where I can't guarantee winning.
  • Laby: Battlefield...? The demon realm is a battlefield for Elesis? For the El Search Party?
  • Elesis: Of course. It's where the demons that invaded Elrios live.
  • Laby: Oh... Since demons don't like Elrios...
  • Elesis: Well... I've learned that there are demons that don't hate Elrios here, but I don't expect there's a lot of them. We were lucky to meet Winster this time. But it's risky to always rely on luck, so we should be prepared with the information we gathered here. Since it's a big problem if we're stranded here, we need to find a solution for that. And it would be ideal if we can find more information on demons we haven't encountered.
  • Laby: Wow... Elesis is thinking a lot! So cool! Amazing!
  • Elesis: Uh, Um. Thanks. It's a little embarassing being complimented on something that comes so naturally.
  • Laby: Thinking comes naturally? Eck? Laby was only thinking about how to be louder!
  • Elesis: And that's all you need to think about. For others too. Planning ahead is something I am responsible for.
  • Laby: Huh? But that means Elesis would always be worrying alone!
  • Elesis: Hm... For me it's a habit. It comes so naturally, that I've never thought that way. Normally, this would be a leader's responsibility... But since Elsword seems to have enough on his plate... I have to stay alert, and make sure everyone makes it back to Elrios safe and sound.
  • Laby: ... Did Laby tell you? Nisha here, protected Laby for a very long time. Nisha took everything that Laby didnt' like and hid it inside her. When Laby found out, Laby was thankful, but felt more sorry. Because Nisha must have tried hard, all those years.
  • Elesis: ......
  • Laby: So Laby decided to protect Nisha too! Laby knew if we share the good and the bad, we'll be even greater partners than before! Maybe Laby should have minded my own buisiness since Elesis thinks a lot and has Elesis's way of things... But Laby doesn't want Elesis to worry all alone! Nisha said so too! And Laby's sure the El Search Party would want to help too! Instead of letting Elesis think all by herself!
  • Elesis: ... You might be right. No, I'm sure you're right.
  • Laby: Hehee, Laby's sure Elesis will be fine!
  • Elesis: ... Of course! Thanks. (I might have shared more than I would have usually... But... It was nice.) ... Anyway. Where did you learn to say 'mind your own business'? It's not the kind of words I expect you to use.
  • Laby: Oh, that? Rosso always tells Laby to mind my own business, so it must have stuck flat on my mouth!
  • Elesis: ... Why is a master telling a kid something like 'mind your own business'?
  • Laby: Huh? Did you say something?
  • Elesis: It's nothing. It seems like Nichel is almost done. Let's meet up.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryBetween Caution and Paranoia
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Abandoned Factory Chimney Sweep story quest


Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rena: Hmm, is that what our fearless knight captain was thinking about?
  • Elesis: Uhh...? Wait! How did you...?
  • Eve: Elesis, next time you have a secret to shar, you should do it without an elf present.
  • Elesis: Y, you heard all the way there?!
  • Laby: Amazing! Did you hear what Laby said, too?
  • Rena: Yup! I heard everything!
  • Elesis: Uh... Hm...!
  • Eve: You were always worried since we've come to the demon realm.
  • Elesis: It's not because I don't trust in everyone's abilities! It's just that...
  • Eve: We're not blaming you. I believe it's thanks to your careful nature that we've made it this far.
  • Rena: Yup. Although, I didn't think you were worrying about something waaaaaay in the future. You were a captain since you were young... Did you say habit? Huhu, you are exactly like your brother in these ways.
  • Elesis: I'm sorry I didn't say anything. I just didn't want him to worry by mentioning it...
  • Eve: I understand your worry. After all, Elsword needs to learn how to be careful. Although he may look like he's stumbling, he's carefully thinking about the consequence of his actions. Even this journey, may serve as a foundation for his growth.
  • Elesis: ... You're right. Who else would be his pillar, if not for his sister?
  • Rena: That's all fine and all, but in the future, if there's anything that concerns you, tell us, pinky swear?
  • Elesis: Ugh, Rena... I'm no longer a chi...
  • Rena: Pinky swear...?
  • Elesis: ... Pinky swear...
  • Laby: Yay! That's great! You look really close!
  • Eve: Yes. It's really nice. I'll make sure to record this moment in high-definition.
  • Elesis: Sigh...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: And then we poofed! Right in to the sea!
  • Nichel: So that's how you entered the tunnel. I was wondering, since the path there is really complicated.
  • Laby: Uh huh! We opened the door in the sea and went in! Did Nichel ever go there?
  • Nichel: I went often. Since the submarine requires a lot of energy, I usually use the tunnel to go to the surface. Even though I have to walk for a long time.
  • Elesis: (I thought Winster said the tunnel was to prepare for the future? Do they already have contact with the surface?)
  • Laby: What's outside the sea though? This is Laby's first time in the demon realm!
  • Nichel: It's cold... And there's a lot of Garens. So the Garens in Rigomor usually take outside missions, since Nous cannot go outside. We are searching for the scattered soul fragments of the White-Ghost King.
  • Rena: You said you have one here? So you're searching for others...
  • Elesis: Do you do that alone as well?
  • Nichel: Mostly. But there are other Garens that are trying to establish our base on the surface, so I sometimes receive help.
  • Rena: So you can still go up, even if it's just for missions.
  • Nichel: I think others want to leave this place, but I like it here more than the surface.
  • Eve: I thought all demons in Rigomor wished to return to the surface, but I guess that isn't the case.
  • Rena: Then are you forcing yourself for the villagers? Even though you don't want to?
  • Nichel: I'm not forcing myself. The villagers are precious to me, just as much as this place. As much as I like Rigomor, I know many long for their homeland. I understand that... So I want to help as much as I can.
  • Eve: But once the White-Ghost King returns and they can return to the surface... They'll leave.
  • Nichel: ... I guess. When that happens, I plan to stay. It may be barren, and hard to get used to, but I believe there's a lot of potential to this land.
  • Eve: Even if you're left alone away from the people you love?
  • Nichel: I want to make this place somewhere nice, so people would want to stay. I don't want to give up on my goal even if I am left alone. I have my path, as they have theirs.
  • Eve: ... I see. I hope you are able to achieve your goal.

  • Elesis: Even if Nichel has a different opinion, it does seem like most demons in Rigomor want to move back to the surface, right?
  • Rena: If they have a base, they might have more information, maybe even information we need...
  • Elesis: You mean information on the Dark El.
  • Rena: Yes. We can't forget why we're here in the first place.
  • Eve: There are still some questions left unanswered, but we should also consider potential of having the White-Ghost King as our ally.
  • Rena: I thought the demon realm will full of enemies. I'm glad we were able to call those we can call allies.
  • Elesis: Since we have little information on the demon realm and the Dark El, we may have to wander all around the demon realm. Considering that, I think it would be just as important to find allies here, as it is to search for the Dark El.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryDetermination of the Beast
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Between Caution and Paranoia story quest


Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rena: Alright! Looks like all the monsters fled! And the view is really nice up here! I think I see the other floors as well. Hm? Looks like they're all done down there as well. That was fast.
  • Laby: Oomph! Laby wants to see, too!
  • Rena: Kyaa! When did you climb all the way here? You should look from this side, it has the better view. It's slippery, so be careful.
  • Laby: Ok! How is it, Nisha? Laby can see reaaaally far from here! Hehee! Look! Everyone looks so tiny!
  • Rena: You really like Nisha, don't you Laby?
  • Laby: Yup! Nisha is a friend that always stayed by Laby's side, even in the dark!
  • Rena: Haha. A friend? I see. I have a friend, too. Although we're no longer together.
  • Laby: Oooh, Laby heard that the demon realm is reaaaally far from Elrios. Rena's friend must be glad, since Rena thinks of her so far away! If Laby was Rena's friend, Laby would be really happy!
  • Rena: ... You think so? I hope so too. Hm! I think all the monsters are gone now! Shall we head down?
  • Laby: Ok!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: ....?! I just heard something... What's that noise? It sounds like something's climbing out of the ground! It sounds serious... I must let everyone know!

  • Rena: Nichel! Elesis! Eve!
  • Eve: Rena? Did you find something?
  • Elesis: Monsters...?!
  • Rena: No! I heard something moving from the ground! And it's coming closer! We need to warn the others! I'll go first! Hurry!
  • Nichel: From the ground...?
  • Elesis: What's going on? Eve, did you hear anything?
  • Eve: No, but I do feel the ground subtly shaking. I thought it was becasue the plant is now operating, but if it's because of what Rena just heard...
  • Crash!! Grrr Crack!
  • Laby: Oof!
  • Elesis: Ugh! What was that sound? Is that what Rena heard?
  • Nichel: Winster! Winster! The communication device is not working...
  • Eve: We should see for ourselves. Let's hurry.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 39: Haivan <Middle Level>

Elsword, Aisha, Raven, Ara and Add decide to head to the middle level with Haivan, although Haivan is really suspicious. However, they have their troubles, as Ara worries about Eun.

StoryOperating Icerite Refiner
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Assigned Area story quest

Elsword, Aisha, Raven, Ara, Add are headed to the center of the plant with Haivan to operate the refiner.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Haivan: Here! This is the center of the Abandoned Icerite Plant. We can make highly concentrated icerite capsules using the refiner here! It's the key part of this plant! We'll be collecting the parts and repair the refiner. It's not that difficult so just follow my lead! Easy, right?
  • Add: He doesn't take anything seriously. Are we sure we can trust this guy?
  • Haivan: Huhuhu, I can't take anything seriously from an ignorant ordinary man!
  • Add: What did you say?!
  • Aisha: They sure can't get along, can they?
  • Elsword:' No, looks like they can't.
  • Ara: Oh! Over there...!
  • Elsword: Ara? What's wrong?!
  • Ara: Oh... Sorry! I was surprised to see the machines we saw earlier, but it doesn't look like its' working.
  • Elsword: You're right! It's exactly like the ones we've seen at the tunnel!
  • Raven: I see, so the machines we've fought were made here.
  • Haivan: Yup! And we bring it here to fix it if it's broken beyond simple repairs. Thanks to you all, we need to bring a looooot of them back here.
  • Elsword: I... Err... Sorry...
  • Haivan: No worries, I break them quite often tweaking the machines here and there without father's knowledge.
  • Ara: Uuuh... But... We've completely destroyed most of them...
  • Haivan: I'm telling you, it's fine! They're designed to attack indiscriminately if they sense any life form within a certain vicinity. See? Just like those ones.
  • Ara: ... Huh?
  • Elsword: The machines are moving!
  • Haivan: So I'll be under your care again, good luck!
  • Add: Damn it, why are the machines here as well. Hey!!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Is that all of it?
  • Aisha: Phew, I was surprised because they swarmed us out of nowhere!
  • Haivan: Oh, you really are strong! I thought it was an exaggeration when father told me you've defeated the machines in the tunnel. No wonder father put his faith in you! So how about it? Wanna fight together of our side?
  • Add: Never mind that, why don't you explain this situation instead. Explain why they are crawling around this plant!
  • Raven: Add might be acting too emotionally, but I'd like to know the reason as well. You said you come to this plant regularly. Then why did those machines attack us?
  • Ara: Are you saying this was all a trap?
  • Add: We'll know once he answers our question. Now, explain.
  • Haivan: ... Sigh.... You're more perceptive than I thought. You leave me no choice. You are interfering with my plan. I can no longer let you roam around causing trouble. Now, it's time I remove you all for good.... Is that what you expected me to say?
  • Ara: Add! Please! Please calm down!
  • Add: Let me... Go...!
  • Elsword: ... What was that about?
  • Haivan: I just thought you wanted some drama, so I played the part.
  • Aisha: I really can't tell if he hates us or not...
  • Haivan: I'm not really sure why... But the machines here are brought here because they need repairs, or to discard them after extracting useful parts. So... Maybe it's just a simple malfunction?
  • Raven: Isn't that too many for a simple malfunction?
  • Haivan: Hm... If the problem was providing enough energy, then it might be because of the monsters that feed on icerites that it began moving again.
  • Aisha: So you don't know the exact reason.
  • Haivan: Nope! But it's great! At least now I know that those ones still have working parts! We can take the parts from the ones that move to fix the refiner! All according to plan!
  • Add: Easier said than done. It's not like yo're the one fighting.
  • Haivan: But I'm the one fixing, aren't I?
  • Add: Why you...
  • Haivan: Amazing! Your expression of distrust is almost perfect! But I'm an expert.
  • Ara: Then... Do we just keep fighting those machines? I can't tell if this is a good thing, or a bad thing.
  • Aisha: Considering how many machines that are piled around here... It might actually be faster to take them from machines that still operate.
  • Haivan: You think so too? So how about it, you fight the machines, and I collect the parts! It's perfect teamwork! Are you sure you don't want to fight on our side? Huh? Huh?
  • Raven: ... We refuse.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryRemains of Military Facilities
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Operating Icerite Refiner story quest

Even in front of a swarm of machines, he is smiling without care.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Raven: There's too many machines here for security purposes.
  • Aisha: Maybe they need a lot of replacements because of the machine's life expectancy?
  • Elsword: Even so, there's too many of them. Do you remember the Nasod Foundry in Altera?
  • Haivan: ... What's that?
  • Elsword: Huh? Oh there was a factory that created battle nasods.
  • Haivan: What are nasods?
  • Elsword: Nasods? Um... So...
  • Add: Don't reply to everything he says. You're falling for his scheme. Why are YOU asking?
  • Haivan: Oh, I was just surprised how similar it was to here. This used to be an armaments plant too.
  • Aisha: You mean, it used to produce weapons?
  • Haivan: Yeah? We're not super-powered like you guys, so we needed something to fight against Garens.
  • Ara: ... War.
  • Haivan: It was more of a resistance than a war. But, whatever suits your boat.
  • Raven: ......
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: But... You said this plant is no longer in use. Does that mean you're no longer planning on war?
  • Haivan: Hm? No, not at all. You heard how toxic gas is formed when we use icerites as an energy source? There was someone who collapsed due to the gas. So we've closed down the factory and decided to find another way to fight the Garens.
  • Raven: So you've only closed down the plant. Even so, it couldn't have been an easy decision.
  • Ara: Are you alright? You had to come here because of us...
  • Haivan: Me? Of course I'm not ok!
  • Ara: I see... Huh?! Sorry!
  • Haivan: All that wasted research! Don't you think it's a shame?
  • Ara: Oh, that's what you mean.
  • Haivan: They would have been really useful against the Garens. Such a shame, stopping the production after one incident. What about the greater good and all, you know?
  • Raven: ... You speak too lightly considering there's life at stake.
  • Haivan: Heh, if you're going to nag, I'd have to refuse. My life is already half filled with father's nagging and lecturing.
  • Aisha: (He seemed smart, but he's still immature.)
  • Elsword: ... Are there a lot of people who wish for revenge at the village?
  • Haivan: Of course. That's what they're living for. It's so barren here, you need something to hang on to, you know?
  • Raven: ... I've been thinking, what reason do you have to revenge? You mention the war, but you weren't even born during that period.
  • Haivan: Yeah, but I grew up listening to the unfairness of it all. The golden days when the White-Ghost King was alive! The adults won't stop talking about it. Really, they have no sense of progress. If they're stuck on the good ole days, how are you going to move forward?
  • Add: Everything's easy for you, isn't it. So what, you think you'll be happy if you abandon your past and move forward? What, with the future full of sunshine and roses?
  • Haivan: Of course there's no guarantee, but let's think about it the other way. If the White-Ghost King is back, just like the adults dream, will we be happy? If we are, how long would that last? Doesn't the White-Ghost King already have a history of losing?
  • Elsword: A history...
  • Haivan: Even if everything falls right in to place, it's not going to be the same as before. Do you understand? The White-Ghost King is stopping everyone from moving forward. But you can't have that. You need to build everything with your own two hands. You can't just wait for a savior to come along and perform miracles.
  • Add: ......
  • Haivan: ... Mm... What's up? Nothing left to say?
  • Add: I'm no longer interested. This conversation is over.
  • Haivan: What? But I was prepared to say something really cool! Can't we continue?
  • Add: Shut up!
  • Aisha: Sigh, what are they doing?
  • Ara: (With my own two hands... He's right. Especially if it's something you must accomplish on your own.)
  • Eun: ......
  • Ara: Eun? Eun... Are you alright? You've been acting strangely since Winster's story. You said demons were among those who sealed you. Since the White-Ghost King traded with the Northern Empire for a long time... Do you think the White-Ghost King or her allies are among those who've sealed you?
  • Eun: ... I cannot say for sure. The portal is not the only way between Elrios and the demon realm. And this is the first time I've heard of the trade as well.
  • Ara: But...
  • Eun: ... No, it's nothing. You have no need to fret.
  • Ara: ... I understand. (Eun... It seems she wishes to stay away away from this topic. Lu said it would be nice if we have the White-Ghost King as one of our allies... But if the White-Ghost King was involved in Eun's sealing, and Eun wants to take revenge... What should I do?)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySomething that Never Happened
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Remains of Military Facilities story quest

Even in desperate situations, there are those who strive to survive. Raven reflects as he looks at the remains of an aircraft.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: ......
  • Aisha: Elsword.
  • Elsword: Huh?! Wa, What?
  • Aisha: What are you thinking about? Is it because of what Haivan said earlier?
  • Elsword: Yeah... He said something like what happened before, can happen again, right? So I was thinking... Even if we do manage to safely restore the El, one day, it might be in danger again, right?
  • Raven: ... Elsword, I know you feel responsible for everything related to the El, but you don't have to worry about something that's yet to happen. And remember that we're not the only ones working to make sure something like that never happens again.
  • Aisha: Yeah. Even when the El was separated, there were many people protecting the El, remember? The priestesses, Velder knights, Hamel knights, Caluso tribe members, people from Lanox, oh! And you can't forget the El Search Party of Ruben!
  • Elsword: You're so positive today. Aren't you the one who's always worrying about everything?
  • Aisha: What? I'm always positive! Anyway, what I mean is, we'll always find a way, no matter what! Look, there's no El, or magic stones here, but they're still living their own way.
  • Elsword: I guess...? You have a lot of insight, Aisha.
  • Aisha: Of course, I'm a genius, remember?
  • Elsword: Ugh. I shouldn't have said that.
  • Raven: (I can see that the demons here lived with hatred in their hearts. But it's still amazing how they've managed to find a compromise in technology even with rage in the background. It can't be easy waiting for the right opportunity when the enemy is right in front of them. In the past... I thought the only way to live was to destroy myself in the name of revenge. That was the only way I knew how. I thought that was my path to redemption. I still stand by that belief but...... If I just had one ally who survived, perhaps this was the kind of path I would have found as well...)
  • Elsword: Um... Thanks for the concern. I'm still a little worried, but I feel much better now.
  • Aisha: Huhu, Elsword finally matured. I feel so proud.
  • Elsword: Ugh... Stop treating me like a kid!
  • Aisha: Then stop acting like one! Making us worried like that, hm? Oh, Raven, what are you thinking about?
  • Raven: ... Ah, I was thinking that these machines should have enough parts to fix the refiner.
  • Elsword: Yeah. This should be enough, right? Let's go!

  • Elsword: Haivan! Here...
  • Add: And that's what I mean by amateur! You're never going to step foot on land that way!
  • Ara: Please stop fighting...
  • Haivan: Hmph, just you wait! And I don't know why you're acting like your life is already over, when you're not even that much older than me. But if you like the past so much, why don't you go back and stay there!
  • Ara: Would you please stop? This is not the time to fight amongst ourselves!
  • Raven: ... Are they still fighting?
  • Aisha: Sigh... I thought their personalities clashed, but now, I think maybe they match too well.
  • Elsword: And he said not to reply to everything he said...
  • Raven: I can't believe they're doing all their work, fighting like that. Looks like they're at the last stage of repairs.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Haivan: Good, now let's check if it operates properly.
  • Elsword: I'm glad we found a way, since we might have been stuck even if we made it back to Varnimyr.
  • Haivan: Anyway, are you guys really planning to save the White-Ghost King? I know my father asked... But your goal is the portal. Once you go back... You don't really have to fulfill the promise, you know?
  • Ara: How could you say that! A promise made is a promise kept!
  • Add: What is your motive asking that question?
  • Elsword: Add stop... I think it's time we trust him.
  • Haivan: Yeah! Stop questioning my every motive! I was just... Checking in case you join with the Garens next time we meet!
  • Add: How can I not find him suspicious when he acts like that?!
  • Elsword: Alright, alright. Haivan, is the refiner good to go?
  • Haivan: Oomph! Now, if I just close the case... There you go! Let's run it!
  • Clack Clack
  • Add: Are you sure it's working?
  • Haivan: Of course! Just watch my masterful work!
  • Aisha: That kind of bravado reminds me of Elsword when we first me.
  • Elsword: What? When was I ever like that?
  • Crash!! Grrr Crack!
  • Raven: Ugh...! What's that sound?
  • Aisha: A problem with the refiner?
  • Haivan: No, I think... It came form downstairs?
  • Rena: Is everyone alright?
  • Aisha: Rena! What's going on?
  • Rena: I'm not sure, I think something went wrong in the lower levels.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 39: Winster <Bottom Level>

Chung, Luciela, Ciel, Rose and Ain decide to head to the bottom part. Luciela talks about her initial hatred for the Elrios continent and her disinterest, though Ain has his thoughts as well. Chung has slight hope when he learns that Helputt may have changed locations. Eventually, after the conversation with demons, Ain starts to doubt himself, and wonders if he's going face the change.

StoryIcerite Mine
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Assigned Area story quest

Chung, Lu, Ciel, Rose, Ain head towards the lower parts of the abandoned factory with Winster to collect the materials.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Zero: This is where you collect the energy source for the submarine and the machines in the tunnel?
  • Chung: There are a lot of creatures we haven't seen up there.
  • Lu: Perhaps it's more accurate to call it a monster's nest than a plant.
  • Winster: Hm... I didn't expect there to be so many of them.
  • Rose: Looks like these creatures are reacting to the icerites. Are these the creatures you were talking about?
  • Winster: All the monsters here consume icerites. Some mutated because of the amount of icerites here, while others consumed icerites from the start. They grow, absorbing the toxin from the icerites, then use it to protect themselves from their natural predators.
  • Ain: So they've adjusted to their environments? How fascinating.
  • Ciel: This is not the time to stay fascinated. With so many of them here, others must be having trouble as well.
  • Winster: Once we start operating the digger, the monsters will come. Please keep them away from the machines.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lu: Hm... All these resources and this plant, was this all Aegirp's idea?
  • Winster: No, we've found them when we arrived in Rigomor, and built from there. Is something on your mind?
  • Lu: ... I never knew she was trading with the Northern Empire before I came here. Did any of the other lords know of her plans?
  • Winster: I don't think so. Everything was done in secret, since portal technology can easily fall into the wrong hands.
  • Chung: (If the White-Ghost King was worried about the portal falling into the wrong hands... Does that mean the White-Ghost King, at the very least, did not wish to invade Elrios?)
  • Winster: Anyway, I was surprised. My lord told me that you were not someone who was interested in other lords' affairs.
  • Lu: You are right. That's how I was. But that's how demons usually are. It's the one like the Red Demon King, who pokes his nose in everything, that's the odd one. Demons are naturally violent. They only know of ruling and being ruled. Harmony and Cooperation is something out of fairy tales. And still, Aegirp wished for peace, seems like Aegirp was even odder than I thought.
  • Winster: I understand how you feel. We were surprised when we first learned of her plan as well. In fact, I was against trading with Elrios.
  • Ciel: You were against it?
  • Winster: Back then, Elrios was just one of many ways to release my anger, and a stepping stone to reach our goals. I didn't even think about the possibilities.
  • Lu: Of course. Hatred towards Elrios only comes naturally for demons, after all.
  • Ciel: Wait, Lu. Are you saying that demons already hate Elrios as they are born?
  • Chung: How is that possible? Elrios and the demon realm are separated. How can you have hatred without the connection?
  • Lu: Just like babies that know how to breathe without learning, demons instinctively hate Elrios. I was like that as well. As I learned to control my power, such urge also subsided... But even after I've escaped from that instinctual hatred, I never imagined something like trade with Elrios would be possible.
  • Ain: (The hatred angels harbor against demons was something imprinted on me, regardless of my feelings. Are demons also born with hatred towards Elrios, regardless of their own will?)
  • Winster: Even with our objections, lord Aegirp has successfully established a trading relationship. If she were a 'normal demon' then it's likely we'd never have been accepted as subordinates in the first place.... That's the kind of demon I worshiped. Not bound by old customs, and a virtuous, strong ruler. For someone like that to be betrayed like this...
  • Lu: But there's also someon like you who wish for her return. Such loyalty will shine brighter in the darkest times. You have no need to blame yourself.
  • Ain: ......
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryPrice of Betrayal
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Icerite Mine story quest

His eyes burn with silent rage as the loyal follower speaks of the bitter betrayal.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Zero: This plant... Isn't it too big to be containing just the portal and the soul?
  • Winster: Ah, so you've noticed. Right now, we use it as a gateway into the laboratory... But the reason why we've built this place was to create weapons and the energy source for those weapons.
  • Ciel: Weapons... Is that to take revenge on the traitors?
  • Winster: Should there be any other reason?
  • Ain: You've said the White-Ghost King ended the war. Are you this is what the White-Ghost King wants?
  • Winster: It has crossed my mind. I'm sure this isn't the path my lord would endorse.
  • Ciel: You know, yet you seek revenge?
  • Winster: I've lost my lord overnight, and lost my family to those I've trusted my back. There's not a lot that hold us together and kept us going.
  • Chung: So you're living for vengeance...
  • Ciel: ... You'd be betraying your lord's wishes.
  • Winster: But is it betrayal to punish those who've betrayed? Those Garens living on the surface are curs that bit the hand that fed them. There's no guarantee it won't happen again. They should be removed in order to realize my lord's ideas.... Of course, I'm not saying right now, we have no chance of winning. It's not easy to overcome natural differences in strength. So we've resolved to fight in our own way. This plant was found in preparation for that fight.
  • Chung: If this place was so important... Why was it closed down?
  • Winster: ... Because of an incident that happened with the gas.
  • Chung: An incident? Was someone hurt?
  • Winster: ... We could not risk lives just to keep this place running. So now, we are looking for another way.
  • Lu: Haivan said your will is the will of the village. If they all agreed to revenge against the Garens, they must have been disappointed.
  • Winster: Thankfully, they still have the drive... But it's not easy to find resources on this barren land. The only way to assure our victory is lord Aegirp's revival. But as someone who've accepted both races and ended the long standing war... I'm not sure if Aegirp would wish for revenge... Of course, our lord will likely wish for peace.
  • Ciel: Then?
  • Winster: But she will punish those who betrayed her accordingly. That is enough. Those who betrayed her will pay their price.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chung: Um, Winster. You said, you've maintained the tunnel to use it to move to the surface, right? Was there anyone before us that found themselves there?
  • Winster: There was one, long ago. The intruder came in through the collasping tunnel. Thankfully it was a child, and was of no harm to us... But I've increased security just in case. You're the first visitor since.
  • Rose: Are you speaking of the machines that were at the tunnel?
  • Winster: Yes, I've released the proto-types we were building here.
  • Ciel: I did think it was rather violent for a transporting robot.
  • Winster: Of course. It's important to keep the place secure, after all. Who knows what kind of dangerous beings would make it in the tunnel? If you were any enemy, that would have been devastating.
  • Lu: For someone who've tested my intention so boldly, you speak as if you were afraid.
  • Winster: It's not an unfounded fear. I have heard that the Red Demon General Ran contracted with the Garens which was a cause for concern.
  • Chung: Ran?! Ran was here?
  • Winster: So I've heard. Are you looking for him?
  • Chung: I'm looking for the black-armored knight that's with Ran. Have you heard anything about him?
  • Winster: Unfortunately no... However, I did hear that he transferred some of his subordinates. Perhaps the black armored knight was also among those who transferred. But this is all speculation. I apologize I wasn't much help.
  • Chung: N, no. It helped plenty. Thank you! (Ran's near...! I might be able to find father at last!)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySource of Hatred
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Price of Betrayal story quest

Winster is collecting information from the surface. Ain doesn't know what to think of his cooperative attitude.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Lu: If you heard such rumors... Does that mean you have a way to communicate with the surface?
  • Ain: So it was a lie, when you said you didn't know anything from the surface.
  • Winster: Haha, actually, we have a temporary base up on the surface. It's not completely settled, as we're operating discreetly to avoid detection... But the Garens from the village are helping with carrying the message and the mission. Nichel helps out a lot in the operation.
  • Ciel: Collecting the information from the surface... You said you had ways to revive the White-Ghost King without our help.
  • Lu: A path far more dangerous and difficult that me lending my hand. Did you plan to seek for Aegirp's soul directly?
  • Winster: Yes. We were going to proceed with the plan once Nichel grows of age. She's still young, but she should be able to handle my lord's power once she's mature. After absorbing the soul here, it would have been a long journey, since we do not know the actual locations of other fragments.
  • Rose: How accurate is the information? Even with our help, it should take a long time without proper guidance.
  • Winster: I should explain. Before the betrayal, she informed each of her most trusted subjects the location of each fragment. That location was somewhere precious to her subjects. For example, mine was the secret laboratory.
  • Ciel: Is the important thing that your son mentioned earlier, the White-Ghost King's soul?
  • Winster: Yes. That's why I was desperate to know what happened to Calonne, as he would know the location of another fragment.
  • Rose: That's why you wished to hear Laby's story.
  • Ain: (Telling us the location of the soul fragments, that only the most trusted followers of the White-Ghost King were made aware? He's suspiciously cooperative. Does he have an ulterior motive? Or is it because demons also believe in faith.)
  • Lu: Seeking the soul fragments while avoiding detection from the Garens? You're more reckless than I thought.
  • Winster: Haha. As long as I witnessed the return of my lord before my dying breath, that was enough. Thankfully, you've offered help, so I believe we have a chance, even if we do lack information.
  • Lu: A chance? With me by your side, it will be a sure success! I will make sure all the fragments are found.
  • Chung: I will also do my best to help!
  • Winster: It's been a long time since we've had anyone else we could trust... I thank you once more.
  • Ciel: I would like to remind you, that this is still a deal. Shouldn't we make this key if you want our help?
  • Lu: Yes, yes. Let us hurry.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Zero: This icerite... It's mostly made of water and gas, but it crystalizes in cold climates.
  • Chung: It combusts when it comes in contact with water, right? So I guess we're only able to mine them because of the air layer here.
  • Ain: So it requires many different conditions in order to exist. To use this as a resource, demons here are quite amazing. (Humans processed and transformed El shards to use them in various ways. Although they didn't have the El, looks like they've managed to develop using different resources. I always believed demons were an inferior species that went against the will of the goddess. But... The more I learn the more I realize how similar they are to humans.)
  • Ciel: ......
  • Ain: Mr. Half-Demon, why are you staring at me like that?
  • Ciel: I've been thinking since the tower at Varnimyr, but... You seem more... amicable towards demons. Just now, for example. Before, you wold have said demons were amazing, even as empty flattery.
  • Lu: Hm... Ciel's right. Your disgust was almost tangible, but you seem less repulsed. Is it because of my grandeur?
  • Ain: Haha, do you mean delusions of grandeur?
  • Lu: Wh, what did you say?! I take back what I said! Ciel! He didn't change at all!
  • Ain: (The hatred that was imprinted within me... Must have lessened enough that others notice. They said demons were born with hatred against angels and Elrios. If that hatred is of the same origin as the hatred angels hold against demons... Then perhaps the hatred that demons hold, are created by the gods governing the demon realm. But the goddess never informed me of these things. Was it too much information for a mere messenger to handle?)
  • Lu: Ain?
  • Ain: (Luciela R. Sourcream. A demon with little to no hatred towards Elrios and the heavens. She also accepted that it's natural to hate her, for the sole reason that she's a demon. The hatred demons hold instinctively towards the heavens, the hatred I hold toward demons... If that's the case... When all this hatred is gone, will I still be an 'angel' just like she's still a demon? Or... Will I be something else entirely...)
  • Lu: Ain!
  • Ain: Yes?
  • Lu: What are you thinking about, with such a serious expression on your face. Are you worried about something?
  • Ain: Not particularly.
  • Lu: Huhu, be honored, I will personally listen to your troubles!
  • Ain: Mr. Dog, when will the mining process be over?
  • Lu: Don't you dare ignore me!
  • Crash!! Grrr Crack!
  • Ain: Calm down, it's not something you should get angry over. I always thought you should fix that temper of yours.
  • Lu: You know I'm not the one making that noise!
  • Ciel: What is it?
  • Zero: Be careful guys, something's coming!
  • Chung: Is that... a giant hermit crab?
  • Ciel: And that thing it's carrying on its back looks like machinery. It's enormous.
  • Winster: Ah, I've never seen such a large specimen in this plant.
  • Chung: It's similar to the ones we've defeated earlier... But much bigger. Do you think it's angry that we've dealt with the smaller ones earlier?
  • Ain: Or maybe it's here because we've collected a feast for it.
  • Sssh-!! Ssssh-!
  • Winster: Stop it! You can't let it approach the machines!
  • Rena: Haa! I think so too!
  • Chung: Re, Rena?
  • Ain: Welcome, Ms. Elf.
  • Rena: Yeah, good to see you again, but let's take care of this uninvited guest first, shall we?
  • Lu: I second that notion. Now, let's handle this quickly!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 39: Nichel/Haivan/Winster (Shared)

The El Search Party reassemble to defeat the big monster, who is disturbing the lower area.

Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete one of the following:
    • Complete the Determination of the Beast story quest
    • Complete the Something that Never Happened story quest
    • Complete the Source of Hatred story quest

The disturbance of the lower area of the abandoned factory cause the El Search Party to reassemble.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: I thought this was like the machines we saw in the tunnel, but it was a creature!
  • Ara: I thought so too, since we were fighting machines all this time, and it carries a large machine.
  • Elesis: The center had moving machines?
  • Elsword: It's a long story. What was it like up there?
  • Rena: Well, let' just say we learned Elesis's genuine side.
  • Elsword: Huh? What about my sis?
  • Elesis: It's nothing!
  • Rena: Huhuhu... What about the lower levels?
  • Ain: Nothing much. I did receive an important life lesson though.
  • Elsword: ... Just what were everyone up to?
  • Ciel: Anyway, it seems we've collected enough icerite, but I wonder if the machines are still safe after the mess.
  • Ara: I believe so, since the machines at the center were fine? Oh! Where is Haivan?
  • Ciel: Speaking of, I don't see him. How long was he gone?
  • Winster: No... Did he get tangled up in the battle earlier...?!
  • Haivan: What's up? Everyone ticking?
  • Add: You act like you didn't run away as soon as everything happened.
  • Haivan: Awww, what's that for? After all the time we've spent together!
  • Ain: Haha, I suppose Mr. Kid's time run differently from ours?
  • Haivan: I just thought it was best to create the energy capsules right away with the ground shaking like that. If the refiner is broken, we have to stay here until we fix it, or build a new one, and we can't have that, can we?
  • Winster: ... You are right. Good job, Haivan. But don't worry us. Now we can head to the portal. It's not that far, so let us hurry.
  • Lu: ......
  • Haivan: Father, I'll handle everything from here, so you should go back and rest. I just need to have them check, right?
  • Winster: I will rest once everything's done.
  • Haivan: ... Don't you trust me?
  • Winster: That's not it. I've already told you how important this is to all of us.
  • Haivan: ......
  • Lu: ... Everyone listen. Once the portal is running, you should return to Elrios. I will stay here.
  • Haivan: ... What?
  • Elsword: What are you talking about Lu? I thought we already agreed not to do that.
  • Lu: ... I'm sorry to go back on everyone's decison. But I didn't make this decision lightly. I've thought it over since I've suspected Aegirp's situation.
  • Raven: Why did you make such a decision?
  • Lu: Where do you think my home is? The demon realm is my home. I've already reached my destination. Since my goal was to reclaim my throne and punish Barkat, I have no reason to return to Elrianode.
  • Add: So you're leaving since you've got everything you wanted?
  • Lu: It seems that way. I'm suprised you're still here. I always thought you would be the first one to leave.
  • Add: ... Hmph.
  • Lu: So... I will help the villagers here, and revive the White-Ghost King. Then, I will go reclaim my throne. Since I have no idea how long this might take, I do not wish to involve you with my troubles. And I'm sure you've already felt this, but the demon realm is vast, and we have too little information. We can't always rely on luck to be on our side. So, doesn't it make sense that I, as someone who knows the demon realm best, act as your link to the demon realm?
  • Ara: Lu... But it's so sudden.
  • Haivan: Yeah, it's really sudden. Plus, we don't know what will happen when we operate the portal. We also need to move the White-King's soul some place safe...
  • Lu: Hm? Why are you startled? It's not like I'm parting with you. And I'll take care of the soul. That's what we initially agreed on, anyway.
  • Elsword: ... You agree too, Ciel?
  • Ciel: No need to feel so sad. You're going to come back to the demon realm to find the Dark El, right?
  • Lu: Don't worry, it's just a short farewell. When you come back, finding the Dark El will be like going on a picnic.
  • Ciel: We're not saying goodbye forever. We'll meet again soon.
  • Elsword: In that case... Alright. I've never had to do anything like this, so I'm not sure what to say.
  • Lu: We don't need to say anything. When you come back, you'll be stuck with us again.
  • Eve: Both of you... Ugh... This noise...
  • Elsword: Eve?! Are you alright?
  • Chung: Were you injured?
  • Eve: I'm fine. I wasn't injured in battle. I must have overexerted myself.
  • Raven: ... We didn't have any opportunity to rest since we've come to the demon realm. With the environment changing so quickly, it's understandable that you're exhausted.
  • Ciel: I guess this wasn't the right time to idly exchange goodbyes. You should return to Elrianode immediately.
  • Haivan: ... Give me the gem. You're in a hurry, right? I'll activate the power system so you can check right away.
  • Aisha: (He's so cooperative all of a sudden. I thought he was going to object earlier.)
  • Eve: I'm fine. There's no need to do this for my sake...
  • Haivan: It's going to take forever and a half to explain how the portal works. It's faster if I do it myself. I did say it might be dangerous, but it should work properly. You just need to come and check. Wouldn't this be easier for you as well?
  • Elsword: Alright. If that's fine with you.
  • Haivan: Leave it to me, I'm an expert! Father, I'll take care of everything, so you go back and rest. Nichel? Take him back, ok?
  • Winster: Haivan?
  • Haivan: I'm leaving him in your care, ok?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 40: Another Deal

Although the group had obtained the potential key and soul, they get a nasty surprise when Haivan decides to betray the group, following his idealistic way. Despite beating the machines, however, the group, especially Elsword, is shocked to learn that Berthe is present, and stronger than eve. They were prepared to fight, but Add manages to trick them into gathering around the main power source to activate the portal, although it was Winster's request, as they return to Elrianode.

StoryRevealed Fang
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Reassemble story quest

A chilling sound of machine operating echoes.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: Winster, are you really coming with us? Haivan seemed pretty serious about you resting.
  • Winster: It's alright. You still need a guide.
  • Nichel: ... I'm surprised. He never acts that seriously.
  • Lu: Hoho, perhaps he was intimidated and had to leave due to my charismatic presence.
  • Winster: Haha, perhaps. I thank you again for making the decision to aid us.
  • Elsword: Huh? I see open space.
  • Laby: Look, Nisha! There's a huge lake! It looks just like you, just bigger!
  • Add: Is that the secret laboratory? It looks much more advanced than the junk we've seen so far.
  • Aisha: It's still mind boggling that somewhere like this exists in the Demon Realm.
  • Rena: Is that...
  • Winster: Yes, it's the soul fragment of the White-Ghost King.
  • Chung: Wait, what is Haivan doing there?
  • Haivan: ... You've come. I knew you would. I mean, you're stubborn like that.
  • Winster: Haivan? Why did you go up there? You should be able to control the energy source from down here.
  • Haivan: Sometimes you have to take risks.
  • Winster: What...?
  • Whiiiir... Crack!
  • Haivan: ... You heard that, right? I used the gem you gave me to activate the Titan.
  • Winster: The Titan...? How...?
  • Haivan: Sorry about that. You know, I was just going to let you go... But I can't have you interfering with the soul fragments. Don't worry, I'll make good use of this gem.
  • Winster: Haivan...! Haivan! What are you doing?
  • Haivan: I'm not an idealist like you, father. You told me that the soul fragments of the White-Ghost King is scattered all across the land. How are we supposed to collect the soul fragments when we're stuck down here while the Garens have free range! Wake up, father. You can't revive the White-Ghost King. The era of the White-Ghost King ended ages ago. It's a shame you never realized it.
  • Add: I knew he was up to something. I won't let you get away...! Dynamo!
  • Haivan: It's too late. Either you go back where you came from, or die here. I'll let you choose.
  • Lu: You little... brat!! Give us back the soul fragment of Aegirp!
  • Haivan: I guess you'll die here, then.
  • Elesis: Wait... Stand back, everyone! Something's coming!
  • Ara: Haivan, you told us that you wish to be free to go up on land. We don't have to do this. We are not your enemy!
  • Lu: Aegirp tried to make a world where the two races peacefully coexist. When she comes back, you won't have to live like this! You ungrateful brat! Don't you realize that we're all trying to help achieve that goal?
  • Haivan: I'm not an idiot like you, who believes what the White-Ghost King achieved is something great. Imagine trying to tape together what is already broken. It will be too easy to break it again. Useless trash, that barely looks fine on the outside. That's what the White-Ghost King created.
  • Chung: I thought... You respected your father. Without help, you alone can't...!
  • Haivan: I don't need anyone. Especially not the White-Ghost King. Just look at the people here. They have the technology to fight, yet they hide away like a coward. They're just like tamed animals waiting for the White-Ghost King!
  • Raven: Was that what you meant when you said you must do everything on your own?
  • Haivan: The death of the White-Ghost King was an opportunity for me. I was not tamed! I will stand up on my own and become a pioneer to carve us a path.
  • Nichel: You're wrong, Haivan! Didn't you see what the village people went through? What they sacrificed?
  • Haivan: Hm, I don't know what you're talking about. Did they sacrifice anything?
  • Slam!!
  • Ciel: He's not listening to anything we've got to say.
  • Elsword: Kugh... we need to find Haivan and stop that thing! Where is the cockpit?
  • Aisha: I don't know! Shouldn't we do something about those machines that are attacking us first?!
  • Winster: ... The cockpit is inside the machine.
  • Add: Is that the control panel? Can you overrule his commands?
  • Winster: No. However, I can check the internal structure. Even that seems to have changed significantly though.... But all you need to find is the energy source. And that will always be at the center. As long as you stop the energy source, everything will stop operating.
  • Eve: Then please let us know how to enter. The gem will run our of power if we do not stop this quickly.
  • Elesis: It's the only energy source we've got to return to Elrios. If we lose it, there's no guarantee when we can go back.
  • Winster: You won't be able to approach the normal route, as the security system is activated at the moment. However, if you neutralize the sub security system on both sides and the central one on the top, it should open a pathway inside.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chung: Did we do it?
  • Ain: I see the pathway. We should be able to enter from there.
  • Elesis: Let's hurry, it's no going to be open long.
  • Winster: Wait, please take this.
  • Eve: What is it?
  • Winster: It's a communication device. You will need my help once you're inside.
  • Add: And you expect us to trust you? How do we know it's not a trap to lead us astray?
  • Winster: Please, trust me. The internal structure is more complicated than you think. Also... If you accidentally destroy a core part, the portal might no open. I will do my best to minimize the damage so please...... Please... My son...
  • Chung: ......
  • Add: ... Tsk.
  • Eve: Understood. We expect clear instructions. I will handle the...
  • Add: I'll take that. Don't over do it.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryPower Control
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Revealed Fang story quest

The generator must be destroyed to stop Haivan and the titan.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: Looks like we're inside the laboratory.
  • Ain: Even though it doesn't really look like a laboratory. Looks like the structure is shifting a lot. I wonder if Mr. Dog can actually help us.
  • Winster: ....... ..., ...... ... ...
  • Add: ... I see. So you're checking the structure using the control device outside... Understood. Hey, the main power source is down there. Let's go.
  • Haivan: Congratulations making it inside! I wonder if you can get through all the obstacles and take the gem?
  • Elesis: Grrr... He's toying with us!
  • Aisha: If only I can smack his head right now!
  • Rena: It's not going to be easy. He must have something up his sleeve.
  • Add: Hmph, he's just a coward stuck in the cockpit. The main power source is over there. We found it earlier than I thought.
  • Chung: So that's the main power source...! I see the gem at the center.
  • Ain: Be careful Mr. Guardian. I sense powerful energy.

  • Laby: Laby... Feel so weak...
  • Raven: Something's wrong. Stand back away from the power source!
  • Winster: ... ... ... ....
  • Add: He said the internal security system strengthened because we approached the power source in an abnormal route. We need to destroy the medium that's transmitting the energy. We won't be able to deactivate the main power source without taking care of those first.
  • Rose: Ah, you mean those robots. I see. How many are there?
  • Add: Four. Let's spread out.
  • Elsword: Alright. Everyone be careful. It won't be easy.
  • Ciel: Prepare yourselves.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Haivan: ... Not bad. I was sure you'd be exhausted by now.
  • Aisha: As if we'd be too exhausted to teach you a lesson!
  • Raven: What happened to the security system protecting the main power source?
  • Rena: It's clear!
  • Elesis: Good! We just need to take the gem now, right?
  • Haivan: Not so fast. You think that's all that I got? If you want to take the gem, fine. But you better be prepared for what happens next.
  • Ara: I wonder what he means by that...
  • Add: The dog outside isn't sure either. He could be bluffing, or he might be up to something. He said to take it, but he might have set up something. Like a self-destruction device...
  • Ara: But do you really think he'd do such a thing? He'll be within range of the explosion if it happens...
  • Lu: We can't say. He's been rather unpredictable.
  • Raven: I don't think he'd put himself in harms way... But then again, he might have an emergency escape system prepared.
  • Ciel: Then how we're going to escape that situation, I guess, is the real question.
  • Elsword: ......
  • Eve: Even if something like that does happen, Aisha, Chung, and I can mitigate some damage.
  • Aisha: Let's avoid that situation if we can though. I used a lot of my mana and Eve overexerted herself. Besides, it's not just us that will be hit.
  • Laby: We need to save Winster and Nichel too!
  • Chung: We can't waste too much time though. Elsword, what do you think?
  • Elsword: ... I want to take the gem. It won't change anything if we just stand around here and do nothing. Even if we regret it later, it's better to take action.
  • Rose: Yes, quick action is preferable at this moment.
  • Zero: Yeah. One thing for certain, if we don't take that gem, we'll definitely lose our way back home.
  • Ain: If that happens, you just make sure to guard yourselves. I will protect Mr. and Ms. Dog.
  • Rena: Did I hear that right? Ain?
  • Ain: Is it so strange?
  • Rena: No. I mean, yes, but it's good.
  • Elsword: Alright, let's take the gem!
  • Haivan: ... Hey, sorry to interrupt your moment, but I can hear everything you say. Well, I gave you a choice! Don't hate me later, ok?

  • Ciel: Tsk, as we suspected...!
  • Eve: The energy overload caused an explosion... The wind...!
  • Raven: It's hard to stay standing. Don't be swept away.
  • Laby: Waaaaah...
  • Ain: Ms. Mirror Friend is already flying away.
  • Aisha: S, somebody grab her!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryBad Blood
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Power Control story quest

There's no time to lose. Go through the gap and stop the energy overload of the generator.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Winster: ... ...! ... ... ...!
  • Add: Ugh...! He says the main power source is overloading.
  • Rena: At least it's not self-destructing?
  • Add: Can't say it's any better. It might be safe if you're outside, but we aren't guaranteed to stay alive if we get caught.
  • Winster: ... ...! ... ... ...!!
  • Add: You need to calm down, we're the one inside this thing. We're not running away. Is there any way to deactivate the power source now?
  • Winster: ...? ... ...?
  • Elsword: Winster. Do you hear me? The portal inside the Titan is our last hope to return to Elrios.
  • Eve: Even if we escape now, we need to be able to activate the portal later. We'll do everything we can. Please help us.
  • Winster: ... .... .... ... ... .... .... ....
  • Add: Right now, the main power source is disconnected from the transmission device, so it's taking the energy directly from the gem. Without the sub units that prevent energy loss, we should be able to deactivate it as long as we exploit its weakness.
  • Winster: ... ... ....? ... ...
  • Add: We have no other choice. Don't worry, handling impossible situations is our specialty.
  • Aisha: I bet we're the only ones that can take care of this in all of Elrios and the Demon Realm!
  • Ara: Yes! As a member of the Haan family, and a martial artist, I cannot stand down!
  • Elesis: We can do this. Let's stop Haivan and return to Elrios!

  • Winster: ... ... ... ...
  • Add: I checked if we can operate the portal the moment we stepped inside. It looked vaguely familiar. We should be able to use it once we stop the stupid brat. Why are you asking?
  • Winster: ... ... ... ...
  • Add: ... Just in case? ... I won't stop you, but I'll decide. I don't entirely trust you.... ... So, where do I input the coordinates?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Zero: It's a success! The energy source is stabilizing.
  • Winster: ... ..., ... ...
  • Add: Hmph, everything worked out fine in the end.
  • Aisha: Uh... Now I really have no mana left...
  • Rose: Look! The White-Ghost King's soul fragment appeared again.
  • Lu: ... So this is Aegirp's soul... I feel it's strength and elegance... Just as I remember.
  • Crack... Slam... Crrrraaack...
  • Ciel: Ah, I can feel it, too. Although it feels much more wild and destructive to me...
  • Lu: No, Ciel! That's not the soul! Up there!
  • Crash!!
  • Elsword: Uh... What's happening? Is everyone ok? I can't see anything because of the dust...
  • ???: ... It's not exactly what you promised, but still satisfying. The boy that resonates with the El... I didn't expect to see you here.
  • Elsword: This voice...?
  • Ciel: He's taking the White-Ghost King's soul fragment! Who are you?!
  • Berthe: Shame we have no time to play.
  • Elsword: Could it be...? Berthe...!!
  • Winster: No... Haivan's still there... Haivan! Run!! Don't stay there!!
  • Haivan: ... You could have joined in the fun in you arrived earlier. And I wouldn't have had to work so hard.
  • Berthe: Kuahaha! Are you blaming me, for your carelessness?
  • Haivan: ... Of course not. Now that you have the soul fragment, and seen my skills, it's time to uphold your part of the bargain.
  • Berthe: Fine. I appoint you to be the Chief Portal Engineer of the White-Ghost Army.
  • Nichel: What...!
  • Winster: Haivan...? Why... No, you wouldn't do something like this... Berthe! What have you done to my son!
  • Haivan: Ugh... He still doesn't understand...
  • Berthe: Ah... Still alive, I see. Your words wound me. Afterall, weren't we comrades under the same lord?
  • Winster: You traitor! You killed Lord Aegirp and brutally murdered your kin! How dare you speak of our lord!
  • Berthe: Kuahaha! I thought you might respond like that. But kin? Why should I consider you low breeds kin? I expected you'd show some respect for your betters. You'd think even a dog would know who holds its leash.
  • Winster: You dare...!
  • Berthe: We wasted too much time because you wouldn't help our efforts to invade Elrios. It doesn't matter. Looks like your son will continue what his father has failed.
  • Elsword: You think I'll let you?! We already defeated you back in Feita! We won't let you invade Elrios again!
  • Berthe: Pesky humans.
  • Elsword: Ugh...!!
  • Aisha: Elsword! Are you alright?! How did he become that strong?!
  • Lu: ... I sense Aegirp's power. Did he absorb the soul fragment?!
  • Raven: Is that why he looks different from Feita...?
  • Berthe: Considering our past, I'll allow you the honor of testing my new power!
  • Raven: Ugh...! This presence... He's definitely stronger than before!
  • Rena: Not good... Everyone's still exhausted. We're at a disadvantage right now.
  • Elsword: We defeated you once! There's no reason we can't do it again!
  • Vmmmm-- Vmmmm---
  • Elesis: Wait, this sound... It's the signal of the demon army from Velder!
  • Ciel: Is the demon army approaching...? This can't be good.
  • Haivan: ...!
  • Berthe: Kuahahah! How will you fight, without the advantage of numbers?
  • Chung: ... We were too hasty. We should've known demons will not act alone...
  • Winster: ... ... ... .... .... ...
  • Add: ... Hey, everyone. I have an idea. Gather around the main power source.
  • Ciel: What? Wouldn't it be easier for them to target us if we're all in one place?
  • Add: Didn't we win earlier because of my brilliance? Unless you've got something better, shut up and do as I say!
  • Elsword: Add... Alright, everyone, to the power source!
  • Berthe: No matter what tricks you have, you will all die here!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryNot a Complete Farewell
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Bad Blood story quest

Winster nodded towards Lu, who was surrounded by light.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rose: Everyone's here. But... What do we do next?
  • Add: ... Just wait. It should be done soon.
  • Eve: Add? What are you...
  • Nichel: Kugh... Hurry! Add, Winster!
  • Elsword: Winster? Add?! What are you doing!
  • Rumble Rumble...!!
  • Raven: ...!! This light...!
  • Aisha: We're... floating?
  • Eve: The energy is gathering at the center... Don't tell me you activated the portal?!
  • Berthe: You think I'll let you get away?!
  • Nichel: Uuugh...!!
  • Elesis: Nichel! We've got to help...!
  • Add: ... Stop struggling. Once you're under the portal's domain, you can't get out.
  • Lu: Add! What is the meaning of this!!
  • Winster: Please, don't blame him. This was my request.
  • Lu: Winster...?
  • Winster: I apologize for proceeding without your consent, but this was all rather unexpected...
  • Lu: You... Didn't you ask for my aid in the White-Ghost King's revival?!
  • Winster: You are a respectable ruler. I apologize for ever doubting you.
  • Lu: Answer my question! If we leave like this, what will happen to...!
  • Winster: ... It was an honor to meet you. Please... I ask that you remember our promise.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Gaia: I will be on my way.
  • Ventus: Hm... Don't get me wrong, Junior. I don't think you're weak or anything, but wouldn't I be the better choice?
  • Gaia: I want to go, Master Ventus. I can't just stand idly by, after Master Denif and the priestesses have done everything they can to find the portal engineer. If only I've done my part... Then the El Search Party and Elrianode would have never been in danger in the first place...... And Laby...
  • Denif: Stop. It's no use blaming yourself now. The most important thing right now, is to bring the portal engineer to bring them back.
  • Gaia: ... I understand. Don't worry, I'll be just as fast as Master Ventus. ... Hm?
  • Denif: ...!
  • Gaia: Is this...?!
  • Ventus: It's strong. Henir's energy...? No... This can only be...
  • Anduran: Master Denif! Master Denif!
  • Denif: What is it?
  • Anduran: Master Denif! The El Search Party is back from the Demon Realm!
  • Gaia: Truly? How...
  • Anduran: But some of them are seriously injured... You must hurry!
  • Ventus: Injured...?
  • Gaia: I'll go right away! Where are they?
  • Anduran: This way!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryRemaining Story 3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Not a Complete Farewell story quest
  • None

A strange stand off occurred where the light of the portal disappeared.
(This quest can be completed immediately.)

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Nichel: Winster! Go!! I'll handle things here...
  • Winster: Nichel, no! He's not someone you can go up against!
  • Berthe: Move.
  • Slam-!!
  • Nichel: Kugh!!
  • Winster: Ugh...
  • Haivan: ... No need to waste your time one them. They're just pathetic cowards. There's no way they'd ever be in your way, so why bother beating them?
  • Berthe: Hm...
  • Haivan: ......
  • Berthe: You're right. We have more important matters at hand.
  • Haivan: Yes. So instead of wasting time here...
  • Berthe: But we take him.
  • Winster: Ugh...
  • Berthe: He's an engineer as well, so he must be of use. Don't you think so? He can keep you company.
  • Haivan: ......
  • Berthe: Kuhaha! Troops! Take this machinery. We'll head back to the capital.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards

To a New Region

Clear the quest to follow the group's return to Elrianode.

Story[Dungeon] Entering Master Road
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Achieve Level 99
  • Clear Rigomor Region Dungeon once

Clear the quest to enter Master Road.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards

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