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Side Story

Side Stories

Adams' Welcome Party

Main Article: Adams' Welcome Party

Adams had just been hired by COBO Services. Help Ariel and Luriel prepare for the surprise party they are preparing for Adams.

Character Backstories

Elsword's Story

Main Article: Resolution

Learn the story of the Elsword, the boy who lives in the shadow of his father and his older sister. The story of a family of warrior and the boy who feels of uncertainty and determination.

Aisha's Story

Main Article: Lost Power

Uncover the details of Aisha's quest for the mysterious Ring of Mimir. Follower her and her grandfather's journey through the ancient Ellian ruins to uncover the legendary artifact rumored to possess unlimited magical power.

Rena's Story

Main Article: Portrait of Younger Days

Look back at the Rena's childhood, memories of childhood friends and the discovery of a power which would change her life forever. Learn how she became the elf warrior she is today.

Raven's Story

Main Article: Short Story of Memories

Discover the academy days of the Crow Mercenary's leader. Raven prepared to challenge the academy's famed Mock Siege Warfare, in doing so he'll create bonds which will change his life.

Eve's Story

Main Article: Adrian's Memoirs

Read through Adrian Nasod's records of the birth and advance of Nasods. See how Nasods and the world around them develop. Then learn of the origins of the Nasods Adam and Eve.

Chung's Story

Main Article: The Boy's Resolution

Learn about the past of the young Prince Seiker. The adversities he faced as a weak and frail child. See as he grows and learns to surpass his weakness to become a proud guardian of Hamel.

Ara's Story

Main Article: My Brother & I

Ara's past and the bonds with her step-brother Aren Haan. The timid and doubtful Ara will learn what it takes to become stronger and live up the the Haan name.

Elesis's Story

Main Article: The Legend of the Red Haired Knight

Discover how Elesis got the title of the "Legendary Red Haired Knight". See the young warrior become the leader or legends. Learn of her father and the Velder Civil War.

Add's Story

Main Article: Edward

Add's past, learn of the Grenore family and the childhood of Edward Grenore. The story of his father Asker and his mother Grace as their family was on the brink of being discovered.

Lu/Ciel's Story

Main Article: Nightmare

A nightmare, Lu's nightmare. Ciel find himself in Lu's nightmare, a glimpse into the girl's tragic past. Her place in the demon world and her fall from grace.

Rose's Story

Main Article: The Soldier's State of Mind

The story of the military child Anna Testarossa. Falling into a dark place after her father's defeat, she would meet a person who would give her the drive to push onward.

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