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With Denif's help, the El Search Party decides to head into the unexpected, and unknown world, which is defined by Lu as the Demon Realm. They make the first step into the first region, Varnimyr...

Chapter 33: In the Demon Realm

The group decides to look for clues regarding how to access the Demon Realm. After managing to get to the demon area, they are in for unexpected ambushes, and Elsword sees the group being defeated...although he gets smacked into reality. They go further, and get attacked by the dark elves, though the group is in a surprise when they meet Chloe...

Chapter 33
StorySearching for Clues
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Do the following
  • ???

The way to the Demon Realm is blocked by unexpected problems.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lu: Explain yourself! What do you mean we can't use this fragment?
  • Denif: Let me try explaining this again. This fragment no longer holds the power of the El or the Dark El. There's no question that this fragment holds great power, but using a fragment that swirls with mixed energy is a recipe for disaster. With this particular fragment being from a mutated interdimensional being, the dangers are likely twofold.
  • Lu: No...... But you are right. With this many people going through the portal, we'll have to find the safest way possible.
  • Raven: It's too early to give up. We will find a way.
  • Add: I'm getting the impression, that even with a proper medium, we will still get an unstable portal with your inexperienced magic.
  • Lu: No need to be rude! Of course a mighty demon noble such as I, will find no use in petty skills like magic!
  • Aisha: Did you just call magic petty?! Are you saying...!
  • Ain: Haha, calm down everyone. I believe Mr. Ancient had something else to say.
  • Add: Yes, and I'll specifically let you in on my perfectly contrived plan.
  • Lu: Bah, I reckon it's worthless.
  • Ciel: Let's give him a chance, Lu. You are a benevolent ruler after all.
  • Lu: Hm, if you say so Ciel. Alright, let us hear that plan of yours.
  • Eve: ... Amazing. That was a flawless persuasion technique. I should attempt to learn this skill as well. It seems like a useful technique to have as a ruler.
  • Lu: Hm? Did you say something?
  • Rena: Ahahaha she said let's go~! Come now, let's get moving Eve. You too, Aisha! Stop pouting, I'm sure Lu didn't mean anything by it.
  • Aisha: I, I'm no pouting..!
  • Add: Kuhahaha! Too slow! You won't be able to catch up to me with that speed!
  • Lu: Grr... How dare you! Get off that strange contraption this instance!
  • Denif: ...... Ah... Another lively day it seems...

  • Eve: Is this portal device part of your 'Perfect Plan'?
  • Add: Of course. This device used to be connected to the Heart of Henir. So all we need to do, is use this device to open a new portal to the Demon Realm.
  • Elsword: Amazing! So what now?
  • Add: Since the device is in good condition, we just need to enter the new coordinates and...
  • Elesis: Coordinates?
  • Add: ......
  • Eve: Do you know the coordinates to the Demon Realm, Add?
  • Add: .........
  • Ain: My, looks like this one is a dud as well.
  • Lu: Hohoho! Sounds like your plan isn't quite 'perfect' after all!
  • Aisha: It's no use squabbling amongst ourselves! Since all our ideas failed, we should think of another way.
  • Rose: You are right of course. We are in quite a predicament...
  • Aisha: Kya!! You scared me... How long were you standing there!?
  • Chung: Haha, I didn't know you were so easily surprised, Aisha.
  • Aisha: It's no my fault she goes around without making a sound...
  • Elesis: Wait, isn't Rose from another world? Rose, how did you come to Elrios?
  • Rose: A scientist obsessed with Elrios created a special portal. Zero acted as my guide.
  • Zero: Hey, you call that an explanation? You didn't say anything about how much of a marvel I am with your Weapon conversion program and extensive knowledge on Elrios! Ahem! I am an AI of unparalleled brilliance using the El as my power source!
  • Ain: Ah, so you have El energy inside your body? Hm... Come to think about it, the poewr of El is essential to making a sophisticated intelligent being.
  • Rose: You know a lot about the El!
  • Ain: Haha. Well, I am a priest. Anyway, you must have had a difficult time in the Hall of El if you use the El as your power source.
  • Zero: Ahem, with a mind as brilliant as mine, nothing is considered a difficulty! Or... Something like that. Ha, haha...
  • Elsword: It's harder to go to the Demon Realm than I thought. With demons popping up all over Elrios, I thought it would be just as easy for us to go...
  • Elesis: Hm... Demons at Velder used the Earth El to come over.
  • Eve: It may be off topic, but Adrian also used El energy to move to Elysion.
  • Add: Wait, El energy... Time and Space... Demon Invasion... Perhaps...
  • Lu: ... it. Shatter it. Only then... Could it be...?
  • Ara: Hm? Lu? What's wrong?
  • Add: Everyone, come here, we have a lead.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
StoryPieces Coming Together
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Searching for Clues story quest

All the pieces come together as if by fate, and create a path.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Denif!
  • Ventus: Good gracious! If you're looking for the old man, you just missed him. He went for a walk, you see.
  • Elsword: Alright. But we've got something urgent to say. The priestesses should join us as well.
  • Artea: Of course.

  • Add: Could you repeat what you said earlier, Nasod Queen?
  • Eve: ... Adrian moved to Elysion using El energy. Did I say something significant?
  • Ara: Hm... It looks like El energy is necessary to warp between different dimensions.
  • Aisha: Well, all energy is Elrios is based on the El. What we magicians call mana or magic, in the end originates from the El as well. So really, there isn't any other way other than using the power of El, right?
  • Add: At first, I thought that was the reason as well. But then, something doesn't add up. For example, the demon invasion in Velder.
  • Elesis: You mean where the demons opened a portal using the Earth El?
  • Rena: Yes, that's rather strange. It's likely they didn't use the Dark El, since even Lu, as a demon ruler, never actually saw it. But the Demon Realm doesn't have the El. So El energy was not readily available for them, yet the demons went out of their way to use the Earth El.
  • Ventus: The Earth El could have been the most powerful energy source they could find. With something as powerful as the Earth El, the demons could also afford to... experiment.
  • Artea: ... Perhaps Velder was merely an important strategic point with it housing the Earth El.
  • Ciel: But Add couldn't use the portal device earlier because he didn't know the exact coordinates to the Demon Realm. It couldn't have been easy for demons to know the coordinates of the Earth El either. There must be a special reason they used the Earth El despite all these inconveniences. Wait, could it be... the El itself...
  • Add: But the biggest hint was the fact that the El also appeared in that blondie's world.
  • Rose: Mine? I've never heard any reports of... Oh, I see!
  • Zero: Hm? Wha, what! What are you guys staring at me for?
  • Add: That chunk of metal is proof. He said so himself, using the El as the power source, but created in a different dimension.
  • Rose: Indeed. Where I come from, Elrios is so far away that you can't view it with any ordinary observation device.
  • Ain: (It's probably somewhere outside the realm of influence of the El. A world not touched by the goddess... I should make note of it.)
  • Sasha: If it reached out that far... It's likely a shard from the Great Explosion.
  • Add: Anyway considering all these instances, I believe the El itself has the power to influence the connection between dimensions and Time and Space.
  • Elsword: You mean the El has the power to connect worlds and dimensions?
  • Rose: It may be so... But if the El connects between worlds, why is Elrios severed from the Demon Realm? It's not easy to go to different dimensions like Elysion either.
  • Add: Heh, looks like you and I are finally on the same page.
  • Lu: ... a blocking ability...
  • Rena: Hm? Lu, could you repeat that?
  • Lu: I said the El must have the ability to interfere with the connection between worlds to block outer forces from entering Elrios. And that outer force that the El blocks... it probably the 'Demon Realm'.
  • Ara: Why do you say that?
  • Lu: When I was very young, I've heard an old nursery rhyme. "Apostles Bound, heed my words. A blue piercing light blinds your sight. The Reflection of creation, blocks your path. Reject it. Break it. To set things right."
  • Ciel: Oh... That's the poem you sometimes mumble if your sleep.
  • Lu: Oh?! I never realized. Anyways, I always thought this was rather bleak and difficult for a nursery rhyme.
  • Elsword: You think the one that "blocks your path" is the El?
  • Lu: Yes. I used to think it was just a meaningless old nursery rhyme, but Add's speculations seem to fit quite well with the words.
  • Gloria: Ah, so people have been creating portal devices using the El's special power to connect worlds, without understanding why the El had the power to do so.
  • Raven: Perhaps this... power of El formed because of human ambition. Is it possible for humans to have altered the El to fulfill their ambition of interfering with different worlds?
  • Ain: Altering the El is not possible. The essential properties of the El was chosen by the Goddess. It is not something a human can alter.
  • Elsword: Then...
  • Ventus: The Goddess created the El to prevent a demon invasion.
  • Ain: ......
  • Ventus: If our predictions are correct, that is.

  • Denif: ... So you want to investigate beneath the El Tower?
  • Ventus: Of course! The giant hole beneath the El is nothing if not suspicious! Haven't you ever wondered what's down there?
  • Denif: No, in fact, I haven't.
  • Chung: Um... I, uh, actually I've already been...
  • Denif: I don't think I heard that right. Did you say you've already went down below?
  • Ara: Well... I accidentally tripped and fell down the hole...
  • Elsword: Don't worry! No one was hurt!
  • Denif: I can't believe this...! Sigh...
  • Eve: It was certainly not designed for easy maneuvering. There were no signs of stairs or other methods of climbing.
  • Ventus: But we saw an elaborate seal at the bottom.
  • Elsword: Since we've already checked there aren't any traps or anything, we can investigate properly this time.... How about it?
  • Denif: ... Alright. However the moment we sense any danger, is the moment we will all retreat.
  • Ventus: Sure, sure~ Everyone ready?
  • Anduran: Let's go!
  • Ignia: Huhu, how exciting! Just like an adventure~
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
StoryTo the Demon Realm
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Pieces Coming Together story quest

The dark area beneath the El Tower.
There, the El Search Party encounter...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: I didn't realize how deep it was last time I fell. How much longer until we reach the bottom?
  • Eve: Be careful. Aisha and I are trying our best to slow your descent, but we may all still end up falling in the end.
  • Ara: Yes! We will be careful!
  • Rose: Wow, Aisha's magic and Eve's tech are amazing. I can't believe how secure we are with this many people.
  • Elsword: Look over there!
  • Denif: Is this the 'seal' that you've mentioned?
  • Ventus: Yes, I also found out about it when I jumped in to save those trouble makers~
  • Ara: Ooof, sorry...
  • Ventus: Hahaha, no harm done.
  • Ain: (Now that we're close, I can definitely sense it. This seal was created by the Goddess.)
  • Denif: Ventus, why did you think this was a seal?
  • Lu: That's because I felt a faint presence of the Demon Realm on the other side.
  • Denif: Presence... of the Demon Realm?
  • Lu: Yes. I don't know exactly where, but I definitely feel the distinct aura of the Demon Realm. If this is connected to the Demon Realm, it explains the need for a seal.
  • Denif: ... This structure strongly resembles ancient seals. The ancient seal structure likely derived from this seal.........
  • Elsword: Denif?
  • Denif: As far as I'm aware, we cannot destroy this seal. Rather, we mustn't destroy it.
  • Rena: But this could be the only way to the Demon Realm.
  • Denif: ... Yes. So what we should do is use some kind of... A trick. We'll use a spell to interfere with the flow of magic as its weakest point. Doing so will create a small gap that will allow you to pass through. It will use a great deal of mana, so I would need all the priestesses and Ventus to help.
  • Aisha: Then I should also..!
  • Denif: We don't know what's on the other side, so it's best for you to save your strengths.
  • Ventus: What would you do? This will lead you to the Demon Realm. Anything can happen from now.
  • Rose: ... I want to follow. I mean, please let me follow you to the Demon Realm! I began my journey to prevent a great calamity fro approaching. I believe the answer will be at the end of your path. I will do my best to aid in your journey.
  • Add: Hmph. Gotta admit we wouldn't have found this place if it weren't for this lump of metal... It seems to have its uses.
  • Zero: Mwahaha! At least somebody appreciates my glorious presence!
  • Rose: ... Please don't compliment him. He's heavy as is without a big head.
  • Chung: Haha...
  • Elsword: We appreciate your help. I trust you'll be impartial as only someone from outside of Elrios and the Demon Realm could be. Glad to have you. It's always good to have more people on the same side.
  • Rose: Thank you, I will do my best.
  • Ventus: Alright then, ready everyone?
  • Anduran: Ready!
  • Elesis: ...! The light!
  • Chung: There's a gap between the seal!
  • Elsword: Let's hurry!
  • Eun: Ara.
  • Ara: Yes, Eun?
  • Eun: ......
  • Ara: Eun?
  • Eun: Will you... trust me, no matter what happens?
  • Ara: ... You seemed worried.
  • Eun: Hoho, me? Worried? ... Well yes, I'm worried you might trip and get into trouble again.
  • Ara: Euun!! I don't do that any more! ... Much... And of course I trust you, always.
  • Eun: Alright, alright. Just don't cause too much trouble.
  • Ara: Yes!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryLabyrinth of Ruin 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the To the Demon Realm story quest

The El Search Party enter the chaotic domain of Henir.
They follow the faint traces of the Demon Realm.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: This is...!
  • Chung: Henir energy?!
  • Ain: This potency... The Demon Realm must be completely under the influence of Henir, My, isn't this exciting?
  • Elsword: Henir energy is weighing down on my body... but it's more manageable than I thought...
  • Ciel: That means we are stronger, right? Looks like all that training was worth the effort.
  • Eve: Still, the Demon Realm is dangerous. If we are exposed to this much Henir energy for too long, we would likely perish.

  • Ara: We need to find a way out of here...
  • Chung: But it's too dark...
  • Ciel: Didn't we pass this place just a moment ago?
  • Ain: Miss Demon, can't you sense anything? My legs are getting tired...
  • Lu: Hmph! Stop making such a fuss! You are distracting me! Grrrr... Over there, that way!
  • Elsword: ......
  • Ain: Hm? You look like you have something to say, Elsword.
  • Elsword: Ah, it's nothing. Just... If you're feeling tired, we could always take a rest. No need to push yourself.
  • Ain: Haha, I never thought I'd worry you so much. I'd have to make sure to 'step up my game'. Don't worry. I'm feeling fine.
  • Elesis: Since this is Henir's domain, I didn't think there would be anything alive. But that thing...
  • Raven: ... I don't know if you should call that thing alive. All I know is that it was as hard as a rock.
  • Eve: Fascinating... These beings are truly contradictory.
  • Elsword: Did you find something, Eve?
  • Eve: Based on the data we collected in Elrianode, these monsters are comprosed of 98% Henir energy. Essentially, these beings are manifestations of chaos and destructin.
  • Add: Destruction, which turns everything to nothing, chaos which scatters anything that is whole, and a 'manifestation' composed of destruction and chaos... A contradiction indeed. Shame we have to leave this fascinating test subject behind...
  • Chung: Safety comes before research, come one!
  • Elsword: Wait, stop!
  • Aisha: ......
  • Rena: ......
  • Elsword: Huh, weird... I thought I felt something...
  • Aisha: Ooooh, what was that for?! I thought my heart was going to stop.
  • Raven: I don't sense anything. Let's move one.
  • Elsword: ... sure.
  • (Rrrrrrr Click-!)
  • Chung: Here! A stepping pad!
  • Aisha: I knew things wouldn't be easy... But I never thought we would be lost in Henir's domain without a way out.
  • Eve: Watch your step. If you fall, there is no coming back. Of course we'll try our best to rescue anyone who falls... But some situations call for sacrifices.
  • Aisha: That's brutal!
  • Eve: Huhu, I am joking. I believe I am getting a hang of this 'humor'.
  • (Keee- Screeeech-))
  • Aisha: Uaaah, what was that?! Did anyone else hear that?
  • Rena: I heard it too! Could it be...?
  • (Whooosh-)
  • Rena: !
  • Aisha: !
  • Eve: !
  • Ara: U, up there...!
  • Ciel: Quiet, this one looks tough. It seems this is the guy that Elsword sensed earlier.
  • Raven: ... It's gone. Did it not see us?
  • Ciel: Or maybe we're not even worth a bother.
  • Lu: Look! I can smell the Demon Realm beyond this strange wall.
  • Elsword: You were... looking through smell...?
  • Lu: I meant figuratively. Come on!
  • Rena: Everyone, make sure we stay together.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryLabyrinth of Ruin 2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Labyrinth of Ruin 1 story quest

The boy's vision was not a pleasant one.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: I see something over there!
  • Elsword: Is that the way to the Demon Realm?
  • (Keee- Screeeech-)
  • Rose: Raven, behind you!!
  • Raven: Kugh!
  • Ciel: Are you alright!?
  • Raven: I'm fine. I shouldn't have let my guard down.
  • Elesis: Looks like we need to defeat that thing before we can move one!
  • Add: This one is nothing like the ones we've encountered earlier! Stay alert!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ciel: Ugh, it's just one problem after another...
  • Elsword: Is everyone alright?
  • Elesis: Somewhat. That was pretty tough.
  • Eve: Data analysis complete. That creature is the strongest among all that dwell in this area.
  • Rose: Let's move on before anything else comes.
  • Raven: Yes. And thank you for the save earlier.
  • Rose: I've only done what I had to do. I'm glad you're safe.
  • Raven: Do you have a background in tactics? You seem to know what you were doing, when you fell back to support.
  • Rose: Indeed, I'm glad you noticed! Since I specialize in guns and other long-range artillery, I tend to fall back to make most use of my abilities.
  • Add: Hm... And this tin can is surprisingly useful as a navigation system, even though it's useless as a battle unit.
  • Zero: Hey you, stop staring at me like that. What are you, wait-what's that? Are you planning to take me apart?! ROOOOSE! HEEELP!! PROTECT ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!!
  • Rose: For example, this grenade was recently developed to...
  • Zero: Oi! Stop ignoring me!
  • Eve: Fascinating, an AI powered by the El, created in a different dimension...
  • Zero: Gyaaaaa!
  • Rena: Haha, seems everyone is getting along.
  • Elesis: Well, I have to admit she is useful in battle. Though I don't know if I can trust her yet.
  • Rena: Being cautious is fine, but do make sure you're not always thinking of her negatively. You might become biased, thought I'm sure you know best.
  • Elesis: ... I don't think she's a bad person. I just think we need more time to figure out what kind of person she is.
  • Rena: Huhuhu, that's why we always rely on our Captain of the Red Knights.
  • Lu: Ohoho is that why you were so wary of me as well? Aren't you just adorable~
  • Elesis: Errr...
  • Elsword: Haha, come on everyone, let's stop the chit chat and move on. Something doesn't feel...
  • (Keeee- Screeeech- Keeeee--!!)
  • Chung: Ara!!!
  • Ara: Kugh...!
  • Aisha: I thought we defeated that thing earlier!?
  • Eve: It's not the same monster, it merely has the same appearance. Wait... Enemies approaching! 10... 20... 50... 100?! Danger level at critical point! Everyone wa..!!

  • Elsword: Aisha! Eve! Chung! Kugh...!! Rena! Ara! Lu! Ciel! Raven! Sis! Please! Open your eyes! Ugh...! Ain! Rose! No...
  • (Keeeeee- Keee-!!!)
  • Elsword: No... We can't... be...
  • Aisha: ... sword. Elsword!! Are you okay?
  • Elsword: ?!
  • Aisha: What are you zoning out for? Let's go, everyone's waiting.
  • Elsword: (What... was that...? A vision?)
  • Aisha: Did you hurt yourself earlier? ... If you're worried about anything, let us know, ok?
  • Elsword: ...... Ok. Though I don't know how much help you would be~
  • Aisha: What did you say-!! You want a taste of my magic?!
  • Elsword: Uuah!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryGuardian's Forest 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Labyrinth of Ruin 2 story quest

The El Search Party finally leave Henir's domain.
The forest that greets them is new, but familiar.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ain: This is...
  • Lu: Yes. This air... This atmosphere... There's no question. This is what you call the Demon Realm. My home world.
  • Add: I don't understand how Henir's domain appeared in between Elrios and the Demon Realm, but we're here.
  • Rena: There are trees everywhere... Looks like we're in the middle of a forest.
  • Ciel: There's no sign of living things. Not even animals.
  • Lu: Hm... I've never been to this forest. I don't know which way to go.
  • Add: Hmph, what use is a demon that doesn't know their way around the Demon Realm?
  • Ara: Ahaha, Add... (Sigh)
  • Elsword: Well, let's go up that tree to take a look around.
  • Rose: Good idea. Let's hurry then.

  • Aisha: I didn't think the trees would be big enough to just walk up...
  • Ain: It may take some time, but at least we won't fall down.
  • Aisha: Don't jinx it! It might actually happen you know...
  • Elesis: Anyways, this forest is really dense. With this many trees growing to this size, I won't be surprised if there's some kind of a guardian in this forest.
  • Rena: It's quite similar to Elder's Shadow Forest. I wish I could communicate with the spirits of the Demon Realm...
  • Aisha: Is it not possible to communicate with them?
  • Rena: I'm not sure. They just run away when I try to talk to them...
  • Chung: Look! This mushroom is glowing blue!
  • Lu: Ohoho~ They're quite cute! Ciel, can you cook with this?
  • Ciel: I don't know anything about mushrooms in the Demon Realm, but we don't touch colorful mushrooms like these in Elrios since they usually have poison.
  • Lu: Ah, such a shame.
  • Raven: Though it will be easier to find our way with the mushrooms lighting to the path. Even if we can't eat it.
  • Elsword: ... Hey, sis.
  • Elesis: Hm?
  • Elsword: ... I want to say...
  • Rena: Everyone stand where you are.
  • Ciel: Oh,
  • Lu: Ow! Ciel! Why did you stop all of a sudden!
  • Ara: Ack!
  • Add: Did you just smack me?!
  • Rena: Shhh! ... There's something ahead. Is that...?!
  • Elesis: What did you see? ...! A dark elf..?
  • Lu: Oh, so this is the forest of the Dark Elves!
  • Elesis: (Then this must be the dark continent. I never knew the dark continent was part of the Demon Realm.)
  • Rena: ... They seem different from the Dark Elves that invaded Elrios.
  • Elsword: Yeah? I can't really tell.
  • Rena: Let's try speaking to them.... I'm sure they'd understand the Ancient Elvan language.
  • Dark Elf: ! Who's there!
  • Rena: We have no intention to fight. We're here to talk.
  • Dark Elf: Ancient Elvan? Are you an elf from Elrios?
  • Elsword: I don't understand what's going on, but they look friendly.
  • Aisha: I hope so...
  • Dark Elf: ... What?! You came through the Cave of Death? You dare lie to us? Nothing can survive inside that cave. I knew you were suspicious. You're under arrest!
  • Rena: Kugh!
  • Aisha: I knew it!
  • Elesis: No choice, let's get out of here for now!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryGuardian's Forest 2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Guardian's Forest 1 story quest

The hostile forest was the home of the Dark Elves.
When the El Search Party finally reached the top they see...

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Raven: They're stronger than the Dark Elves at Velder. Especially the one with a giant bow.
  • Lu: Of course. They're in their home domain. Sigh... It's not easy to subdue them without causing harm.
  • Chung: Yes... While my body... still feels heavy.
  • Ain: We're removed from the protection of El after all. It may feel heavy at first, but we'll get used to it.
  • Lu: Mmhm~ And this is coming from someone who's struggling the most.
  • Ain: Haha, if you shut up, I'll feel much better.
  • Elesis: Let's get out of here before reinforcements arrive.
  • Stomp-
  • Aisha: Did you hear that?
  • Stomp-
  • Chung: Sounds like something big is coming towards us...!
  • Stomp-
  • Aisha: O, over there! That giant shadow! Do you see?
  • Ciel: It's very big.... But looks like it didn't notice us.
  • Rena: Sigh... We can't let our guards down even a moment...
  • Ara: Look! We can step on these mushrooms to reach to the top of this tree!
  • Elsword: Alright, let's head on up!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rose: There's no getting higher. We're at the top.
  • Eve: Is this..?
  • Rena: It's dark... Unlike all the other plants we've seen so far.
  • Add: It looks like a good hideout. It hasn't bloomed yet.
  • Rena: Wait Add, don't touch...!
  • Add: ... It's nothing special. This one illuminates in the inside as well.
  • Aisha: Wow, so pretty!
  • Eve: Stand back, the pollen might be poisonous.
  • Elsword: Look! There's another one that looks just like...
  • Keeeee-!
  • Elsword: Uah?!
  • Rose: Ah, looks like it lures its food this way. Everyone be careful!
  • Raven: It's not calming down...!
  • Chung: The Dark Elves are going to find out our location!
  • Rena: We have no other choice... Let's defeat it!

  • Aisha: Phew, it's finally quiet.
  • Ciel: Stay vigilant. We don't know when those things might show up again.
  • Chloe: You, you imbeciles!!! I can't believe you just killed the Red Guardian!!! Damn it! Of course things turn out this way.
  • Raven: Red Guardian? Is that the name of this plant?
  • Aisha: Y, y, you are...!
  • Everyone: Chloe!?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryGuardian's Forest 3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Guardian's Forest 2 story quest

Chloe seems to know a lot about this forest.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chloe: You look like you've seen a ghost.
  • Rena: Well...
  • Raven: When you've fought us at every corner only to disappear after Hamel, isn't it natural we thought you were dead?
  • Chloe: If I were weak and naive like you lot maybe.
  • Elsword: ... Are you here to pick a fight? We won't go down easy this time.
  • Elesis: Elsword, wait. Chloe, what are you doing all alone? You've always had a couple of elves with you when you were in Velder. Plus, the Dark Elves we've seen earlier didn't seem to know anything about the Demon invasion in Elrios.
  • Chloe: ......
  • Elesis: What's going on here?
  • Chloe: What, do I have a nanny now? Asking me what I'm doing every step of the way?
  • Ciel: I don't think you understand the situation you're in. We are choosing to be courteous, but that could always change.
  • Chloe: Tsk... I'm no longer a general of the Demon Army. In fact, I walked out of the army a while ago.
  • Rose: ... A deserter?
  • Chloe: Hmph, call me what you want. I merely have business with the Dark Elves.
  • Ara: Is there a village nearby?
  • Chloe: ... Yes, on the way to the village, I heard a commotion. When I came to check, you morons went ahead and killed the Red Guardian.
  • Elsword: What's so important about this flower?
  • Chloe: I can't believe I'm talking to these idiots. The Guardian represents the forest. It eliminates the enemies of the forest in place of the trees. The Dark Elves live in symbiotic relationship with the Red Guardian as the other guardian of the forest. By now, they probably know you're here. I can't believe you lot are still getting in my way.
  • Add: What did you...!
  • Rena: Whoa, whoa, Add, calm down..!
  • Raven: We can't fully trust her due to what happened in the past, but we need her help to get out of this forest.
  • Ciel: If we can just resolve our misunderstanding with the Dark Elves, we might be able to stay temporarily at their village.
  • Elsword: Then...
  • Chloe: No.
  • Aisha: We didn't even finish asking.
  • Chloe: Isn't it obvious? I refuse to go anywhere with a bunch of nitwits.
  • Elesis: We need your knowledge of the area, and you need to arrive safely at the village. Let's just say we're using each other, if you don't like the idea of working together.
  • Chloe: ...... Tsk, fine.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 34: Strange Phenomenon

With Chloe's assistance, the group manages to get Edith to stop attacking them for the moment being as Chloe explains the situation of the Demon Realm to them. However, shortly after, they are attacked by spirits, and they come face to face with Nephilim Lord, although not the same as the one from Velder. They decide to go to the tower.

Chapter 34
StoryTo Dark Elves' Village
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Guardian's Forest 3 story quest

The El Search Party heads toward Dark Elves village with Chloe's help.
However, the Dark Elves are in high-alert.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Lu: I don't know about this. Didn't you say she attacked you multiple times in Velder? How can we rely on such a character?
  • Chloe: Why, pipsqueak. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  • Lu: Pi, pi, pipsqueak? You impertinent peasant! Do you know who you are speaking to?
  • Elesis: Calm down Lu. Remember, we're using her so we can avoid fighting with the Dark Elves.
  • Chloe: ...... The scouts are coming up. We'll lose them by climbing back down. Don't make a sound, and follow me.
  • Ara: Amazing...! She moves so quickly.
  • Ain: We might lose her if we don't furry. Let us proceed.
  • Chung: Ah...
  • Eve: Do you require assistance?
  • Chung: Oh, thank you! I wasn't prepared for so much wild life. My cannon keeps getting in the way, haha.
  • Eve: Moby, Remy, please cut down all the branches around Chung.
  • Elsword: Be careful Ara, there's a puddle over there.
  • Ara: Oooh! Thank you! I almost splashed myself.
  • Add: Hm... Dynamo, analyze the components. This is drinkable water.
  • Elsword: Amazing, so the Demon Realm also has normal water.
  • Chloe: ... Are you stupid? What did you think the Demon Realm would be like?
  • Ara: Err... Barren wasteland swarming with monsters?
  • Chloe: You-! Shouldn't you have corrected their misconception as the ruler of the Demon Realm?
  • Lu: Hm? The area I used to live IS a barren wasteland.
  • Chloe: Sigh... you should have at least explained that the term 'Demon Realm' was given by the idiots in Elrios.
  • Ara: Watch out! I saw a dark elf over there..!
  • Chung: They're on high alert...!
  • Chloe: There are more guards than usual. Tsk, it's all because you attacked the Red Guardian.... but it is what it is.
  • Dark Elf: Intruders!
  • Ciel: Tsk, they discovered us.
  • Dark Elf: Surrender your selves! You are surrounded...?! Chloe?
  • Chloe: ......
  • Dark Elf: You traitor... Did you bring these outsiders? How dare you show yourself after leaving our village? You will die where you stand!!
  • Zero: Ack! They're shooting arrows left and right!!!
  • Aisha: The situation is worse than before!
  • Raven: Everyone focus! The battle already started!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ciel: Even if we do arrive at the Dark Elves' Village, at this rate...
  • Raven: We might as well draw a target on our foreheads.
  • Rena: What happened Chloe?
  • Chloe: ... Isn't it obvious? They are conservative and old fashioned, treating those who leave the village as traitors. It's apparent now that a warm welcome was too much to ask for. Just... shut up and follow me. There's still one more trick up my sleeve.
  • Elsword: What do you mean?
  • Chloe: There's one elf I can talk to, who somewhat understands my situation. We need to talk to her. We're going through the shortcut. I'm not slowing down for you, if you lose me, that will be your damn fault.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryElder of the Dark Elves
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the To Dark Elves' Village story quest

The Sentinel Commander appears in front of the El Search Party with the Blue Guardian, 'Fae Panther'.
The one to stop the continuous fight was...

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Ain: Ms. Captain!
  • Elesis: !!
  • Rena: Phew, that was close... I didn't expect there to be a trap like that.
  • Aisha: It's an arrow specially crafted with magic. It might be too late by the time we notice it.
  • Ciel: There are multiple outposts on the way. Coming this way may have been for naught.
  • Zero: What's this shiny thing...? Uaaah! Thorns!!
  • Chung: I guess we should watch where we're going as well.
  • Elsword: There's no other way. We must face them head on!
  • Chloe: Do you want to be a pin cushion?
  • Elsword: But there's no other way. This is Dark Elves' domain. The longer we stay, the more we're at a disadvantage. It's better to just fight them and get this over with.
  • Raven: Elsword does have a point...
  • Ara: It might take them by surprise.
  • Chloe: Whatever. As long as we can get out of this mess, it doesn't matter. I will lead you directly to the village then.
  • Zero: .........?!! Hey guys?! Are you just going to leave me here?! Hey guuuys!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Sentinel Commander: Hmph, you think you can take us head on? Well, I commend your bravery.
  • Chloe: Tsk, how troublesome. Of course it's going to be her.
  • Elsword: That's the elf we saw earlier.
  • Sentinel Commander: You shall not pass. We will make you regret entering our domain.
  • (whhhheeeee!)
  • Sentinel Commander: Come, Blue Guardian! Answer my call! Aid your fellow guardians!!!
  • Chloe: !!
  • Chung: A whistle? Did she call something...?!
  • Chloe: She called another guardian. This is bad...!
  • Kuuuuaaaaaa-!!!
  • Elesis: Oof..!! What a presence...!!
  • Sentinel Commander: Come! Traitors and intruders have no place here!

  • Elsword: She's too fast! We're barely making a hit!
  • Ciel: Is this ever going to end?
  • Sentinel Commander: ... I acknowledge you are strong warriors, but I will not let you pass!
  • Raven: She's still going strong!
  • Add: Hmph, I've already adjusted to this heavy atmosphere. That attack won't work on me!
  • Sentinel Commander: Ugh!
  • Add: Oi, don't just stand there, idiots! Start attacking!
  • Rena: Haaaaa!
  • Sentinel Commander: !!
  • ???: That's enough.
  • Ara: Rena's arrow... just disappeared...?!
  • Sentinel Commander: Elder..!!
  • Chloe: ......
  • Dark Elf Elder: Stop the fight.
  • Sentinel Commander: But...!
  • Dark Elf Elder: I don't think these outsiders mean any harm. If I need your assistance, I will let you know as soon as possible.
  • Sentinel Commander: Understood.
  • Dark Elf Elder: ...... I apologize in advance Chloe. As you know, we don't allow outsiders in our village. However, I have set up a temporary space for us to converse.
  • Chloe: ... That's fine.
  • Dark Elf Elder: Please let our visistors know what I said, as they won't understand our language.
  • Chloe: That stuck up Elrios Elf over there understands ancient Elven, so why don't you just talk to her?
  • Dark Elf Elder: Ah... I see... an elf from Elrios... Let us go somewhere we can sit down, shall we?
  • Dark Elf Elder: ...! Yes, thank you for your hospitality.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Elder of the Dark Elves story quest

Dark Elf Elder Edith makes an offer to the El Search Party.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chung: She just blocked Rena's arrow with one hand...!
  • Rena: Haha, I think we can relax. It doesn't look like she wants to fight.
  • Edith: Huhu... My name is Edith, I am the village elder, the leader of this village. Because of our location being surrounded by the forest, we have developed out own language. I have one question for you. Why did you think we would understand Ancient Elven?
  • Rena: My village Elder used to teach me the history of the Elves. That's when she told me... That Dark Elves and Elrios Elves derived from the same roots.
  • Edith: ... I see. So you don't believe we are the 'Cursed Elves'?
  • Rena: That... That is...
  • Elsword: ... What are they talking about?
  • Aisha: Something important, that's for sure. They look serious...
  • Edith: Ah, I apologize if I made you unconfortable with this question. I was merely curious. This is something others should understand as well. Chloe, if you would?
  • Chloe: As you know, Dark Elves and Elves from Elrios share the same ancestors. Which means Dark Elves used to dwell in Elrios as well.
  • Eve: Why did you come here then? It couldn't have been easy to move away from the spirits and the El in Elrios.
  • Chloe: The ancestors of Dark Elves used to dwell in the Obsidian Forest, an area with the strongest demonic energy in Elrios. Their bodies, exposed to the demonic energy, adapted, and began utilizing the demonic energy that surrounded them. The other Elves, who could not accept the use of demonic energy, shunned them, called them the 'Cursed Ones'.
  • Rena: ... That's why they had to leave.
  • Chloe: It's still a mystery how they ended up in the Demon Realm though.
  • Elesis: I read an ancient tome in Velder that said, 'Dark Elves live in the Dark Continent.' Does that mean we're in the Dark Continent right now? Or was the tome incorrect?
  • Chloe: Do I look like your teacher?
  • Edith: ......
  • Chloe: ... Fine. This is the Dark Continent. It's the edge of the Demon Realm, with guardians protecting the forest forever dark as night. But that is a name given by outsiders. We Dark Elves call this place, Varnimyr.
  • Elesis: I see...
  • Chloe: ... I have no time for idle chitchat with outsiders. I came to warn the village of what's happening.
  • Edith: A warning, you say?
  • Chloe: The Demon Army is in complete disarray. With several commanders defeated in Elrios, the spots left empty are being fought over by those who are hungry for power. I left before I got caught in the mess, but they probably noticed I'm gone by now. This place is no longer safe. We need to leave now.
  • Edith: ......
  • Elsword: Hey, what are you guys talking about? Is it serious? Can we help?
  • Elesis: ... I'm still in your debt. If we can help in any way, I want you to tell us.
  • Chloe: ......

  • Elsword: So, to get this straight, Chloe joined the demon army so they didn't disturb the village.
  • Rose: But she left to avoid being swept in the current conflict; which leaves the village in danger as it's a breach in contract.
  • Add: So it's all your fault. In the end, it's because you were not confident enough in your abilities to deal with those coming for your throat.
  • Ara: A, Add!
  • Chloe: You're right. It's because I'm no strong enough.... But that's why I'm here. I could no let my weakness be the downfall of this village.
  • Elsword: Anyway, sis. What do you mean you're in her debt?
  • Elesis: Haha, it's a long story that happened long ago. How about I tell you next time?
  • Edith: So you've come here to find information on the Dark El and find your missing family members.
  • Rena: Yes, do you know anything?
  • Edith: The spirits would know about the Dark El in detail. We will need their help as well, in order to prepare for what Chloe has warned us about. You wish to help us? Then how about you escort elves that will be meeting with the spirits. They've been carefully selected and will be able to communicate with you smoothly. What do you think? I believe it will be beneficial for the both of us.
  • Rena: Please let us discuss amongst ourselves. ...... So what do you think about this offer?
  • Ara: I think we should do it. We will be able to help the Dark Elves while still receiving the information we need. It will be killing two birds with one stone.
  • Aisha: It's not a bad idea. I'm sure spirits will know many things that are no privy to us.
  • Raven: I agree as well. It will be good for us to make allies we can trust.
  • Chung: So there are other people that live in the Demon Realm other than demons. It's rather surprising.
  • Edith: Have you decided?
  • Rena: Yes, we accept your offer. However, we are all exhausted from the constant battles. We would like some place to rest before we are needed.
  • Edith: Huhu, that will be no problem at all. You will be heading towards Spirit Asylum, where our patron deity Nephilim Lord dwells. Normally, we would alert him of our visits... But I have not been able to communicate with him.
  • Chloe: Maybe you're just losing touch.
  • Edith: Huhuhu... That may be, but you can never be too careful.
  • Aisha: ... We're done for now, right? Can we go rest?
  • Rena: Haha, yes. We should rest up.
  • Aisha: Yes! Ciel! Let's have some tea!
  • Ciel: Alright, I have the perfect tea set.
  • Eve: You mean they were not damaged during battle?
  • Elsword: Um... Ain...
  • Ain: Yes, Elsword?
  • Elsword: ......
  • Ain: ?
  • Elsword: ... Never mind. It's nothing. I'm sorry to bother you.
  • Ain: No need to apologize. When you're ready to talk, I'll still be listening.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySpirit Asylum 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Offer story quest

An ominous wind passes through the once peaceful Spirit Asylum.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Aisha: Um... What are the enormous beings patrolling outside the forest?
  • Dark Elf: Ah, so you've met him.
  • Aisha: Him?
  • Dark Elf: He is a Dark Nephilim that came from Spirit Asylum specifically to help us. You are lucky to be still alive after witnessing his magnificence.
  • Ara: There are more than one Dark Nephilim?
  • Dark Elf: Yes. We worship Nephilim Lord, the very first, most ancient among Dark Nephilims.
  • Rena: Nephilim Lord... Mm... Could you also tell us about the Cave of Death?
  • Dark Elf: I see you are curious about many things. The Cave of Death is the cave of legend, it brings death to all who've tried to enter. As such, that area became forbidden. Even Dark Nephilims do not go near the cave.
  • Chung: (It makes sense... Most beings will cease to exist upon coming in contact with Henir energy after all.)
  • Dark Elf: We've arrived. This is Spirit Asylum.
  • Eve: Interesting. The plants here are much more docile than the ones we saw in the forest.
  • Ara: Oh! Look over there! That cute creature reminds me of butterflies!
  • Aisha: C, cute..? It's a little creepy in my opinion... Wait, it looks like...
  • Lu: !
  • Ciel: What is it, Lu?
  • Lu: I smell ashes.
  • Ciel: Ashes?
  • Lu: Something is burning.
  • Aisha: Gah! Get off me! Get OFFFF MEEE!!
  • Ara: Something's wrong! All the spirits are attacking..!!
  • Dark Elf: What's going on...? The spirits have gone berserk! They are not listening to us.
  • Small Spirit: Over here...! Please... somebody...
  • Rena: Over there! There's still a spirit that hasn't gone berserk!
  • Elsword: Let's go!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Hey, are you alright?
  • Small Spirit: Thank you for saving me...
  • Chung: Oh! I can hear it's voice! I thought only elves could communicate with spirits?
  • Rena: A powerful spirit can communicate with anyone. They just refuse to speak, as they are wary of strangers.
  • Rena: Looks like spirits of the Demon Realm have the same ability.
  • Ara: So Lincy didn't say anything because she's shy...!
  • Rena: Ahaha... Sure. Let's go with that...
  • Raven: I thought Nephilim Lord dwelled here?
  • Dark Elf: ... Yes, he is the ruler of this place... I don't understand. How could this happen?
  • Small Spirit: I'm not sure... All my friends suddenly became violent and started attacking each other... and... and... WAAHHHH!
  • Ara: ... Don't worry! We'll protect you! I'm sure we can find a way to get your friends back to normal as well!
  • Elsword: There's nothing we can do from here. Let's go see Nephilim Lord.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySpirit Asylum 2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Spirit Asylum 1 story quest

An eerie aura surrounds Spirit Asylum.
It seems something is wrong with the Nephilim Lord. Let's hurry to the Nephilim Lord.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: Ugh. Is it me, or it's really hot.
  • Chung: Look..! It's as if there's and invisible line here...! Everything... is so...
  • Dark Elf: How... No... I can't believe it... The Asylum...
  • Ciel: I can't believe this is the same area as the entrance. It's completely barren. And this red storm...
  • Eve: The plants are also dying. It seems to be alive at this moment... But not for long.
  • Small Spirit: This way! This is the short cut to where our Lord lives!
  • Ara: Wait for us! It's too dangerous...!
  • Eun: ... Ara... Be careful.
  • Ara: Eun! Did you sense something?
  • Eun: I'm not certain. But something... is not right.
  • Ara: ... I see. I'll make sure to be careful.
  • Eun: (There's something...)
  • Lu: Hm? What's wrong, you're not sick again, are you?
  • Ain: No, I'm fine. It's just...
  • Lu: Yes?
  • Ain: I sense something quite different here.
  • Lu: Mmm... I don't sense anything...
  • Ain: Haha, maybe you're just obtuse.
  • Lu: What? You good for nothing...! I can't believe I was worried about you!
  • Elsword: Ain is right. I don't know what it is... but something feels familiar.
  • Rena: That's the same monster we saw in the forest!
  • Aisha: I thought they were with the Dark Elves!! Wait... Did it always look like that...?!
  • Dark Elf: Kugh, it's no use! It's not listening to me! It's been tainted by some kind of energy!
  • Eve: The monster... the spirits... It seems everything here went berserk due to some kind of outer influence.
  • Add: Oi, you!
  • Small Spirit: Wah!?
  • Add: You can't even fight. Don't get in our way and stay here.
  • Rena: We have to fight the spirits now? I feel bad...
  • Raven: We should be able to knock them out without harming them too much. Let's go!

  • Small Spirit: We've arrived. This is where Nephilim Lord dwells.
  • Aisha: There's something ominous about this place as well.
  • Elsword: Where is Nephilim Lord?
  • Booom- Craaaack!
  • Ara: Uuah! E.. Earthwuake?!
  • Dark Elf: No. This is...
  • Nephilim Lord: Grrrrrrr...
  • Dark Elf: Oh Noble Protector! We, the Black Guardians under your helpful guidance have come to seek your advice...!
  • Nephilim Lord: ......... Grrrrr...
  • Ciel: ... I don't think he understands what we're saying.
  • Eve: He's also in berserk. A power so strong that it influences Nephilim Lord...? I don't believe this.
  • Nephilim Lord: Kuuuaaah!!
  • Elsword: Everyone move!
  • Chung: Kugh...!!!
  • Raven: The Dark Nephilim in Velder has nothing on this one...!!!
  • Rena: Is this the power of Nephilim Lord...?
  • Lu: With this power, no wonder the Dark Elves worship him!
  • Elesis: If he doesn't understand what we're saying... There's no other way but to fight!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryNephilim Lord
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Spirit Asylum 2 story quest

The Nephilim Lord returns to his senses.
The El Search Party asks for information on the Dark El, however...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Nephilim Lord: Ugh...!
  • Chung: Wait, it seems like he's coming back to his senses..!
  • Ciel: Everyone stop!
  • Raven: Do you know where you are?
  • Nephilim Lord: ...? Who... are you?
  • Dark Elf: Oh Noble Protector! These are adventurers that are in alliance with us. What happened to this place...!!
  • Nephilim Lord: I see... So it's already happened.

  • Nephilim Lord: ... 'It' appeared around 500 years ago by mortal standards. I didn't pay any attention to it, because it didn't do anything. But recently, it began to emit an aura unfamiliar to me.
  • Rena: An unfamiliar aura?
  • Nephilim Lord: Yes. I am the first Nephilim. The most ancient among the spirits that dwell in this asylum. But even I have never felt such an aura before. It was faint, but I felt anger within its being. A violent wish to burn and destroy all things...... I did my best to protect the asylum, but it seems I have succumbed to it first.
  • Add: Why did you succumb to it first? I thought you were the strongest spirit in this place.
  • Nephilim Lord: You are daring, to demand your answers from me. I am what links all spirits into one. All the spirits here, their memories, knowledge, even their abilities all come back to me. As such, when the spirits were affected by the aura, all their afflictions accumulated within me... And so I have lost control.
  • Dark Elf: You are not at fault Noble Protector...! It was our duty as the Black Guardians to notice anything that's gone amiss!
  • Nephilim Lord: Now is not the time to decide who's at fault. We have to eliminate the source of this matter.
  • Elsword: Tell us about 'It' that appeared 500 years ago. That's what caused all this, right?
  • Nephilim Lord: ... Ah, I remember you. You are the boy in my memory.
  • Elsword: Wait... Were you the Dark Nephilim we fought at Southern Gate in Velder?
  • Nephilim Lord: Perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn't.
  • Elsword: Um... What do you mean?
  • Nephilim Lord: It's impossible for someone inexperienced to summon me in entirety. To resolve this, they brought an artificial source of mana. But my power is not to be contained by such inferior device. The being that was summoned there, is weaker than the youngest Nephilim here.
  • Elesis: (And we struggled really hard trying to stop it...
  • Aisha: (Yeah, if we can, we should avoid fighting with Nephilim Lord again.
  • Ciel: And because it was a summon, albeit an incomplete one, you still have its memories?
  • Nephilim Lord: Yes.... But as I was saying... Red Boy, you ask of 'It' that appeared 500 years ago? It is shaped like a tower. But it is not a true contruction. It rejects entry of other beings like it's alive. It never disturbed us. As long as nobody attempted to enter it, nothing changed.
  • Rena: Until now when its strange aura caused everyone to go berserk...
  • Eve: Do you remember exactly when you started sensing this aura?
  • Nephilim Lord: Hm... I cannot be certain, but its only been a few months. But you're an adventurer from a different realm with no concern for ours. What is it that you wish to ask of me?
  • Ciel: You are right. As expected of the Great Deity.
  • Elsword: We need to find the Dark El. There's a suspicious group called Henir's Order trying to get a hold of it.
  • Nephilim Lord: And how do I know you're any different from this... group?
  • Lu: I can't believe how obstinate you are being! Did you forget that we helped you come to your senses?
  • Nephilim Lord: ... There's always those who seek the power of the Dark El. I have never encountered any who claimed themselves to be of Henir's Order. But perhaps they were among many I've met.
  • Elsword: What do we need to do to prove ourselves?
  • Nephilim Lord: Hm... Perhaps you should eliminate the source of the aura that disturbed this place in my stead. Once the source is eliminated and the asylum at peace, I will accept you have integrity, and provide you the information you need.
  • Lu: Sigh... Seems like we're running errands for anyone these days.
  • Elsword: The Dark El must be important to the spirits here. I understand why we would need to earn their trust. And if the aura was strong enough to put Nephilim Lord under its influence, then we should probably check to make sure it doesn't come in our way.
  • Lu: Yes, yes, of course. It's just as you say. And I'm not so heartless that I'd ignore the situation they are in.
  • Ciel: Huhu...
  • Lu: ... Why are you looking at me like that. You're treating me like a child again, aren't you Ciel. Ahem!
  • Dark Elf: We will stay and take care of the fallen spirits.... We will await your return.
  • Ara: Just leave it to us!
  • Small Spirit: Since I'm the only spirit that can guide you at this moment, I'll lead the way!
  • Raven: You're not inconveniencing yourself?
  • Small Spirit: This is nothing! Please let me repay you for saving my life.
  • Elsword: Alright, then let's go!
  • Nephilim Lord: ... Hm?
  • Dark Elf: What is it, Lord Nephilim?
  • Nephilim Lord: Ah, no need to concern yourself. I must be growing weary...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 35: Cradle of Sin

They follow the Tiny Spirit to the field. They get attacked by the mysterious monsters, and they decide to head inside the tower, and subdue the Eye; the path to the center of tower opens. They are forced to fight the Malice; at the point the tower falls apart, and they're forced to fight the Recluse. However, they are shocked to learn it is actually the Fire Master, Rosso, and at that point, the group goes further.

Chapter 35
StoryHowling Field
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Nephilim Lord story quest

The El Search Party follows the Tiny Spirit to a barren field.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Raven: All the plants here are completely dried out. Everything looks dead.
  • Eve: There's no sign of life. As expected, this is a dangerous place.
  • Rena: Thanks for leading the way. We can take it from here.
  • Tiny Spirit: Please be safe. I'll be waiting for you here.

  • Ara: Looks like even the sky is falling apart... It feels... creepy.
  • Chung: It's odd. Even though this is where the abnormalities began, the sky here is more blue than it is above Spirit Asylum.
  • Elesis: Looks like everywhere else is surrounded by red fog. But it's clear where we're standing.
  • Raven: Like the eye of the storm...
  • Elsword: I knew it. This place... feels a lot like Lanox.
  • Ain: You too? I also feel like something is vaguely familiar.
  • Ciel: I don't know. It's true Lanox is also covered in ashes and flames, but it's definitely more livelier than this place.
  • Rena: Maybe you feel like it's similar because Lanox has a lot of demonic energy.
  • Chung: Over there! I see something!
  • Add: It looks suspicious even from afar. Is that the 'Thing' Nephilim Lord was talking about?
  • Elesis: Let's approach this carefully. It has to be dangerous if it can cause a powerful being like Nephilim Lord to go berserk.
  • Lu: You worry too much. The tower is still far away! Unless something flies towards us...
  • Eve: !! Incoming!! Everyone spread out!
  • Booom!
  • Elsword: Ooof... Is everyone alright?!
  • Lu: Wha, where did that come from?!
  • Ciel: I don't think anyone's hurt, but what was that?
  • Eve: I saw it flying straight from the tower. It looked like a giant orb of fire...
  • Add: How did it fly all the way here without us noticing anything? We should have felt it coming.
  • Elsword: (That familiar feeling... It's stronger now... What's happening?)
  • Rumble Rumble
  • Ara: The ground is shaking! Is it from the impact earlier?
  • Elesis: No... That's not it. Look over there! The crater!
  • Aisha: The core... And the rocks that surrounds it... This looks like a golem of some sort! This energy...! Something tells me these golems are going to be very dangerous...!!
  • Elesis: Everyone get ready!

  • Chung: Phew... I think we did it. I can't believe we had to defeat all four of them at once!
  • Aisha: I can't believe this. From what I know, you need hundreds of magicians to summon a golem like this.
  • Ciel: Lu, are all creatures in the Demon Realm like this?
  • Lu: Usually not in the middle of nowhere! I've never heard there could be something like this out here!
  • Add: You're truly useless as a guide.
  • Elesis: Something's strange.
  • Eve: I think so too. This creature... did not have any demonic energy. In fact...
  • Elsword: In fact?
  • Rumble Rumble
  • Chung: Everything is shaking again! Are the monsters back?!
  • Ara: The ground is cracking!
  • Raven: Damn it, it's too late to escape. Prepare yourselves, we're going to fall!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryLonging Flame
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Howling Field story quest

Undying fire strikes the El Search Party.
What will the vicious flame hold...?

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: Is everyone alright?
  • Ara: Owwww...
  • Elesis: I can't believe such a large open area was just beneath our feet. At least we didn't fall during battle...
  • Ciel: It's good we're all so positive about this, but we should really start thinking about getting out of this place.
  • Aisha: If this was formed naturally, there should be an exit somewhere.
  • Lu: I guess it's my turn. Let us head towards the smell of wind and ashes~
  • Add: I can't believe we still have to rely on your sense of smell.
  • Rena: There are traces on the wall that look like lava. Looks like we fell down pretty deeply...
  • Elsword: Huh? Is this mark also a lava mark?
  • Eve: Let me see. How interesting. This looks like it was cut with a sharp, scorching weapon.
  • Aisha: Everyone look! Is that... a scythe? It's a giant scythe!
  • Chung: I wonder whose weapon it was. But why is it in such a place?
  • Eve: Sharp... scorching weapon......! Everyone get back!
  • Chung: ?!
  • Whooosh!
  • Aisha: Wha, what is that? It's moving by itself! A gh, ghost?
  • Add: Don't be stupid. There's no such thing as gh, gh, ghosts!!
  • Elesis: We can't let our guard down even for a second...!
  • Ain: Perhaps we should have this conversation after we defeat it?

  • Chung: (Huff huff), It's hard to breathe...
  • Eve: It's burning all the oxygen. The longer we fight, the more we'll be at a disadvantage.
  • Rena: Also, this fire doesn't seem to go out.
  • Raven: A ghost scythe ahead, and a field of fire in the back... There's no way to hide.
  • Ara: Ah?!
  • Ain: What is it, Miss Fox?
  • Ara: Um... I'm not sure, but I think I saw a faint figure near the scythe...
  • Aisha: A soul attached to the scythe? ... Wait...
  • Ciel: It disappeared.
  • Lu: No! It teleported!
  • Chung: Elsword, duck!!
  • Vooom-!
  • Add: It missed? No, that's not it!
  • Elesis: The fire...! Elsword!!
  • Elsword: Kugh!!
  • ???: I'm not interested... In strength to protect someone else. I need to fulfill my purpose...
  • Elsword: (What...?)
  • Ain: Elsword!!
  • Elsword: Cough, cough! Ugh...! Phew... This is nothing after being hit by Aisha's fireballs a million times!
  • Aisha: This is no time to joke around! Go get yourself healed!
  • Elsword: Ahaha... (What was that? A memory...?)

  • Rena: The fire... is gone.
  • Ara: The scythe turned into flames, wait!
  • Add: It's getting away. It went towards the tower.
  • Chung: Sigh... I don't think we can chase it right now.
  • Aisha: Ooooh... I'm all out of mana... I can't fight anymore.
  • Add: You obviously have enough energy to talk.
  • Aisha: What did you...? Ugh... Never mind. I'm too tired...
  • Raven: Our best course of action is to rest here for now. We should stay here until everyone is well rested.
  • Elsword: Anyway, Eve, what were you going to say earlier?
  • Eve: Earlier? Ah, you mean before we fell. The golem we fought had some demonic energy due to the rocks and ore being from the Demon Realm... But unlike the exterior, it looked like the core had little to do with demonic energy.
  • Elesis: You're right... It almost felt like... Fire.
  • Rena: Fire?
  • Elesis: Yes. Just like Eve said, the golems, the scythe, they both didn't feel like they were made of demonic energy.
  • Elsword: Yeah, almost like fighting against a raging fire.
  • Aisha: Well Elsword kept saying it felt like Lanox around here. Maybe it's because these things are made of fire?
  • Ain: Hm... But why would a place in the Demon Realm have fire energy similar to the one in Lanox? After all, it's not like another Fire El is housed here.
  • Rena: Hm...
  • Aisha: Mmmm...
  • Elesis: This would have been easier to figure out if Denif or Ignia were here...
  • Elsword: Either way, we should rest here and go after the scythe. I don't like how it went straight towards the tower.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryInto The Tower
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Longing Flame story quest

The El Search Party finally reaches near the tower.
But a swarm of flames were waiting for them like a sweeping calamity.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: I see an opening! Everyone ready?
  • Eve: This cave was surprisingly well connected. According to my calculations, the opening will lead us straight back to the tower.
  • Lu: I don't care who we have to face, as long as it doesn't handle fire. I am sick of smelling ashes and flames.
  • Ciel: That might be difficult. Look, the fire at the top of the tower... wait.
  • Rena: I got a bad feeling about this!
  • Flash
  • Aisha: It's so bright! I can't see! What is happening?!
  • Ara: The fire from the scythe and the fire at the top of the tower merged into one!
  • Elesis: The energy is so potent. Everything is shaking!
  • Elsword: Ugh!!
  • Chung: It's forming some kind of shape. It looks like the golem from earlier!
  • Eve: It may look similar, but the sheer amount of energy it holds is nothing like before...! Be careful! Something's approaching!
  • Zero: OIII!! ROOSE! You better not be knocked out!
  • Rose: Ugh...
  • Ara: Is everyone alright?! Uaaah?! There are rocks in the air!
  • Elesis: Agh, I'm still dizzy from the shockwave... Wait, are these?
  • Ain: Looks like floating stones. It separated from the ground due to the shockwave. But... It doesn't look like it will be floating for long.
  • Raven: The floating stones might help to attack the enemies at the top. The distance is just close enough for us to attempt the attack.
  • Elsword: We need to defeat these again to get into the tower. Everyone, let's go!

  • Ara: The monsters are falling from the tower. Did we... defeat it?
  • Eun: Don't let your guard down, Ara. That is not a normal creature. It's going away for now because it used up all its power, but it will come back with vigor.
  • Ain: Looks like we bought us some time. We should try to get in the tower now.
  • Chung: This tower is strange. I don't see anything that can be considered an entrance. As if it was created to imprison someone.
  • Lu: Hm... It's a common enough practice after a fight for victors to imprison the loser in a structure like this to humiliate them. With big and small fights happening everyday in the Demon Realm, it's not so unusual that we encounter such a structure here.
  • Elsword: Lu...
  • Lu: Huhu, no need to feel bad. It's all in the past. But more importantly, I can't even begin to guess who made this tower, or who is inside it.
  • Rena: Perhaps another Demon Ruler is imprisoned in the tower?
  • Eve: But the enemies we've fought so far barely had any demonic energy. Of course, we have yet to encounter what's in the tower... If whoever is in the tower was controlling the monsters outside, the prisoner is either a demon who didn't use any demonic energy, or someone completely unrelated.
  • Aisha: A demon that can summon a monster that powerful without having to use their main power? That's disconcerting.
  • Raven: We don't know anything about this tower or the potential enemies within it. Whatever we encounter, the only thing we can do is fight to our best abilities.
  • Ain: Now, now, there's no use worrying about things yet to come. We'll be fine. Let's take this step by step.
  • Chung: Ain is right! If we work together, I'm sure we'll be fine, no matter how powerful our enemies are!
  • Elsword: Yeah. Let's think about how we're going to enter this tower first.
  • Add: Are you done chatting like old ladies? While you were enjoying your gossip, we were looking for a way into the tower.
  • Ara: And we have!
  • Elsword: Wait, what did you find?
  • Add: What we found is a destroyed wall that can act as our way in. If there is no door, find another way in, right?
  • Ciel: As you all know, this tower was near indestructible.
  • Rena: True, it's still standing tall after that battle we had, after all.
  • Add: Yes, it was. The keyword being 'was'.
  • Eve: I see, the tower is no longer the same as it was. The outer walls are of much lower density.
  • Aisha: You mean it's weaker?
  • Add: Yes, we don't exactly know why, but when we defeated that monster, the outer walls also became weaker. As if the sole purpose of the walls were to keep the monsters away.
  • Chung: You mean the monster from earlier was actually trying to break into the tower?
  • Add: I can't say for sure, but I have my suspicion. It was too violent to be a guardian of the tower. It was acting like it wanted to destroy everything.
  • Raven: You're right. The monster never really acted like it was trying to protect the tower.
  • Add: Whatever the case may be, the important part is that the walls are now weaker, and we've found one side of the wall with a huge openi...
  • Ara: Hyah!
  • Crack!!
  • Rena: Ah.. Hahah...
  • Add: Ugh!! You're going to cause the whole tower to collapse on us, you idiot!!
  • Elesis: Oh?
  • Lu: Your thorny attitude is somewhat endearing now. You were worried about us, weren't you?
  • Eve: Indeed, how thoughtful of you, Add.
  • Add: ......
  • Elesis: Next time, please warn us before you do anything. Just in case.
  • Ara: Ooooh... I'm sorry.
  • Elesis: Haha, nothing to apologize for. You did open us a path.
  • Elsword: So, now we enter...
  • Ciel: Wait. We should be on our guard. I feel something dangerous lurking within the tower.
  • Lu: I sense powerful demonic energy inside... I will go in first and we'll advance slowly.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryCage of Thorns 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Into The Tower story quest

Inside the tower was full of eerie demonic energy.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: It's almost suffocating in here.
  • Ain: The demonic energy is here is thick. It must have been building up over a long period of time...
  • Eve: It seems we were too quick to come to conclusions. With this much demonic energy, there could very well be a demon ruler within this tower.
  • Lu: I should know any demon with this much power...
  • Rena: Can't you think of anyone who feels similar?
  • Lu: Not even one. The demon rulers I knew didn't have such a strange aura, and this kind of demonic energy in unfamiliar to me. Further more, if the one stuck within this tower is a demon ruler like me who was sealed away, there's no reason for them to stay here after they regained this much power.
  • Raven: Everyone stop. There's an opening area ahead.
  • Elsword: ... I don't see anything that could be considered a living thing. What do you think, Eve?
  • Eve: Ah... I'm getting usual readings. It looks like there is one living thing in this tower, no wait... It's like this entire tower is made up of one organism...
  • Rena: Ugh! Everyone watch out!
  • Raven: An ambush?!
  • Ara: There are thorns coming out of nowhere! There's no place to stand...!
  • Aisha: There must be a castor somewhere, but I can't see with all these thorns!
  • Chung: Everyone calm down! We can't get rid of these thorns one by one to create an open space!
  • Ciel: Agreed. If we don't do anything, we will all end up skewered.
  • Ara: How terrible...
  • Add: Tsk, there's something different about this than what we've encountered so far. It's definitely sturdier!
  • Eve: This could be complicated. It seems we need to use different attacks depending on the thorns. If we're not careful, we'll end up just like how Ciel described we would.
  • Aisha: Erm, you're still joking, right?
  • Eve: I wish that was the case. Please concentrate, Aisha.

  • ???: Get out of my sight!! I am not an experiment for you to play with!
  • Raven: Elsword!
  • Elsword: !!
  • Raven: Are you alright? I know we got rid of most of the thorns already, but you should stay focused.
  • Elsword: Ah, yeah. Thanks, Raven.
  • Chung: That was the last of the thorns. It looks like things calmed down a bit.
  • Aisha: Are you really ok? You keep zoning out! If you have an injury, you should really get that healed!
  • Elsword: Ah, well... I think I heard a voice.
  • Rena: What do you mean?
  • Elesis: A voice? Like when you heard the El Lady?
  • Elsword: No...? It's different. With Solace, or the El Lady, they were trying to communicate to me directly. This... This feels like someone's memory just... flowed through me. I heard something earlier when I got hit by that scythe, too. I thought I was imagining things...
  • Eve: Since you started hearing the voice as we got closer to the tower, it could be a memory of the master of this tower.
  • Elsword: I don't know why... but he's in torment... and enraged.
  • Ain: (Elsword is closely connected to the El. It's not strange that he would resonate with the El. But this is the Demon Realm, far away from the protection of the El. If the Goddess truly created the El to prevent a demon invasion, then there's absolutely no reason for him to resonate or hear voices like he did in Elysion...... Like he did in Elysion? Could it be?)
  • Elsword: Ain?
  • Ain: ... It's only a hunch that I have... But you should listen to the voice carefully, Elsword.
  • Aisha: What is it, Ain?
  • Ain: According to Nephilim Lord, this tower was formed approximately 500 years ago. However, nothing unusual happened until recently. Ms. Queen, do you remember when he said unusual things started to happen?
  • Eve: Only a few months. I was wondering about that as well. There's no reason for a being with this much power to remain silent until now. There's no clear purpose, and it doesn't seem to have a clear plan... Oh, I see.
  • Elesis: We did have a significant event several months ago.
  • Elsword: Wait, what happened? I can't think of anything.
  • Elesis: ... Elsword. We're talking about when you've restored the El.
  • Elsword: ...!!
  • Eve: It is an interesting theory. If it weren't for something happening to Elsword, I would have thought it was a wild one.
  • Add: So, you think the tower is acting out because the El was restored?
  • Ain: ... At the very least, the person connected to the tower is also closely connected to the El.
  • Ciel: I'm surprised. I didn't think you wanted anything in the Demon Realm to be connected to the El.
  • Ain: Of course I don't want them to be connected. But there's no reason to ignore what's in front of us. Isn't that right, Mr. Half-Demon who is even more suspicious than his master?
  • Lu: Looks like he got you there, Ciel.
  • Ciel: ... I...
  • Chung: Wait, everyone.
  • Ara: Yes, Chung?
  • Chung: Those strange orbs... were they always right there?
  • Raven: It was there since the thorns. But I'm quite sure they didn't look like that.
  • Aisha: Doesn't it look a bit... Gross? How disturbing...
  • Ara: Oh, they kind of resemble eye balls! Eh? the central pillar is moving?
  • Aisha: Gyaaaaah?!
  • Ara: The ey, eye, eye balls are rolling!!
  • Elsword: Gah! What is that?! Why does all the monsters look so weird around here!
  • Rena: An eye of a giant creature? Whatever it is, it's disturbing.
  • Eve: I sense powerful demonic energy. There must be another area beyond the central pillar where the eye balls came out.
  • Elesis: You mean that thing is guarding this place?
  • Elsword: Sis! Watch out!
  • Elesis: Ugh... What is this?
  • Aisha: It looks like a magic circle. But I've never seen one like it! How can there be a magic circle that I know nothing about?!
  • Raven: So there's five enemies we have to take care of. Fighting in one group will only make it easier to target all of us.
  • Chung: Then we split up! I will take care of this one!
  • Lu: Ciel? What's wrong?
  • Ciel: ... It's nothing. Let's go.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryCage of Thorns 2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Cage of Thorns 1 story quest

The El Search Party comes across a strange object that resembles an eye. The battle continues.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: It's strange to have all of our backs to the wall... But at least we won't be ambushed by the small eyes.
  • Aisha: We'll be able to defeat them in no time!
  • Lu: ... el, Ciel!
  • Ciel: Ah, yes?
  • Lu: Snap out of it! I don't know why you're so distracted, but we need to defeat these monsters first!
  • Ciel: ... Sorry, I just had a lot of thi... Lu! Behind you!
  • Lu: Kyaa!
  • Ciel: Lu!!
  • Add: Stop! If you go there now, the eyes will also be...!
  • Chung: Ugh!
  • Ara: Ch, Chung!
  • Elsword: Chung!
  • Raven: Everyone calm down and stay where you are! If we go to them, we will only open ourselves to attack! Chung, what's your status?
  • Chung: I'm fine, just a little scratch! I can still fight.
  • Rena: Stay safe! We'll help you when we can!
  • Ara: Don't worry, I'll make sure to protect Chung!
  • Elsword: We'll leave it to you, Ara!

  • Add: Finally, even the biggest one is down for now.
  • Ain: That was a hectic battle. Mr. Guardian, how's the injury?
  • Chung: I'm really fine! It wasn't really a big injury to begin with, and Ara really had my back.
  • Ara: It was nothing. I'm just glad your injuries weren't anything serious.
  • Elsword: Let us know if you need to rest, ok?
  • Chung: Of course. Thank you, Elsword.
  • Elesis: Anyway. I'm glad no body was seriously injured.
  • Lu: I apologize. If it weren't for me...
  • Chung: Haha, it's no big deal. Lu, Ciel, you don't have to apologize.
  • Lu: But...
  • Chung: Really, it was nothing. And... I understand how Ciel feels. If it were me, and someone important to me was in danger, I wouldn't have thought twice before I jumped to protect that person.
  • Ciel: Chung...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryCage of Thorns 3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Cage of Thorns 2 story quest

After defeating Crimson Eye, the path to the center of the tower opens.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Zero: Strange... Even after defeating that thing, there's still demonic energy around.
  • Add: What do you... Uaaaah!
  • Elesis: I thought we defeated it?!!
  • Elsword: How can it be still alive? And it's changing shape again!
  • Rena: Looks like that orb is it's core!
  • Eve: It seems that's where all the demonic energy in this area was coming from.
  • Raven: Now it's moving around. I guess we only got rid of it's outer casing before.
  • Ain: How are you doing, Mr. Ancient?
  • Add: ... You don't seem to care about my answer.
  • Ain: No, but it's only polite. What are you doing just sitting there? As you can see, we're under attack.
  • Add: ......

  • Elsword: Finally!! We did it!
  • BOOM!
  • Elsword: Phew, it was tough... huh?
  • Ara: The eye ball is still...! Elsword!
  • Elsword: Kugh!... Huh? It's not attacking.
  • Ara: Ah! It's retreating through the crack where it was earlier!
  • Eve: We should follow it. That should be where the center of the tower lies.
  • Aisha: You mean there's still more?
  • Eve: As I said before, this tower is like a single organism. And based on the structure of the tower and the information I've gathered, the heart lies beyond that point.
  • Elsword: (The heart of the tower... I wonder if the one I heard is also there?)

  • Ain: You look like you're worried, Mr. Half-Demon.
  • Ciel: I don't really want to talk about it right now.
  • Ain: Haha, how harsh.... I didn't mean to pry, but I wanted to say something. You remind me of how I was before.
  • Ciel: ... Before?
  • Ain: Worrying about something that's more important than yourself, your reason for existence... I did the same thing.
  • Ciel: ......
  • Ain: I had to ponder about it for a long time, but came to a decision. And I don't regret it. Whatever happens in the end, I'm ready to face the consequences. I hope you can do the same.
  • Ciel: Why are you telling me this?
  • Ain: No reason. We're comrades, aren't we?
  • Ciel: ......
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryCrimson Rage, Dark Isolation
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Cage of Thorns 3 story quest

The El Search Party arrives at the center of the tower by using the entrance blocked by Crimson Eye.
At the center, there was only a chasm, filled with silence.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: Ugh... This path was blocked by that eye ball monster, right? Creepy...
  • Rena: There's an open space, just like Eve said.
  • Ara: It's much bigger than where we came from. Do you think the master of this tower has a large body?
  • Add: I don't think so. Look over there.
  • Ara: That is... A person! That looks like a human figure!
  • Aisha: It's inside a strange orb. And all those thorns...
  • Lu: I can't tell if that being is a demon or not, since the demonic energy here is so thick.
  • Elsword: That person...
  • Aisha: What is it, Elsword?
  • Elsword: I think that's the person who was talking to me.... He's suffering. We need to save him!
  • Eve: That person is most likely the master of this tower. Considering everything that happened so far, it's just as likely that he'll be hostile. Do you still wish to help him?
  • Elsword: Yeah. I want to help.
  • Aisha: Sigh... You're predictable as always.
  • Rena: Well, that's the Elsword we know and trust.
  • Elesis: Haha, really. Even though he is my brother... Wait, is that?
  • Ara: Ah! That's the eye ball from earlier!
  • Add: When did it...! Dynamo! Stop its approach!
  • Chung: Too late! It's already...!
  • BOOOM-!
  • Elesis: Kugh, is everyone alright?
  • Ciel: What was that? An explosion?
  • Lu: The amont of demonic energy flowing is unbelievable... Is this really all coming from that one being...?!
  • Elsword: What happened to the person in the center?!
  • Raven: Wait, look!
  • Aisha: A giant... person...?
  • Ara: My! He truly was enormous!!
  • Add: It's like 1 plus 1 became 1000 instead. Oi, what do we do now?
  • Elsword: ... He's in there.
  • Add: What?
  • Elsword: I'm certain he's still in there. It's just that his cage became that monstrous body instead of the orb!
  • Rena: Then... I guess there's only one thing we can do.
  • Eve: Moby, Remy, get ready. This will be a difficult fight.
  • Elsword: (Hang in there. We'll save you!)

  • ???: Must... Leave... Where nothing remains...
  • Elsword: (What are you talking about? Where?)
  • ???: ...... Here.
  • Elsword: Ah!
  • Ain: Elsword! Are you alright?
  • Elsword: I heard the voice again. I knew it! He's still in there!
  • Ain: I'd love to learn more, but now it not the best time. The tower is slowly falling apart due to the fierce battle.
  • Rena: If this continues, there's not going to be anytihng left to stand on. We need to do something.
  • Elsword: That person... He just answered my question.
  • Ain: (He is resonating with those related to the El to communicate.) Elsword, you're closely connected to the El. I suspect the one we're trying to rescue within the monster it also the same. Remember when the El Lady spoke to you? If you replicate that feeling to talk to him, perhaps that will create and opening for us.
  • Lu: And when that happens, we can try to break that shell he's encased in.
  • Elsword: Alright, I'll try. (Calm down. I want to help.)
  • ???: ......
  • Elsword: (Can you hear me? I heard your voice, in pain. We want to get you out of there.)
  • ???: ......
  • Elsword: (Just... Hang on, we'll save you. So... Let me know who you are.)
  • ???: ... I...
  • Add: !! He stopped!
  • Elesis: Now is our chance!
  • Raven: Understood. Let's go!
  • Rena: Leave the support to us!

  • Chung: Ha... Ha... I think it stopped.
  • Elsword: Sigh... It was our toughest battle yet. But how do we get the person out?
  • Add: Hmph, we just need to break that outer shell, right?
  • Rumble... Rumble...
  • Ara: A, Add~!
  • Add: He, hey! I didn't do anything yet!
  • Rena: He's falling! If something that big falls, this whole tower will be destroyed!
  • Eve: The structure of the tower is now highly unstable with the master of the tower defeated. At this rate...!
  • Raven: The tower is falling apart! Everyone watch out!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Crimson Rage, Dark Isolation story quest

The tower falls apart, after a fierce battle.
The floating stone prevents the El Search Party from falling. However, without a moment to rest, something awaits them...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elesis: Ugh, wha, what is this?
  • Eve: Looks like the floating stones that we saw earlier when we were fighting the golems!
  • Rena: Haha, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky...
  • Aisha: Um... Is it me, or something over there at the center is moving?
  • Elesis: No, I see it too. It guess we didn't manage to defeat it completely...!
  • Ara: It's a person! He's getting up!
  • Lu: Ah, his body is completely covered in demonic energy. That can't be good.
  • Elsword: Hey! You! Are you alright?
  • Elesis: Elsword! Watch out!
  • WHOOOSH-!!
  • Elsword: Kugh! That thing!
  • Rena: It's smaller, but it's definitely the scythe from earlier!
  • Raven: So it was his weapon all along??! Another one incoming!
  • Ara: It's the eye!
  • Rena: Ah...
  • Aisha: Eeeek! Did that eye ball just... insert itself?
  • Eve: Unbelievable, two conflicting powers are co-existing within that person's body.
  • Ain: (Two conflicting powers are not something a human body can endure.)
  • Eve: Unlike the power used to handle the scythe, the demonic energy is highly unstable.
  • Zero: Maybe if we just use up one of his powers, we will be able to talk to him!
  • Raven: So we'll need to fight.
  • Add: The release of demonic energy is causing debris to fly all over the place!
  • Chung: The ground is also unstable, it won't be easy to move..!
  • Elesis: Prepare for a fight! He's about to attack!

  • Aisha: Uaaah!!!
  • Eve: Aisha!!
  • Aisha: Th, thanks for the save, Eve. I thought I was going to fall...! Ugh... I knew people were jinxing it when they wouldn't shut up about falling since we arrived in the Demon Realm...!!
  • Raven: I don't know how long these floating stones will last! Kugh!
  • Elsword: Raven!
  • Lu: Ha... Ha... The fire, the scythe, the THORNS! It's like fighting the entire tower!
  • Chung: Kugh... It's not easy fighting that figure either.
  • Elesis: Whenever we try to close distance, he disappears, but when we try to stay away, he teleports in front of us...
  • Aisha: It's unbelievable. He is still fast as ever!
  • Rena: Sigh... With this much power, it's no wonder Nephilim Lord was influenced by him.
  • Raven: We'll have to give it our all. We won't have any chance otherwise.
  • Eun: He's right, Ara. All of your non-fatal attacks are not doing any damage!
  • Ara: But, Eun...
  • Add: ......
  • Elesis: ... I guess it's time to make a decision.
  • Elsword: ... When I heard everyone's voice in the El... I was really happy. I thought I would be fine sacrificing myself to protect everyone... But that wasn't entirely true.
  • Elesis: ......
  • Elsword: I wanted to be with you guys just a bit longer. Laughing, crying... Maybe even fight, only to make up in the end. Just... spending time together. Maybe that's why I was able to hear your voice. All of your voices.
  • Ciel: ......
  • Elsword: I don't know who that person is, or what he's like. But he kept reaching out to me and answering my questions. That's why... I believe he hasn't given up yet. Maybe he's just waiting like I was. For someone to reach out for them.
  • Elesis: ... Elsword...
  • Elsword: I know it's idealistic and naive to think we can save everyone we come across. But how can I give up first, when that person it still holding on? That's why I'll fight to the end. I'll save him.... Just like you all saved me. So tell me! Who are you?
  • ???: ... I... am...
  • Raven: Wait, did that...?
  • Ara: I also hear the voice!
  • ???: Who... am... I...?
  • Rena: The ground!!!
  • Ara: Kyaaaaa!!
  • Add: Kugh, Dynamo-!!!
  • Eve: Moby! Remy! Adjust output settings!
  • Aisha: You won't bring us down with that trick again! Hyaaaa-!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryCrimson Recluse
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Recluse story quest

For the one who remained alone all these years to make sure that one won't ever be alone again, the El Search Party begins the final battle.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: Cough, cough!
  • Elesis: Ugh, is everyone alright?
  • Add: Cough, cough... What do you think! We could have all died falling from that height!
  • Ain: Haha, that sounds like a yes.
  • Lu: Where did he go?!
  • Rena: ... He's on top of a pile of rocks. I guess this kind of impact is nothing for him...!
  • ???: ......
  • Elsword: Calm down! We want to help you!
  • ???: ... Don't come... Any closer...
  • Elsword: You need help, right? That's why you were reaching out to me.
  • Rena: Elsword! Don't go too close...!
  • ???: I don't... Hurt... any... more...
  • Eve: All the wreckage in the surrounding area is flying towards him. We better be careful not to get caught in it.
  • Elsword: We want to help. Tell me, what do we need to do?!
  • ???: ... Burn...... Me... I will burn 'Myself'!
  • Elsword: What...?
  • ???: Defeat... Me...!
  • Chung: Elsword, Move!!
  • Elsword: Kugh!!
  • BAAANG-!
  • Ciel: Come this way! Quickly!
  • Chung: Ciel...!
  • Elsword: ... You all heard him too, right?
  • Raven: Mm.
  • Elesis: How can we not give our best after hearing something like that?
  • Add: Besides, beating back one's senses seems to be our specialty.
  • Ara: I am ready!
  • Chung: This is the real battle!
  • Lu: Of course. Now is a good chance to beat him up for troubling us so, after all!
  • Ciel: You're right. Just a little smack to return his senses.
  • Rena: He feels different. He is stronger... and more refined. He's also taking this more seriously.
  • Eve: I will unleash the full power of the Nasod.
  • Aisha: And time for the genius girl magician to use her full magic!
  • Ain: Are you ready, Elsword?
  • Elsword: Of course! Let's do this!!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryFire Master
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Crimson Recluse story quest

The unexpected meeting leads the El Search Party to a whole new path.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: He... Stopped!
  • Aisha: There's black smoke coming out of him!
  • Lu: That would be the demonic energy he was surrounded with. It looks like it's burning away.
  • Ara: I can't believe a human could handle that much demonic energy...
  • Rena: Whoever he is, he's not an ordinary human.... Is that his true form?
  • Raven: !... He collapsed.
  • Elsword: Hey! Are you alright?
  • Aisha: You dummy! Don't go charging ahead like that!!
  • Ain: Elsword, wait. If you touch him like that..!
  • PSSSS-
  • Elsword: Agh!!
  • Aisha: Elsword! Your hand...
  • Elsword: ... He's burning hot. Is he ok?
  • Add: It will be more surprising if he's fine after all that beating.
  • Ventus: You're right! You were really relentless. I was shuddering from the viciousness of it all!
  • Add: Wait, what?!
  • Ara: Master Ventus?!
  • Ventus: Phew, sorry I'm late. I did try my best to come here on time, but you know how it is! I thought I was going to die several times over! You sure know how to pick your adventures. Oh no no, you don't want to touch him right now. You'll just get brunt again!
  • Elsword: How did you get here? Wait... Do you know this guy?
  • Ventus: Of course! We know each other very well!!
  • ???: ... Shut up and help me up...
  • Ventus: Yes, yes, whatever you say.
  • Elsword: You're awake!! How are you? Are you okay?
  • ???: ......
  • Elsword: ?
  • Rosso: ... Rosso.
  • Elsword: Huh?
  • Rosso: ... Since somebody persistently asked me my name... My name is Rosso. And I am... What they call the Fire Master.
  • Elsword: Whaaaaat?!
  • Aisha: Fire Master?! I, uh, what are you doing in the Demon Realm?
  • Raven: ... Now I see why Elsword and Ain thought this place was similar to Lanox.
  • Elesis: So the energy from the golem and the scythe must have been the energy of the Fire El...! Why didn't we think of this before? It has such a distinct feeling.
  • Add: What is the Fire Master doing here in the Demon Realm? Surrounded by demonic energy for that matter.
  • Rosso: ... What makes you think I would answer your question?
  • Add: What? You little...!
  • Ventus: Now, now, I'm sure you're just dying to hear his answer, but as you can see, our friend over here is a little worse for wear. If it's alright with all of you, I'd like to take him to heal his injuries. You understand, don't you?
  • Rena: (Ahaha... He just smoothly avoided having to answer Add's question...)
  • Rena: Anyway, how did you end up all the way here, Master Ventus?
  • Ventus: Oh, I almost forgot! Here you go, Rena.
  • Rena: This is...?
  • Ventus: Well, you need a way back to Elrios, don't you?
  • Rena: Wait...!
  • Eve: I can't believe we forgot something so essential...
  • Elsword: Huh? Can't we just go back the way we came from?
  • Eve: When we entered Henir's Realm, the masters and priestesses opened a way for us, but when we go back, we have no way to communicate we're just beyond the barrier.
  • Ventus: Haha, that's why I brought this Wind Spirit Stone. I can roughly tell where you are as long as you hold onto it. If you make it just across the barrier beneath the El Tower, we'll open the path again.
  • Chung: So you've come all the way here to give us this stone?
  • Ventus: Well, yes. But it looks like I would be taking home something much bigger now. My, just like the good old days. Has it been 2 years already? You look exactly the same as the last time I saw you!
  • Rosso: ... You idiot. Of course it's been more than just 2 years. No sense of time what so ever. Ugh...
  • Ventus: Hahaha! Who cares about the details! You should stop your nagging and rest. Now then, what do you want to do? Shall we go back together?
  • Ara: Thanks you for the offer, but we have somewhere to go to learn about the location of the Dark El.
  • Ventus: You've already found a lead? Ama-zing! Then I, with Rosso here, will be waiting for you at Elrianode. See you later!
  • Rosso: You there,
  • Elsword: Eh? M, me?
  • Rosso: ... Be on your guard. The Master of the Crimson Eye must be lurking about.

  • Ara: As they say, gone like the wind.
  • Rena: Haha, as expected of the Wind Master.
  • Elsword: Well, I'm sure Denif will be able to explain what happened when we go back.
  • Lu: If everything's settled, let's go back to where the spirit is waiting for us.
  • Chung: I hope he wasn't too startled with the tower collapsing all of a sudden.
  • Lu: He should be grateful! After all, we not only solved the issue, but completely eliminated the source of the problem! Now, let's go.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Short Break
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Fire Master story quest

After the battle the El Search Party enjoys a short break with the Tiny Spirit.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Tiny Spirit: You're back! I'm so glad that you're all...
  • Tiny Spirit: ... Safe.
  • Ara: Uah, I can't walk anymore...!
  • Rena: I think I'm about to crash, now that everything's over...
  • Lu: I need to lie down... Ciel, is there anything I can lay my head against?
  • Ciel: You can lie on my lap, if you want?
  • Add: Ugh, every part of my body is sore...
  • Tiny Spirit: Uh... It must have been a fierce battle.
  • Elsword: It was one unbelievable thing after anothe... zzzZZZ
  • Lu: Mmm,
  • Aisha: I'm sorry, but can we talk later?
  • Tiny Spirit: Of course! Rest well.

  • Eve: Wake up.... Wake up.... Everyone! It's time to wake up!!
  • Ara: Hmah?! It wasn't me! I didn't eat... Oh, it was a dream.
  • Lu: Nnnng, 5 more minutes...
  • Ciel: It's time to wake up, Lu.
  • Raven: How long have we been knocked out?
  • Eve: It's been approximately 3 hours.
  • Raven: Thank you for guardian us in our sleep, Eve.
  • Eve: You are welcome. However, I was only doing what I could to help.
  • Elsword: YAAAAWN,
  • Tiny Spirit: You're awake!
  • Elsword: Haha, sorry to have you waiting.
  • Tiny Spirit: It's nothing compared to what you've been through.
  • Chung: I guess now we should report back to Nephilim Lord.
  • Tiny Spirit: While everyone was resting, I've received information on the Dark El from Nephilim Lord. He said there's a significant clue somewhere nearby.
  • Lu: Hm...?
  • Tiny Spirit: I wouldn't lie to my saviors! Let's hurry and check on it so we can come back to rest.
  • Aisha: So where is that clue?
  • Tiny Spirit: Just follow me!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 36: The Master of the Crimson Eye

Venturing in the Shadow Vein, Ara is shocked to learn that Nero is Ran's right handed man. However, although the group defeats him, Nero manages to escape and cause disarray in the Search Party. More surprises keeps showing up, as the spirit reveals himself as Stirbargen, one of the four Demon Rules like Lu. Ara's companion, Eun, has a grudge with him due to the bet from years ago. After the introduction and meeting, Elsword decides to reveal the truth about the vision.

Chapter 36
StoryLead to Find the Dark El
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Short Break story quest

Tiny Spirit takes the El Search Party to a mountain with special ore found within.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Raven: Where is this...?
  • Rena: It looks like a rocky mountain?
  • Tiny Spirit: This is a mountain with special gems.
  • Raven: What's special about them?
  • Eve: Oh, I see. This energy stored within these gems are very unique.
  • Lu: Yes. I also sense it. This...
  • Ciel: ... Has a similar energy to the 'Real Dark El' that Hennon had. Though, it's very faint. Barely noticeable in comparison.
  • Add: In other words, this place is similar to the Richie Mines of Bethma. Looks like these gems store energy similarly to how the magic stones in Richie Mines stored El Energy.
  • Ara: Wow. This subtle coloring is very mystical and beautiful! When I visited the capital when I was little, I would go around looking at beautiful gems just like these.
  • Elesis: Is that so? It seems we barely know anything about the Northern Continent.
  • Ara: I would love to... introduce you to my home when we get the opportunity.
  • Aisha: The Dark Elves' Forest, the mines here, the Demon Realm is surprisingly similar to Elrios.
  • Elsword: Denif did say the Demon Realm was created in reaction to the power of creation. So I guess it's because of that reaction thing or something.
  • Chung: Mm... Though 'reaction' doesn't neccessarily mean mirrored creation...
  • Elsword: We, well... yeah.
  • Rena: Can these gems be the lead we were looking for?
  • Add: That's obvious. Even though it's faint, these gems hold the Dark El's unique energy. Based on that, we can create a device to trace the Dark El... and other things.
  • Eve: ...? Why is this...?
  • Rena: What's going on, Eve?
  • Eve: I found something odd... But the Energy of the Dark El is too faint to examine more carefully. Can we get a gem that has more energy stored?
  • Tiny Spirit: There should be more inside!
  • Eun: (...... That spirit is definitely acting suspicious...)
  • Chung: Ah, everyone! Over there!
  • Raven: Ah!
  • Aisha: Demon soldiers!
  • Ara: Did they come to attack the Dark Elves' village already!?
  • Elesis: They're holding mining equipment.
  • Lu: It looks like they're here to mind these gems.
  • Chung: That's... somewhat of a relief.
  • Raven: We're not fully recovered. It's best if we can avoid any unnecessary battles.
  • Aisha: They're coming this way...! We'll be discovered at this rate!
  • Elsword: Then if we go out the opposite direction..!
  • Ciel: ... Too late.
  • Demon Soldier: Who's there!!
  • Add: Tsk, they saw us.
  • Elesis: I guess we have no other option. Let's move on!

  • Add: Hmph, they were weak.
  • Eve: Perhpas it's because they were sent here to mine. They didn't seem to be trained for combat.
  • Raven: You should not let your guard down. We don't know when a powerful enemy...
  • (CRASH!)
  • Raven: ... might appear.
  • ???: I, if you interfere with m, my work! I wo, won't forgive you!
  • Chung: Looks like he's the commander of this place.
  • Add: He looks like he's going to fall over any moment now. Probably a nobody.
  • Nero: W, what?! I am Nero! Ran's faithful right-hand man!! You better not underestimate me..!!
  • Ara: Ran?! Did you say Ran?!
  • Nero: Oops...
  • Add: Weak AND stupid.
  • Nero: I'll capture all of you and take you as prisoners!!! P, prepare yourself!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryEnd of Hide and Seek
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Lead to Find the Dark El story quest

The Demon Army that invaded the mountains to get the special ore were Ran's subordinates.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elesis: ......
  • Raven: ......
  • Nero: Wah...
  • Rena: Now, what do we do with him?
  • Add: Simple. We make him talk.
  • Nero: Eeek!
  • Aisha: ... He's acting like we're about to eat him alive.
  • Raven: If you answer our questions properly, we will let you go.
  • Nero: ......
  • Add: What, not going to talk?
  • Nero: Ah! Over there! A giant bat!
  • Lu: What?
  • Elsword: Where!?
  • Chung: There's nothing there...
  • Ara: Oh! Nero is gone!
  • Elesis: I can't believe we fell for that! Our concentration level must have dropped due to fatigue...
  • Nero: Ha... Haha, You... Dunderheads!!
  • (CRASH-!!)
  • Chung: Ahh! The ground!
  • Nero: With this! The master of this vein will awake..! So long, you brutes...! I... I will crush you next time!
  • Elsword: Stop!
  • GRAAAAH-!!
  • Aisha: Wh, what is that strange monster!
  • Add: It's just one troublesome thing after another.
  • Elsword: Kugh, looks like Nero got away. We'll have to take care of this guy first!

  • Add: It's quiet now.
  • Chung: Sigh... How did this monster become the master of this vein?
  • Lu: Looks like he was attracted to the powerful energy here and just... settled. It's perfect for hunting weaker beings who come here for the same reason.
  • Tiny Spirit: Great job everyone!
  • (RUSTLE)
  • Tiny Spirit: Hm?
  • Demon Soldier: Die-!!
  • Rena: We didn't get them all?!!
  • Ara: No, spirit!!!
  • (KLING-!)

  • Demon Soldier: Ugh.. Gah...
  • Elsword: What happened? Is the spirit safe?!
  • Tiny Spirit: ... Now, how can you swing such a dangerous weapon towards such a cute spirit like me? Tsk, no fun at all.
  • Demon Soldier: Ugh... Kuaaah...!!
  • Tiny Spirit: What is Ran up to...? Mining the gems here.
  • Ain: He's... not a spirit.
  • ???: Hello? Long time no see!
  • Eun: You little..!!! I knew I should have trusted my instinct..!
  • Ara: Eun..? What are you talking about?
  • ???: Hahahaha, you guys were a lot of fun! From struggling to save that Rosso guy, to floundering to protect me, it was like a well-acted play!
  • Ciel: ... What are you?
  • Stirbargen: My name is Stirbargen. Oh! But you. You might know me as Tir.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryCrimson Demon King
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the End of Hide and Seek story quest

A boy with a mischievous smile has shining crimson eyes.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: Tir?!
  • Elsword: Ara, you know him?
  • Ara: Tir is a boy I met before I met all of you... How are you...?
  • Stirbargen: Hahaha, you might have noticed, but the tidbit about Nephilim Lord wanting you here? That was a lie. I was just curious how much you can figure things out by looking at these gems.
  • Ciel: ... So you were testing us.
  • Stirbargen: You're carrying around something interesting, Luciela.
  • Ciel: ...!
  • Lu: ... The only sharp tool you have is your tongue. If you want to keep it, perhaps you should stop talking about my contractor. You disgust me. Do not talk to me as if we're close!
  • Stirbargen: Hahaha! Could it be? The great Luciela, still holding a grudge for losing to me all those years ago?
  • Lu: It was only because of your tricks! I wasn't even using all my powers to begin with!
  • Stirbargen: True... There's no way I can win against you with pure strength. Buuut, you have to admit, using your head is a viable method in combat.
  • Elesis: Lu, you know this boy?
  • Lu: ... This boy, is the Red Demon King Sitrbargen. One of 4 Demon Rulers like me.
  • Aisha: Wh, Wha?! ... Are all demon rulers... kids...?
  • Lu: How rude! I am merely trapped in this form because I lost my powers!!
  • Stirbargen: I lost my powers trying to free myself, but that's not why I look like this. I can change shape at will. It's pretty convenient. Don't you agree?
  • Eun: Ugh... Ara, let me borrow your body for a moment.
  • Ara: Eu, Eun? ... Oh, I understand!
  • Stirbargen: Oh?
  • Ara: You were the one that suggested hide-and-seek as our bet! Why did you show yourself! What are you planning!?
  • Stirbargen: Whoa, whoa, calm down. I don't mean to fight. We're all tired, right?
  • Rena: When did he move...!
  • Stirbargen: I didn't mean to show myself. He was aiming for my neck! I had to be in this form to do something about it. So how about it, shall we call it a draw?
  • Ara: ......
  • Elsword: Hide-and-seek..? A draw..? What is going on..?
  • Stirbargen: What a surprise! You really didn't tell them anything! You see, the fox and I made a little bet. Aww, you and the girl are so lovey dovey now. Back then, you almost died bickering with each other...!
  • Ara: I will kill you where you stand! I won't have to worry about you stabbing my back that way. (E, Eun! Calm down! I'm not sure what's going on, but we must learn the circumstances surrounding us before making any rash decisions...!!) ......
  • Stirbargen: Ahahaha!! You know, I can't help but enjoy the moment when people figure out my identity. Their contorted faces are so entertaining... Buuut, I don't want to die yet. So let's make a deal. As I said earlier, we can make it a draw!
  • Add: And you expect us to trust you? Tsk.
  • Stirbargen: Hm... Well, I guess I'm talking to a bunch of idiots. I don't care if the world burns nor do I care who wins the war. I just need entertainment! Plus, it's not like I'm interested in being a ruler anymore. Just let me go. Then I'll let you know pertinent information that you will not receive otherwise. How about it?
  • Chung: Is that it?
  • Stirbargen: I like you. I have a feeling I'll be well entertained just watching you. So! I'm giving you an extra service! If I die now, there's no 'me' to enjoy, so I must ensure my survival.
  • Elsword: ...... Alright, I'll take it.
  • Ara: ......
  • Elsword: But how do we know that the information you have it worth your life?
  • Stirbargen: Ah... Sharp, aren't you? How about this. Aren't you all curious how little old me, weaker than Luciela, came all the way here by myself?
  • Add: !
  • Stirbargen: Ahaha, bingo! I know the exact coordinates of this place. This world you guys call the Demon Realm.
  • Aisha: Ugh... He's so infuriating... I want to punch him so bad...!!
  • Ara: I want to sew that mount shut, that manipulative cur... (Eu.. Eun..!!)
  • Ain: Haha, hearing such violent words coming out of Ms. Fox takes a bit getting used to.
  • Stirbargen: Sit down everyone, this is going to be a long story.
  • Chung: When did he take our weapons...!
  • Stirbargen: Where should I start... Oh yeah, how about the Dark El? The Dark El... is considered a legend, with lots of rumors surrounding it. You can obtain the greatest power! You will live eternal life! And all other absurdities. Many don't even believe that it exists. Barkat, the one currently leading the army... Actually, who cares what he thinks.
  • Lu: ......
  • Raven: Then, do you know the location of the Dark El?
  • Stirbargen: Ah, sorry, that- I don't know. So, actually, getting the spirits cooperation was a good idea on your part. Not that it would be easy getting what you want.
  • Aisha: Are you saying the spirits deceived us?
  • Stirbargen: Ahaha! No, that's not it! You see, the spirits here, sense things differently from us. So they can't pinpoint the exact location of the Dark El.
  • Ciel: So even Nephilim Lord will not have the exact location of the Dark El.
  • Stirbargen: Exactly! They can sense the Dark El, but cannot provide you the location even if they wanted to. So the information, at best, would have been more like 'where the energy of the Dark El is the strongest.'
  • Ciel: How do we trust you?
  • Stirbargen: If you're so skeptical, you can just ask Nephilim Lord! I bet one of the locations he'll list is this very vein, right here.
  • Aisha: You're so confident...
  • Stirbargen: Ah, there's one thing I forgot to mention. You see, that one eye that the red guy had, that's actually me eye.
  • Raven: ?!
  • Stirbargen: I gave it up because I lost a bet long ago. I didn't expect to find it here in all places!
  • Elsword: ... When he said the master is 'close', I didn't expect he was hiding right under our noses...
  • Stirbargen: Anyways, thanks to that, I was able to see you fight in real time! It was a great show.
  • Ara: ......
  • Stirbargen: Don't look at me like that. I just watched. There's really no power left in this eye. I wish they didn't wring out everything they could before giving it back. Hm... But it makes me wonder... What does it feel like for a normal human from Elrios to receive demonic energy...
  • Lu: !
  • Stirbargen: You won't belong anywhere, a poor creature all alone in this world... Even I don't want to feel like that.
  • Lu: You dare...!
  • Ciel: Lu... A life dedicated to something, blood spilt to protect those that are truly important... I suspect you will never empathize with those feelings. I don't want to make you understand. This is how I live. I'm sure you have your own way. However... My life, my reason of existence is directly connected to Lu. If you insult me any more, I will take that as an insult to Lu, Red Demon King.
  • Stirbargen: Hey, I was just curious. There's no need to get all serious about it. Gee, you look like you want to punch me.
  • Ciel: You think I won't? You must under some kind of delusion. The only thing that matters to me is keeping Lu safe. If you get in Lu's way, even if you're a comrade, I will take you down.
  • Lu: ...... Ciel.
  • Stirbargen: ... Is that so? Wanna bet, then? I love bets.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Crimson Demon King story quest

The Crimson Demon King's words provoke Ciel. The one to reassure Ciel was...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ciel: You may think I'm selfish... But I meant every word I said. I... I don't think you are hindrances. But......... I always thought I will say this eventually. I always thought my conviction might cause an inconvenience to others.... In the end, my actions led to Chung's injury.... I'm sorry.
  • Add: Tsk, this is why 'comrade' means nothing. In the end, we're all just using each other, yet it gives us the delusion that we're all united under some great purpose.
  • Elesis: Add...!
  • Add: There's no reason to feel guilt. If you act out of guilt, you think we'll appreciate it?
  • Chung: ... I think it's great that you have something you wish to protect, even with your life. My father... Betrayed Hamel to protect me. With his sacrifice, I survived, and was able to come all the way here with you.
  • Add: So he says. Tsk, bunch of soft-hearted idiots.
  • Chung: Hahaha...
  • Ara: I too... felt similar to how Ciel feels. As much as I cherish my brother, I also began to feel a connection with you. I was worried... That my actions would eventually harm all of you. But, everyone just accepted that I must continue to save my brother. That is when I decided. Just like everyone has fought for me, I will fight for others. I will help them, and struggle with them together. I want to help you... Ciel...!
  • Ciel: ......
  • Elsword: You are not the only one who wants to protect Lu. We all do! Comrades stand together, protecting each other's back. I hope we can be someone you can rely on. Because I like traveling with you, Ciel.
  • Ciel: Elsword...
  • Eve: We are able to operate as a team because our goals do not stray too far from each other's.
  • Add: ......
  • Eve: Of course, I would not recommend sacrificing yourself even if your actions could potentially fulfill your goal.
  • Elsword: Ah, Eve...!
  • Aisha: Huhu, I guess we'll have to make sure we don't become enemies!
  • Rena: Alright! Since everyone's exhausted, let me cook up something for once! Ciel! You're off duty! Go sit down and converse with the others!
  • Ciel: Ah, maybe I can chop the...
  • Raven: Hm, of course, a jerky is a quick way to replenish yourself after battle.
  • Aisha: Uh... Where did you get that?
  • Raven: I saved it. From Sander.
  • Aisha: That's ages ago!
  • Lu: (I told you Ciel. You are not my weapon. That is why, we have so many good people that surround us now.)

  • All Together: Thanks for the meal!
  • Lu: Mm! How delicious!
  • Elesis: I feel much better!
  • Ain: ... So you're 'human'.
  • Ciel: Yes. So I am. And I'm also a demon. I'm not going to deny that I'm half demon. But Lu, and everyone accepts me as who I am, right? Who am I to deny that?
  • Ain: I've got to say, I'm surprised, 'Mr. Half-Demon'.
  • Ciel: Haha, I'll take that as a compliment.... I never had someone to call my own. A comrade. That's why I just... closed off. You noticed I was paranoid, and you were not wrong.
  • Ain: ......
  • Ciel: But they are strong. They do not waver just because someone like me join in. I guess... This is what camaraderie is all about. I don't think I will make any decision that I will regret anymore. With everyone believing in me. Thank you for the advice... Ain.
  • Raven: Everyone looks out of sort.
  • Rena: Well, we did battle back to back without much rest...
  • Elesis: Perhaps now is a good time to stop by Elrianode?
  • Raven: ... Yes. It's a good time to report our findings and get reorganized.
  • Aisha: Dark Elves, violent spirits, Fire Master, and a previous demon ruler, the Red Demon King... So many things happened at once.
  • Rena: Red Demon King Stirbargen...
  • Aisha: That guy, kept looking down on us and smirking!
  • Lu: I should never have accepted another bet with that acoundrel...
  • Rena: But you accepted it. In rage.
  • Lu: Grrr! I..! Mm... Sorry...
  • Elsword: Haha, it's fine. I think I would have too. But we will win and show him what's for!
  • Raven: Speaking of bets, we still need something clarified.
  • Ara: ......... Eun. I think... You must have a reason for not telling me about the bet.
  • Eun: ...
  • Ara: I told you before. I believe in you. So believe in me too. Please let us know about the bet.
  • Eun: ... Alright.
  • Ain: Hm... Welcome, 'Real Ms. Fox'.
  • Ara: ... Before we met with you, Ara and I met the Red Demon King, who introduced himself as Tir. He used Ara to achieve his goal, then provoked me. He told me, there was a demon going around bragging their accomplishment of sealing the Fox Spirit. Then he offered a game of hide-and-seek, with the location of the demon and Ran as our boon. However, if we lost...
  • Lu: If you lose?
  • Ara: ... He told me to force Ara to kill her brother with her own hands. (Ah...) In addition, he put the condition that Ara should never learn of this bet. So I could not... Back then... I thought I could work it out somehow. But... I was not fair to you. I apologize... Ara. (... Eun...)
  • Aisha: So now, that bet ended as a draw because the Red Demon King revealed himself?
  • Ara: Yes.... It was... Fortunate, in a sense.
  • Chung: Mm... I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.
  • Elsword: ......
  • Elesis: Hm? Elsword, it something wrong?
  • Elsword: Yeah. I kept thinking... But it's better I say this now. The thing is...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryReady to Return
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Comrade story quest

To prepare themselves for the next battle, the El Search Party goes back to Elrianode. They go back over what they have learned and enjoy their hard earned rest.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Raven: In short, after we defeated the strange whale like creature in Henir's Realm, you saw a vision in which all of us died.
  • Elsword: ... Yeah. I couldn't say anything because I didn't want anyone to worry.... Sorry.
  • Elesis: That's why at Dark Elves' Forest...
  • Elsword: ... Sis? Ack! Si, sis! That hurst! Stop..!!
  • Elesis: Haha, aren't you all grown up! ... Thank you for telling us.
  • Elsword: I get it! Stop it already!
  • Eve: Huhu...
  • Rena: Uhuhu...
  • Raven: (Nodding)
  • Elsword: Why are you all looking at me like that? I'm not a kid..! ... Let's get back to the point.
  • Aisha: Hm... It's certainly chilling. Never mind we made it out safely...
  • Rena: Perhaps its a foreshadow of something yet to come?
  • Elsword: I thought... It might be because I was worried.
  • Ain: Elsword, you are closely connected to the El. The El can show the past using visions, so surely it's possible to see the future as well?
  • Elsword: ... Mm, I guess. I guess the El truly has endless potential.
  • Ciel: We have to go through the area again to go back to Elrianode. We better prepare ourselves.
  • Chung: When we arrive, should we gather the masters and the priestesses to discuss.
  • Ara: Master Denif might know what's going on!
  • Elesis: We should also tell them about what the Red Demon King told us.
  • Ara: Uh... So the coordinates of the Demon Realm... The fact that the Crimson Eye is the Red Demon King's... and...
  • Stirbargen: The governing structure of the Demon Realm has long been in disarray.
  • Ara: ... Is what he said.
  • Lu: True, Barkat, the one currently ruling the Demon Realm is not ruler material. But... I don't think that's why he said it. I wonder what he meant...
  • Ciel: He's just testing us and left riddles for us to solve...
  • Lu: Hmph, don't think he did us any favor Ciel. He was probably just using us! He was likely collecting information by listening to what we were saying. Since we had some information on both the El and the Dark El.
  • Aisha: Ah... So we're going back to Elrianode... It's all fine and all...
  • Add: But to cross those mountains and fields again...
  • All Together: Sigh...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,002,200 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

To a New Region

Clear the quest to follow Elsword's story, in the next region.

Story[Dungeon] Entering Rigomor
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Achieve Level 99

Clear the quest to enter Demon Realm - Rigomor.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards

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