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After restoring the El with Elsword's help, the city had reawakened, and with it so did the Masters, but the crisis still remains. What secrets will they discover in Elrianode?

Chapter 27: The Boy and the El

Chapter 27

Elsword has made his decision. Sacrificing himself, the El is restored and Elrianode returns from the realm of slumber. Pierce into the El itself to save Elsword!

Story[Village] The End and Beginning
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Do the following
  • Enter Elysion after achieving Level 99
  • Defeat Sun Master Solace ('Halted Sun's Memory', "Very Hard") 0/1

Elsword's choice and the change it has brought. It can be felt even in Elysion that's in a different dimension.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: I don't need either. I won't do it your way.
  • Solace: Why is that?
  • Elsword: What will happen to Elysion once all the diceon energy has been drained to maintain the El?
  • Solace: ...
  • Elsword: See? Then we'll have to sacrifice something again. Yuno and Herbaon wanted to protect this place, and I won't let them down.
  • Solace: Then will you sacrifice another El Lady, your sister, to repeat this cycle?
  • Elsword: ... You said, I'm 'connected to the power of El.' That means I should have the power to do something about it, don't you think?
  • Solace: How foolish! The power of El you have is indeed strong, but there's no way one man can handle the power of the Large El.
  • Elsword: ... You never know until you try. You may think it's stupid, but... I can't give up on my friends' home or my sister. This is my choice! Now Solace, you said the diceon energy is gathered at the center here?
  • Solace: ?! ... Wait, Elsword, what are you trying to do...?!

  • Rena: Wait, what happened? Elsword?
  • Eve: A massive amount of energy detected from Elrios. How strong can it be to be detected all the way out here in Elysion...?
  • Solace: I suspect all the El shards are now combined into one. And this familiar energy... could it be Elrianode...? Could it be the ancient city has awakened?
  • Elesis: Elrianode...? Where's Elsword anyways?!
  • Solace: Elsword has restored the El with his power... He's probably inside the El.
  • Elesis: Inside the El...?! Oh my god...! Then what will happen to him?!
  • Solace: Ah, wait!! The device over there is shining...!
  • Solace: ...!

  • Aisha: Could she... be... the El Lady?!
  • Solace: Hang on, Hernia. Don't try to get up too quickly. You need to rest...
  • Hernia: I'm fine, Fenriart. Don't worry. Hello, everyone. I haven't introduced myself properly.
  • Elesis: ...
  • Hernia: ... I've been watching you, El Search Party... and Elesis...
  • Elesis: ... It was you who tried to talk to me.
  • Hernia: That's right. Please forgive my rudeness. I didn't want anyone to be sacrificed again.
  • Elesis: (... Elsword did it to save me...)
  • Ara: My Lady, where is Elsword? Please let us know!
  • Hernia: I feel the pure and ever-growing power from within the El. That power probably comes from him.... Thanks to Elsword, the El is being restored to its original form. I, too was able to wake up with his power. However... If the El keeps absorbing him, Elsword will eventually disappear.
  • Aisha: Ho, ho, hold on a minute. Elsword will disappear? No way!
  • Solace: When Elsword and the El were combined, I injected some diceon energy. It prevented the El from instantly absorbing Elsword, but it won't last long.
  • Raven: Elsword... Did he make this decision because of us? ... He shouldered all the burden again...
  • Elesis: We must save him quick! What... should we do...? Please!
  • Hernia: There should be someone waiting for you in Elrianode that'll guide you to him. I sense his energy in Elrianode. He's been with the El the longest as a dragon and as a master, so he will know the way.
  • Chung: Then let's head to Elrianode right now!
  • Add: Hey, are you tagging along?
  • Solace: I'm no longer qualified to be a master. And I can't leave Hernia alone in Elysion.
  • Hernia: Then I can go to Elrianode...
  • Solace: No, I don't want to sacrifice you to the El anymore, Hernia.
  • Hernia: Fenriart...
  • Solace: And there's something we must do at Elysion tower.
  • Rena: ... Something you must do?
  • Solace: I need to find the ones who orchestrated the events behind the El explosion. They will come back at it again once the El is restored. Since Elrianode is rebuilt, they will show themselves somewhere. I can't let the same thing happen again.
  • Eve: We don't have much time. Let's head off to Elrianode.
  • Hernia: I can help you travel to the master near the El.
  • Elesis: Sure!
  • Hernia: Thank you... And I'm sorry. Please rescue Elsword.... And you...
  • Elesis: Of course! I have no intention of sacrificing ourselves for for the El. Don't worry too much, there's got to be another way.
  • Hernia: Right. I'll do my best to help you. May the Goddess be with you.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ciel: ... Are we... in Elrianode...?
  • Chung: Look...! A giant El...!
  • Raven: Is that the restored El? Amazing.
  • Elesis: ... Elsword is... inside...
  • Denif: Who are you?
  • Elesis: !!
  • Denif: Intruders? Identify yourselves.
  • Add: Tsk, that's what we want to say. You go first.
  • Elesis: Excuse him. We are the El Search Party, and we came here with the help of the El Lady...
  • Denif: The El Lady...! You mean Hernia?!
  • Artea: Ah, aren't you the El Search Party...?! I can't believe you are here...!
  • Ara: Artea!
  • Denif: Do you... know each other?
  • Artea: Master Denif, these are the heroes who saved the priestesses and Elrios multiple times. El Search Party, this is Master Denif, the Water Master who just woke up with Elrianode.
  • Ara: Then he is the one the El Lady was talking about?
  • Aisha: Master Denif!! We have a request!!
  • Denif: ...? A request?

  • Denif: I see. That's why Elrianode came back to life...
  • Artea: We were surprised, too. The El shards we have been protecting combined into one, so all the priestesses were brought together to one place.
  • Denif: Since the El exploded, we Master concentrated out energies and given attributes to the dispersed El shards. We have then made a seal to protect Elrianode and fallen into slumber with the city. With the power of the boy named Elsword, Elrianode has been restored, and I have arisen with the city that's been sleeping.
  • Rena: Master Denif, what about the other masters...?
  • Denif: Hm... I don't know. I only saw these priestesses when I woke up. Maybe they woken up outside the city... Or they may not have awoken just yet. But more importantly, you were talking about the El Lady. Where did you meet her?
  • Aisha: Ah... Here's what happened...

  • Denif: ... I've never imagined... Solace was... behind the catastrophe... I knew I should have done something...
  • Ara: But this was never part of Master Solace's plan. He also seemed to feel deeply responsible for this whole incident.
  • Denif: I understand. Anyone who knows their relationship will. But that doesn't justify their actions. Their personal feeling have caused too many sacrifices.
  • Ara: ... I see...
  • Denif: Now is not the time to point fingers, since it's also true that he made efforts to rectify his deed. It would have been truly disastrous if it weren't for the diceon energy. But it's unbelievable that this power of El comes... solely from the boy named Elsword.
  • Rena: Please help us, Master Denif!! We must save Elsword.... Even if it makes the El unstable again...
  • Denif: The El... unstable again...
  • Artea: Master Denif...
  • Elesis: ...
  • Denif: Alright, I'll help you. I'm also aware that this is not a desirable way of stabilizing the El. The perfection made out of sacrifice will lead to another tragedy... However, to prevent any further sacrifices, there should be much more attention and care put into the unstable El in the future. Are you prepared for it?
  • Chung: Absolutely. Bring it on!
  • Eve: It's only reasonable to accept such a cause, Master Denif.
  • Add: There's no other way. It might be a hassle, but we need to do it.
  • Aisha: Great, then everybody's going to save Elsword, right?! Let's go!
  • Denif: We, the dragons, have protected the El for the Ellians kingdom for generations. So we know the El better than anyone. To save the child Elsword, you need to wake him up and get him outside the El.
  • Elesis: ... How do we wake him up?
  • Denif: Hmm... You'll need to call him.
  • Add: Seriously? There's no way we'll be able to reach him with our voices while he's trapped inside that gigantic El. Got any other ideas that actually make sense?
  • Elesis: Add, behave yourself and be courteous.
  • Add: Tsk, I'm just pointing out the obvious flaw.
  • Denif: Of course there's no use calling him from out here. But there's a small dimension rift near the El that resonates with it. Your voices may be able to reach him there...
  • Ara: ...! Is there a way we can get there, Master Denif? We need to save Elsword no matter what...!
  • Denif: Yes, but that path there is dangerous. Furthermore, it's not guaranteed that your voices will reach him from there.
  • Eve: If the possibility is not zero, it's worth a try.
  • Chung: We must at least attempt if it can potentially save Elsword. So please tell us now, Master Denif!
  • Denif: ... You must truly want to save that child. I can send you to the dimension rift but you must be aware that the massive energy there may want to test you. The rift is where the El is most active, so you may be swallowed by the El if you're not wary.
  • Aisha: Uh... Swallowed by the El.... How scary. Everyone, let's be careful.
  • Lu: Hoho, I'm already set.
  • Ciel: We can have tea later once Elsword is back.
  • Rena: Hm... By the way, don't you feel like something's missing?
  • Elesis: Something? Like what? I think we're all prepared.
  • Rena: No, I mean... maybe someone?
  • Aisha: Of course, Elsword is missing.
  • Rena: Yes, but someone other than Elsword...? It's weird.
  • Raven: It's probably because it's Elsword that the absence feels bigger. Let's hurry.
  • Denif: ... Are you ready? Be prepared... Good luck.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Aisha
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] The End and Beginning story quest
  • Hall of El, "Beginning"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Beginning' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: What is this fog...? Ugh... It feels creepy... Is Elsword really at the end of this cave? Elsword is such a troublemaker~

  • Aisha: What the... Is there even an end to this? Did I make a wrong turn?
  • Kuenbaran: Aisha, what are you doing?
  • Aisha: Huh? This voice... Grandpa...?! How did you...!
  • Kuenbaran: Stop wasting time and go find the Ring of Mimir.
  • Aisha: Grandpa! Are you over there? ...... That's strange, I don't see him...
  • Kuenbaran: It should be fine now that the El is complete. Hurry, before it is too late. I'm worried you may never get your power back if you keep putting off finding the ring...
  • Aisha: Ugh, he's right. It will be delayed even more if the El becomes unstable again... Mmm... but it's alright! I'm still strong without retrieving my powers! No matter when I get it back, I will continue to become stronger. So, it doesn't matter if I get it back later. This is nothing for a genius like me!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeTopBlue1.png Blue Triangle Fragment Top Piece NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Rena
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Aisha story quest
  • Hall of El, "Beginning"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Beginning' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: Is this... the El Rift...? It's all foggy... Where is everybody...? I hope I find everyone outside.

  • Rena: Hmm... Where am I...? All I feel is the strong power of the El... I don't feel anything else...
  • Branwen: Rena? Rena Erindel, do you hear me?
  • Rena: Elder? Is that you?
  • Branwen: Rena, the Eldrasil is back to normal as the El became complete.
  • Rena: Really?! What a relief!
  • Branwen: You can come home now. You have completed your mission.
  • Rena: ... Ah... But I need to save my friend trapped inside the El.
  • Branwen: ... Rena, the El is in the most stable status right now. It may never this stable again. If you save your friend, the unstable El will harm the Eldrasil again... If that happens, all the efforts you have put to keep our village safe will be for naught.
  • Rena: Haha... Maybe... But don't worry. Even if the El becomes unstable again, he will be able to restore it again. Because he is Elsword! So, please wait a little longer, Elder!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeBottomRed1.png Red Triangle Fragment Bottom Piece NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Raven
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Rena story quest
  • Hall of El, "Beginning"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Beginning' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Raven: ... It's foggy, I can't see anything. I guess I'll just have to follow this path.

  • ???: You are the enemy of my family...
  • ???: Because of your raid, my father...!
  • ???: It's all because of you!
  • Raven: Are these voices... resenting me? ... It's all my fault, I know that.... A sin that I will atone for the rest of my life... However, I can't let this stop me. I must save Elsword as soon a possible.
  • Seris: Raven.
  • Raven: ...!!
  • Seris: Raven...
  • Raven: No... It can't be... Seris? How is this possible...? Seris?
  • Seris: Raven, if the El becomes unstable again, people will suffer. Are you willing to hurt innocents with your own hands again?
  • Raven: ... Argh...
  • Seris: Don't go, Raven. Just give up one Elsword before you make a bigger mistake.
  • Raven: What...? (Seris would never say something like this... Is this an illusion?) ... If you are really Seris, be patient with me. I know you will trust me no matter the choice I make.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeGlovesPurple1.png Purple Triangle Fragment Glove NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Eve
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Raven story quest
  • Hall of El, "Trials"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Trials' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Eve: Even Moby and Remy can't detect the energy of the El Search Party...... I guess I have become separated from the others. There seems to be only one path. Will I encounter the others at the destination?

  • Eve: Is it the fog..? I can't get a proper reading of the area. This path seems to resonate with the power of El energy..
  • Adrian: Eve, there you are.
  • Eve: Adrian..?! Why are you here? Where are you? I can't see you.
  • Adrian: Eve, will you let the El absorb the child?
  • Eve: Why would you want me to let that happen?!
  • Adrian: Eve... Your purpose is to revive Nasods... You may never get an opportunity like this ever again. If the El becomes unstable again, you would be getting further away from your goal. Let him be, he's just a boy that you've encountered on your journey. You have wasted too much time. Your goal is getting further away as we speak.
  • Eve: I don't understand, Adrian. We Nasods have always excelled with the El being stable or not. Because we are your children. Don't worry, Adrian. There is nothing to be concerned about. Elsword can be bothersome... But saving him won't interfere with my purpose. Because I'm Eve, the Queen of the Nasods.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeShoesBlue1.png Blue Triangle Fragment Shoes NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Chung
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Eve story quest
  • Hall of El, "Trials"
  • Clear Hall of El - Trials' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chung: A fog...? Is anyone there?! ...... I guess I'm separated from the party... I'll have to move on by myself for now.

  • Chung: I hope everyone is okay... They should be, right...?
  • Guardian Stone: Prince... Seiker...
  • Chung: This is... my voice...!
  • Guardian Stone: I'm your spirit inside the Guardian Stone. The one that converts your will to devastating power.
  • Chung: ... I see. Is that why you're speaking with my voice...?
  • Guardian Stone: Don't go another step, Seiker.
  • Chung: ... Why?
  • Guardian Stone: How naive, due to the power of the complete El, our powers have also become complete. If not now, when do you think you'll be able to save your father?
  • Chung: Uggh...
  • Guardian Stone: The fact that you are wasting your time saving Elsword means... You have no intention of saving your father.
  • Chung: That's not..! I want to...!
  • Guardian Stone: If you want to save your father, give up on Elsword. Get out of here and save your father!
  • Chung: ... I refuse.
  • Guardian Stone: Why is that?
  • Chung: My father always told me to follow my beliefs. If I don't, my beliefs will fall prey to my situation or the people I deal with. Beliefs aren't something that should change depending on the situation. Abandoning my beliefs will only make us weaker. I don't be able to save my father without conviction. I will continue to strive to stay true to my beliefs! ... To protect my friends, act on good will, and be unmoved by worldly temptation. That is the will that gives us strength, Prince Seiker!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeTopPurple4.png Purple Round Fragment Top Piece NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Ara
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Chung story quest
  • Hall of El, "Trials"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Trials' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: Huh...? I don't see the others, did I get transported to a different area? I need to find the others, will you help me, Eun?

  • Ara: ... I called, but no one is answering... Maybe I can meet the at the exit...?
  • Eun: Ara, why don't we just leave?
  • Ara: Huh? Leave? You mean through the exit? Yes, I agree.
  • Eun: No, I mean to stop wasting time on this journey. We can save your brother and go back to the village.
  • Ara: But... I have to save Elsword. Please give me some time.
  • Eun: Do you event want to save your brother?
  • Ara: Of course, I do. How could you say that...!
  • Eun: It just sounds like your are putting it off. If you drag the boy out from the El, the El will become unstable again. That will delay the whole process of saving your brother, won't it? It will be harder and harder to get your brother back to his original self as time passes.
  • Ara: That's...
  • Eun: Let's just stop and go back. You need to save your brother and rebuild your village. Come on.
  • Ara: ... I'm sorry, Eun. But I can't.
  • Eun: Why?
  • Ara: I was able to come this far, thanks to the help of Elsword and the El Search Party. Being ungrateful and acting on my own interest is not something the Haan family was built upon.... If Aren were here to find out later, he will scold me for sure. I will go save Elsword.... No matter the consequence, this is something I should accept, not avoid. I'm ready for anything.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeBottomBlue4.png Blue Round Fragment Bottom Piece NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Elesis
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Ara story quest
  • Hall of El, "Choice"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Choice' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elesis: ... The fog is so thick! Is Elsword really here...? Master Denif did say this is a strange place, I'll just have to take his word for it. Okay, let's go.

  • Elesis: I guess... Elsword will be at the end of this path...? Elsword, hang in there a little longer. Your sister is coming to save you.
  • Elkashu: Elesis, stop.
  • Elesis: This voice... Father...? Where are you, father?!
  • Elkashu: Elesis, if Elsword becomes separated from he El, it will become unstable again. You will also have to sacrifice yourself and become the El Lady for the rest of your life.
  • Elesis: Uggh...
  • Elkashu: Give up, let Elsword become on with the El. I don't want your to sacrifice yourself for Elrios. This is also something Elsword has done to save you from sacrificing yourself. Do you want Elsword's sacrifice to go in vain?
  • Elesis: ... Father, I...
  • Elkashu: Come to me, Elesis, to your father. We need to protect Elrios in Elsword's place. Can't you see that's what Elsword wants?
  • Elesis: ...... Remember what you asked of me before you left? You asked me to take care of Elsword. If you are saying this because you are worried about me, then I'll be fine.... Even if I happen to become the El Lady... Elsword and I will find a way. Just you wait, father. I'll find you, with Elsword.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeGlovesRed4.png Red Round Fragment Gloves NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Add
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Elesis story quest
  • Hall of El, "Choice"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Choice' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Add: ... What the... Where is everybody? Am I alone? I should investigate the area.

  • Add: The fog is everywhere, this place is giving off a bad vibe! I can't see anything because of this stupid fog. Elsword, that bastard... making me go through all of this hassle, I'll make sure he pays for this.
  • Grace: ... Edward...
  • Add: ...!! This voice.. Mother?!
  • Grace: Edward, if you let the El be, you can travel back to the past. The current El can support that kind of energy...
  • Add: Mother...
  • Grace: Come to me and find me, Edward...
  • Add: ... Argh......
  • Grace: Edward...
  • Add: ... Something's off. Why is mother here? This isn't even the correct timeline. Dynamo, analyze and identify the person speaking to me....... The reading, it's not a person... I knew this was a trap. Hmph, it won't make a fool out of me. Tsk, Denif was right, trying to make a fool out of me...... But I admit that I was distracted too easily. That wasn't like me. Let's go, Dynamo.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeShoesPurple4.png Purple Round Fragment Shoes NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAt the Hall of El - Lu/Ciel
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Add story quest
  • Hall of El, "Choice"
  • Clear 'Hall of El - Choice' 0/1

With Denif's help, the El Search Party enters the Hall of El to save Elsword who has become one with the El. There, they encountered...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lu: Hmm... It's not just the fog, something else is making this place feel stuffy.
  • Ciel: It's strangely full of the El energy. This must be the El Rift... Is it because you are a demon, Lu? You don't seem to feel the El energy.
  • Lu: Hmph, I don't care! Let's keep going. I want to get out of here as soon as possible!

  • Lu: ... The fog is getting thicker... Ciel, do you sense anything else? ... Ciel...? Answer me!
  • Ciel: Terre...
  • Lu: ... Ciel, what are you look at? Get it together!
  • Ciel: Right, Terre... with Verni...
  • Lu: Huh? It's no good, he's hallucinating! Ciel, get it together! Do you hear me? This isn't working. I'm sorry, Ciel. I have no choice! (Smack)
  • Ciel: Argh! Ouch... Wh, what the? Lu?
  • Lu: Are you awake? Do you hear my voice?
  • Ciel: Lu! Did you hear Terre and Verni's voice? They were talking to us!
  • Lu: It was just you.... It might have been caused by the El energy.
  • Ciel: Then... was I hearing things...? I almost fell for it.
  • Lu: ... Don't be sad, the world will continue the cycle of life and death. You will eventually meet them again. When the day comes, you may give them the pleasure of introducing me. But until then, don't be fooled by illusions, Ciel.
  • Ciel: ... Okay. I promise that I'll introduce them to you. Thank you for saving me, Lu.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeTopRed3.png Red Star Fragment Top Piece NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryTogether, Once More
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the At the Hall of El - Lu/Ciel story quest

The El Search Party arrived at the center of the El where Elsword is. They call out to the boy slowly fading away. Together, once more.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ain: ... I'm still not getting restored to my original form. I guess it can't be helped. Since Elsword's choice has completed the Goddess' mission, I'm no longer needed here.... But the mission wasn't completed properly... Goddess Ishmael... Elsword... No, the El Search Party is indispensable to Elrios... If they're gone, the El can become unstable again.... I have to save Elsword... Even if it goes against my mission...

  • Ain: ... As I expected... I thought I was just imagining things, but I was right. Ishmael's ultimate authority over me has changed to Elria, the Creator of the Goddess Ishmael... I was destined to disappear soon as my mission was complete. It was strange that my presence still lingers, but now I understand. I was already being erased when my mission was complete. However, I was restored by the power of Elria... Even this extraordinary change, was caused by Elsword's power...... Elsword, you are truly full or surprises....... That's why I can't let you disappear inside the El... Elria, the Holy Creator... Please kindly look over the El Search Party that strives to keep the El, your blessing and your creation. Please allow me, Ainchase Ishmael, to aid them on your behalf to the end of their journey.

  • Elsword: Where am I...? It feels warm...... I feel at peace... and full of energy. As if... I was born and raised here... What was I... worrying about...? It must have been something important...... Whatever, I just wanted to rest...... Who... was I...
  • Elesis: Elsword!!
  • Elsword: ?! ... What was that?
  • Elesis: Elsword!! Wake up! Pull it together!
  • Elsword: This voice...... Sis...?
  • Aisha: You dummy! Stop causing trouble!
  • Rena: Elsword! Do you hear me? Elsword!
  • Elsword: Rena...
  • Chung: Elsword, the El Search Party's mission is not yet complete!
  • Eve: I said I trusted your choice, but I didn't mean that I would accept your sacrifice.
  • Add: Get up, you rascal. You've caused enough trouble to everybody. How bothersome...
  • Ara: Elsword, you promised that you would stay with us until the end!
  • Lu: Come on and get up already! How dare you make me worry!
  • Ciel: Wake up, Elsword. There are people outside waiting for you.
  • Raven: That's right, you the sake of everyone that trusts you... You can't just disappear now, Elsword.
  • Elesis: Don't cross the bridge until you come to it. We have made it this far together!
  • Aisha: We'll figure it out. Have you forgotten? We're the El Search Party!
  • Elsword: El... Search Party... That's right, we were the El Search Party!
  • Add: We got a million things to do because of you. We have no time to waste here!
  • Elesis: Alright, hands, everybody!
  • Rena: Focus on one thing!
  • All Together: Going back to Elrios with Elsword...!

  • Denif: Oh, you are back. Thank El you're safe. Is this red-haired boy Elsword?
  • Elsword: Huh? Who is this little kid?
  • Elesis: Elsword! Mind you manners! This is Master Denif that helped us save you.
  • Elsword: You save me...?! Thanks, man! Ah, I mean... Thank you, Master Denif!
  • Denif: What an energetic boy! Quite impressive that all of you were able to survive the El Rift. I'm sure the power of El must have tried to stop you from saving Elsword.
  • Ara: You mean those voice we heard were all fake?
  • Denif: Yes. The rift is affected by the El energy. It's only a mirage created by the El energy.
  • Add: ...
  • Raven: ...
  • Denif: No human being would be able to survive there. If you were bewitched and followed the voices, you would've never made it.
  • Rena: Boy, that was a close call.
  • Aisha: What would've happened if I followed that voice...? Ugh, just thinking about it gives me the chills.
  • Denif: As expected, the El has quickly started to grow unstable as Elsword escaped.
  • Elesis: ... Kugh...
  • Denif: Don't you worry too much. The Diceon energy Solace has injected is somewhat slowing down the process. The Priestesses and I are doing our best too, so it'll hold for a while.
  • Eve: But it won't hold for long. The amount of energy the El radiates is dwindling even as we speak.
  • Denif: Correct. Once the injected Diceon energy is exhausted, the El won't become stable again without another sacrifice. Before then, we need some kind of energy to stabilize the power of El...
  • Chung: I expected as much. Let's go, everyone! We must restore the El!
  • Rena: Yeah, let's go find a solution instead of sitting around and worrying!
  • Lu: We mustn't go unprepared! Everyone must be tired, let's rest up. I need a moment to gather my strength...
  • Ciel: Lu is right, it won't be efficient with everyone being so tired. We have a moment for tea.
  • Denif: Fufu, the El Search Party is back. I'll do all I can to stabilize the El on my end, good luck.

  • Ain: The El Search Party is at its full power again? It's been a long time since we've been this lively.
  • Raven: Hm? It's nothing new. You have always been with us, Ain.
  • Ain: ... I know, but it feel like a long time.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 28: Restored Elrianode

After restoring Elsword, they begin to investigate the Sanctum in order to find clues on how to restore the El. However, they meet a mysterious person, which Aisha recognizes as the person who stole her Ring of Mimir, the ring that contains magical powers. They chase after him, but they encounter strange monsters and they lose track of him.

StoryTo the Water Dragon Sanctum
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Together, Once More story quest

The El Search Party came back with Elsword. But the El began to become unstable again. Denif sends the El Search Party to the Water Dragon Sanctum, claiming that a powerful relic long protected by the Water Dragons will be useful.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rena: Sigh... I did say it with confidence, but... I have no idea where to find this new energy to stabilize the El...
  • Aisha: Me too, I'm clueless.
  • Denif: Hm... Now that I think about it, there may be something that'd be helpful to you...
  • Raven: Do you have an idea?
  • Denif: There is a Sanctum that we, the Water Dragons have been protecting. I wouldn't know what's in there as it's been sealed for a long time. But I definitely felt a strong El energy even when it was sealed... It must be something very powerful.
  • Chung: It it was giving off such strong El energy... It might be able to restore the unstable El!
  • Elesis: Where is this Sanctum, Master Denif?
  • Denif: Unfortunately, the region where the Sanctum existed has been engulfed by the Rift of Time and Space. You won't be able to simply walk to the Sanctum. The Sanctum will be somewhere beyond the outside barrier of the Rift of Time and Space. Since I remember the energy pulse of the Sanctum, I can send you to the barrier. However, you'll need to find the entrance on your own.
  • Aisha: Whoa...Barrier of Henir? Isn't Henir... extremely dangerous?
  • Denif: In the beginning, Henir was part of Elrios. Henir wasn't always like this. It's actually unusual that mixed energies are causing chaos. According to an ancient document, the creation activities performed by the large El in the past had left a trace of Henir's power as a reaction.
  • Rena: That means... it's being repeated now? New creation activity has begun?
  • Denif: I'm not certain... this extraordinary change seem to have a different nature than the past. Not only distorting the Time and Space but also showing a pattern of extinguishing living beings around it.... I can't help but think that something wasn't there before got involved...
  • Aisha: Sigh... Finding the entrance would be the biggest challenge especially when we don't know how it looks like...
  • Denif: The Sanctum would be asleep as well, so you won't be able to reach it simply by knowing what it looks like. However, I don't think that would be an issue.
  • Rena: Why is that?
  • Denif: The fact that the Sanctum has such strong El energy means that the pure power of the El is preserved inside. If it's that pure, it will for sure react to Elsword and show itself.
  • Elesis: ... To Elsword's power...?
  • Denif: Elsword's power is at a level where is almost restored the unstable El. It would have been impossible if it was just his strength. It suggests that Elsword's potential is very similar to the El's nature.
  • Ain: (... It is indeed very similar.)
  • Elsword: Hehehe, I don't know what it is, but it means I'm awesome, right?
  • Raven: ... I guess you're really fine as you seem quite yourself, Elsword.
  • Rena: Haha, what a relief. I'm glad he looks well.
  • Elesis: Then... Can we find the Sanctum with Elsword's power?
  • Denif: Yes, of course there will another problem once the Sanctum awakens...
  • Chung: Another problem?
  • Denif: The gateway of the Sanctum are locked with ancient seals. They may have needed powerful seals to block the El energy from escaping. Even if you find the Sanctum, you won't be able to enter unless you can unseal it. Unfortunately, I'm not qualified to unseal it. Which means, you need to find someone who can do that for you... The thing is, there weren't many who could break the ancient seal even in the Elrian Kingdom. Not to mention how long it has been since then...
  • Lu: You mean, there's no use finding the Sanctum if we can't unseal it?
  • Denif: I'm afraid not...
  • Aisha: Wait, me! I can do it, Master Denif!
  • Denif: What...? Are you sure?
  • Aisha: Hehe, I used to find and unseal ancient relics with my grandpa.
  • Denif: Amazing... Your grandfather must be an extraordinary man.
  • Aisha: Totally? My grandpa is the greatest sage in the Landar family.
  • Denif: What...?! The Landar Family...? They are the greatest family of Magicians in all of the Elrian Kingdom! Can't believe you're from the Landar Family... I never thought I'd meet one here.
  • Elsword: ... I'm not sure what you're talking about, but are you saying Aisha is a great magician?
  • Ara: Aisha... I didn't know you were from such a well-renowned family...
  • Aisha: Hehehehe... You're all making me blush..
  • Denif: Good, you should be able to unseal the Sanctum and check what's inside. I hope that it's something that'll aid in restoring the El.
  • Elesis: Please take us to the outer barrier of Henir, Master Denif!
  • Denif: Aisha, was it? Good luck.
  • Aisha: Thanks! Just leave it to the genius magician!
  • Add: (... I've read about the Landar family. The Elrian Kingdom... and the Landar family... Kuku, interesting how things work out. Together with Eve's Core, this could really work. It's fare better than taking a risk extracting the energy from the El. Let's see how this goes, kukuku.)
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chung: I think we've investigated every inch of the outer barrier... Do you feel anything, Elsword?
  • Elsword: Hm... I'm not sure. How do I even feel the El energy?
  • Add: Don't rush it, kid. Take your time. Even though it's sealed, there may be some identifiable marks on the ground. Let's me go take a look. Why don't you all get off your lazy butts and go find something, too?
  • Elesis: ... Huh? Why is Add so helpful? That's strange...
  • Aisha: I know, what's up with him...?
  • Eve: Everyone, I have detected traces of a special element from this area.
  • Aisha: Special element...?! Eve, did you find a clue of the Sanctum.
  • Ara: ... Hm? What's this? A rock...?
  • Ain: Don't touch anything suspicious, Ms. Fox.... I feel the energy of Henir.
  • Eve: Not only Henir, but I'm also detecting multiple unknown elements as well. They are not normal materials that can be found in Elrios.
  • Rena: meaning, this did not originate from here?
  • Raven: This isn't something we should take lightly. Let's take it back to Master Denif.
  • Rena: We keep finding weird stuff rather than the gateway... Sigh, are we even going to find the Sanctum today...?
  • Lu: Eh? Look, I feel something here. I sense it to be something special.
  • Ciel: Mm? ... This just looks like... a collapsed wall...? Hm, should I tell them just in case? Hey guys, will you take a look at this?
  • Elsword: What is it? Did you find something?
  • Rena: Whoa! It began to glow as Elsword got near!
  • Elesis: You're right! Elsword! Put your hand there
  • Elsword: Huh? ... Like this?
  • Chung: Wow, the light is getting immensely stronger!!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeTop.png Elrianode Top Piece NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 HQ Shop Item 130173.png El Tear Fragment Cube (Top Piece) NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThe Mysterious Figure
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the To the Water Dragon Sanctum story quest

With Aisha and Elsword leading the group, the party arrives at the center of the Sanctum. There, they encounter a mysterious figure......

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elesis: ... Unbelievable... Something huge is soaring from the ground!
  • Ara: Is that... a gateway?! It must be the gateway to the Sanctum!
  • Rena: As expected, it reacted to Elsword's power!
  • Lu: That's a REALLY huge door.
  • Aisha: There is a seal on the door written in ancient writing. Not an issue, leave it to the genius magician, Aisha! Let's see. "Half the fruit. Who dare disturb the asleep? After countless years the power of life bears fruit. Both hope and despair gather."

  • Chung: Whoa, the door is open! You're amazing, Aisha!!
  • Aisha: Hehehehe, don't hold back, you can say more. It's nice to hear!
  • Elesis: Ahaha, seriously, you're amazing, Aisha!
  • Add: It's amazing that you were actually useful, what a surprise!
  • Ciel': Add... I don't think that's a compliment...
  • Raven: Alright, be careful everybody, we don't know what kind of danger lingers in the Sanctum.
  • Ain: Especially you, Elsword.
  • Elsword: Huh? Careful of what?
  • Ain: The stronger the power of El becomes, the stronger you'll be drawn to it. If you change in like usual no one will be able to help you. I don't want he same thing to happen again, Elsword.
  • Rena: That's right, Elsword. Don't push yourself too hard. Trust the people you're with.
  • Lu: You are one of the few humans that I've saved. Be honored and care for yourself.
  • Elsword: Okay! I'll be careful. Thanks, everyone!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: "Half the fruit slumbers beneath the protection of the Holy Dragon, when darkness fades, and light shines, the world will become one."

  • Aisha: It looks completely unsealed now. That was the last spell of the seal!
  • Raven: We made it here safely, thanks to you. Thank you, Aisha.
  • Aisha: Hehehe. No biggie! Anyways, it should be somewhere in here, right?
  • Raven: I guess so...
  • Add: Could it be... that stone sitting on top of the alter?
  • Eve: Strange, there isn't a strong El energy radiating from the stone.
  • Elsword: But don't yo think it's something important since it's on top of an alter?
  • Rena: Normally... However, it's the room itself that's radiating the strong El energy... What...? You mean this powerful El energy was used to seal away that tiny stone?
  • Ciel: We won't know for sure until we take it back.
  • A Mysterious Man: Thank you for disabling the seal.
  • Chung: ...?! Who's there?
  • Lu: ...!! Everyone, be careful I can sense great power!
  • A Mysterious Man: This is the fragment of the Primal El... I'll be taking this.
  • Aisha: This voice...! Now way, are you...!
  • Rena: Aisha, do you recognize the voice?!
  • Aisha: That is the person who stole the Ring of Mimir!!!
  • Rena: What?!
  • Elsword: That...!?
  • A Mysterious Man: Well, well, well. If it isn't the junior magician who lost her little ring?
  • Aisha: You! Give me back the Ring of Mimir!
  • A Mysterious Man: How foolish. It didn't even belong to you in the first place.
  • Aisha: But... the ring contains my magical power!
  • A Mysterious Man: I'll use the power for something better. Thank you for your donation, keukeukeuk. I'll take my leave then.
  • Aisha: Wait! Stop right there!
  • Lu: Stop, look over there! Unknown figures in black clothing are approaching!
  • Ciel: They don't even have any weapons... They look harmless.
  • (Kughhh!!)
  • Ciel: ...?! What, what the?!
  • Elesis: They've changed into monsters!!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeBottom.png Elrianode Bottom Piece NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 HQ Shop Item 130173.png El Tear Fragment Cube (Bottom Piece) NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryA New Enemy
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the The Mysterious Figure story quest

The party chases after the mysterious man, but strange monsters they've never encountered before block their way.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Add: Damn it! I lost the thief!
  • Chung: Shouldn't have gone far! Let's go after the thief!
  • Elesis: By the way... What was that...?! They used some kind of an orb and transformed into monsters...!
  • Eve: Those monsters contained similar elements found around the outer barrier.
  • Aisha: What? The stone was there before we arrived! Which means... They knew the Sanctum was here before we even got here.
  • Raven: ... Could they have been waiting for us to unseal the gateway?
  • Ciel: Then this is not a coincidence.
  • Elesis: I've got a bad feeling about this. The situation may be far more complicated then we initially thought.
  • Ara: Ah! Look over there! There's a horde of monsters similar from before...!
  • Rena: That thief must have deployed them while making his escape. They are only blocking a single direction.
  • Elsword: We may be able to catch the thief if we move as we clear the monsters ahead. Let's make is quick!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: Is everyone okay?!
  • Add: Tsk...! How... annoying.
  • Lu: It's just hard to move because of the water. I'm not having trouble because I'm weaker than those vermin! Uuu...
  • Eve: I've never fought this type of monster before and it's making it hard to read their next move.
  • Ain: The monsters pouring out from the right. Let's keep moving.
  • Rena: This place is just full of water here... Is it because the Water Dragon was protecting this area?
  • Chung: Also, the sky is pitch black even though we are outside. Master Denif did say that it's beyond the outer barrier. Does that mean this is part of Henir?
  • Raven: Most likely.
  • Elesis: ... Strange...
  • Aisha: What is?
  • Elesis: There is now way an ordinary person would know about Henir's Time and Space.
  • Aisha: You're right... but those people transformed into monsters... Maybe they weren't human?
  • Eve: They were definitely human. However, I can't really explain how they turned into monsters using those orbs.
  • Ain: (Even if it's part of Henir's Time and Space, such objects that can change a human into a monster couldn't have just appeared out of thin air... There must be someone behind it all.)
  • Ciel: That's a dead end. The thief must be in there.
  • Lu: Argh... Be careful, everyone.... I feel an overwhelming demonic energy.
  • Ciel: Demonic energy? Does that mean the thief is a demon?
  • Lu: No, it's not the energy of a demon. If I'm right, this is something from deep down the demonic realm... How strange, how is a human able to have this kind of demonic energy...
  • Raven: ... If it's something even Lu can't identify... We'd better catch the thief and find out.
  • Elsword: There! Don't let the thief escape!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeGloves.png Elrianode Gloves NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 HQ Shop Item 130173.png El Tear Fragment Cube (Gloves) NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryNight Before the Storm
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the A New Enemy story quest

Mysterious man, strangely mutated monsters, and a stolen relic. A dark shadow slowly starts to take over Elrianode.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • A Mysterious Man: I commend you for making it this far.
  • Add: I don't need your compliment, give the stone back right now!
  • Aisha: Don't forget my ring!
  • Elsword: I can't let you go until you hand the ring back to Aisha! Bring it on!!
  • A Mysterious Man: I would love you, but I can't. I'm quite busy. Instead, I'll introduce someone that can entertain you. This one will be a little different, enjoy.
  • Aisha: Like hell I would, you idiot!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ciel: Where did the thief go?!
  • Aisha: I didn't get my ring back... sigh.
  • Rena: Cheer up, Aisha... We'll catch the thief and get your ring back.
  • Lu: He summoned a horde of monsters again and ran away! That sneaky little...!!
  • Eve: The thief seems to have fled from this area. I can no longer detect the El energy.
  • Elesis: Ugh, I'm so upset. We lost it right before our eyes...!
  • Chung: I've never expected there would be others that'd be after the relic.
  • Add: Those bastards, how did they know about this place before us?
  • Chung: I wonder that as well. I thought Master Denif was the only one who knew about this place... I had no idea that we'd get ambushed...
  • Aisha: There might have been someone that had an acquaintance with the Water Dragon.
  • Rena: Ah... It could be. Then there may be more things that we don't know about? Ugh, my head...
  • Ain: (As expected... Those monsters must have been created with Henir's power. There are only a few that are aware of Henir's power, who could it be...... Could it be the ones that Solace mentioned?)
  • Add: ... The Seven Tower...?
  • Elesis: Huh? What did you say, Add?
  • Add: Nothing, don't worry about it.
  • Rena: Let's head back to the Tower of El. We need to come up with a plan.

  • ???: ....... Hmm, Denif...

  • Denif: What...? There were others who already knew about the location?
  • Aisha: Yes, Master Denif. Do you have leads as to who it could be?
  • Denif: Well, I'm not sure. The Water Dragons may have had their own connections...... It could possibly be related to the Water Dragon that's protecting the Sanctum...
  • Chung: But if it was the Water Dragon that's been protecting the Sanctum... It wouldn't have let that shady thief take the relic...
  • Add: Hmpf, as if the Dragons would care which humans are the good ones.
  • Rena: Add!
  • Denif: Of course, not all Water Dragons are fond of this world. But it's unlikely that the Dragons, who care about the balance of the world, would have played along with people who can't be trusted.
  • Ara: Then how...?
  • Add: It may not have been the Water Dragon. They may have known about it before the Water Dragon did.
  • Elesis: ... You say it as if that's a fact, Add.
  • Add: I'm just telling you what you want to hear.
  • Denif: ... Come to think of it, I've heard the relic inside the Sanctum has been protected by the Water Dragons for generations upon a request of a certain human. It may be the descendants of that human.
  • Ain: ... Would those descendants... Be related to Henir's Order, Master Denif?
  • Add: ...
  • Denif: Henir's Order... It cannot completely be ruled out, but we don't know that for a fact until we have absolute evidence...
  • Raven: Actually, we have found this in the Sanctum, Master Denif.
  • Denif: What's this? It looks like a fragment of an orb.
  • Elesis: I'm not sure but it contains Henir's energy and some unknown elements. I thought it made sense since it was inside Henir... However, the ones who used the orb transformed into monsters.
  • Denif: ... Transformed into monsters...? You mean they went berserk?
  • Rena: No, I mean... rather than going berserk... they looked like mindless monsters.
  • Denif: A mindless monster...? So, this has turned humans into monsters...?
  • Aisha: Yes, it was horrible.
  • Denif: Impossible... Come to think of it, Henir's Order... has put the Elrian Kingdom at great risk once. If it is indeed them, losing the relic might be bigger than we though. We have to find a way quickly.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 ElrianodeShoes.png Elrianode Shoes NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 HQ Shop Item 130173.png El Tear Fragment Cube (Shoes) NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 29: Invasion of the Order

The group decides to meet with Glave, the administrator of Henir's Time and Space. He's the one who made the seed, and Add reveals the forbidden experiment was to open a path to the core of the Henir. While fending off against the endless wave of monsters, Solace comes to warm them about the enemy. After defeating the culprit, they meet the Wind Master, Ventus.

Story[Village] Seed of Life 1/2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Night Before the Storm story quest

What is turning these people into monsters? While talking to Denif, one Henir expert comes into mind.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Denif: ... How concerning. I have no idea what that stone is for... nor what they could possibly use it for. Are they truly the Henir fanatics...?
  • Artea: Henir's Order... I've never heard of them in Elrios ever since the great explosion.
  • Denif: Yes. There were some fanatics who sought to overload the El in the past, but I never thought they would turn humans into monsters...
  • Ara: Did they wake up with Elrianode, too...?
  • Denif: The only ones that were sealed were us, the Masters, because we exhausted our energies into the shattered El. It's likely that they have been active since then.
  • Chung: ... If that is the case, why did they wait until now to show up? They must have had ample time...
  • Ciel: I am not certain what their plan is, but they may have figured out something that they couldn't in the past due to recent circumstances.... Just like Henir's Barrier that appeared when Elrianode was restored.
  • Denif: ... It's possible. Since they worship Henir, they must need Henir's power.... I can't even imagine where they would need the enhanced power of Henir... This can't be good. Using this suspicious object as well... They must have been plotting something for a very long time.
  • Artea: How could... this thing transform humans into monsters...?
  • Denif: I wish I knew, but I have zero knowledge of how it could be done. I could probably get more information if there were other Masters around. Unfortunately, I am the only one left in Elrianode at the moment. I wish there were someone that understood the power of Henir.
  • Elesis: That's right!! There IS someone, Master Denif!
  • Denif: There is? Who?
  • Elesis: Glave, the Administrator of Henir's Time and Space!
  • Chung: Ah..! I forgot about Glave!
  • Denif: Unbelievable...! Someone that travels in and out of Henir's Time and Space...? I can't believe it.
  • Rena: Ah... Ahaha... yes, unbelievable...
  • Denif: Then I have a request for you. Please go and identify this object.
  • Rena: Of couse! Consider it done, Master Denif!
  • Elesis: We'll be back!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Glave: Long time no see. Too busy to visit me these days?
  • Elsword: Whoa, Glave?! I didn't think you'd be in Elrianode... I still don't understand how he does that...
  • Glave: Kuhuhu... I'm everywhere but nowhere. Just look at the sky, isn't it a wondrous mess? Henir's power leaking outside and mingling... Now that's something I've never seen before. Is this also your doing?
  • Aisha: N, no!! ... It was like that since Elrianode was restored.... We did restore Elrianode, though...
  • Glave: Kuhuhu... You never disappoint, how amusing.
  • Chung: Glave, is it a dangerous sign that Henir is acting this way?
  • Glave: Hm, it's a sign that Henir's influence is getting larger and larger. It definitely isn't a positive sign.
  • Chung: What should we do...? Is there any way to stop it?
  • Glave: It's simply, find the cause and get rid of it.
  • Ara: ... You make it sound so easy...
  • Aisha: What would happen if Henir's influence grows larger?
  • Glave: You may think Henir is dangerous because it's the opposite of Elria, but it's actually not what you think. Elria created this world using Henir's Chaos and chaos is an infinite source of energy. So, this world already contains some aspects of Henir.
  • Elesis: The world was made with Henir...?
  • Chung: I had no idea. What is the nature of Henir?
  • Glave: Extinction. Henir symbolizes infinity, but at the same time, the power to turn everything into nothing. Your mortality is the very proof of Henir's influence.
  • Aisha: How strange. I've read every history book I've come across but I've never heard any of this. Does that mean any knowledge related to Henir is being controlled?
  • Glave: Anyways, it doesn't seem like you want to go in Henir's Time and Space. What do you want?
  • Rena: Ah, we wanted to ask you something.... Do you happen to know what this is, Glave?
  • Glave: Oho, it's... been a while since I last saw this. It's also been tinkered with.
  • Elsword: Been a while...? Do you know what this is, Glave?
  • Glave: Of course, I'm the one who invented it.
  • Chung: What?! Are you serious?!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
Story[Village] Seed of Life 2/2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Seed of Life 1/2 story quest

The new information revealed by Glave was quite surprising.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Glave: I can't believe this monstrosity thing is just rolling about... Something interesting must be happening, Kuhuhu... There is no way for you lot to know, this something that should have never been introduced to the outside world. Whoever had this must be having a blast... Kuhuhu.
  • Chung: That's... unsettling... What is this anyways, Glave?
  • Glave: This uses the concentrated power of Henir to reverse the nature of humans and transform them into monsters. I'm sure you've already witnessed it since you brought it here.
  • Chung: Ugh... y, yes.
  • Glave: I used to call this the "Seed of Life", I'm not sure what it's called now.
  • Rena: The Seed of Life...? That's a really bad taste.
  • Glave: Well, it's true that it gives a new life after all. Kuhuhu. That's why I was going to seal it, but someboy must have got a hold of it. They even tinkered with it...
  • Chung: Don't say that, it's really giving me the chills. Who could have brought this out to the world?
  • Glave: Well, I'm not sure exactly who, but it's probably one of the members of the Seven Tower.
  • Aisha: Ah, the Seven Tower... I've heard we, the Landar family, were once part of the Sever Tower. But I thought the Seven Tower was an ancient organization... Whoa, you really are an ancient man, Glave...
  • Glave: Oh? You're a Landar? What a surprise. A long time ago, when the Seven Tower was first founded, the head of the Landar family was the first advisor of the Seven Tower. They were outstanding even among Elrians. Well, they left the Seven Tower right before I got incarcerated. Kuhuhu...
  • Elsword: Eh? Why did they leave?
  • Glave: Because when Debrians joined, the Seven Tower was split into two opposing factions.
  • Add: ...
  • Glave: The ideological difference between the two could also be a reason.
  • Rena: What... kind of ideological difference?
  • Glave: Ha, I can't tell you that! It's forbidden. These locks aren't just for looks, you know. Heh.
  • Add: Hmpf, let's be honest here. It's not like you're actually scared. You face the terror of Henir everyday.
  • Glave: Kuhuhu... What makes you say so?
  • Add: You can't just hint at something and not tell us, you twisted old man.
  • Aisha: ... You're the one to talk...
  • Add: If you won't speak, then I guess I will. By ideological differences, you mean Debrian's forbidden research, right?
  • Glave: ...... Go on.
  • Add: I was once trapped inside a ruin full of books. Some of those books happened to be written by Debrians.... And there, I read the research files of the ones you mentioned. But it was well hidden that the materials I found barely even filled one book.
  • Glave: ...
  • Add: If you have SUCH a good reason to not tell us anything about it, why don't I just share what I know? Some researchers of the Seven Tower conducted a forbidden experiment, using highly sophisticated knowledge. The forbidden research involved Henir's power. They were interested in ways of obtaining a highly concentrated El's power using Henir's power. If that research was successful, it would have had a huge impact on the whole Elrios continent.
  • Chung: What was it, Add?!
  • Add: ... Debrians opened a passage from Elrios to the core of Henir. Purely by accident. Were you part of the experiment? You caused a lot of chaos, didn't you? Kukuku.
  • Elesis: A passage to... the core... of Henir...? What's that?
  • Glave: ... I thought you were all just fools, but it turns out, there's one that's not only foolish, but rude as well. Let me correct one thing. I was not part of the experiment. I just got to witness the unusual change as I'm Administrator of Henir's Time and Space. If you knew all this, you couldn't have been clueless about the Seed of Life... Why did you even come to see me? Are you the type that likes wasting time?
  • Add: I'm a rude fool who likes to check the facts before believing them. Kukuku.
  • Aisha: ... Aren't they kind of similar...?
  • Elesis: I know... They're both sarcastic... Is this the normal behavior of smart people...?
  • Aisha: Um... I don't do that...
  • Raven: So, the Henir's Time and Space you're managing now is the passage that was open back then?
  • Glave: No, the place you used is a fraction of the inner world of Henir. If the entrance to the core of Henir were here... Elrios would have disappeared already.
  • Elesis: Elrios would have disappeared...?!
  • Glave: Like I said, the core of Henir radiates the energy of chaos and extinction. What do you think would happen if a passage to the core opens?
  • Rena: ... By the El, they opened such a dangerous passage?! Hold on, then what happened to the passage, Glave?
  • Glave: ..... I'm afraid I can't tell you. It really is a break of contract. I belong to Henir, so I'm no supposed to stop Henir's power.
  • Add: Are you kidding me? I thought it was your body that you left inside Henir, not your common sense. Cough it up before I make you!
  • Glave: Really? I'd like to see you try. Before you even begin, you're very existence will be devoured by the chaos of Henir. Kuhuhu.
  • Elesis: Ugh... It feels like there are two Adds... This is giving me a headache...
  • Ara: Glave, please! Please tell us! If we don't find it now, Elriod will be...
  • Elsword: ... If you have to keep your word, we can't force you to talk. However, you wouldn't care if we find it ourselves, right?
  • Elesis: What?! Wait, Elsword!
  • Glave: Hu... Hahahahah. You're definitely amusing to watch. I fancy your gut. Alright, I'll give you a hint. Henir's Passage is under the Ancient Elrian Palace. It was a secret experiment conducted inside the palace.
  • Rena: But... the location of all the buildings in Elrianode must have changed... How are we supposed to find the palace?
  • Glave: That's your job. I'm not going to spoon feed you the answer, kuhuhu.
  • Elsword: Alright, Glave has helped us enough, now it's out turn! Thanks, Glave!
  • Elesis: Argh... I'm not sure if we were helped or teased... Regardless, thanks for the hint, Glave.
  • Glave: Tsk, get out of here already. If they are using the Seed of Life, then they definitely should know where the passage is.
  • Aisha: Sigh... You're right. They should know about it if they are related to the Seven Tower.
  • Chung: Let's hurry! We'll never know how long it would take to find the palace!

  • Glave: ...... Help them...? Me...? Impossible. It's just an excuse to her....... On behalf of myself from the past.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
StoryAn Unexpected Help
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Seed of Life 2/2 story quest

The El Search Party is exhausted from the endless horde of monsters. At the moment of crisis, an unexpected help arrives...

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Aisha: ...
  • Elesis: Aisha, you seem rather down. Is it because of the ring? Don't worry too much. We'll find it and get your magical powers back.
  • Aisha: Thanks, Elesis... But it's not about the magical power...
  • Elesis: Then what is it? Is there anything else that's bothering you?
  • Aisha: Mm... Though I assured grandpa about it in the Hall of El... Actually, the Ring of Mimir is a very important relic that I must retrieve and protect.... I also promised my friend... and I lost the bastard under my nose... Ah, it's frustrating...
  • Elsword: You look so depressed, it's no like you, Aisha! At least we found out that the one who stole your ring is here, right? So we'll find it soon. Stop worrying!
  • Aisha: Aww... Thanks. Wow... You suddenly look dependable...
  • Elesis: Huhu. Aisha, we'll also do our best, so cheer up and let's go get the ring back!
  • Aisha: Okay!
  • Ara: ... Hm? Rena, what's wrong...?
  • Rena: Huh? Ah, no, it's not a big deal....
  • Ara: What's the matter?
  • Rena: Mm... I thought I sensed someone familiar when we were in the Sanctum... I was wondering who that was...
  • Ara: Someone familiar? Perhaps another enemy from the past?
  • Rena: N, no~ It's nothing like that... Just someone that was closer...... Like the Wind Spirit...?
  • Ara: The Wind... Spirit? Aren't the spirits everywhere? It's quite strange that a spirit would exist near Henir's Time and Space...
  • Rena: Maybe I was just imagining things. It doesn't make sense that a spirit would be in a place like this. Let's report our findings to Master Denif.

  • Denif: The Seed of Life... I can't believe this is such a horrendous object... The Seven Tower was known to be an organization that trained the top elites of the Elrian Kingdom... I didn't suspect they were creating such a dangerous object there.... Unbelievable.
  • Artea: Also, the fact that they have tinkered with the Seed of Life means it could eventually do more than just transforming humans into monsters.
  • Denif: That's a possibility... Even in the era of the Elrian Kingdom, Henir fanatics denied Elria and claimed that everything that Elria created should come to nothing.
  • Elesis: Are they... looking to destroy the world...?
  • Denif: Actually, they have invaded the El a few times before the great explosion.
  • Ara: They are trying to crumble the world by destroying the El...
  • Denif: That's right, I'm sure they are trying to throw the world into chaos and destroy it.
  • Ignia: Master Denif, we're in danger...!
  • Artea: Ignia? What's wrong?
  • Ignia: Monsters... Monsters are swarming Elrianode!
  • Denif: What?! Where are they coming from...?!
  • Eve: They are coming from... the outer district of the city. It seems like they are gushing out from the dark rift that appeared out of nowhere!
  • Rena: A dark rift...?
  • Ciel: Those creatures... They are giving off a bad vibe like the ones we saw in the Sanctum!
  • Denif: ... Strange, that rift is not deep enough for the monsters to access...
  • Eve: There's something else that's strange. The rift is growing bigger.
  • Denif: What?! The rift can't make itself grow!
  • Chung: This can't be... a coincidence, right...?
  • Aisha: ... Could it be related to the Order?
  • Elesis: We'd better defeat the monsters and find the cause. Everybody ready?!
  • Rena: Always.
  • Ara: I'll take the left side.
  • Lu: Let them come, I'll destroy every last one of them!
  • Add: Leave me some for lab samples.
  • Elesis: Alright! Here we go!!!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: Pant... Pant... Their numbers keep growing.
  • Chung: Damn it... I think they plan to keep attacking us until we're worn out.
  • Raven: If this keeps up, they'll take over the entire district of the city.
  • Rena: Also, it feels like these are a lot stronger than the ones we've fought in the Sanctum, how it this possible?
  • Add: ... It looks like the dark rift is empowering the monsters as they pass through. So, they're using the Henir energy from the rift? Damn it...
  • Lu: Be careful, everyone! Another wave!!!
  • Ciel: Aargh, it's too much...!
  • Aisha: It's impossible, there are too many monsters!!!

  • Solace: Is everyone alright?
  • Elesis: ...!!!
  • Elsword: Solace?!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryFinding the Cause
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the An Unexpected Help story quest

According to Solace, the culprit who is creating the Henir rifts is somewhere within the Elrianode City. The city will be taken over soon if you don't defeat them.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: Master Solace...! Why are you here...!
  • Solace: I sense an unusual change in Elrianode when I was collecting some information. I came here to warm you all.
  • Rena: An unusual change?! What would that be?
  • Solace: Even though the Barrier of Henir was covering Elrianode, it wasn't a big threat since there weren't any fissures. But I've found out that there are those tearing the fissures to use the power of Henir to mass produce these monsters. Because of them, the fissures are increasing in numbers. It's apparent the monsters are coming from the deep rift of Henir.
  • Elesis: Solace, are the ones behind this...?
  • Solace: As you suspect, it's Henir's Order.
  • Aisha: By the El, then the Order is purposely increasing the number of fissures?
  • Chung: ...! So it was Henir's Order...!
  • Solace: But something's off. The monsters are increasing in numbers but they don't seem to have an actual purpose. This is a rather wasteful tactic if their goal is to simply tire us out.... They must be scheming something.
  • Raven: ... What if their plan is to keep us here, distracting us from something?
  • Solace: We can't completely rule out the possibility.
  • Elesis: Then we can't waste any more time here. We should stop whatever they're planning to do.
  • Chung: We got to defeat these monsters first... If we restore the fissure, would that stop the flow of monsters?
  • Solace: In order to mass produce these monsters, the source must be the fissure. It should be near the biggest fissure.
  • Rena: I'd be... somewhere deeper inside the city?
  • Eve: If we investigate the area, we may be able to find the cause of Henir's Rift.
  • Rena: But if we leave this area unprotected, the monsters will reach the El Tower...! There are just too many of them.
  • Raven: We need a solution...
  • Solace: I'll protect this area, the rest of you can go and find the one responsible for this and stop them.
  • Chung: By yourself, Master Solace...? That's too dangerous!
  • Solace: It shouldn't be a problem for a short duration. This is what we, the Masters were meant to do. But the other Masters have fallen asleep pouring their energy into the shattered El. So their power may not have been recovered yet.... I'm leaving Denif and the Priestesses in your hand, El Search Party.
  • Chung: ... Got it! Don't worry, Master Solace.
  • Aisha: But... don't you want to meet Master Denif?
  • Solace: It might be too soon... I'll go see him if a full-scale war against the Order is required. Until then, keep this between us.
  • Raven: ... If you say so, Master Solace.
  • Solace: Good luck, then.... I can't put Elrianode in danger again. Now, go check the outskirts. The Order is increasing the number of fissures as we speak.
  • Elsword: Leave it to us, Solace! We will stop them no matter what!
  • Solace: Thank you.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: Ugh, it's full of monsters in the outskirts, too?
  • Eve: That's probably because they are crawling in through Henir's fissure.
  • Elesis: The one that makes the fissures is supposed to be around here, right? We must find him while Solace is buying us some time!
  • Raven: The outskirts is a vast area. Let's keep up the pace.
  • Chung: ... But where are the other Masters? It looks like Denif is having trouble by himself, too...... It also looks like it'd be hard for Master Solace to become free of guilt until all the Masters have gathered... If they have been awakened at the outskirts of Elrianode, as Master Denif predicted, would they be beyond Henir's Barrier?
  • Ara: Ah! Monsters incoming...! Watch out, everyone!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryWind Master
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Finding the Cause story quest

With a new encounter that came with the wind, the story now turns to a new chapter.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rena: If a massive number of monsters ambushed us as soon as we got here... Don't you think that means that there's something the Order wants to protect here?
  • Aisha: Then there must be the cause we're looking for somewhere nearby.
  • Elsword: These bastards... They have planned this for a long time.
  • Ain: It seems to have been meticulously planned.... As if they've been waiting for this exact moment.
  • Chung: ... These monsters must have been humans before, right...? I feel bad for them...
  • Add: The Seed of Life could only be used with the concentrated power of Henir... The restoration of Elrianode must have been their golden opportunity. Now that there are more than enough energy that could fulfill their long awaited plan...
  • Elesis: It's unbelievable that Henir's power could do this much by just being refined... If it's misused beyond this point, I can't even imagine how disastrous it would be to Elrios.
  • Chung: What is their goal? It makes me nervous that we don't know what they're planning.
  • Elesis: I know... Whatever they're planning, we will stop it no matter what. The Order must be abusing the loyalties of the fanatics and demanding their sacrifice. Otherwise, there's no way people would willingly turn into monsters themselves. They are using the innocents as a tool... I'll never forgive them.
  • Raven: You and me both. I'm not sure how they tricked them to become monsters, but I'm not going to stand by idly as innocent lives are killed..
  • Lu: You're all very peculiar. How interesting.
  • Rena: Huh? Which part?
  • Lu: That you want to become strong for the sake of others. Demons care about themselves the most. It's refreshing to see behaviors like yours.
  • Rena: But... you came here to protect people, too, Lu. Didn't you?
  • Add: Didn't you say you're going to retrieve your throne? Have you given it up already? Kuku.
  • Lu: I would never! I will get my throne back! But I just thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to go on an adventure while I recover my magical power. Ahem!
  • Ciel: Oh, Lu... you always have trouble being honest.
  • Ain: (... I still don't understand. Why is Elsword with a demon...?)
  • Lu: ... I wouldn't have done this if it were in the past. But I may have started to grow human emotions, thanks to a certain someone.... I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but if it's because of Ciel, I can accept it without worry.
  • Ciel: ... Lu...
  • Elesis: Well, I think it's a good thing, because it means that you'll be more understanding of others.
  • Ain: (...... Nonsense. There's no way a demon can change.)
  • Ara: (... If Lu can change, maybe it means I can still save my brother...!)
  • Chung: (......)
  • Rena: !! Hey, look! There is a huge monster.
  • Elsword: Whoa, what's that? There is a blade attached to its body!
  • Eve: It looks like it's tearing Time and Space apart using the blade on its body. The number of Henir's fissures are increasing because of that monster!
  • Raven: That monster must be responsible for the fissure increasing its size.
  • Rena: I think that monster might also be created from the Seed of Life. Uggh... It also seems more evolved than the monsters we've fought before.
  • Elesis: Glave said that the Seed was tinkered with. Then they may have already found a way to improve it by now.
  • Aisha: Aargh, I hat playing along with their stupid schemes!
  • Elesis: Let's defeat the monster first, the fissures are increasing in numbers as we speak.
  • Elsword: Okay, everyone! Let's make this quick!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Alright! We did it!
  • Eve: The fissures are diminishing fast. It seems Henir's influence is becoming stable again.
  • Rena: Phew, what a relief! The monsters won't come into the city anymore, right?
  • Chung: Ah...! Hold on, the monster is trying to self-destruct!
  • Ara: Rena! Careful!
  • Raven: What out! Rena!!

  • Rena: ...... Huh...?
  • ???: Phew, that was close. You shouldn't let your guard down just because you defeated your enemy.
  • Elsword: Rena! Are you okay?! Huh? Who is...
  • Raven: ... Who are you? Identify yourself.
  • ???: Whoa, you don't have to lash out like that, cut me some slack. Well, considering the status of Elrianode, it's understandable. I'll be understanding.
  • Rena: (An elf?... But it's weird. I feel the familiar spirit energy from this person... Could it be...?)
  • Ventus: Anyways... I think the monsters here are too tough for you lot to handle. What do you say? Need a hand, lady?
  • Aisha: Gah! It's okay. We can manage just fine!
  • Ventus: Hmm, are you sure? If you're questioning my ability, you don't have to worry. After all, I was chosen as the Wind Master.
  • Aisha: What...?! W, Wind... Master...?!?!
  • Ventus: That's right, I'm Ventus, the Wind Master. Although, I'm not so sure this title does well with the ladies as it used to. Ah, and this is Lincy, my patner. Please be nice to her.
  • Lincy: ......
  • Ventus: Haha, she's usually not this shy. Well, she just met you all, give her time.
  • Rena: ............!! Ahhhh!! Y... you!!!!
  • Elesis: What is it, Rena, do you know him?!
  • Rena: N, no, not him, but that spirit...
  • Ventus: You recognize Lincy! I knew it, huhu. You're Rena, right? I've heard a lot about you. I've always wanted to meet you. You are very skilled as I imagined, and, most importantly, you're as if all the beauty of the world has gathered around you... Uh oh! Lincy, why are you mad at me? It's just a compliment.
  • Rena: ... Haha... What a guy...
  • Raven: ......
  • Aisha: ... It he really the Wind Master...? He's a little...
  • Elesis: Mm... mm... Master Denif would know... It also seems like Rena has met one of them.
  • Ventus: To celebrate our encounter, we'll need something to commemorate it.
  • Raven: ......
  • Ventus: Here, take this.
  • Rena: ...... Huh...?
  • Chung: Wait, that's...!! It's the relic from the Sanctum!!
  • Aisha: Why is this here...?
  • Elesis: What, were you the one in the mask?
  • Ventus: Hm? Hahahaha. You think I was that creep? Come on, I'm better than that... I would never be so rude to ladies, unlike him.
  • Elsword: Then how did yo come in possession of the relic?
  • Ventus: You all are a curious bunch, huh? I might have switched it while the creep in the mask gave his monologue. By now, he must be fuming with rage because he has a fake. Oops, hahaha.
  • Aisha: ... That doesn't sound like something a gentleman would do...
  • Elesis: ... Whatever the process, thanks to you, we still have the relic. Thank you, and I apologize for being rude earlier.
  • Ventus: Not a problem, I don't mind.
  • Eve: This relic doesn't seem to contain that big of El energy.
  • Rena: That's probably why no one noticed it being switched...
  • Add: Well, there are many other fragments that contain more El energy than this.
  • Elesis: ... As expected, with just this object alone, it doesn't seem all that useful. Then why is the Order obsessing over this object?
  • Ventus: ... In fact, I actually wanted to talk about that! Can you take me to the old man?
  • Raven: Old man?
  • Ventus: Ah, sorry. I mean Denif. Master Denif.
  • Aisha: He knows Master Denif...? Is he seriously the Wind Master?!
  • Elesis: ... How did you know that we're with Master Denif?
  • Ventus: Well, because you talked about him at the Sanctum.
  • Rena: Right, you said you were watching us at the Sanctum.
  • Elesis: ... Okay, let's go back to Master Denif for now.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 30: Henir's Passage

After returning to the capital, they decide to investigate the Debrian Laboratory, with the help of the newest ally Rose and Zero, who came from a different dimension. However, a conversation, initially thought to be argument causes Lu to separate from Ain and the search party, although Lu reveals she's worried about Ain. She returns just in time to save Ain from disappearing due to the energy, albeit having to fight the monster that sprouted.

Story[Village] Like the Wind
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Wind Master story quest

Rena seems to have ties with Master Ventus.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ventus: Hmm, so that's how Elrianode was awakened, huh? I'm not sure I should be impressed or... As I've suspected... it was Solace and Henir's Order that caused the Great Explosion.
  • Aisha: By the way, why are you here, Master Ventus?
  • Ventus: Me? I woke up before Elrianode did.
  • Aisha: Before?! Didn't the Masters wake up with Elrianode?
  • Ventus: Well, I had Lincy and Rena~
  • Ara: ... I'm sorry, but that doesn't explain anything...
  • Rena: No way... I had no idea it was Master Ventus...
  • Aisha: Rena, do you know anything about it?
  • Rena: I helped Lincy once when she said there's someone that she must save. It was even before I met you guys, so I forgot all about it.
  • Aisha: Ah, that's how you met him...
  • Ventus: Yep, thanks to you, I woke up long before Elrianode did. Thank you so much, Rena... Ow, Lincy. N, no, I was just thanking her, seriously.
  • Aisha: Sigh... He would have been a really cool Master if he just kept his mouth shut...
  • Chung: Elesis!
  • Elesis: Ah, you're back!
  • Chung: Ah, um... Can I have a word with you?
  • Elesis: What for...? Ah... (That's right, Ventus is here... Talking about Solace might make things awkward... So, what happened?)
  • Chung: (Master Solace was already gone when I got there, I didn't see him. I think he headed back to Elysion.)
  • Ventus: What? Solace was here?
  • Chung: Gah! How did you hear me?
  • Ventus: Huhu, did you really think you could talk in secret near a Wind Spirit? You're so silly! It's a pity that I couldn't see Solace while he was in Elrianode. Let me know when he visits next time. It'd be good to see an old face again.
  • Chung: But... Um...
  • Ventus: What's with that face?
  • Chung: ... We learned a bit about what had happened. Aren't you mad at Master Solace?... We don't wan to put Master Solace on the spot...
  • Ventus: Me? Why would I? I'm not mad at Solace.
  • Chung: ... Really?
  • Ventus: Of course not, I don't think you should give up on something you cherish for the duties of being a Master. If it was the only choice he had, then I understand. Oh, but don't tell Denif that I just said that.
  • Rena: Haha... Well... You are one free soul.
  • Chung: Then let's head back to the El Tower for now. The monsters were rushing in, so I couldn't even tell him about the underground passage.
  • Ventus: The underground passage...? What's that?
  • Chung: I'll tell you when we get there!
  • Ain: ...... (... Did the passage connected to the core truly cause Elrianode to fuse with the Henir energy?... Since the world was initially made using the Henir energy, the passage may not be the cause. Does Henir lead everything to extinction...? Then... What would become of me? I have already received Henir's scar from my own doing....... I'm thinking too much, time to snap out of it.)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
StoryDebrian Laboratory 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Like the Wind story quest

With the help of Rose, the El Search Party has found the entrance to the underground of the Elrian Palace. They enter inside to find the passage said to be connected to the core of Henir.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Denif: Ventus? Is that really you?!
  • Ventus: It's been a long time, Denif. Huhu, let me give you a warm hug.
  • Denif: I'll pass, it's good to see that you're still the same. But why are you with the El Search Party?
  • Ventus: It's complicated, I actually woke up earlier than Elrianode. Like around 2 years.
  • Denif: Earlier than Elrianode? How was that even possible?
  • Ventus: I had Lincy. Since she wasn't sealed away like us Masters, she gathered the needed power to awaken me. Which happened to be Rena, and she helped me restore my powers. It's all thanks to Rena. Thank you, Rena. I'll repay you with...
  • Rena: No, it's okay. I'm ready okay...
  • Denif: I don't know how many times I've told you this, Ventus, but please behave like a Master. So, how did you end up with the El Search Party?
  • Ventus: Right, I was going to tell you that. I thought Henir's Order had something to do with the Great Explosion. So, I started to search for the sealed Elrianode. So, I started to search for the sealed Elrianode to track them down. While I was tracking down Elrianode, I encountered a suspicious group of people that I suspected to be Henir's Order and shadowed them for a long time. When Elrianode suddenly reappeared, they became active, as I expected. I followed them all the way to the Sanctum. I met the El Search Party there, but I wouldn't have helped them if I didn't recognized Rena. You know I don't trust easily, right? Huhu.
  • Ara: Master Ventus retrieved the relic that we lost.
  • Denif: Is that so? Let me take a look.... You did good, Ventus. Hm... but this 'relic' seems like an ordinary stone. Why would the Order want this...
  • Ventus: This IS something special, Denif. Check the bottom of the stone.
  • Denif: The bottom...? There's something written here... Ancient language, again?
  • Aisha: Let me read them! The light of the world... From one... omnipotence... Mm...? What does it mean? I think parts of them are missing... I think we need another stone to understand it fully.
  • Denif: You mean, we'll need another one to make it whole?
  • Ventus: Probably.
  • Denif: Hm, then where would the other half be?
  • Ventus: ... That's what we need to figure out. It seemed like they spent quite a long time finding this relic. If my guesses are correct, this and the other relic should contain something that would solve this mystery.
  • Chung: Ah, Master Denif, Mr. Glave mentioned something important.
  • Denif: Something important? What's that?
  • Eve: That there is a passage to the core of Henir under the Elrian Palace.
  • Ventus: Under the palace...?
  • Denif: Ah, right. You mean the secret passage under the palace, right? Speaking of, I actually have someone that can help you.
  • Chung: Who would that be?
  • Rose: Master Denif, I didn't find anyone suspicious around the passage.
  • Rena: Huh?... Who is that?
  • Denif: Ah, just in time. Let me introduce you to her and her little companion. This is Rose and Zero, they are from another dimension.
  • Aisha: Another dimension...? Wait, you mean a different world? Somewhere other than Elrios?
  • Rose: Greetings, it is good to finally meet you, I'm Rose. I'm a member of the Royal Guards of Empyrean and was dispatched here for the investigation on the unusual changes in my dimension affected by Elrios. And this is Zero, my comrade.
  • Zero: Ahem, I'm the great AI that controls all of Empyrean defense and...
  • Rose: He's just a navigator. It is truly a pleasure to meet you all.
  • Zero: Hey!! Don't cut me off!!
  • Rena: Haha... You two get along quite well... Nice to meet you.
  • Elsword: Welcome! It's always good to have more allies!
  • Elesis: If the unusual changes in Elrios have affected your dimension... does that mean Elrios is in bigger trouble than we thought?
  • Rose: I'm not sure yet. We're trying to compare the data on Elrios analyzed in Empyrean to find the cause.
  • Zero: We actually have a lot of data on Elrianode even the ones during the ancient Elrian Kingdom! Although, it's kind of hard to identify the cause due to so many things changing.
  • Aisha: If you have the data on the ancient Elrian Kingdom, then we can definitely locate the underground passage!
  • Rose: If you're talking about the secret underground passage, we've already found it. We just finished checking if there were anyone suspicious around it.
  • Elsword: Whoa, how did you find it?
  • Rose: Zero has the data on the components of the stone that was used exclusively for building the ancient palace. We compared the data and searched for the entrance in the area where similar components were found.
  • Add: Hmpf, the newcomers know how to use their brains.
  • Raven: Good, then let's leave the relic from the Sanctum with Master Denif and investigate the underground passage.
  • Ain: (The passage under the Elrian Palace...... to the core of Henir...)
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rose: This is the entrance to the underground passage of the palace.
  • Eve: Be careful, I am reading a spike of powerful Henir energy.
  • Raven: We would have never thought it would be behind a building in the city outskirts... We would have been stuck here for hours if we tried to find it on our own. Thanks, Rose.
  • Rose: No problem, we'll never know what's inside, so let's stick together.
  • Zero: But it's strange that there are no guards outside. That usually means...
  • Elsword: Maybe they don't know where the entrance is yet?
  • Ara: Mm... Or they are gathering inside...?
  • Elesis: Or they have gotten whatever they were looking for and left already...
  • Chung: ... Whatever the case, there is a possibility of an ambush.
  • Rena: ... Eh? Ain, you don't look very well. Are you feeling sick?
  • Ain: N, No, I'm fine, don't mind me. Let's go inside.
  • Lu: (... Ain, you...)

  • Aisha: Ugh... So dark.
  • Chung: Everybody, watch your step.

  • Elesis: Those are... the Henir mutated monsters that we saw in the Sanctum...! I guess they found this place before us.
  • Rose: Henir's Order was originally founded within by the researchers of the Seven Tower. They probably already knew about the passage.
  • Rena: What? Henir's Order was originally founded within the Seven Tower?
  • Add: If they knew about this place, then they probably looked for this place as soon as Elrianode was awakened.
  • Lu: ......
  • Ciel: (... Mm? Lu? What is she looking at? There's nothing in that corner.)
  • Eve: The Henir energy is getting stronger as we go deeper inside.
  • Zero: Hey, everyone be careful. The Henir energy won't affect us unless there's a special medium, but anything that's already been affected can pop out from anywhere.
  • Ain: (Henir is the name of another dignified ancience god... I know that the power of Henir itself is not bad, but... Why am I feeling more sluggish and delirious as time passed...?... Is the scar from the past reacting to something?)
  • Lu: ...... Ain, be careful. I think you are being affected by the Henir energy.
  • Ain: ... Why do you think that?
  • Lu: Your power became more clouded than when I met you the other day. Your face also shows it.
  • Ain: ...... (Why is this bothering me so much...? It wasn't like this in Elysion... The mission... the El Search Party... the accident... I feel like everything is getting mixed and clouding my mind.)
  • Lu: So, I think it'd be better for you to not go any further.
  • Ain: ...!! What? Are you telling me to back out of this investigation?
  • Rena: ... H, hey...
  • Lu: That's not what I'm saying. I'm just worried about you...!
  • Ain: It's nothing for a demon to worry about. Please mind your own business.
  • Elesis: W, Wait, Ain...!
  • Lu: ... I was just...! You...! Fine, do as you please, see if I care!
  • Ciel: ...?! Lu?!
  • Aisha: Huh?! Lu! Where are you going!!!
  • Elsword: Lu!!!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryDebrian Laboratory 2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Debrian Laboratory 1 story quest

The El Search Party split into two and continues their journey after a clash of differences.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Ain: ......
  • Elsword: ...... Ain, that was too harsh.
  • Ain: ......
  • Elsword: I'll go get them and catch up. You guys go first.
  • Elesis: Huh?! Elsword, you too?! Elsword, wait! We should not be separated!
  • Raven: Elsword!! Lu! Ciel!
  • Ara: ... I, I'll go get them!
  • Chung: What?! Wait, Ara, don't!
  • Rena: What just happened...?
  • Ain: ......
  • Rose: What out, Nasods are approaching.
  • Add: How annoying, Dynamo, activate battle mode in full power!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Eve: Be careful, there are a lot of Nasods on the move. The Henir energy is affecting the energy waves of the rea and it's difficult to get a proper reading.
  • Rose: Elsword, Lu, Ciel... and Ara... Those four have derailed from the Party. We haven't fully scanned this place, I'm worried that there would be unseen danger ahead.
  • Zero: Shouldn't we go after them and regroup?
  • Elesis: Elsword said he'll bring them back... We should just believe in him and go on ahead.
  • Ain: ...
  • Elesis: Ain, don't worry about it too much. Elsword will talk to Lu and bring her back. If something goes wrong, we can fix it and move on.
  • Ain: Can we...? (Demons are irregular beings that were not created by the Goddess Ishmael... The hostility towards them is not by my own will. If so, it should no longer matter to me. But why was I angered? It wasn't like me.... Is this also the influence of Henir?)
  • Aisha: Sigh, Elsword and Lu, those two reckless dummies. I hope there's nothing dangerous on their path.
  • Eve: I don't sense any strong energy waves at their general direction. It shouldn't be dangerous.
  • Rena: Phew, that's good to hear. Shall we get moving then?
  • Add: Tsk... This wouldn't have been easy even if everyone worked together, and now they're making this mess? How annoying.
  • Ain: ... I'm sorry, it's all my fault.
  • Rena: Don't say that, Ain. It's going to be okay. Elsword will bring them back in no time.
  • Ain: But I've disappointed Elsword...
  • Rena: No, you didn't. He trusts you, that's why he is going to bring back Lu. You can apologize to her then.
  • Ain: ... That's probably a good idea.
  • Rena: (... Ain doesn't look too well. I tink that's why he snapped at Lu as well.... Is it because of the Henir energy?)

  • Ciel: Lu...! Hold on!! Stop for a second! Lu, I know you're upset, but it's too dangerous to split from the group. Let's just go back.
  • Lu: Mm? What are you talking about, Ciel? I'm...
  • Elsword: Lu...!
  • Ciel: ... Huh?
  • Elsword: Lu!! Wait!!
  • Lu: Wait, why is Elsword here?
  • Ara: Lu!!! Please wait for me!!
  • Ciel: Huh? Ara, too?
  • Elsword: Pant... pant... Lu, I'm sorry about Ain. I apologize on his behalf. Let's just go back.
  • Lu: ... You came all the way here just to say that? You're a silly kid.
  • Ciel: Huh? Wait, Lu! That's a dead end...
  • Elsword: Ciel, talk her out of it. It's too dangerous for us to be alone!
  • Ciel: I think so, too... But if Lu has made up her mind, I need to support her. Sorry, Elsword.
  • Ara: We'll set things straight. Let's go back, Lu, please!!
  • Lu: ...... You're all misunderstanding the situation. I'm not here because of Ain's outburst.
  • Elsword: Huh? Then why...
  • Lu: There are some engraved letters only demons can see in this direction. There must be something hidden here.
  • Ciel: (... Is that why she's been staring at the direction?)
  • Lu: And, of course, I wasn't thrilled to hear something like that. But, I'm already used to being hated because of the fact that I'm a demon, so you don't need to worry about that.
  • Elsword: ... Lu...
  • Ara: ... Lu....
  • Lu: But something's bothering me about Ain. I came here to see if there's any clue here that may have caused Ain's current state.
  • Elsword: (Oh, Lu... was worried about Ain all along.)
  • Ciel: Everyone, watch out! A monster ahead...!
  • Elsword: Tsk, monsters are everywhere...
  • Ara: It looks like a Patrol type Nasod. It doesn't seem like there's an important facility around here, why is it here?

  • Lu: Look, there are some engraved letters.
  • Ciel: ... Mm? That's just a plain wall, Lu.
  • Lu: Hold on a second. Mm... I see. The instructions to unlock the secret wall is written here.
  • Elsword: Are those letters demonic...?
  • Ara: Ah, a door appeared as Lu touched the wall...!

  • Elsword: This is...!
  • Lu: Hohoho, I knew it. There was a secret chamber. Shall we go inside?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThe Hidden Chamber
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Debrian Laboratory 2 story quest

Lu, Ciel, Elsword, and Ara have found a suspicious chamber and start looking into every corner.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Whoa, a chamber in a place like this...?
  • Ara: Cough, cough, it's dusty... ugh... a, achoo!!
  • Ciel: Looking at all the dust, I'm guessing this place has been deserted for a long time... Unlike outside, it hasn't had any recent visitors.
  • Lu: Unless they are able to read demonic letters, they wouldn't know a place like this was hiding here.
  • Elsword: Then, the one who created this chamber wanted to keep it hidden?
  • Lu: I wouldn't know for sure. But, if a researcher of the palace used demonic letters to hide something, it means they didn't want to be found easily.
  • Elsword: Perhaps there was a demon among the researchers?!
  • Ciel: Or it could just be a Debrian who knew about the demonic letters.
  • Lu: It's too early to tell. Let's keep looking.... Hm...
  • Elsword: What's wrong? Is something bothering you?
  • Lu: The existence of the demon realm is a taboo in Elrios, and it should have been the same when the palace was still booming with people... If that's the case, they must have shut the door against anyone that's knowledgeable in the demon realm.
  • Elsword: Yeah, probably... But what about it?
  • Lu: Isn't it strange that they secretly accepted someone who was knowledgeable in demonic letters into their research?
  • Ciel: Probably it was someone that couldn't be replaced? Or that researcher could have kept it a secret that they knew demonic letters...
  • Lu: Yes, that's a possibility. But there's another possibility.
  • Ara: ... You mean they needed someone that could decipher demonic letters...?
  • Lu: Yes, that's right, Ara.
  • Ara: Why? Why did they need to decipher demonic letters...?
  • Lu: That's what I'm wondering. Henir, I understand, but what does the demon realm have to do with any of this...?
  • Elsword: Lu, this chamber is completely empty except for the desk at that corner.... Huh? What's this? Lu, there's something similar to the Seed of Life laying on the floor. But... it looks a little different.
  • Ciel: Glave did tell us that the seed had been tinkered with... This one might be the one before that happened.
  • Elsword: But why is it here?
  • Ara: Everyone, there's a book on the desk. Oh, it looks like a journal... and it's written in demonic letters, too.
  • Lu: Give it here. I'll take a look............. Hm. Just as I thought. What does it say? It looks like this chamber was hidden by a Debrian who knew demonic letters.
  • Ciel: Really? What did that Debrian research with demonic letters?!
  • Lu: "The light and darkness of the world come from one omnipotence." ...... The Primal El...... and...... Oh my...
  • Elsword: What is it, Lu? I'm dying of curiosity.
  • Lu: I don't think it's the right place to talk about it. We can discuss this when we meet up with everyone. Hm? Something's written on the back.......... The autor had been experimenting on the passage and came in contact with the ones related to Henir's Order. It says everything written here is what the author heard from them.
  • Ara: Henir's Order... already had influence on the palace back then...
  • Lu: As time passed, the author realized how dangerous their plan was. They suggested experimenting with a monstrous object on the passage that could possibly lead to the world's destruction, and that object was...
  • Ciel: ... The Seed of Life?
  • Lu: Yes, the technology contained within the seed, to be exact. A device that uses the creation power of the El energy to amplify the power of Henir.
  • Elsword: The El energy...? But doesn't this seed activate by devouring people?
  • Lu: If the legend is correct, every being in the world was created by Elria. Though it would no be as much as the Elrians, every human would have a certain amount of the El energy. This journal also mentions the nature of the power of Henir as well.... These people must have researched on the power coming from Henir's Passage for a very long time....... Just like I thought, Ain's abnormal symptoms may have been caused by the power of Henir.
  • Ara: Is there anything we can do to remedy that, Lu?
  • Lu: Well... I've read it till the end, but it doesn't say anything about that... Ah, Ciel, you said you found the seed earlier? Let me take a look.
  • Ciel: Huh? This...? Here you go. What are you going to do with it...?
  • Lu: Huhu, this seed might come in handy. We've looked everywhere, let's go back!
  • Ara: Huh, the entrance...
  • Ciel: Uh oh, the Nasod Patrols somehow made it all the way here.
  • Elsword: Hmpf, what a nuisance. Get lost! We're busy!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryA Little Step
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the The Hidden Chamber story quest

Ain's condition is getting worse. The one who shows up in a life threatening crisis is...

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: Is everyone okay? The monsters are swarming us all of a sudden.
  • Eve: I sense the strong power of Henir from the Nasod Patrols
  • Elesis: Have the Nasods transformed under the influence of the power of Henir in the same way the humans we saw transformed into monsters?
  • Rose: I guess transforming beings with the power of Henir is their trick.
  • Add: Damn it, is it possible for us to be infested by it, too?
  • Rena: ......
  • Ain: ......
  • Rena: (Oh no, Ain... It looks he's getting worse... If we keep going deeper, he may be affected by the greater power of Henir.)
  • Raven: ...... Ain, you'd better go back up. It looks like this place is too much for you.
  • Ain: It's fine, I can handle it. We can keep going.
  • Raven: This isn't just about you. If anything happens to you here, you will put everyone else in danger as well.
  • Ain: ...... (I can't let that happen. Keeping the El Search Party from harm is my new mission and reason for existence. If I don't do anything here, I'll be...)
  • Raven: ... Okay, but just don't overdo it....... And please apologize to Lu when she comes back.
  • Ain: ......
  • Chung: ... Um, I'm sure Ain didn't mean it.
  • Rena: ... Chung?
  • Chung: I sometimes feel the same way. I've been with Lu for a long time, and I know she is not evil, but...... But...
  • Rena: ... Chung...
  • Chung: Even though I know it, it's not easy to pretend as if nothing has happened. The person I love is suffering from demons as we speak.
  • Ain: ......
  • Chung: ... I'm sure Ain must have had some bad experience with demons. Maybe he can't help it. So don't try to push him too...
  • Raven: I understand, Chung. But if it is justified to hate demons just because they do humans harm, it is also justified to hate humans because we harm each other as well.
  • Chung: ......
  • Ain: ......
  • Raven: When humans have a hatred for other humans, they start to classify them, like nobles, soldiers... and friends. It is easy to find an excuse to hate someone if you try. I was also full of hatred and vengeance against those who caused harm, and to be honest, I haven't fully gotten over it yet, either.
  • Rena: ... Raven...
  • Raven: That's why, even now, I'm fighting against the resentment and hatred in me. I'm also trying to accept the hatred others have against me. Overcoming hatred isn't about being understanding to the ones you hate, rather, it's for you. It is so that you don't miss out on what's important due to being blind with revenge.
  • Ain: (It's... for me...?)
  • Chung: ...... I'm sorry, Raven.... I shouldn't have...
  • Raven: It's okay, Chung. I know you're kept that inside of you all this time because of Lu and Ara. It must have been hard.
  • Chung: ......
  • Raven: Chung... and Ain. It doesn't have to be immediate, but try to overcome it little by little, for your sake.
  • Chung: ... I'll give it a try.
  • Ain: ...... I will also......... Kugh...!
  • Rena: Ain?! What's wrong?!
  • Aisha: What's happening? Ain looks blurred...!! Why...?!
  • Eve: I sense the strong Henir energy. It seems he's been exposed to the power for too long.
  • Rena: We can't delay it any longer! Let's move Ain to the entrance!!
  • Ain: (... Why... isn't my body getting restored...? Am I... disappearing...? Devoured by the power of Henir...? I guess... I can't exist outside the influence of gods and the mission that they gave...?... I can't... disappear now... I didn't even get to apologize to her yet...)
  • Lu: Hey!! Step aside!!
  • Chung: Huh...?! That voice!
  • Elesis: Lu?!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lu: Set him down and move away from him!
  • Rena: Lu?! Where have you been?!
  • Lu: I'll tell you later.... As I expected, you became more clouded than before, I knew this would happen.
  • Aisha: Wait, that object you're putting on Ain's body, isn't that the Seed of Life?! Lu, what are you doing?!
  • Ain: Pant... pant... What... are you doing...?
  • Lu: Ain, listen carefully. The Henir energy is filling your body because you're called for it.
  • Ain: ... I don't... understand...
  • Lu: Also, you lost control of your power because you accepted the destructive nature of the power of Henir.
  • Ain: ......
  • Lu: But as you know, Elria used Henir's Chaos as a material, right? That's because as dangerous as the power of Henir is, it also has endless potential. That potential outweighs the risk. That's why you need to change the way you accept this power, Ain.
  • Ain: ... It's... impossible in my current state...
  • Lu: I know, that's why I'll use this seed to help you. First, the seed will absorb the power of Henir, and then it will sprout. I'll use the seed to pull the power of Henir out of you.
  • Elesis: What?! Wait, that's too dangerous! What if it fails...?
  • Aisha: But... but there's no other way...!
  • Ain: ... I'll do it.
  • Rena: ... Ain?
  • Ain: ... I'll... trust you...
  • Lu: Good, don't lose control of your power. Or you may lose your life.
  • Ain: Don't worry, ... I know that better than anyone.
  • Lu: Let's begin.

  • Ain: ... Kugh...!
  • Elsword: Whoa, something just got sucked into the orb!!
  • Ciel: ...! Lu! Be careful!
  • Lu: Kyaaaa!! Ciel, what are you doing?! Why did you kick the seed?! You almost kicked off my hand with it!

  • Chung: Ah...! Look over there...!
  • Aisha: ...?! Huh? The seed has turned into a monster!
  • Lu: What?! It shouldn't sprout without any El energy!
  • Elsword: Let's get rid of it!
  • Add: It's my data, I'll handle it!

  • Elesis: ... Phew, it's done.
  • Elsword: Is Ain okay?
  • Aisha: It seems he's back to normal. He looks better now.
  • Ain: ......
  • Lu: He made it
  • Ciel: Lu, didn't you say a monster won't sprout without the El energy? What happened?
  • Lu: Part of Ain's power may have been absorbed by the seed. I'm not sure why, but I guess the power of El inside Ain's body has been pulling that of Henir. (But I don't expect it to be at the level where it gave the seed the power of creation...) ... There's definitely something about you, Ain. Right?
  • Ain: ......
  • Lu: I'm not going to force you to tell me, but it'd be better for you to be more selective in accepting the power of Henir from now on.
  • Ain: ... Thank you, I feel like my mind has been cleared.... And I'm sorry....... That I got mad at you.
  • Aisha: (Ain's seriously offering an apology?!)
  • Lu: I did not expect you to say that. What's gotten into you?
  • Ciel: (Lu, he's apologizing. Don't be mean.)
  • Ain: I... was going to apologize from the beginning. (It's just that I lost cnotrol, and the darkest emotion from inside stopped me from saying it.)

  • Raven: (Overcoming hatred isn't about being understanding to the ones you hate, rather, it's for you. It is so that you don't miss out on what's important due to being blind with revenge.)

  • Ain: (He's right... The hatred engraved in my subconscious is something that I must fight on my own.... Not for the sake of a mere emissary with a mission, but for the sake of 'Ain'.)
  • Lu: It's fine, It can't be helped if you feel uncomfortable with me for whenever has happened to you. But I've never thought that I should side with demons simply because I'm a demon. If anything like that happens, I'll fight alongside all of you. You all are my comrades, after all.
  • Ara: Lu...
  • Lu: So, if the only reason that you feel uncomfortable with me is because I'm a demon, think of me as Luciela, not a demon.
  • Chung: ......
  • Ain: ...... Okay. I'll try, Miss Demon.
  • Lu: Kyaaa!! You are still calling me a demon...!! You never learn!!!
  • Ciel: ... I told you, Lu, calling you a demon when you are a demon is not an insult...
  • Elsword: Hehe, then you two are good, right? No more fights?
  • Lu: ... Grrr...
  • Ain: No promises...
  • Rena: Hehe, what a relief.
  • Elesis: Well then, you became friends again, and everyone's here, shall we keep going?
  • Aisha: ... But there's one problem, Elesis.
  • Elesis: Which is?
  • Aisha: ... We can't go any further. This is the last chamber.
  • Elesis: You're right... Is this really the last cham... Ahhh! What?! The ground is splitting open!
  • Rena: Let's get down. Everyone, be careful!

  • Rena: Oh my... I have never imagined there would be an area this big underground...
  • Add: Based on the structure, it looks like it's for compressing and processing the energy coming from the passage to make it into an energy source.
  • Eve: The Henir energy is overwhelming in here. I think the energy control sonsole over there seems to be in front of Henir's Passage.
  • Raven: A control console... Do you think we can stop the Henir energy from flowing using the device?
  • Eve: It may be hard to block it completely, but it's possible to minimize it. But we need to get closer to the electronic system.
  • Rumble Rumble Rumble
  • Elesis: !! ... What's that..!!
  • Aisha: What is that giant Nasod?!
  • Rose: That must be the Nasod Patrol for this place! It's gigantic...!!
  • Add: Hmpf, the Nasods we've encountered about must have been prototypes created to build this one. To think such a machine was hidden here...
  • Nasod Carrier: Invaders in First Class Quarantine Area - Activate Remote Defense Mode.
  • Elsword: What out, everyone!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThe Light, Shadow and One Omnipotence
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the A Little Step story quest

The Party has defeated the Nasod Carrier that was guarding the passage. But it isn't long after the truths behind unveil one by one.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: Damn, I'm barely making a dent! How did they make this type of Nasod?
  • Raven: I can't believe it was made such a long time ago. How advanced as their research...?
  • Elesis: If they were able to build something this advanced in secrecy, they might have something that's already surpassing this one.
  • Zero: Let's block the passage. Anyone know how to work this control console?
  • Eve: I can connect to the unit. Changing the setting.
  • Zero: Wow, it's amazing that you can remote control Nasods.
  • Eve: Well, I'm the Queen of Nasods. They are all my siblings. It's just that they are misused...
  • Chung: ... Ah. Rose, how long have you known Master Denif? It seems that he really trusts you.
  • Rose: Actually, I've only been in Elrianode for a short moment. I guess he trusts me because of the symbol of the El Lady that she gave me.
  • Elesis: The El Lady sent you here?
  • Rose: That's right. For as long as the power of El reached the Elrios continent, the El Lady seemed to have been able to watch me.
  • Elesis: (Thought it was a little suspicious that she's from a different dimension... there should be a good reason if the El Lady guided her.)
  • Add: (Hm... That bucket named Zero... looks to be made with materials unavailable in Elrios. It would be fun to dismantle it... Kukuku...)
  • Zero: (Hm, why is that punk kid staring at me and grinning? What a creep!)

  • Eve: Changing the control option is complete. The emission of the Henir energy has been minimized.
  • Elesis: Great job, Eve! It'll ease down for a while.
  • Eve: The existing level of energy emission was at its max. It seems a decent amount of energy has already been extracted.
  • Rena: Assuming that they got this place up and running as soon as Elrianode was awakened... They may have used the energy for quite a lot of different purposes.
  • Raven: It'll go far beyond what we saw in the Sanctum or Elrianode City. A counterattack may have already started somewhere.
  • Aisha: But their purpose is unclear. It'll be impossible for us to track them down or understand their objective.
  • Lu: ...... I think I know what they are trying to do.
  • Rena: What? How?!
  • Elesis: Have you... found something when you split up from the group?
  • Elsword: Yeah, apparently she went that way to look into it in the first place.
  • Rena: I see... So what did you find, Lu?
  • Lu: "The light and darkness of the world come from one omnipotence"
  • Aisha: Um.. sounds familiar...? The light and darkness... Aha!!! Isn't it the incomplete phrase that I was trying to figure out? The one written on the relic...
  • Lu: It's the phrase engraved on the Primal El.
  • Chung: The Primal... El?
  • Elsword: I remember the hooded man mentioned it, too.
  • Ciel: So what is this Primal El, Lu?
  • Lu: It's written that it's a fragment collected from the El when it was in the most pure and complete state before the Great Explosion.
  • Rena: Collected from the El when it was the most complete? But the El energy from the relic is so weak.
  • Lu: Probably because it's sealed. They may have dismantled the complete fragment and stashed it somewhere deep inside the ruins.
  • Chung: ... Why would they dismantle a complete fragment?
  • Lu: It was too perfect that it became dangerous. The author says that the complete fragment released an unimaginable level of power.
  • Aisha: Then the rest would be written on the other fragment? Where would that be? And what is this fragment?
  • Lu: That's... the thing.
  • Ciel: ... What is it? You're so serious, Lu.
  • Lu: What would you say... if the other fragment is the Dark El?
  • Rena: The Dark El? Come on, there are so many of those in Elrios.
  • Lu: Those in Elrios are compounds of El fragments and demonic energy. I'm not talking about those fake ones.
  • Chung: Wait, you mean there is a real one?
  • Lu: If the researcher that wrote this is correct, the Dark El was born with the El as its shadow.
  • Add: (...... The shadow of... the El?)
  • Elesis: ... The shadow... then the place where the Dark El was born is..
  • Lu: ... Yes, what you're thinking is right. The shadow world of Elrios is... The demon realm.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

They decide to head back to tell about what they've discovered. Despite their troubles and worries about how to reach the demon realm, they don't have time to think as the man reveals properly himself as Hennon, and the party fights against him. Hernia decides to let the Priestesses assist, while the enemy gets stronger, but they manage to silence the adomination for good.

Story[Village] Return
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the The Light, Shadow and One Omnipotence story quest

The El Search Party head back to the El Tower to bring the new about Debrian Laboratory and what Lu discovered.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elesis: No way... The Dark El was born... in the demon realm...?
  • Rena: Have you ever seen the Dark El in the demon realm, Lu?
  • Lu: Well... I've only heard of it but never actually seen it. If it does exist, there's a chance someone might be hiding it. Although, I have't thought it was created as a reaction to the El.
  • Rose: It's something that I've never imagined.
  • Zero: Then it means Henir's Order already knew about it and has conducted research ever since the Elrian Kingdom flourished.
  • Aisha: Wait... Was the Ring of Mimir possibly...
  • Zero: Mm? The Ring of Mimir...? Isn't that the relic of wisdom made in ancient times but had disappeared? What about it?
  • Rena: Aisha has lost her magical power by the Ring of Mimir.
  • Zero: What?! Whoa, you found the Ring of Mimir? Amazing!
  • Aisha: That man seemed to know a lot about the Ring of Mimir. Could it be that the researchers of the palace made the Ring of Mimir as well?
  • Chung: If it has something to do with the researchers, doesn't it mean that it's also related to Henir's Order, too?
  • Elesis: Possibly... Those bastards... What were they trying to do with the Ring of Mimir and the Primal El...?
  • Lu: There is a bigger concern. If a tiny fragment like the Primal El holds such immense power, wouldn't they be planning to acquire the Dark El for even greater power?
  • Elesis: Then they could have just went after the Dark El first... Why did they wait until the door to the Sanctum was opened?
  • Ciel: Actually, you can't access the demon realm with just ordinary power. Also, it's not like we can use the power of El however we want. That's why Lu is stuck here trying to acquire enough power to go back to the demon realm.
  • Lu: Kyaaa!!! Why would you tell them that, Ciel?!
  • Rena: Ha... haha... That's why you couldn't go back, Lu...
  • Ara: What if... they need a power as strong as the Primal El to be able to reach the demon realm?
  • Aisha: If that's the case... then it all makes sense that they suddenly became active and obsessed over the Primal El.
  • Chung: It seems they are plotting something really dangerous. We must stop them, no matter what.
  • Rena: It should be fine for now since we have the Primal El from the Sanctum.
  • Rose: That means, they will eventually come to us for the Primal El.
  • Add: Tsk, who has the Primal El right now?
  • Raven: Master Denif has it, we should head back quickly.
  • Elesis: Okay, let's head back to the El Tower.

  • Rena: We should get there before they find out the relic is in Master Denif's hands...
  • Chung: We're in such a rush that the way back feels longer today.
  • Elsword: We can't let both the Primal El and the Dark El fall into their hands!
  • Elesis: ...... Speaking of which... we'll probably have to go to the demon realm to stop them from acquiring the Dark El, right?
  • Raven: ... It is very likely that we'll have to.
  • Rena: Lu, you're born in the demon realm, right? How much do you know about the place?
  • Lu: Hm... I only know about the demon realm during my reign, but it's been so long that I don't have a clue on how much it might have changed. The demon realm is a place that constantly changes.
  • Elesis: Sigh... Then we're back to square one with the demon realm. Somebody can get seriously injured.... No, I'm against it.... The demon realm is too dangerous.
  • Elsword: Sis, don't worry. I'll protect everyone with my life! I promise!
  • Elesis: Elsword, you...!
  • Slap~!
  • Elsword: Huh?! Owww... Why did you hit me, Eve?!
  • Eve: It's not been long since you promised us, but it seems you've already forgotten about it. Elsword, sacrifice is not the only thing that you can do for others. It's equally important to take care of yourself. Everyone here was worried about you as a friend. We were only able to save you after dangerous encounters. The fact that you would throw that word around lightly is you being disrespectful to your friends, Elsword. If you ever say that again, I will be... mad.
  • Elsword: Eve...
  • Chung: Eve is right, Elsword... Please don't say that. Remember, you promised us that you would stay with us until the end.
  • Elsword: ... I'm sorry, everyone... That's not what I meant...
  • Rena: I know, Elsword. But I hope you rely on us a little bit more. We're friends after all.
  • Elsword: I, I do! I rely on you all a lot! All of you are my friends that I can rely on to watch my back.
  • Raven: Agreed, you can always depend on us, Elsword.
  • Aisha: Hasn't it been a while since Elsword was slapped by Eve? Ha, servers you right.
  • Raven: But it's true that we have no knowledge about the demon realm. It could be dangerous if we charge in blindly.
  • Ciel: I agree, I've become a half-demon, but I've never been to the demon realm before.
  • Lu: Don't worry, I'll be able to protect you all in the demon realm. Even if the demon realm changed drastically, what I've learned and experienced there during my reign will still be useful.
  • Rena: Huhu, it's quite reassuring to hear that from you, Lu!
  • Lu: Ahem, I told you I am a very trustworthy lord!
  • Aisha: I'll teach them a lesson if they try to abuse the relic my friend has been protecting! It doesn't matter if it's the demon realm or not.
  • Add: (... The demon realm... If it's combined with the Dark El, I can obtain even greater energy. Not a bad deal.) Hm... The thought of only sending you meatheads to such a dangerous place bothers me a bit. I'll do you all a favor and help you, but don't drag me down.
  • Elesis: (... The demon realm... I have a bad feeling about this...)
  • Rose: ... The probable reason for the unusual changes must be in the demon realm.
  • Zero: It seems most likely, and the restoration of Elrianode may have affected the demon realm.... Hold on, Rose. Were you going to join them to the demon realm? L, leave me out of this! Those creatures are not even in my data!!!
  • Rose: If you're not willing to... that's fine by me. I don't think it's a bad idea for you to be reborn as a more meaningful tool in Elrios.
  • Zero: Hey, seriously...!!
  • Lu: Come to think oft it, both Chung and Ara's families suffered from demons, right? Don't worry. I will save your families and punish those who did such evil deeds...!!
  • Chung: ......
  • Ara: (I guess... I've never properly told Lu about my brother's story.)
  • Ain: ......
  • Rena: Ain, why are you zoning out? Is something bothering you?
  • Ain: Ah, it's nothing. Don't worry about it, Ms. Elf.
  • Rena: What is it? You can talk to me about it.
  • Ain: ......... It's just... everyone looks so energetic.
  • Rena: Huh? Why does that bother you?
  • Ain: My mission... I mean, my goal is to protect the El Search Party. But everyone is stronger and more reliable than I thought. I just thought... if it's really necessary for me to protect the El Search Party... Or something like that....... If I'm not protecting the El Search Party, my goal is meaningless. Then there's no need for me to be here.
  • Rena: (...... Whether you do something or not, that doesn't make your existence meaningless, Ain...) I think you're protecting the El Search Party just fine. But... if that's your concern, I can't just ignore it. Mm... The way I see it, you are trying to determine your value based on necessity. I hope you try to respect yourself more...
  • Ain: How would I... respect myself...?
  • Rena: Haha... How should I put it...? Then how about setting a goal for your own sake?
  • Ain: ... A goal... for my... own sake?
  • Rena: Yes, right now, you're only thinking about others. Try to set a goal that is beneficial to yourself Do as you please.
  • Ain: (... Do as I please... I don't have any...)
  • Rena: Ah, I see the El Tower. Come one, let's go report the current situation to Master Denif.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryAll Together
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Return story quest

When they were unveiling the plot of Henir's Order and the truth behind the hidden world based on the clues they discovered, the mysterious man reappeared before them.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Ara: Is everyone safe?
  • Denif: ...? What's wrong?
  • Raven: We thought Henir's Order would surely attack this place, so we hurried ourselves back here.
  • Chung: There was a device that was extracting the Henir energy in the passage. Also, the Order had already left when we arrived.
  • Eve: I changed the control option and minimized the energy emission, so the extraction will be restrained for a while.
  • Rena: ... But it seems the Order has already extracted quite a loarge amount of Henir energy.
  • Denif: ... As expected, they already knew about the passage and found it before us...
  • Lu: There was a hidden chamber, where something absurd was written in demonic letters.
  • Denif: ... Demonic letters? Why were demonic letters written under the Elrian Palace?
  • Lu: I guess there might have been a Debrian who could decipher demonic letters. Perhaps to research something in the demon realm. And it was all written in that room. What the relic protected in the Sanctum was, and what it meant...
  • Denif: ...!! Have you found out the secret of the relic?
  • Lu: The relic was a fragment of the Primal El. They found out that it could unleash immense power when it's paired with the Dark El, so they separated and sealed them.
  • Denif: I didn't know there was such a story behind the relic... That's why they are after this... But I don't understand. How did they combine the El with the Dark El?
  • Lu: It was written that was the core technology that they were researching under the palace. And they found the Henir's Passage later one.
  • Rena: Henir's Order has such a dangerous technology... It's frighting...
  • Lu: According to the author, the Dark El was born in the demon realm as the shadow of Elrios's El
  • Sasha: You mean the Dark El was born because of Elrios's El...?
  • Denif: ...... Mm... That is a fairly convincing theory. I remember I read something similar from an ancient document a long time ago. That the demon realm was created in reaction of the birth of Elrios.
  • Ignia: What...?! The demon realm... was created as a reaction to Elrios?! Nonsense...!
  • Raven: ... Then it means the demon realm is made to grow in parallel with Elrios.
  • Artea: Then it makes sense that the Dark El, similar to the El, was created in the demon realm.
  • Denif: Henir's Order... has been preparing this for a long time... Though I suspected it, I have never thought that the palace was aiding them as well.
  • Elesis: It may be dangerous for you to have the Primal El, so please let us keep it for now.
  • Denif: Sure, then I'll have Elsword hold on to it. What are you planning to do?
  • Elesis: ......
  • Chung: ......
  • Rose: It seems the Order is trying to reach the demon realm, using the Primal El, to get the Dark El. We have concluded that we should go to the demon realm to stop them.
  • Rena: Mm... Not everyone has agreed, though.
  • Elesis: It's too dangerous there. Especially since we don't have anyone that has up-to-date info on the demon realm.
  • Elsword: But there's no guarantee that we'll be safe even if we don't go to the demon realm. Whatever the case may be, they will try to secure both the El and Dark El.
  • Elesis: Grrr...
  • Elsword: Also, there might be other demons who would want to help us!
  • Elesis: Sigh, Elsword... You're too optimistic...
  • Sasha: Come to think of it... would... Sir Helputt be in the demon realm?
  • Chung: ...!!!
  • Ara: !!!
  • Sasha: Everyone looked for Sir Helputt after you, the El Search Party, had left Hamel, but he was nowhere to be found... I thought it was strange... He would never leave Hamel as long as he is in the Elrios continent.
  • Chung: ......
  • Lu: Hm... Considering that I haven't heard from the demon commanders again... the demons probably have lost momentum after they were defeated by us and gone back to the demon realm to recuperate their troops.
  • Ara: ...! (... Could I find my brother in the demon realm...?)
  • Chung: (... Would my father really be in the demon realm?)
  • Elsword: That means we can find Ran and Chung's father in the demon realm, right?!
  • Elesis: ... If there's a chance that those two would be in the demon realm, we'd better hurry...... But a knight should never rush into the enemy territory without any prior information. Sigh... what should we do?
  • Lu: ...... (Can I possibly find him in the demon realm? Then there could be a way.)
  • Mysterious Man: Elrianode... is almost restored now.
  • Elsword: !! ... You..!!
  • Elesis: He's the one we saw in the Sanctum!
  • Raven: ... You've come here as expected.
  • Mysterious Man: The Order will be taking the Large El. Along with the Primal El that you've taken as well!!
  • Aisha: I'd like to see you try, you ring thief!
  • Elsword: We're not going to go easy on you this time! We'll put an end to your pathetic ambition!
  • Denif: I'll block monsters from coming into the tower, the rest of you, go stop that man!
  • Chung: Leave it to us!

  • Denif: Ventus, let's hurry.
  • Ventus: Sure, sure, I'm coming. Huhu, my first real battle in a while. It'll be a nice warm up... huh?
  • Denif: ...? What is it, Ventus?
  • Ventus: Denif, we have guests!
  • Denif: ....!
  • Solace: I'll set up the barrier, Denif.
  • Denif: ...!! This voice...?!
  • Solace: ......
  • Ventus: ... Yoohoo, look who's here! It's Solace!
  • Hernia: ......
  • Ventus: And the El Lady, too? I heard you're in Elysion... Did you come all the way here to help us? I'm so glad to see you again. Here, at a time like this.
  • Hernia: ...... I'm sorry, Master Denif and Master Ventus.
  • Denif: ... Hernia... and Solace...
  • Ventus: Solace, long time no see. It's been like what, two years? No, you were not asleep, right? Then, whoa... it's been centuries for you.
  • Solace: ... ...
  • Ventus: Ahaha. After all this time, you're still the same. Still blunt as ever.
  • Solace: ... You haven't changed a bit, either, Master Ventus.
  • Ventus: Don't say that. You're all the same too, you know? Why am I the only one that has to hear that? Ah, Solace, I forgot to tell you something.
  • Solace: ...?
  • BASH-!!
  • Hernia: ...!!!
  • Denif: Ventus?!
  • Solace: ... Kugh...
  • Ventus: ... This is for having us go through all that trouble because of the great explosion.
  • THUMP-!!
  • Hernia: Master Ventus!!!
  • Ventus: ... And this is for making Denif worried. Got a problem?
  • Solace: ... No, I am truly sorry.
  • Denif: ...... (... Ventus hit him so that I can't guilt Solace any further...)
  • Hernia: Master Denif, Henir's Order is moving toward the El Tower. It's highly possible that they will try to make the El unstable again, just like the time of the great explosion.
  • Denif: ... Most likely.
  • Hernia: Please allow me to stablize the El. I'll do my best.
  • Denif: ...! But that'll...!
  • Ventus: ... Hey, Solace, did you agree to this?
  • Solace: ...... I couldn't break her will.
  • Ventus: El Lady... If you become one with the El again, there may be no turning back. I'm sure you know this better than anyone.
  • Hernia: ... Yes, I do. But I can't just neglect my duties like before just because it frightens me.... I don't want to do something that I would regret later again.
  • Ventus: ... I'm sure Solace wouldn't want to repeat the same mistake, either.
  • Denif: ...... Ventus is right. Hernia, please keep out of this.
  • Hernia: ...!! But Master Denif, I...!
  • El Lady, please leave it to us. We'll protect the El.
  • Hernia: ...?!
  • Artea: ......
  • Ignia: ......
  • Gloria: ......
  • Darkmoon: ......
  • Anduran: ......
  • Sasha: ......
  • Denif: You...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Hernia: You are... the Priestesses of this generation...
  • Artea: It is a pleasure to finally meet you, El Lady. We've waited for this moment for many years.
  • Hernia: ......
  • Artea: El Lady, we, the Priestesses, have learned how to take care of the El from our predecessors for generations since the great explosion. The El was getting stabilized in the Elrian Kingdom era, and it was more important to support the power of the El rather than defending against demons.
  • Denif: ... That's why we were trying to change the Master system into the Priestess system.
  • Artea: So I've heard that you selected and trained the first Priestesses for the succession of the Masters' duties. But, unfortunately, the El exploded, and all the Masters infused their remaining energies into the El and fell into a slumber. Since then, the Priestesses have focused on training their successors for when the El is restored again. They firmly believed the El will be restored one day and asked us to help protect the El when the time comes. We've already heard about the El Lady from out predecessors. Since they were not fully prepared to protect the El together, they had no choice but to sacrifice the El lady. For that reason, they felt sorry that even if the El Lady was alive, she wouldn't be able to be free from the guilt.
  • Hernia: Ah...
  • Artea: We don't want anyone in this continent to be solely responsible for the El anymore.
  • Ignia: That's right. I think we should protect the world together. It should've been like that from the beginning.
  • Gloria: The El Search Party said, "Together we can do greater things."
  • Anduran: ... So please trust us, El Lady.
  • Sasha: Please give us a chance to protect Elrianode... no, Elrios, together.
  • Hernia: ......... I was so blinded by the heavy responsibilities that I completely forgot about it all. The Masters... and the Priestesses... have protected the El together all along.
  • Solace: Hernia...
  • Hernia: ... Thank you... all...
  • Ignia: It's okay. We just realized, too, thanks to the El Search Party.
  • Hernia: ... I'm deeply indebted to them...
  • Ventus: Alright, alright. Let's catch up on old times later. Is everyone ready to protect the El Tower?
  • Anduran: Yes!!
  • Ignia: Of course!
  • Gloria: I'm all set, Master Ventus!
  • Darkmoon: ... Me, too...
  • Ventus: Okay, then take your positions!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryEl Tower Defense
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the All Together story quest

The man who introduced himself as 'Hennon' was a member of Henir's Order. Fight off Hennon's attack to protect Elrianode.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Ara: Hyaaaap!!!
  • Elesis: Kugh...! It's tough!
  • Eve: It's similar to the ones we encountered in the Sanctum and Elrianode City, except that it's enhanced.
  • Add: It's not a surprise if the energy from the passage was used. Damn it, I can't even attack it properly.
  • Zero: Owow, owowowow!! Can't you guard me better than this, Rose? I don't need holes to breathe!
  • Rose: No, but a few holes whon't stop you from functioning, so stop distracting me and stay put, Zero!
  • Chung: Everybody, be careful! There's no end to them!
  • BOOM-!!
  • Elsword: ... Arrgh..!
  • Eve: ...!!
  • Elesis: Elsword...?!
  • Add: An ambush...! You bastard!!
  • Mysterious Man: Kukuku... There it is... the Primal El... I'll be taking thing.
  • Aisha: You thief...! Hand it over, right now!!!
  • Mysterious Man: You again? Why would I hand it to you? It's your fault for losing it. Kukuku.
  • Add: ... Are you from Henir's Order?
  • Mysterious Man: ... I guess you've done your homework while I was gone. Then it must be you who blocked the underground passage?
  • Add: Of course, it's out masterpiece. How did you like it?
  • Mysterious Man: Hahaha... It was quite impressive. But I already have enough for now.... Also, this Primal El will make it more than enough...
  • Elesis: Kugh...
  • Elsword: Pant... Pant... Who... are you...?! What are you trying to do with the Primal El?!
  • Mysterious Man: Curious? Well, you're all going to die, so why now? My name is Hennon, soon to be the most powerful member of Henir's Order.
  • Aisha: Where is the Ring of Mimir?! Don't you have the ring?!
  • Hennon: It's long gone to the council. Don't even bother since they will make better use out of it.
  • Aisha: What?! You rat...!
  • Hennon: And what was your question...? Ah, did you ask what I was going to do with the Primal El? I'll sprout the ultimate seed with the Primal El that you've brought me. I'll thank you once I succeed. Unfortunately though, Elrianode will be gone from the map again. Kukuku.
  • Elesis: Wait, weren't you going to open the gate to the demon realm?
  • Hennon: Oh? You know more than I thought. You are right, I was looking for this El fragment for that reason at first. But there's no need since I'm collecting the needed power from Henir's Passage. It'll probably be done soon. Kukuku.
  • Rena: ... The passage to the demon realm... is ready to be opened...?
  • Elsword: We won't let you do that! You won't e able to do anything here. We'll make damn sure of it!!!
  • Hennon: You fools? Stop me? Kukuku... That was quite funny, kid. Okay, show me what you got. I'll humor you for a bit.
  • Add: This bastard...
  • Hennon: I was on my way to take the El from the tower anyways. It'll be annoying to have you fools constantly bothering me.
  • Ara: What...!!
  • Elesis: (The El will be in danger if we don't stop him here...!!)
  • Elsword: Tsk, you're the annoying one! Fine, you better one run away! We're going to beat you down for good!
  • Hennon: Kukuku. Shall we begin?
  • Elsword: Take this! Hyaaaaaap!!!!

  • Hennon: Kugh...!
  • Elsword: How does it feel?
  • Hennon: I guess I underestimated you...
  • Aisha: That's what you get for stealing! This is for you!
  • Hennon: Kuhuhu... Play time is over!
  • Add: What the...? I didn't know because of the cape, but part of his body looks like that of a mutated Henir monster!
  • Eve: The energy wave is similar to that of the mutated monsters we saw, but it's much stronger this time. Don't let your guard down, everyone.
  • Add: (Kuhu, interesting... The stronger the energy, the more it resembles its human form? Very interesting!!)
  • Elsword: Shouldn't be a problem! Bring it on!!!
  • Rena: The El Tower will be in danger if we fail here! Hang in there, everyone!!
  • Aisha: It's not going to work on me! I can't stop until I get the Ring of Mimir back!!
  • Raven: I can't leave a single person that will harm Elrios!
  • Ain: ...... (Humans amuse me. Where does the endless competitive spirit come from...? Is this the power of the ones who have their own personal goals...? But the Goddess Ishmael has never taught me that. If I could become stronger by understanding such spirit, I could have completed my mission even sooner...... Why isn't the Goddess Ishmael... answering me...?)
  • Elsword: Come on! I can do this all day!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Raven: You were so confident but it looks like that confidence didn't pay off.
  • Hennon: ... Impossible..!!
  • Elsword: Denial won't do you any good, just give up!
  • Hennon: Ku... kuku... kukuku...
  • Add: Have you gone insane? What's so funny?
  • Hennon: I didn't want to do this... but you leave me with no choice.
  • Ciel: ...! That energy!
  • Lu: You must feel it, too, Ciel. That fragment is...!
  • Rena: The real Dark El fragment...!!
  • Hennon: The combination of the Primal El and the Dark El... You will be my new test subjects!! A... aargh...!!
  • Kughhhhhh-!
  • Elsword: No way... He became... gigantic...!
  • Eve: ..!!! What has... just... It seems he lost control under the burden of the combined power of those fragments. It's impossible to analyze it with the current data.
  • Elesis: At this rate, the El Tower will be...!

  • Gloria: Look over there, everyone...!!
  • Anduran: W, what is that creepy monster...?!
  • Ventus: ... This looks pretty bad! I don't like trying too hard, but I guess I have no choice!
  • Denif: At this rate, the El Tower will be damaged! Everyone help me put up a barrier!

  • Rena: Ah, Look! The El Tower is...!
  • Aisha: The Masters and Priestesses must have put up a barrier to protect the tower!
  • Elesis: They did their job, now it is time for us to do ours!
  • Elsword: We'll take him out, together!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryA New Goal
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the El Tower Defense story quest

The Party has finished a big battle. They pull themselves together for the next journey.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Denif: ... ...... The El Search Party must have succeeded in protecting this place as it's calmed down around the tower. Thanks you, everyone.
  • Ventus: Whew, what a relief! I knew we could count on them. And thanks to the beautiful El Lady and the Priestesses, the El is safe and sound.
  • Artea: Ah... hahaha... Master Ventus...
  • Denif: Ventus... Please refrain from flirting with the Priestesses. What did I say about behaving like a Master?
  • Ventus: What are you talking about? I meant it was all my heard, I... Oww! Okay, I'll stop, Lincy.
  • Denif: ...... Everything seems to be in order, Solace and Hernia, both of you should go back.
  • Hernia: I'll stay, Master Denif.
  • Denif: Go back.
  • Hernia: Master Denif...
  • Denif: I also learned from the El Search Party that the system of sacrifice must change. Also, they said they will find a way. I trust them.... So, don't ever think of sacrificing yourself again, Hernia.
  • Hernia: ...... Master Denif....
  • Ventus: Now that you heard him, why don't you two head back? El Lady? What do you say? Solace, you think so, too, right?
  • Solace: ... Ventus.
  • Denif: Ventus, you...
  • Ventus: Is something wrong, Denif?
  • Denif: ... Sigh, no. I'm going to let this one slide, but this will be the last time.
  • Ventus: Whatever you say, huhuhu.

  • Rose: ...... The abomination created by the overloaded energy of the Primal El has been silenced for good. Good work, everyone.
  • Elsword: ... It was definitely one of the toughest enemies we have ever faced. Does that mean if there is an object like the Primal El, those abominations can be created easily?
  • Eve: Then we can't ever let them get to the Dark El.
  • Rena: We're free from the immediate danger for now... But if he's right, they have already figured out a way to access the demon realm without the Primal El!
  • Zero: ... At the end of the day, it looks like we have to go to the demon realm to stop them.
  • Rena: Sigh... I guess we have no choice... But not everyone has made up their mind just yet...
  • Lu: Plus, we don't have any energy to take us to the demon realm. We'll just have to sit around doing nothing while they are running rampant... Kyaaa, how frustrating!
  • Ciel: Look over there, Lu. The Primal El fragment remains within the shattered monster.
  • Lu: What? Then he became that powerful without absorbing all the energy from the fragment?... I can't believe such a power exists within this small fragment.. Hmm... I think this El fragment contains enough power of the Dark El to take us to the demon realm. Huhuhu... It is finally time to reclaim my throne. It's time to get my revenge on those traitors!
  • Ciel: Let's go and teach them a lesson. You know I'll always be on your side, Lu.
  • Lu: Hoho. How reliable! But I'll do the same for you, too, Ciel.
  • Aisha: Sigh... Although I expected it... It may take a little longer to retrieve the ring. Whoever has the ring better take good care of it until I get it back.
  • Eve: I'd better prepare myself, too. I won't forgive the ones that used my siblings to feather their own nests.
  • Ara: ...... (... Aren, I'll bring you back to yourself.... And when yo come back, you must ask for Chung's forgiveness.)
  • Add: ...... (This time, I'll make sure to get the energy to go back to the past.... At all costs.)

  • Ain: ...... Ms. Elf, I have decided.
  • Rena: Huh? About what?
  • Ain: About what you mentioned before. Setting a goal for my own sake. Thank you for guiding me.
  • Rena: Wow, really?! I'm so curious, tell me, Ain!
  • Ain: I'm sorry, but I an't. It's a secret.
  • Rena: Full of secrets, are we? Well, it doesn't matter, huhu. You look much better now, so I'll give you a break.
  • Ain: (Something must have happened to the Goddess Ishmael. I must find it and restore the Goddess's power over the Elrios continent. Not as an existence for a mission, but as Ainchase Ishmael.)

  • Raven: ... Chung, are you ready to go to the demon realm?
  • Chung: Of course, my mind is clearer than ever. I have no intention of losing. I'll save my father, no matter what....... And I've thought about it for a long time, Raven. But it's still too much for me to understand the demons.
  • Raven: Chung...
  • Chung: I know why you told me that.... It's because you didn't want me to suffer from hatred. These feelings are not easy to let go even though I know I should. Aside from losing my beloved family, the demons have caused too much harm to Hamel.
  • Raven: ... I see. If that's what you think, you are probably right. I'm sorry for lecturing you.
  • Chung: It's okay. You've got me thinking about my hatred towards them. What if I was blindly raging against demons, swept along by the agony of Hamel? Maybe that's why I couldn't even put away my agner towards the demons that trusted me as comrades and offered their help... even though Ara, Lu, and Ciel definitely did their best to help me.
  • Raven: ......
  • Chung: I'll try to accept it little by little that there are demons that don't harm humans. So I can stand alongside them to fight true evil.
  • Raven: I believe in you. You have a good heart. I'm sure you'll be able to follow your own belief.
  • Chung: Thank you! I'll do my best!
  • Ara: (It's a relief that Chung has regained his spirit.)
  • Chung: And Ara,
  • Ara: Eh... ehh, me?! Y, yes!?
  • Chung: Let's keep doing our best. You and I both have family to save from the demon realm!
  • Ara: Chung...
  • Chung: ... My head is still a mess, but I'm going to focus on one thing for now. Saving my father.... Somehow, I think this is what my father would have wanted. He values a strong and righteous mind better than anyone. That's why I'm going to pour everything I've got to this one belief. That will make both myself and my Guardian Stone stronger just as much as my father trusted me.
  • Ara: ... Chung... I... I... Sob....
  • Chung: ... Aw, don't give me such a sad look. I'm not going to forgive Ran, okay? There's no use stopping me, I'll still smack him, probably a lot.
  • Ara: I, I'll smack him with you! Though it wasn't his choice to become a demon, his actions still can't be forgiven.
  • Chung: Haha, thanks. Then you should try your best to bring Ran back for now. That way, I can save my father, too.
  • Ara: ... Okay! I'll do my best, Chung!! (...... Thank you... so much... for worrying about me when I know you're going through a hard time, too... I'll do my best to save your father!)
  • Elsword: Sis, all we have left to do is to get to the demon realm, right?
  • Elesis: ... I guess it's unavoidable... Elsword, I think we really shouldn't go to the demon realm.
  • Elsword: ......
  • Elesis: But if you're willing to, I'll follow you.
  • Elsword: Sis...?
  • Elesis: You're going to go even if I stop you, right?
  • Elsword: ... Sorry, sis. I...
  • Elesis: I know. It's for your friends, right?
  • Elsword: ... Yes...
  • Elesis: It's the same for me as well. They are your friends,... but they are also my friends, too.
  • Elsword: Sis...
  • Elesis: Sigh... I still think it's reckless as a Knight... But it's for our friends, so I'll join. So let's go together until the end, Elsword.
  • Elsword: ... Of course! Thanks, sis!

  • Glave: ...... Kukuku... I didn't expect them to actually defeat that colossus...... And they learned the secret behind the Primal El... Even I didn't know about that until after I was incarcerated in Henir's Time and Space. Kukuku. Not only that, but they have decided to go to the demon realm without prior knowledge. They are quite brave, or stupid, kukuku. And they expect to come back alive...? They must be stupid.... But, if they actually manage to survive, that'll be quite amusing. I guess all I can do is wait.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 32: Recuperation

The party decides to recuperate. Following Ventus' advice, they decide to go to the Forgotten Elrian Sanctuary, while the priestesses and Masters decides to have their rest.

StoryElrian Sanctum
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the A New Goal

The El Search Party realizes that their powers are not enough after fighting Hennon and seek wisdom from Denif and Ventus.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ventus: That big bastard definitely left its mark... This area is totally busted. At this rate, my pleasant walk will be... Huh?

  • Elsword: Then, everybody has decided?
  • Ara: Yes!
  • Eve: Of course.
  • Rena: Alright. Thankfully, everyone agreed.
  • Elesis: Before we get a move on we should collect as much info about the Demon Realm as poss-...
  • Ventus: Are we having a meeting?
  • Aisha: WHOA! Ventus?! You scared me!
  • Ventus: Haha, every single time. Are you still not used to it?
  • Aisha: How can I get used to it when you creep up on me like that?
  • Elsword: ... ... Ventus, the title of a Master... It's only given to the strongest people, right?
  • Ventus: Technically, it's for people who mastered how to control the power of the El. I guess it's not wrong to say they are also strong.
  • Elsword: I realized something after fighting Hennon. If there are more enemies like Hennon or stronger... Going to the Demon Realm would be a suicide.... I must become stronger! I will do anything it takes!
  • Ventus: Hm--... Anything? Well... I just found something that could be of use. Since you are so determined, I'll tell you.
  • Add: Hmph, what suspiciously convenient timing.
  • Ventus: Hey, grumpy. If you don't want to come, you don't have to.
  • Add: What did you say?!
  • Elsword: Now, now. He's trying to help us, it wouldn't hurt to at least hear him out...
  • Add: Hmph... It's probably worthless.
  • Ventus: Before that, I have to go talk to the old man first. He wold know better about this than I would.
  • Elsword: Then let's go talk to Denif!

  • Ventus: Old man--!
  • Denif: ... I always get nervous whenever you give me that suspiciously enthusiastic look. What did you do this time?
  • Ventus: I didn't do anything! Admist the ruins, I found an Elriabrunnr. It was inside a cave, so it's probably the Sanctum.
  • Denif: Hmm... The heightened sense of an Elf is quite useful. However, that doesn't mean I will forgive you for leaving your post.
  • Ventus: Sigh, still by the books.
  • Elsword: Elriabrunnr...? Sanctum? What are you talking about? How will that make me stronger?
  • Denif: The El energy cycles, just like water. Water falls in the shape of rain and creates rivers and valleys. There are areas where the El energy naturally gathers. We call those areas 'Elriabrunnr'. The Elrian Sanctum is one of those Elriabrunnrs.
  • Aisha: I think I read about that in a book! Whenever I research an area that contains mysterious energy, it always came up as an Elriabrunnr.
  • Rena: Even in the forest that I used to reside in, there were areas where the spirits loved to gather. That area was always filled with pleasant energy, that was probably an Elriabrunnr...
  • Denif: The Elrian Sanctum was the closest Elriabrunnr to Elrianode. It was a mysterious cave with unmeasurable depth.... Because of the trait of the El energy to reflect on 'will'. Everyone experiences something different, it was used in the past by Elrian who wanted to become stronger.
  • Ventus: What do you think? Helpful, right?
  • Denif: It won't be easy. You're already been to an area with concentrated El energy so you know the risk.
  • Eve: It was hard to get a proper reading inside the Hall of El due to the concentrated El energy. If the Sanctum contains that much energy... It won't be easy.
  • Denif: Also, because Elrianode is still in its incomplete state, we won't know how that affected the Sanctum.
  • Ciel: No pain, no gain. To become stronger, you must endure the hardship that comes with it.
  • Lu: Fantastic! This will be a nice warm-up before I punish the ones responsible for the betrayal!
  • Chung: I am ready.
  • Add: (If the El energy is that concentrated, I will be able to get a decent amount of energy.... Hmph)
  • Elsword: As Ciel said. No pain, no gain! I am prepared for everything that follows...
  • Denif: ... I see. I didn't think any of you would back out. I will wish for your safe return.
  • Ventus: Follow me, I'll lead the way. Grumpy, are you coming?
  • Add: ... My name's 'Add'.
  • Ain: Why are you getting all worked up, rusty? Come, let's go.
  • Add: ...... ......
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
StoryPast, Present, and Future
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Elrian Sanctum

A gathering that would have been impossible without the El Search Party. The present generation priestesses and the past generation masters enjoy the short rest.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Denif: Did you guide them to the Sanctum?
  • Ventus: Of course! I showed them to the entrance, now it's all up to them.
  • Denif: Good work
  • Artea: I feel bad for always getting help from the El Search Party.
  • Denif: They have their job and we have ours. Our job is to prolong the El's current condition.
  • Sasha: Where do you think the other Masters are?
  • Denif: We haven't heard anything from them yet. It's probably safe to assume they are outside Henir's Barrier. It was impossible to penetrate thanks to Henir's Order but with them gone... We might hear from them soon enough.
  • Ventus: I hope they're not fooling around.
  • Denif: ... If you have time to complain, why don't you go and look for them, Ventus?
  • Ventus: Aww, come on! It's been a while since we've had some downtime. Relax, Denif.
  • Denif: You haven't changed a bit.... ... A lot has happened since the Great El Explosion and now... I didn't think I would have been able to see Elrianode again.
  • Anduran: Uh... Master Denif... I have a question!
  • Denif: Yes, what is it?
  • Anduran: What were the priestesses tasked with before the El exploded? The priestess before me used all her powers in order to put the enraging holy beast to sleep... Thanks to her, Caluso Village was safe, but I wasn't taught anything regarding the El Lady.
  • Denif: I'm sorry to hear that... You should feel proud for having such a great predecessor, Anduran. You know of the story when the El became unstable from the war between humans and Nasods, and one human girl sacrificed herself to stabilize it?
  • Anduran: Yes! That's when the El Lady was born, a person that is imbued with the power of the goddess to oversee the El.
  • Ignia: And Hernia is the current El Lady.
  • Denif: The Elrian Kingdom bestowed the title of 'Master' to those skilled in manipulating each of the El elements. However, when Henir's Order tried to unstabilize the El by manipulating the mind of the El Lady, the Kingdom found the need to have others who were capable of handling the task of the El Lady.
  • Ventus: Even though the Masters were skilled, they were skilled in the offensive manipulation of the El.
  • Denif: That's when the title of 'Priestess of the El' was born. They selected a handful of Priestesses for the Masters to train.
  • Ventus: There were priestesses in the past, but it was the first time priestesses were selected to do the biddings of Masters.
  • Anduran: I see! So, that's how our predecessors came to be!
  • Denif: I was asleep for so long, so I don't know what happened between then and now, but... The fact that Elrios is still in one piece means they have done everything in their power to keep it this way.
  • Ventus: Hm, Anduran. Your predecessor had quite the temper... I think I can still feel the pain from her slapping my back...
  • Lincy: That's because you asked for it.
  • Ventus: L-Lincy...
  • Gloria: Hm? Darkmoon, why are you there all by yourself? Come here.
  • Darkmoon: ... Um.
  • Gloria: What's wrong?
  • Darkmoon: Do you think Ara's village was destroyed because I wasn't able to protect the Moon El...? I don't deserve to be a priestess...
  • Gloria: Darkmoon...
  • Artea: I was also unable to protect the Earth El. Even though I tried my best...
  • Sasha: No one faults you for that, Darkmoon.
  • Ignia: That's right. The sheer amount of demons, it wasn't something you could handle by yourself, Darkmoon.... If anything, I don't deserve to be a priestess... I gave up and worked with the demons. If it wasn't for the El Search Party...
  • Darkmoon: .....
  • Denif: There's no point in talking about the past. What's important is what you will do from here on out. You should know best, Darkmoon. When Elsword sacrificed himself to the El, the energy from the Moon El slipped out and became one with the El.
  • Darkmoon: .... Yes.
  • Denif: The Moon El that the demons possess is an empty shell, so you won't have to worry about it from a while.
  • Ventus: So, stop being sad. A smile fits you more.
  • Darkmoon: I... will try.
  • Anduran: Now that's out of the way! Does anyone want to try my vegetable stew? Even the Chief of the Caluso Tribe approved of it!
  • Ventus: Oh? That sounds good.
  • Artea: Do you think I'll be able to find some ingredients nearby?
  • Ignia: Let's find out!
  • Denif: ... Don't go too far.
  • Ignia: Yes, sir!
  • Artea: Ah, Master Denif. There's something...
  • Denif: Hm?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryRemaining Story 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Past, Present, and Future

The time flows, no faster, no slower.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ann: How peaceful...
  • Lowe: Yawn... I'm getting sleepy...
  • Hagus: I hope the El Search Party is doing alright...
  • Ann: The Phorus look lively these days, I'm sure the El Search Party has done something!
  • Hagus: I hope they are alright.
  • Lowe: Elsword will be fine. He'll somehow survive in the middle of a desert with no water.
  • Hagus: ... Yes. They're all strong individuals.

  • Lenphad: Welcome to the Swordsmith Cats.
  • Luichel: Lenphad!
  • Lenphad: Luichel? What brings you here at this hour?
  • Luichel: Thanks to the El Search Party, that darned Wally is gone and everything's back to normal.
  • Lenphad: Hm, yes. I heard the Elder Merchants are doing quite well for themselves these days.
  • Luichel: To celebrate, Mr. Hoffman called everyone for a grand feast.
  • Lenphad: Oh! Is that so? Wahaha! I can't refuse that!
  • Echo: I was taking such a pleasant nap before Lenphad's laugh woke me up... What's with all the ruckus?
  • Luichel: Perfect timing! We're all going to gather for dinner tonight, are you in?
  • Echo: If there's candy... I'll come.

  • ???: CRACK, CRUNCH, CRASH!!!
  • Toma: Oww... Another failure...
  • Chacha Buch: Buch Buch! Toma, what are up to now, buch?
  • Toma: Oh, hello Mr. Chacha Buch. I was trying to make something useful out of the fallen airship parts...
  • Chacha Buch: Don't hurt yourself, buch. If Stella learns that you are hurt, the whole town will know it, buch!
  • Toma: Hehehe, I'll be careful!
  • Chacha Buch: Buch buch... A peaceful afternoon in Bethma... I hope this continues forever, buch.
  • Toma: Where do you think the El Search Party is?
  • Chacha Buch: Buch... Probably somewhere helping someone in need, buch. Just like how they freed us Lizardmen...

  • Agatha: To the let! No, the other left! There! Pong!
  • Adel: How's the construction coming along, pong?
  • Agatha: Of course! We just have to finish installing these and we'll be able to completely seal off the transportation tunnel, pong!
  • Adel: A lot has changed since the El Search Party left, pong...
  • Agatha: No more threats from the Black Crows or King Nasod... We owe them everything, pong.
  • Adel: Where is Amos, pong? He said he had something urgent to show me...
  • Amos: Chief! You're here, pong! It's finally time for my research to shine, pong!
  • Adel: Oh? Please explain, pong.

  • Allegro: It's peaceful...
  • Lento: But we can't let our guard down.
  • Allegro: I--I know! But ever since the El Search Party left, all the demons disappeared... I'm really thankful to hem.
  • Lento: That's true, just the fact that they were able to pass through here is an accomplishment on it's own.
  • Allegro: Repairing the destroyed Underground Chapel and the Alter will take a while.. but I'm sure i--it will be back to its past glory in no time.
  • Lento: Yes, I'll have to help out with the recovery work today as well. But...
  • Allegro: Y-Yes?
  • Lento: Isn't it about time you spoke to me with confidence? Is that ever going to change?
  • Allegro: He--... Hehe... It's not as easy.

  • Noel: Vanessa, are you bearing good news? You seem well.
  • Vanessa: Ah, Noel! The path to Hamel is completely repaired. Also, according to this message, Hamel is well on its way as well.
  • Noel: That's great news. Is this also thanks to the El Search Party?
  • Vanessa: That's what it says. Our Velder was also able to drive the demons out thanks to the El Search Party.
  • Grail: Vanessa, I have urgent news.
  • Vanessa: What is it?
  • Grail: We just got in contact with the missing Earth Priestess, slurp.
  • Vanessa: What? Really? Where is the Priestess?
  • Grail: Artea is apparently with all the other priestesses and the El Search Party. I looked into an unusual wave of El energy and found this. Further discussion will be had with the Arch Priest.
  • Vanessa: I see... Sometihng big must have happened for sure. Although I feel at ease knowing she's with the El Search Party. I'll quickly get in contact with the Velder Arch Priest.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryRemaining Story 2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Remaining Story 1

Their actions will become history and remembered by many.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Penensio: Hm...
  • ???: Sire Penensio! There is a message for you from Lady Vanessa!
  • Penensio: Thank you.... ... What?! Horatio, I have something to tell y--..!
  • Denka: What's wrong Penensio?
  • Penensio: Oh, you were here as well, Denka. I just got news of the other priestesses from Velder...
  • Denka: Oh! I was actually just talking about that. I found an unusual wave of El energy and it contained a message from Water Priestess Sasha.
  • Horatio: And that's why I'm here since I had an aquaintance with the Water Temple. Sigh... Trying to use an old man for errands!
  • Penensio: It was important! Haha, hope you understand. I am just glad to hear that the priestess is safe.
  • Horatio: That, I agree! After the El Search Party left, the demons were gone and the Water El has stabilized, there's nothing left to worry!
  • Denka: Yes, we wouldn't have known Rod Ross was working with the demons if it wasn't for the El Search Party...
  • Penensio: Speaking of, what happened to Rod Ross after that?
  • Horatio: It is true that what he did was unforgivable but his family is too renowned... I heard he's out in the suburbs far away from Hamel. I heard the Water Temple is overseeing the Water Seal and the issue occurring in Senace.
  • Penensio: I see... I guess they weren't able to find Sir Helputt?
  • Denka: They've searched all of Hamel... but he was nowhere to be found. However, the priestess said the El Search Party is on it.
  • Penensio: We are forever in debt to the El Search Party. I hope they stay safe.

  • Vapor: ... That's what happened.
  • Emirate: I see... Vapor Gr-- I mean if that's what you say, then it must be true. Does Chieftain Karu know as well?
  • Vapor: He already knew before I did. I find it strange that the Wind energy was stable even though the Wind El and the Wind Priestess were missing. As long as she is with the El Search Party, she'll be safe.
  • Emirate: They are definitely a trusty bunch. We owe them. The peace treaty has been made again with the Harpies and thanks to the Sandtilus being found again, moving cargo has never been this easy.
  • Vapor: Huhuhu, I knew I wasn't wrong about him. I knew that red-headed child had it in him!
  • Emirate: Didn't you just scold him all the time?
  • Vapor: Tsk! When I say it is, then it is!
  • Emirate: Ow, owww! Stop splashing me with that weird potion! AH!

  • Edel: The Fire Priestess is alive? Hm, good to hear.
  • Pesop: Haha, you don't sound so happy.
  • Edel: The Fire Priestess was only needed to stabilize the Fire El in Lanox, I wasn't really friends with her. I am a busy person, I don't have time to make friends with every single person. However, thank you for the news, Pesop.... ... Sigh... Well, as long as she is with the El Search Party, she'll be safe. Sebastian, bring me some medicine for this headache.
  • Steel: Huhu! I am all done! You just have to finish, dad!
  • Sdeing: Is meeting the Holy Beast of Fire something to be excited about?
  • Steel: Of course it is! I am going to gift Ifritan a new head ornament!

  • Durenda: Hm? What are you two doing?
  • Hugo: Durenda! Come! You should help out with this as well!
  • Theodore: An inspiration must have happened after witnessing Solace's Diceon usage. I was helping out with developing a new device.
  • Durenda: I don't really care what you are doing but if an explosion like before happens again... I wouldn't want Elysion to be destroyed.
  • Hugo: There won't be an explosion this time! It will never... If I just put this... here... like this...!
  • BOOM!
  • Theodore: Cough, cough!
  • Hugo: W--What...? Why...?
  • Durenda: Cough, cough... I have no choice, I'll report you both to Master Adrian!
  • Bernard: Hahaha, all of you seem well.

  • Solace: How are you holding up?
  • Hernia: I'm fine. I'm more worried about Fenriart.
  • Solace: ...
  • Hernia: It... really took a long time. To be at Fenriart's side again... Thank you for waiting.
  • Solace: I can wait for an eternity, if it is for you, Hernia.
  • Hernia: ... I won't make you wait any longer. So...

  • Nono: Beep? BEEP!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryNew Power
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Remaining Story 2

Denif has useful information.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Denif! Ventus!
  • Denif: You're back.
  • Ventus: Hm... You look a lot stronger than before.
  • Elsword: Hehe, thanks to you. It was a big help.
  • Denif: Speaking of, did any of you feel like you were watching the past at the Sanctum?
  • Elsword: Mm? Now that you mention... It kind of felt like I did...
  • Elesis: That's right! I felt like I saw someone training pass by.
  • Denif: The countless Elrians that visited the Sanctum were imprinted like an afterimage. It happened thanks to the traits of the El. It's one of many powers of the El energy. It's like receiving teachings directly from the El.
  • Ara: This... power, can you only acquire it from the Elrian Sanctum?
  • Denif: Not necessarily. It's just easier to find because the Elrian Sanctum is an Elriabrunnr. In your current state, you will be able to find it anywhere the El energy resides.
  • Ciel: What about the Demon Realm? There's no El energy there, does that mean there's no unique power there?
  • Denif: I'm not sure... but because it is an area where the Dark El dominates... It might contain a different king of power. I assume you can learn other valuable lessons there.
  • Chung: I guess we'll have to find out the hard way.
  • Lu: Huhuhu! It shouldn't be a problem with me around?
  • Elesis: Hmm... this new power will definitely help with out future battles. It will teach us different ways to fight.
  • Elsword: Alright! While preparing for the Demon Realm, let's go to the Sanctum!!
  • Aisha: Ahh... I'm tired. I'm going to rest for the day...
  • Raven: Yes, rest is just as important as training.
  • Ciel: Good thing there are some cookies left. It will be perfect with a nice cup of tea.
  • Anduran: Ahh! Everyone! Would you like to try my vegetable stew?
  • Ignia: Anduran's cooking is unique, but isn't bad!
  • Anduran: U-Unique?
  • Rena: I feel like I've heard this conversation before...
  • Lu: Now, now. Let's go before the vegetables get cold.
  • Rena: Huh? Is it already prepared?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,911,100 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 5,154,470 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

To a New Region

Clear the quest to learn about the unknown world, Demon Realm, and the adventure into Varnimyr.

Story[Dungeon] Entering Varnimyr
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Achieve Level 99

Clear the quest to enter Demon Realm - Varnimyr.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards

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