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Promotional Image for Core Release Update in KR 01/28/2014
Promotional Poster indicating the release date

Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that sets them apart from other characters.

Core Release System

On 01/28/2014 in the Korean server, Eve received a new system, the Core Release system. Core Release is a system exclusive to Eve.

Queen's Core

When Eve enters any level of awakening, Eve goes into Core Release mode and materializes the Queen's Core. The Queen's Core will follow Eve and react to help Eve by changing during offensive and defensive situations.

Attacks and Defense

In Queen's Core mode, every few hits Eve does or Special Active used will level up the core. A core level up is indicated when the core lights up for 1 second. The higher the level of the core, the more damage will be dealt and number of times it is able to defend increases.


Queen's Shield
When Eve is attacked from the front on the ground while in Core Release mode, the Queen's Core will switch to defense mode and cover Eve in a damage reducing shield by absorbing a portion of the damage. While the core covers Eve in the Shield, pressing X.png will allow Eve to phase back from the target in the same manner as Photon Flash. The core loses a level after defending. However, if you are continuously attacked, the core will only lose its level once the defending sequences stop.


Queen's Laser
When Eve uses an active or special active and hits a target, the Queen's Core switches to offense mode and fires a blue or red laser at a target. The laser does multiple hits and will not knock down. The laser will lock on to the nearest target and track that target until all hits are dealt. The damage of the laser done depends on the core's level. Lasers will be shot when a skill lands a hit and the target does not die on that hit. There are exceptions of some skills including: Illusion Stinger, Sonic Wave, Heaven's Fist - Sweeper, Surface Cutting, where the laser will be shot at the end of the skill. Heaven's Fist - Pressure doesn't trigger Queen's Laser.

Powerful Queen's Core

At 3rd bead awakening, a Powerful Queen's Core is created. When Eve uses an active or special active and it hits, the Queen's Core will fire a red laser which has higher damage output and does splash damage.
3rd bead icons

Feature Information

Core Level Damage Max Hits Damage
HP Recovery MP Recovery
Laser Splash (Powerful) Laser Splash (Powerful)
1 66% 72% 6 6 75% 1.5% 30 MP
2 132% 3% 60 MP
3 198% 4.5% 90 MP
  • The damage listed does not include the awakening mode damage increase modifier.
  • Core regeneration is capped at level 3 core plus two hits resulting in 5% HP and 100 MP returned. This is a total of 23 basic Z or X hits.


Character HQ Shop Item 72550.png     Specialization A HQ Shop Item 72560.png     Specialization B
Core charging speed +x% (Max: 40%) x% Chance of core not diminishing after use (Max: 50%)

Tips and Details

  • Extra hits between each core level will contribute to an increase to HP and MP recovery values on top of each core level's value.
    • Recovery from the core is linear and dependent on the number of hits contributed into the core.
    • It takes approximately 7 basic Z or X hits to reach the next core level.
    • The core gained upon awakening is level 1 and already has 2 hits contributing towards the next core level. This means that 5 hits will be enough to raise the core to level 2.
    • Every basic Z or X hit contributes to approximately 0.22% HP and 4.35 MP returned when the core expires.
  • Damage does not include the awakening attack bonus and is based on (physical attack + magic attack)/2.
  • For Powerful Queen's Core, (level 3 awakening), the Laser and Powerful hits are done simultaneously for a total of ten hits on a single target.
    • Powerful Queen's Core does splash damage. E.g., if two targets are close enough, each target will be hit 15 times (5 from Laser, 10 from Powerful). If there are three targets each will be hit 20 times.
  • Queen's Core gains 1-3 levels when Special Actives are used. Using a Tenacity skill gains one core level, using a Strength skill gains two core levels, and using a Bravery skill gains three core levels.
  • If Queen's Core expires while in the middle of its own attack animation, it will refund HP and MP normally.
  • Although the core will track the enemies, it is still possible for the enemies to be pushed out of range.


  • Eve's Core Release System's concept is very similar to Raven's Anger of Raven feature, but with a few very important differences.

Character Systems

Way of the Sword

When playing as Elsword, you will have access to a special gauge known as Way of the Sword. This gauge will enable you to activate Aura of Vitality or Aura of Destruction for a period of time. Depending on the type of commands (Z.png/X.png) or skills you use, the gauge will lean towards either vitality or destruction.

While the Aura of Vitality is active, you will gain more MP from vitality-based attacks, while the MP cost for vitality-based skills will be reduced. Your speed will also be increased. While the Aura of Destruction is active, you will immediately bounce back any attack that hits you, knocking down nearby enemies and triggering super armor for 6 seconds in which time you cannot trigger the effect again. All destruction-based attacks will also deal vastly more damage.

Note that the system they use is not what what it may appear to be at first; vitality-based attacks take away vitality from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards destruction; destruction-based attacks take away destruction from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards vitality; this is why only attacks that use the gauge will receive benefits while in their respective aura.

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