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Core Release System

When Eve enters Awakening Mode, Eve goes into Core Release mode and materializes the Queen's Core. The Queen's Core will follow Eve and react to help Eve by changing during offensive and defensive situations.

Queen's Core

Core appears in Awakening Mode

In Core Release mode, every successful command or Active hit or Special Active skill use will charge up the Queen's Core. Once it appears at a certain charge, you can see when it reaches the next stage when the core flashes for a brief moment as it starts to shine brighter. The higher the level of the core, the more damage will be dealt when it fires and the more times it will be able to defend Eve from attacks.

Queen's Shield

Queen's Core defensive mode

When Eve is attacked from the front on the ground while Queen's Core is active, the core will switch to defense mode and cover Eve in a shield that absorbs a portion of the damage. While the core covers Eve in the Shield, pressing will allow Eve to phase back from the target in the same manner as Photon Flash. The core loses a level after defending. However, if you are continuously attacked, the core will only lose its level once the defending sequences stop.

Queen's Laser

Blue Laser in normal Awakening Mode

When Eve uses an Active or Special Active and hits a target, the Queen's Core switches to offense mode and fires a blue laser at a target. The laser does multiple hits and will not knock down. The laser will lock on to the nearest target and track that target until all hits are dealt. The damage of the laser done depends on the core's level.

The lasers will fire the moment the skill lands a successful hit and the target does not die on that hit. Certain skills will not cause the laser to fire immediately however. Illusion Stinger will only trigger the laser once an explosion hit connects, not when the spears do. Sonic Wave, Heaven's Fist - Sweeper, and Surface Cutting will only fire the laser at the end of the skill. Some skills will also not trigger Queen's Laser, such as Heaven's Fist - Pressure.

3rd Bead Laser inflicts splash damage

With 3 stacks of Awakening, a Powerful Queen's Core is created. Unlike the normal Queen's Core, the Queen's Laser fired by this core will be colored red and can deal splash damage to groups of enemies. In addition, if the target is moved while they are being hit by the laser, the Powerful Queen's Core will adjust its trajectory to lock onto the target.

3rd bead icons

Core Release Mode Information

Charge Amount When Core Release Mode expires Queen's Core Level
HP Recovery MP Recovery
0% [Charge] x 0.05% HP [Charge] x 0.3 MP 0
30% 1
60% 2
90% 3

Queen's Core

Core Level On hit with Active/Special Active When attacked
Damage (Magical) Max Hits Damage Reduction
Laser Powerful Laser Additional Hit Laser Powerful Laser Additional Hit
1 66% 72% 6 6 75%
2 132%
3 198%
  • The damage listed does not include the awakening mode damage increase modifier and is based on your average attack power.
  • As Code: Failess: Transcendent, the Powerful Laser is replaced by a unique attack. Transformed Attack deals the same damage as Power Laser.

Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character Specialization A Specialization B
Core charging speed +x% (Max: 40%) x% Chance of core not diminishing after use (Max: 50%)

Tips and Details

  • Core Release Mode's "charge" amount is a hidden value the game uses to determine the HP and MP recovery, the level of the Queen's Core, as well as the strength and charge consumption of the laser and shield.
    • You will gain roughly 8% charge from most command hits, requiring 3~5 hits to charge up the Queen's Core by one level, though this can vary per command. Multihit commands such as ^X generate less charge per hit, but do more hits to compensate.
      • The charge gained through commands is affected by the job advancement modifier, so at 3rd job, the charge gained is multiplied by 1.15, allowing commands to charge the core more easily at higher advancements.
    • You will gain some charge when an Active hits an enemy as well, but as an Active skill hitting enemies will always fire the core's laser, this only matters in gameplay while the current charge is lower than needed for a level 1 core.
    • When using special actives, the charge gained is based on the skill's base MP cost, including skill traits such as Light or Critical, where 300 MP used = 100% charge gained. For example, using Light Dimension Link - Century will grant you 80/300 = 26.6666% charge, enough to recover 8 MP when Core Release Mode expires, not counting any residual charge, which is exactly 1/10th of the skill's cost.
      • Unlike commands and actives, any special active hits will not generate charge at all.
    • When Core Release Mode is initially activated (on awakening), you gain 40% charge.
    • When the laser fires, it uses up the amount of charge that would be required to reach the core level it currently has. A level 3 core will thus reduce your charge by 90% - resulting in 0.5% HP still recovered when Core Release Mode then expires if you had maximum charge, due to the 10% residual charge.
      • Likely an error, the laser checks for the same charge as is gained from using special actives of exactly 100, 200 and 300 MP, for how much charge to consume, resulting in a Level 2 laser at 61% charge, only consuming Level 1's 30% charge, as the 200 MP charge gain is 66% charge, slightly higher. The laser's power is unaffected by this issue, dealing the correct amount of damage for the core's level.
    • When hit by an enemy, you will gain some charge based on the damage taken. If you block the hit with the barrier, the charge gained will also be reduced by the 75% damage reduction the barrier provides.
    • When blocking a hit with the barrier, it will always consume 30% charge, one core level's worth. Because it will consume this charge after adding the charge from the damage taken, it is actually possible to not lose an actual Core level at all, if your charge before the hit was high enough.
  • When Core Release Mode expires and the core is currently in the midst of an attack, you will still gain the HP/MP of the charge you had before it fired as long as the laser hasn't disappeared yet, consuming the charge.
  • The additional hits caused by a Powerful Queen's Core laser deal splash damage, allowing it to deal a large amount of damage on enemies near each other.
  • The laser ignores defense and guard in PvE and only ignores guard in PvP.
  • Although the laser will track the enemies, it is still possible for the enemies to be pushed out of range.
  • Both lasers will miss a hit in Free Training.


  • Eve's Core Release System's concept is very similar to Raven's Anger of Raven feature but with a few very important differences.


Date Changes
01/28/2014 08/27/2014
  • Core Release added.
05/14/2014 -
  • None
  • No longer ignore defense.
11/02/2017 11/15/2017
  • Core MP Recovery decreased.

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