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ECP System

ECP (Energy of Colorless Point) is a system exclusive to Rose. The system interface is displayed below the MP bar.

ECP Gauge

The yellow bar below your MP bar contains 70 ECP, which certain skills called ECP Using Skills will use instead of MP. ECP points will also be consumed when switching weapons during combos, performing the last of ground combos as well as some combos from Tempest Burster's path and some additional skills. If any ECP is missing, it will slowly start recovering at 5 points per second.

Once the gauge is completely depleted, Over Strike will be activated.

Indication of activating Over Strike/Over Strike being active.

Most ECP Using Skills cost exactly 35 ECP, not counting skill traits. This makes it possible to activate Over Strike instantly by using any 2 ECP Using Skills in a row, assuming that your gauge is full.

Over Strike

While Over Strike is active, you will gain certain effects for a duration. You can not use most ECP Using Skills while Over Strike is active unless through specific passive effects, but Weapon Switching is still allowed. The ECP gauge will recover faster during Over Strike, at 10 points per second.

Mode  Self BuffOver Strike ModeSelf BuffOver Strike Mode
MP Gain on Attacking Increase Special Active Skill Damage Increase Critical Damage Increase Command Damage Increase Duration
PvE 10% 20% 10% 150% 10 Seconds
PvP 20%

Weapon Switching

Rose has the choice of utilizing 4 different firearms: Revolvers, Muskets, Automatic Pistols (Auto-guns), or Hand Cannons.
For manual switching outside of combat, press 'V' key (default) to switch to the next weapon in a clockwise direction.
  • Revolvers: Basic weapons of Rose. They fire quick singular shots at set intervals. The critical activation chance is high and the critical damage is increased by 25%. The weapon is mid-range.
  • Muskets: Similar to Revolvers, although they deal more damage, fire slower, have the longest range of all of the guns, and will penetrate through all enemies within range.
  • Automatic Pistols: Firearms which fire quick multiple shots, burning 2 MP at set intervals. Their damage is the lowest of all of Rose's guns and their range is about the same as Hand Cannons.
  • Hand Cannons: Firearms which deal the highest damage of all of Rose's guns, but they're also the slowest. The range of the blast is a bit lower than that of Revolvers.

During the combo, you are able to switch weapons by holding the special action key ([V] by default) and tapping the respective arrow key.

Weapon Locking

You can lock up to 2 specific weapons to prevent switching to them when you use the special action key ([V] by default). To do so, enter your equipment page ([U] key by default) and right click the weapon icon that you want to lock. If the combo extension uses the specific weapon that you have locked, the weapon will only be switched during the combo and then it will change back to the original weapon you were using.

Commands that consume ECP

  • Rose
  • Tempest Burster
A combo used while holding revolvers.
A combo used while holding Muskets.
A combo used while holding Auto-guns.
[Hand Cannons]
A combo used while holding hand cannons.

ECP Related Skills

  • Rose
  • Tempest Burster
  • Black Massacre
  • Minerva
  • Prime Operator
Class Skill Name ECP Use/Gain
Rose Default +5/s
Over Strike Mode +10/s
Weapon Switch -15
Command Finisher -30
Rising Shot -30
Rising Shot
Backstep -35
Needle Sobat -35

Over Strike Related Skills

  • Tempest Burster
  • Black Massacre
  • Minerva
  • Prime Operator

Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character Specialization A Specialization B
Increased damage of combos and Over Strike Skills in Over Strike Mode by x%. (Max: 24%) Increased ECP nature regeneration by x%. (Max: 40%)

Tips and Details

  • While not in Over Strike, ECP gets recovered at 5 per second.
  • While having insufficient ECP may prevent you from using ECP Using Skills, performing a finisher or switching weapons does not share the same limitation and allows you to burn off extra ECP in order to attain Over Strike when necessary.
  • The effect values of Over Strike Mode are never shown in-game anywhere; the current values are based on a patch note that changed some of these values, and thus listed the old/new values for players to see.
  • The Critical Damage Increase is multiplicative.
  • Almost every ECP Using Skill costs 35 ECP (with Optimus's G Transform Mode Standby being an exception), allowing you to cast any 2 of them and enter Over Strike instantly, assuming no consumption traits were applied.
  • Upon consuming ECP in any way, there is a slight delay until the gauge begins to recover, to allow you to use 2 skills that consume 35 ECP to trigger Over Strike with a bit of leniency. The maximum possible delay seems to be set individually for each action that can consume ECP, since skills like Booster Cannon give you more time to land and use another skill in order to activate Over Strike.
  • While the general rule is that you cannot use ECP Using Skills while in Over Strike Mode anymore, almost every path gets a passive that allows you to do so under certain conditions or drawbacks, if at all. Only Tempest Burster still gets locked out of all her ECP Using Skills upon entering Over Strike.



  • Attempting to lock the weapon Rose is currently wielding will result in her saying "It's the weapon you are currently using, but...?" in the form of a text box.
  • For some reason, despite switching to another weapon, Rose will always appear with the default weapon of each path on the Character Selection screen.
    • For Base Rose it will be Hand Cannons instead.


Date Changes
12/17/2015 06/01/2016
  • ECP System added.
06/30/2016 07/13/2016
  • Added ability to lock weapons away by left clicking the UI.
11/03/2016 11/23/2016
  • Over Strike skills and combos damage increase during Over Strike Mode decreased to 30%.
08/01/2019 08/28/2019
  • Maximum ECP amount changed from 100 to 70.
  • Over Strike skills and combos damage increase during Over Strike Mode decreased to 20%.
01/28/2021 02/24/2021
  • Over Strike Command Damage Increase increased.
  • None

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