Code: Recovery - Breaker

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CodeRecovery.png [Special Move] By combining the "Recovery Code" and the "Electra Code", Eve improves Code: Recovery and can break shields easily. When extracting energy, Eve will consume MP and recover HP. Afterwards, Eve will receive a buff, granting attacks that passes through Force Fields the ability to ignore Defense.


Class Level Required
Code: Electra 15

Move Information

Mode HP Recovery Status 264.pngSelf BuffCode: Recovery - Breaker MP Usage Cooldown
Defense Ignore Duration
PvE 5% 30% 12 Seconds 40 MP 30 Seconds
PvP 1.5%

Tips and Details

  • Although Code: Recovery - Breaker is a Special Move, it is still counted as a skill that cannot be used during debuffs like Silence.



Date Changes
10/29/2015 03/16/2016
  • Code: Recovery - Breaker added.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • The attacks through the Force Fields will ignore victim's defense.
  • If there are no summoned units, the next summon skills' MP Usage will be decreased.
08/11/2016 09/28/2016
03/30/2017 04/12/2017
  • None
  • Duration decreased to 5 seconds.
07/13/2017 07/26/2017
  • Duration decreased.
  • Does not affect Hyper Active.
  • Defense ignore changed to 1.2x damage.
12/19/2019 01/14/2020
  • Icon changed from CodeRecoveryOld.png to CodeRecovery.png
03/25/2021 04/28/2021
  • Damage increase changed to Defense Ignore
  • Duration increased.

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