Anger of Raven

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Anger of Raven

Anger of Raven is a system exclusive to Raven.

The Core's neutral state.

Basic Information

Upon awakening, a Nasod core will appear behind Raven, which assists him both offensively and defensively. It grows as Raven deals or takes damage (at a slower rate than doing damage), or whenever he uses skills. It has three stages (starting as level 2 upon awakening) and the bigger it is, the stronger it becomes.

If the core is present when awakening ends, Raven will recover HP and MP based on the core's level.

Offense mode

The Core attacking.

After Raven hits a foe with any skill and they survive, the core will follow with its attack, turning into a dagger-like shape that rushes at the foe at a linear angle. If no foes are hit, it will return behind Raven at the same level it was before launching. If it does hit, it pierces through all targets hit as it travels a set distance and does not knock down.

  • Actives increase the core level by one when attacking.
  • Special actives also increase the core's level upon activation.
    • Bravery skills will max the core's level.
    • Strength and Tenacity skills will only increase the core's level by one or two.

After attacking, the core's level resets to zero, and it will stop reacting to skills for about a second. This makes it best to wait a moment between skills if using special actives in rapid succession, to make sure that the core will attack with each special active.

Defense mode

The Core defending.

When Raven is hit by an attack in front of him while standing, the core transforms into a shield that reduces 75% of the damage taken. This shield lasts a short time and the core loses a level each time it forms the shield. If the core is at level 1 when it defends Raven, it will disappear afterwards and will then require the usual conditions to reappear. Raven cannot move during the guarding animation.

Level 3 Awakening

Raven's electric aura.

Raven's third awakening bead is depicted as a flaming orb. With 3 stacks of Awakening, Raven will also create a dense, small electric aura around him that shocks nearby foes at an interval. These shocks do not add to the knockdown counter nor have hitstun. It also grants Raven 5 MP per hit.

Feature Information

Core Level Damage Max Hits Damage
HP Recovery MP Recovery
Core Aura Core Aura
1 792% 300% 1 1/2.5
75% 3% 10 MP
2 1056% 4% 20 MP
3 1320% 5% 30 MP
  • The damage is based on your average attack power and is not affected by the attack bonus from Awakening.

Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character Specialization A Specialization B
Core charging speed +x% (Max: 40%) x% Chance of core not diminishing after use (Max: 50%)

Core Related Skills

Class Skill Name
Rage Hearts Awakened Rage
Class Skill Name
Nova Imperator Last Resort
Class Skill Name
Venom Taker Valasia
Venom Taker Path of Revenge
Revenant Path of the Dead

Tips and Details

  • Nasod core's attack ignores defense and guard in PvE. Ignore guard in PvP.
  • The Nasod core no longer attacks when Blade Master's Bloody Accel is activated. Instead, it will increase the core to maximum level.
  • Level 3 awakening should be used cautiously in Velder's Hallucination boss fight, because if you are in electric aura mode and Joaquin uses the puppet debuff, you can shock your allies too.
    • A glitch occurs where you will still damage your allies even after the debuff is over. It is best to wait for it to end before continuing to fight.
  • If the aura generated from the Nasod core kills an enemy, the core will not attack.
  • Hyper active skills do not cause the Nasod core to attack.
  • When launching the Nasod core, the animation for the Nasod core gaining a level will be shown as active and special active hits will cause it to gain a level, but the damage dealt will be when the skill was activated.
  • The electric aura can be countered.



Date Changes
11/03/2011 11/07/2012
  • Anger of Raven added.
05/14/2014 -
  • None
  • No longer ignore defense.
07/27/2017 08/09/2017
  • Can manabreak while core shield is activated.
11/02/2017 11/15/2017
  • Core MP Recovery decreased.

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