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Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that set them apart from other characters.

Basic Information

When playing Elesis, there will be an additional bar below the MP bar called Chivalry. This bar has 10 segments that, by default, contain 5 red Annihilation slots and 5 blue Gale slots, and depending on your actions, the bar will lean towards one color (from right to left for Annihilation, from left to right for Gale), replacing the other color's slots. As long as a color has at least one slot in the bar filled, you will receive special benefits depending on which color you currently have active. The "Spirit of Annihilation" is selected by default, and you can switch between it and the "Aura of Gale" by using the V key.

Depending on the type of skill you use, the bar will fill towards the right with blue Gale slots or towards the left with red Annihilation slots:

  • Flexibility/Tenacity skill: 1 slot
  • Strength skill: 2 slots
  • Bravery skill: 3 slots

Note that skills fill the slots contrary to their mode: gale-based skills fill the bars with annihilation slots; annihilation-based skills fill the bar with gale slots.

If the bar is filled completely by either color's slots, the other mode will deactivate and you will enter a neutral stance with no benefits when it is toggled on, until at least 1 slot is re-gained for that mode. As such, the bar acts as a balancing mechanic so over-using one mode's skills can prevent that mode from being active.

Knight of Gale

Elesis's idle stance when in Knight of Gale

When Aura of Gale is toggled on, you will be surrounded by a blue aura. While in this mode, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Increased Action Speed and Movement Speed.
  • Every 5 hits, you will receive a buff that will increase your MP Gain by 5%. (Lasts 5 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 times.)
    • Any attack counts for those 5 hits. It is possible to maintain the increased MP Gain buff purely with Annihilation-based combos, Actives, Special Actives, or Mount attacks, although these will not benefit from it.
  • Gale-based combos Knockdown Rate will get reduced by 40%.
  • Gale-based skills cost 40% (20% for PvP) less mana.
  • Gale-based skills will get their cooldown reduced by 40%.

Knight of Annihilation

Elesis's idle stance when in Knight of Annihilation

When Spirit of Annihilation is toggled on, you will be surrounded by a crimson aura. While in this mode, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Annihilation-based combos, Actives, and skills will ignore 10% of enemy's defense, and will ignore defensive stances, such as Iron Paladin's Guard and PvE opponents with the ability to guard. Knocked down opponents will receive full damage. Annihilation combos will deal 50% more damage.
  • Annihilation-based combos and Actives have an increased chance of triggering Attributes.

Aura Chart

Idle/Walking Free Knight ViZ.png Gale ViZ.png Gale ViZ.png Gale ViZ.png Gale
Free Knight ViZ.png Gale ViZ.png Gale ViZ.png Gale DeX.png Annihilation
Free Knight DeX.png Annihilation DeX.png Annihilation DeX.png Annihilation
Free Knight DeX.png Annihilation DeX.png Annihilation ViZ.png Gale
Free Knight ViZ.png Gale DeZ.png Annihilation
Free Knight DeX.png Annihilation
Free Knight ViZ.png Gale
Free Knight DeX.png Annihilation
Air Dash
Free Knight ViZ.png Gale ViZ.png Gale ViZ.png Gale
Free Knight DeX.png Annihilation DeX.png Annihilation
Knocked Down Free Knight DeZ.png Annihilation
Free Knight DeX.png Annihilation

Skill Aura

Class Skill Name Aura
Elesis Spiral-Blast(Elesis).png Spiral Blast Annihilation
Elesis DAS.png Dodge and Slash Gale
Elesis WS.png Wild Shock Gale
Elesis MB.png Mega Buster Annihilation
Elesis ElesisUB.png Unlimited Blade Gale
Class Skill Name Aura
Saber Knight RS.png Rushing Sword Gale
Saber Knight Extinction.png Saber - Extinction (A) Gale
Saber Knight ELE8.png Critical Dive Gale
Saber Knight TripleSonic.PNG Triple Sonic Gale
Saber Knight LeapC.png Leap Annihilation
Saber Knight Judgement-Drive.png Sword of Judgement (A) Annihilation
Grand Master Victorious-Sword.png Sword of Victory Annihilation
Grand Master Provoke.png Provoke (A) Annihilation
Grand Master PointJab.PNG Point Jab Gale
Grand Master ELE12.png War Prelude (A) Gale
Grand Master ELE11.png Juggernaut Buster (A) Gale
Grand Master CrossCut.PNG Cross Cut Annihilation
Grand Master ELE2.png Drastic Charge Annihilation
Grand Master ELE7.png Sonic Blade (A) Gale
Transcendent Grand Master GrMTrans1.png Cross Slash Gale
Transcendent Grand Master Power-Break .png Power Break Annihilation
Transcendent Grand Master GrMTrans3.png Divine Blade Annihilation
Transcendent Grand Master GrMTrans6.png Giga Blast (A) Annihilation
Class Skill Name Aura
Pyro Knight ELE4.png Red Lotus Sword Gale
Pyro Knight BigBurst.png Sword Fire Gale
Pyro Knight ELE9.png Scaldic Sword Annihilation
Pyro Knight ELE5R.png Fireplay Gale
Pyro Knight InfernalBlade.png Infernal Blade (A) Annihilation
Blazing Heart EternalFlame.png Eternal Fire (A) Gale
Blazing Heart FFist.png Explosive Fist (A) Annihilation
Blazing Heart FirePillar.PNG Pillar of Fire Gale
Blazing Heart ELE14.png Blazing Dance (A) Annihilation
Blazing Heart ELE13.png Blazing Wing (A) Annihilation
Blazing Heart ELE6.png Flame Rose Gale
Blazing Heart FlameOrb.PNG Flame Orb Annihilation
Blazing Heart ELE10.png Fire Wall Annihilation
Transcendent Blazing Heart BurstRising.png Rising Burst (A) Gale
Transcendent Blazing Heart BHTrans2.png Flame Protection Gale
Transcendent Blazing Heart BHTrans3.png Ignis Crusher (A) Gale
Transcendent Blazing Heart BHTrans6.png Soul Ignition Annihilation
Class Skill Name Aura
Dark Knight CAIcon15.png Dark Wave Gale
Dark Knight CAIcon7.png Ejection Buster (A) Annihilation
Dark Knight CAIcon6.png Brutal Cutter Gale
Dark Knight CAIcon18.png Assault Strike Annihilation
Dark Knight BloodSwamp.PNG Blood Swamp Annihilation
Dark Knight BloodStorm.PNG Blood Storm Gale
Crimson Avenger CAIcon8.png Brandish Breaker (A) Annihilation
Crimson Avenger CAIcon17.png Shadow Edge Annihilation
Crimson Avenger BloodExplosion.PNG Blood Explosion (A) Gale
Crimson Avenger CAIcon12.png Blood Cutter (A) Gale
Crimson Avenger CAIcon11.png Shade Illusion Annihilation
Crimson Avenger CAIcon14.png Injection Stigma (A) Annihilation
Crimson Avenger CAIcon20.png Burning Phantom (A) Annihilation
Crimson Avenger CAIcon10.png Dread Weapon Annihilation
Transcendent Crimson Avenger CrATrans1.png Chaser Sword Gale
Transcendent Crimson Avenger CrATrans2.png Blood Sting Gale
Transcendent Crimson Avenger CrATrans3.png Shade Annihilation
Transcendent Crimson Avenger CrATrans6.png Blood Falls Gale
Bloody Queen FDW.png [Mod] Dread Weapon Gale
Bloody Queen FBF.png [Mod] Blood Falls Annihilation

Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character HQ Shop Item 72550.png     Specialization A HQ Shop Item 72560.png     Specialization B
Icon - Elesis.png
Annihilation and Gale gain amount +x% (Except when either either is activated) (Max: 50%) Annihilation and Gale consume amount -x% (Max: 40%)

Tips and Details

  • Although Chivalry Mode Switching is a Special Move, it is still counted as a skill that cannot be used during some disabling debuffs like Silence.
  • Due to Chivalry effects being active as long as you have at least one bar of the respective type, there is no benefit from consuming more bars in the case of Strength and Bravery skills.


  • Although Elesis' Chivalry System is different from Elsword's Way of the Sword system, the idle poses for Annihilation/Destruction and Gale/Vitality modes are similar.

Old Version

  • In the past, the Chivalry system featured a non-segmented resource meter which could fill or deplete based on the amount of damage and number of hits dealt from skills and combos as opposed to purely skill category.
    • The ability to switch between "Knight of Gale" and "Knight of Annihilation" was not present. To enter a particular mode, Elesis must fill the meter with the using the opposing aura's attacks. When it was filled, Elesis would be in that mode until the meter was depleted via the respective aura's attacks. Once the meter was depleted, Elesis would be in a neutral state until she fills the meter back up with one of the auras.


Date Changes
07/18/2013 03/26/2014
  • Chivalry added.
11/06/2014 04/29/2015
  • Annihilation revenge attack knocks targets down faster.
04/30/2015 -
  • Fixed throwing items being unusable once entering the field from town while "Chivalry" is activated.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • Fixed issue where receive Gale gauge when activating the Annihilation's Super Armor.
06/15/2017 06/28/2017
  • None
  • Gale Mode effectiveness decreased.
11/02/2017 11/15/2017
  • Annihilation mana break Howl and super armor removed.
11/01/2018 -
  • Gale Cooldown Decrease decreased from 80% to 40%.
  • None
12/06/2018 11/28/2018
  • Fixed issue where knocked down attack cannot receive Chivalry gauge.
07/04/2019 07/31/2019
  • Can switch between Annihilation and Gale using V key.
  • System mechanics revamped.
09/11/2019 09/25/2019
  • Annihilation mode defense ignore effect added.
  • 100% Critical Rate effect removed.
  • Allows switching modes even during skill use.
  • System will remember the mode in effect on initial skill cast.
03/26/2020 04/22/2020
  • None
  • Gale Command MP Recovery Rate decreased.

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