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Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that set them apart from other characters.


A special system for Chung which utilize the usage of cannonballs to aid him in combat.


Chung's old ammunition supply icon. Full and empty

Chung's Ammunition Supply is one of his most notable and interesting features. Many of his skills are ammo-reliant. Skills such as Lunatic Blow use up all of Chung's ammo, but increase in power based on how much ammo was used. Other skills such as Aiming Shot use only one. Many of Chung's X.png attacks use ammo too.

To reload your ammo, stand still. This reload animation is affected by Action Speed. You can also reload by using certain skills or combos, such as Z.pngZ.png(DZ.png)Z.png.

Each job path has Passives that will aid you with Cannonball management:

After the 2015 Character Revamp, using Awakening with any number of beads will completely refill all of Chung's cannonballs upon activation.

Berserk Mode

Chung's third awakening bead. Empty and full
Note Chung's change of appearance in Berserk Mode

Chung's third awakening bead starts off being covered in chains. This does not prevent you from gaining it like any other awakening bead. It changes appearance when Berserk Mode is ready.
When Berserk Mode is activated, Chung is enveloped in his full Freiturnier armor (including the helmet) stored inside his suit's Guardian Stone, a special object that increases his fighting ability. The base benefits of Berserk Mode are:

Furthermore, each job path has Passives that enhance Awakening Mode and Berserk Mode:

  • Mini Icon - Comet Crusader.png Comet Crusader's Berserker's Strength increases Physical Damage and Max HP based on the number of beads used to Awaken. (Berserk Mode giving the highest Stat Boost output).
  • Mini Icon - Deadly Chaser.png Deadly Chaser's Tussle Technique grants a chance to enter Berserk Mode when Awakening with 1 or 2 Beads.
    • Mini Icon - Deadly Chaser.png Deadly Chaser's Intense Showtime reduces the MP cost and Cooldown of Skills while in Berserk Mode.
      • Mini Icon - Fatal Phantom.png Fatal Phantom's Phantom Shooter makes Cannonball commands to inflict [Chaser's Mark],
        Hitting foes with this Debuff using Cannonball Skills will grant you [Prepared Chaser] Buff,
        Increasing both Awakening Charge rate and the chance to enter Berserk Mode when Awakening with 1 or 2 Beads.
        • Mini Icon - Fatal Phantom.png Fatal Phantom's Death Wish will increase Magical Damage while in Berserk Mode and also,
          If HP is under 60%, any Awakening is guaranteed to activate Berserk Mode.
  • Mini Icon - Tactical Trooper.png Tactical Trooper's Reaction Gloves increases Damage Reduction based on the number of beads used to Awaken.
    (Berserk Mode giving the highest Reduction output).

Sanctification Mode

Cor Guardian path's awakening bead. Empty and full

Exclusive to the Cor Guardian path, Chung's Awakening System is changed to only have a single Awakening Bead, which can be used to activate Sanctification Mode upon Awakening or to re-awaken to extend his Awakening Duration. Like Laby and Noah, there is an upper limit to his Awakening Duration (90 seconds) that is unaffected by the Awakening Duration Increase stat and can only be increased via the Passive Skill Awakened Will: Divine Phanes. Aside from this, there is no functional difference between Sanctification Mode and Berserk Mode.

List of Cannonball Related Skills

Class Skill Name Reload Use
Chung Scare Chase.png Scare Chase 1 1
Chung Reload.png Reload 1 -
Chung Reload.png [Enhanced] Reload 3 -
Chung SiegeShelling.png Siege Shelling 1 0~7
Chung Aceldama.png Aceldama - 4
Chung Aiming Shot.png Aiming Shot - 1
Class Skill Name Use
Fury Guardian SI SUDDENBURSTER1.png Sudden Burster 1
Fury Guardian SI LUNATICFURY.png Lunatic Fury 3~6
Iron Paladin ArtilleryNovaR.png Artillery Nova 6
Iron Paladin LD - Earthquake.png Land Demolisher - Earthquake (A) 3
Iron Paladin SI GUARD.png Guard 0~1
Transcendent Iron Paladin IPTrans1.png Crack Crusher 1
Class Skill Name Reload Use
Shooting Guardian SI DUALBUSTER.png Dual Buster 1 -
Shooting Guardian DeadlyShot(New).png Deadly Shot - 3
Shooting Guardian AS Quantum Ballista.png Artillery Strike - Quantum Ballista (A) - 6
Deadly Chaser SI SHOOTINGSTAR.png Shooting Star (A) - 3
Deadly Chaser RumbleShot(New).png Rumble Shot - 6
Deadly Chaser SI HEAVYRAILGUN.png Heavy Railgun - 1
Deadly Chaser SI COMETCRASHER.png Comet Crasher - 3~6
Deadly Chaser Rapid Cannon.png Rapid Cannon - 3~6
Transcendent Deadly Chaser DCTrans3.png Exciting Crash - 1
Class Skill Name Reload Use
Shelling Guardian DreadChase.png Dread Chase - 3~5
Shelling Guardian IDetonation.png Impact Detonation - 3~6
Shelling Guardian Magnum Shot.png Magnum Shot - 3
Shelling Guardian Magnum Shot.png [Enhanced] Magnum Shot - 2
Shelling Guardian ChaosCannon.png Chaos Cannon - 1~5
Tactical Trooper CarpetBombing.png Carpet Bombing (A) - 0~6
Tactical Trooper TactField.png Tactical Field (A) 6 -
Tactical Trooper SI ASTRIKE.png Artillery Strike - Missile Shower - 6
Tactical Trooper Cannon Strike.png Cannon Strike 6 + 6 -
Transcendent Tactical Trooper TTTrans1.png Cannon Prison - 1
Transcendent Tactical Trooper TTTrans2.png Fatal Cannon - 1
[Mod] Impact Detonation
- 1~3

List of Cannonball Related Commands

Chung Comet Crusader Fatal Phantom Centurion
ZZZX Use 1~6 Cannonballs ^vZZ Use 1 Cannonball XZZ Use 1 Cannonball X Reload 1 Cannonball
ZZvZ Reload 1 Cannonball >>^ZX Use 1~7 Cannonballs XX Use 1 Cannonball
XX Reload 1 Cannonball >>XXX Use 1 Cannonball >>ZZ Reload 1 Cannonball
XXX Use 1 Cannonball ZZXXX Use 1 Cannonball >>ZZX Use 1 Cannonball
XXZX Use 1~6 Cannonballs ZZXX Reload 1 Cannonball
>>X Use 1 Cannonball >>XX Reload and Use 1 Cannonball
>>^X Use 1 Cannonball >>^XX Use 1 Cannonball
Heavy Stance X Use 1 Cannonball >>XZ Use 1 Cannonball
Recovery X Use 1 Cannonball

Heavy Stance

Whenever Chung is hit while he has a blue outline (e.g., the third attack of the Z.pngZ.pngZ.png combo), he switches to a guarding stance which gives 20% damage reduction. However, he will stagger after guarding around 5-6 hits or an attack that inflicts Power Stun.

While guarding, Chung can counterattack.

  • Press Z.png to swing your cannon and inflict 239% Physical damage while knocking the target down. This can be cancelled immediately by dashing.
  • Press X.png to fire a short blast in both directions with invulnerability and inflict 366% Magical damage. If used at point-blank, it can hit twice. This knocks down (although with appropiate scenery or very high Action Speed, can catch afterwards) and uses one cannonball. If you have no cannonballs, the Z.png attack is used instead.

Heavy Tanking

While Countering, is possible for Chung to reset his Heavy Stance hit count, allowing him to withstand a theorically infinite number of hits.
To perform this, perform any counter or use a Skill right as Chung is struck by an attack, this will interrupt Chung's action and refresh his Heavy Stance.

  • This is easier done with Z.png Counter or Skills, furthermore, attacks that hit extremely fast are the easiest to continually tank, provided the player has a quick finger.
  • Comparatively, X.png Counter is the hardest since it provides Invulnerability, which will ruin the sequence if used frames out of tempo, however, the Cannon Burst will occur everytime Chung resets Heavy Stance, potentially inflicting huge damage agaisnt nearby Super Armored enemies.

Some job paths have Passives that will enhance Heavy Stance:

Non-flinch attacks don't contribute to Heavy Stance's hit threshold, but their damage will still be lowered nonetheless.

Heavy Stance take precedence over Super Armor. Even in a Super Armor state, Chung can still enter Heavy Stance.

Evasive Counter

When Chung gets knocked down, if you have at least one cannonball, press X.png to shoot the floor and flinches foes, if no Cannonballs are avaible, Z.png counter is used. If Chung falls on his back, he'll use the shot to recoil back to his feet, marginally behind his spot pre-Knocked Down.

If Chung falls on his front, he'll use the shot to recoil front far away ahead from his Knock Down spot, passes through objects and enemies.

Both variants deal 430% Magical Damage.

Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character HQ Shop Item 72550.png Specialization A HQ Shop Item 72560.png Specialization B
Icon - Chung.png
MP Usage decreased by x% for skills. (Only when there's more than 1 cannonball) (Max: 20%) x% chance of not using cannonball (Max: 40%)

Tips and Details

  • Strangely, Chung's combo Heavy Stance's can withstand hits by behind, whereas Iron Paladin's Guard Heavy Stance cannot.
  • Chung falls noticeably faster than all the other characters. This makes it harder for others to do combos on him which require the opponent to be launched.
  • Chung can more quickly reload his ammo by tapping the left or right key just after he had reloaded a cannonball. This also works for his idle-reload.
  • If Chung activates a Special Active when he's attacked while guarding with Heavy Stance, the skill will be canceled, but MP will be consumed, cooldown time will begin, and skill delay will apply. This trick can also be used with Awakening Beads, allowing Chung to escape or start a combo.
  • Chung's Specialization A stat will affect the MP cost of all skills, including Hyper Active skills.



  • Oddly, "Freiturnier" is German for "free tournament."
  • When awakened, Chung shouts special actives' names instead of calmly stating them.
  • Chung was the first character to have a special character system. Systems for characters before him, such as Way of the Sword for Elsword, were added later.
  • Chung's Magical class paths both grant him a secondary gauge for his Cannonballs, with the Shooting Guardian path doubling his standard Cannonballs and the Shelling Guardian path granting him red Enhanced Cannonballs. His physical paths, however, do not grant this additional gauge and only ever use the six standard Cannonballs from his base job.
    • There is actually a slight gap between this second gauge and the MP Gauge. This is likely a mistake caused by the second gauge being level with the first one and the slant of the gauges.


Date Changes
12/23/2010 06/27/2012
  • Freiturnier added.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • Specialization A socket effectiveness decrease amount increased.
10/13/2016 11/23/2016
  • Specialization A cap decreased from 30% to 20%.
  • Starting matches with 3 cannonballs in PvP removed.
08/23/2018 09/06/2018
  • Heavy Stance's damage decrease lowered from 67% to 40%.
08/27/2020 09/23/2020
  • Heavy Stance's damage decrease lowered from 40% to 20%.

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