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First Jobs

Upon arriving at level 15, players can choose a job for their character.

  • The jobs branches in three path. Those jobs can vastly differs from usage and play style.
  • New combo extensions and skills depending on the character type.
  • Rose is the only character that branches into four different jobs.
  • Lu/Ciel job only changes one of the characters. The other character will advance once the player reaches the 2nd job, though.

Class Change Quest

All 1st job quests are unique for each class.

Elsword can decide between advancing as a Sword Knight, Magic Knight or Sheath Knight.
Sword Knight can also be obtained by using the Item Mall item: Sword Knight's Medal  .

Sword Knight

  1. Eliminate the following monsters in Wally's Castle.
    • 5 Wally's Guardians
    • 3 Crossbow Soldiers
  2. Clear Wally's Castle with at least a B rank.
  3. Collect 3 Micky's Tails from Mickys in Underground Waterway.
  4. Collect the Velder Kingdom's Exequatur from Wally's Guardian at Wally's Castle.

Upon reaching Lv. 35, a Sword Knight can advance into a Lord Knight.

Skill Quest

  Level 30 Layer Skill (Level Requirement: 30)

  1. Clear 1 dungeon within level range.
  2. Find 1 of Camilla's Missing Manual from the monsters in Altera~Feita dungeons.
    • Completing this quest will give you Camilla's Secret Manual (Intermediate).

List of Classes

  Sword Knight
  Magic Knight
  Sheath Knight
  High Magician
  Dark Magician
  Battle Magician
  Combat Ranger
  Sniping Ranger
  Trapping Ranger
  Sword Taker
  Over Taker
  Weapon Taker
  Code: Exotic
  Code: Architecture
  Code: Electra
  Fury Guardian
  Shooting Guardian
  Shelling Guardian
  Little Hsien
  Little Devil
  Little Specter
  Saber Knight
  Pyro Knight
  Dark Knight
  Psychic Tracer
  Arc Tracer
  Time Tracer
  Royal Guard
  Heavy Barrel
  Metal Heart
  Lofty: Executor
  Lofty: Anpassen
  Lofty: Wanderer
  Sparky Child
  Twinkle Child
  Rusty Child
  Second Revenger
  Second Selection
  Second Grief

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