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HBTiny.png Heavy Barrel
Name Anna Testarossa (Rose)
Class HBTiny.png Heavy Barrel
Weapon Guns (Hand Cannon), Heavy Weaponry
Age 21
Race Human
Class Tree Icon - Rose.png > HBNEW.png > StTNEW.png > Icon - Tempest Burster.png
Release Date Korean Flag.png 31 December 2015
Japanese Flag.png 15 June 2016
Flag-us.png 15 June 2016
Bresil Flag.png 15 June 2016
Chinese Flag.png 6 July 2016
Europeanunion.png 27 July 2016
Speed: Slow Average Fast UI - Physical Class.png
Attack Range: Short Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard Physical
Let's go to war!!

HBNEW.png Heavy Barrel

[A guard that uses various heavy weapons that were designed by the strength of El's energy]
Wipe out enemies using your heavy weapons and take control of the battlefield.

 [Flame Strike]
Fire flames from a flamethrower to suppress enemies.
 [Lock-on Stratos]
Fires a powerful laser beam from a satellite in the stratosphere.
 [Laser Rifle]
Fires a laser forward. Use this when swarmed with enemies in front.
 [Quantum Bomb]
Drop a quantum bomb on the desired location.


Rose finally gets comfortable in Elrios but the situation changes when she encounters Banthus. Nasods start popping up everywhere and Rose realizes that she cannot take on this many enemies on her own. Rose begins to train to become stronger so she could overpower the Nasods. Zero, realizing that Rose needs help, offered the El Shard in his body to modify her weapons with the shard's help. Rose then gains access to enhanced bullets and lasers. She now roams the battlefield ready to take out anyone that stands in her way.

First Class Advancement

Rose can decide to advance as a Heavy Barrel, Bloodia, Valkyrie or Metal Heart.
Heavy Barrel can also be obtained by using the Item Mall item: Heavy Barrel's Bullet   .

Heavy Barrel

  1. Collect Broken Nasod Mechanism from Nasod Banthus in 2-3: Underground Waterway.
  2. Collect Repair Wrench from Little Soldier in 2-5: Wally's Castle .
  3. Collect Steel Banthus' Metal Weapon in 2-2: Banthus Cave.
  4. Collect Energy Core from Wally No. 8 in 2-5: Wally's Castle.

Upon reaching Lv. 35, a Heavy Barrel can advance into a Storm Trooper.

Skill Tree

Skills Passives Locked
          Level 15
          Level 25
Level 30
          Level 35
          Level 40
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.

Additional Combos

  : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.05x multiplier during 1st job.
Image Description Damage
  Cannon Blaster

After doing    , you are able to quickly bring up your hand cannons and fire once more, knocking enemies away. The 2nd   no longer knocks down and her weapon can be swapped after the 2nd  .

  679% Phy. Damage
+ 100% Phy. Damage
  679% Phy. Damage
+ 50% Phy. Damage x2
  1018% Phy. Damage

  Back Ignition

After doing    , you will rush back into the enemy for another cannon blast with Super Armor that staggers them.

  499% Phy. Damage
  806% Phy. Damage
+ 33% Phy. Damage + 67% Phy. Damage


Special Active

  Flame Strike
  Lock-on Stratos
  FM-31 Grenade Launcher
  Laser Rifle
   Camilla's Secret Manual (Intermediate) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Intermediate Training Skill Quest or Item Mall.
  Quantum Bomb


  Steyr Antitank


  Miracle Vision


  Over Strike Enhance



Full Gallery: Rose/Gallery




  • Heavy Barrel is based on the Launcher class of Dungeon Fighter Online.
    • Heavy Barrel is the Korean name of Female Launcher's first awakening.
  • Heavy Barrel is depicted only wielding a specific weapon used in one of her skills. This trait is shared with Storm Trooper. The weapon she is using is from Laser Rifle.
    • The missile she is standing on is the payload from Quantum Bomb.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
  South Korea 헤비배럴 Heavy Barrel
  Japan ヘビーバレル Heavy Barrel
  Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 重火槍手 Heavy Firearm Gunner
  China (Simplified Chinese) 重炮神兵 Heavy Barrel Warrior
  Germany Schweres Kaliber Heavy Caliber
  Spain Gran calibre Large Caliber
  France Grand calibre Large Caliber
  Italy Calibro pesante Heavy Caliber
  Poland Ciężki Kaliber Heavy Caliber
  Brazil Canhoneira Cannoneer

       Elsword (Knight)

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Infinity Sword
Knight Emperor
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Royal Guard
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Prime Operator
       Ain (God's Agent)

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Arme Thaumaturgy
Erbluhen Emotion
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