Fortune Finder

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Fortune Finder
Full Name
Lithia Beryl
Fortune Finder
Pickaxe, Gemstones, Sling
Extra Abilities
Power of the Wind Priestess
ED Gain Increase
Class Tree

Release Date
South Korea 01 February 2024
North America & International 28 February 2024
Japan 28 February 2024
China 28 February 2024
Thailand 28 February 2024
Taiwan 29 February 2024
Europe TBA
My money sense is tingling!

Fortune Finder

[A healer who hustles for the profit]


  • In-game Version
  • Nexon Version

Lithia turned her eyes to healing magic as she tried to remove the curse of the wraith.

She decides to use the curse that grants her great mana to enhance her magic.

She developed her own magic that allows her to use minerals to enhance the effects of her magic and begins charging people for healing them. She decides to gain as much profit as possible.

The Fortune Finder heads towards the ruins to gain another chance at fortune.

First Class Advancement

Completing the following advancement quest or using the Item Mall item: Fortune Finder's Path will change your job to Fortune Finder.

Fortune Finder
Fortune Finder 1/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Achieve Level 15
  • Accept Fortune Finder class advance quest

The power of the curse she happened to gain from the ruins.
She tried to get rid of the curse using healing magic and curing magic, but she can feel great mana swirling around from the mark.
As she goes through more attempts, her skill in healing magic improves. Does the increased mana also disappear like a mirage if she removes this curse? Is it truly a good idea to remove the curse so rashly?

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 500 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
Fortune Finder 2/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete Fortune Finder 1/3

She succeded in creating her own branch of magic based on her increased skill in healing magic and enhanced mana. The mystical ruins all over Sander and the tomes of ancient mages found in those ruins were a great help.
It hurts to use expensive material every time she uses healing magic... But, well, maybe it's not that bad if she manages to earn more than she uses. Sometimes it's necessary to make aggressive investments.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,000 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
Fortune Finder 3/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete Fortune Finder 2/3

There's still doubt and fear from not knowing what the curse is, but she must gain as much as possible as long as there's power to take.
'If I heal, then the sick is happy because they get better, and I am happy because I make money... This is a win-win scenario!'

Let's move forward to look for new opportunities and greater power and earn more money using her own branch of healing magic.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 1st Job Change Promotion Cube x1 N/A
ED 2,000 [Cobo] 1st Job Useful Items Cube x1 N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

Upon reaching Lv. 35, a Fortune Finder can job advance to a Greedy Wonder.

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
Level 15
Level 25

Level 30
Level 35
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.

Additional Commands

 : All damage values for new and preexisting commands receive a 1.05x multiplier during 1st job.
Combo Description Damage
After doing a single or the standard combo, strike enemies forward and finish by tossing a magical coin in front. You will be in Super Armor while firing the coin.

151% Phy. Damage
288% Phy. Damage
79% Phy. Damage x?

After doing the standard combo, strike enemies from behind and finish by launching enemies into the air.

287% Phy. Damage
59% Phy. Damage x3
243% Phy. Damage



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Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 포춘 파인더 Fortune Finder
Japan フォーチュンファインダ Fortune Finder
China (Simplified Chinese) 机遇探寻者 Opportunity Seeker