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Developer KOG Studios
Publishers Korean Flag.png Nexon
Japanese Flag.png NHN Corporation (Hangame)
Flag-tw.pngHk.png Gamania (TIC)
Chinese Flag.png Giant Interactive (ZT Game)
Flag-us.png KOG Games
Europeanunion.pngGerman Flag.pngSpanish Flag.pngFrench Flag.pngItalian Flag.pngPolish Flag.pngEnglish Flag.png Gameforge
Thailand Flag.png Asiasoft (PlayPark)
Flag of Indonesia.png Netmarble
Bresil Flag.png Level UP! Games
Philippine Flag.png Garena
Indian Flag.png Furizen Solutions (Gamemela)
Platform Microsoft Windows
Release Dates Korean Flag.png December 27, 2007
Flag-tw.png October 23, 2009
Hk.png November 9, 2009
Japanese Flag.png March 17, 2010
Flag-us.png March 23, 2011
Chinese Flag.png November 11, 2011
German Flag.pngFrench Flag.pngItalian Flag.pngPolish Flag.png 2011?
Spanish Flag.png April 17, 2012
Thailand Flag.png October 11, 2012
Flag of Indonesia.png December 4, 2012
Bresil Flag.png July 10, 2013
English Flag.png July 24, 2013
Philippine Flag.png October 9, 2013
Indian Flag.png April 2, 2014
Genres MMORPG, Action-Adventure, Fighting, Platformer, Side-scroller
Mode Multiplayer
Input Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
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Elsword (Korean: 엘소드 Elsword) is a free-to-play, action-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by KOG Studios. The game was first released at the end of 2007 in South Korea, and later it was localized and made available to play in other regions. This game was originally developed as a spiritual successor to KOG Studios' other game, Grand Chase, specifically evolving the graphics from 2D. This MMORPG boasts a 2.5D side-scrolling gameplay with beat'em up combat, manga-inspired visuals, and an immersive fantasy world. The story of the game follows the title protagonist Elsword and the El Search Party as they travel across the world of Elrios to fight against the encroaching demonic forces and protect the El from those who seek to abuse its power.


See also: Lore, Elsword World, and Story

In the land of Elrios, the world is given life thanks to the power of the El. However, the harmony of Elrios was disrupted by one of the guardians of the El, Solace, kidnapping the El Lady, the chosen of the goddess Ishmael. This caused the El to become unstable and explode, existing as numerous crystal shards of energy scattered across the land in the present. The larger shards hold great power, enough to sustain the nature and civilization around it. Unfortunately, there are some wicked beings who seek the power of the El for their own.


Elsword, continuing his knight training in the village of Ruben, discovers the blue demon Berthe trying to take away the El Shard, an important treasure of Ruben Village that maintains the life for it and the surrounding forest. Elsword unleashes his anger and manages to force Berthe to retreat, with the help of the magician, Aisha, who happened upon the battle. Meanwhile, Rena overhears a group of bandits planning to steal the El Shard for themselves. She engages the leader, Banthus, and forces him to flee. Berthe had threw away the El Shard in his escape, and it ends up landing right in front of Banthus. With the prize in his possession, Banthus runs off with the El Shard with a taunting laugh. Rena, Elsword, and Aisha decide to work together to retrieve the lost El from Banthus and the bandits, thus forming the El Search Party. This would begin their adventure as the members of the El Search Party travel the world of Elrios to track down the El, make new allies and friends, stop powerful and cunning foes, solve the mysteries surrounding the El and the El Lady, and protect Elrios from the growing evil forces who threaten to destroy it.


Elsword's three first-job paths.

Players can choose to play as one of eleven playable characters, each with their own unique characteristics, abilities, and backstories. Players can traverse through town, where they can talk to NPCs and accept quests. Then players can enter dungeons and fields, where they can defeat enemies and tough bosses using basic attack commands and special skills to string together powerful combos. Doing so will allow players to complete quests, which unfold the story though dialogue cutscenes and sometimes rendered videos. Defeating monsters and completing quests rewards ED, the main in-game currency, which can be used to purchase various items, equipment, and services. The game servers also generally have limited-time in-game events that players can participate in to earn special rewards and items. Players can choose to use real cash currency to purchase exclusive goods from the Item Mall. Some of the main types of items available in the Item Mall are Costume Pieces and Customizations, which can be purchased to dress up and customize your character to make them your own.

Players earn experience from dungeons, quests, and enemies to level up and advance their characters. Upon reaching level 15 and then level 35, players can upgrade their character along a specialized job path, each with their own fighting style and personality, which gives access to new skills and abilities. At level 40, characters can choose one of three professions, each with its own features to assist characters on their journey. Characters who have achieved their second job change and reached level 70 can pursue Transcendence, which unlocks even more new skills and passives. Characters who reached the level cap of 99 and completed a certain quest can continue to earn experience to earn points in the El Resonance system, which can be invested in various stat increases.

Players can collect and use a variety of items found throughout their journey. Quests can reward items upon completions, and NPCs can sell some items to players. Dungeons and bosses can drop rare equipment and items as well. Equipment can be dismantled into materials, which can be used to craft even stronger equipment. Equipment can also be enhanced at blacksmiths to power up its main stats, socketed to give additional stats, or attributed at an alchemist for additional elemental effects. Special dungeons available at higher levels drop special materials and equipment that is needed to craft the strongest, endgame equipment. Other items such as consumables and elixirs can be crafted as well.

Players can interact with each other by communicating via the chat window, forming parties either manually or through matchmaking, playing in the fields or dungeons together (PvE), sparring or dueling in player versus player (PvP) matches, becoming part of a guild, trading with one another and selling items on the market board, and combining forces to tackle giant Raid Bosses.



ElboyTiny.png Knight

Elsword is the titular swordsman who carries a great sword to slash and bash his enemies. He is an aspiring young knight who was trained under the guidance of his sister, Elesis. Ambitious and hotheaded, Elsword is always looking for a challenge, but he is good-natured at heart.

Elsword begins his journey searching for the lost El that was stolen from the town of Ruben, joining forces with Aisha and Rena.

His strength lies in his close-ranged skill with the sword, but he can also harness the power of fire to deal some explosive attacks. He can take a number of hits and strike right back.


Job Classes
A knight trained to fight with an enhanced dashing, close-combat sword fighting style.

Sword Knight
Lord Knight
Lord Knight
A fiery magic swordsman who utilizes both the sword and rune magic.

Magic Knight
Rune Slayer
Rune Slayer
A dual-wielding swordsman with high-speed, sword combination attacks.

Sheath Knight
Infinity Sword
Infinity Sword


General Guides
Story Elsword WorldLoreNPCsStoryTimeline
Gameplay Modes DungeonsHunting FieldsPvP
Gameplay Features AchievementsEl ResonanceExperience TableForce SkillsQuestsSkill QuestSkill TreeSkillsTitlesUI Guide
Gameplay Mechanics Awakening ModeCharacter SystemsFeverMana BreakPower-upsSkill TraitsSpecial EffectStaminaStatisticsStatus EffectsStoic Thresholds
Character Progression 1st Jobs2nd JobsTranscendence3rd Jobs
System Guides BankElrios Hot SpringsElrios StudioItem Lock SystemMagic WardrobeMentor-Pupil SystemProfession SystemRandom Mission SystemWedding System
Life Content FishingPet Expedition
Guild Content GuildGuild Banner SystemGuild BaseGuild ExpeditionGuild Farm System
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Equipment & Accessories Arena Sets (S4)Boss DropsLegend EquipmentRegional EquipmentUnique Equipment (Elrianode EquipmentHeroic Dungeon EquipmentSecret Dungeon Equipment)
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Light Novel

Mobile Game




Role Name Notes
Director DongShin Lee 2016 (Current?)
??? 2015? - Rose, Maximize Stat
Kwon Oh Dang 2014? - Luciel
??? Earlier
Artists RESS Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, and Eve
흑주돈 Chung, Skill Cut-Ins for Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung
Sando Ara
즉흥환상 Add
Hwansang Lu/Ciel
Voice Director Michael Sorich Directed KOG Games' Voice Over Project for NA server

Voice Cast

Character Korean Flag.png Japanese Flag.png Flag-us.png
Elsword 정유미 (Jeong Yu Mi) 鈴村 健一 (Kenichi Suzumura) Nicolas Roye
Aisha 이지영 (Yi Ji Yong) 釘宮 理恵 (Kugimiya Rie) Sandy Fox
Rena 정미숙 (Jeong Mi Sok) 堀江 由衣 (Horie Yui) Cristina Vee
Raven 박성태 (Bak Seong Tae) 宮野 真守 (Miyano Mamoru) Brian Beacock
Eve 우정신 (Woo Jeong Shin) 能登 麻美子 (Noto Mamiko) Brianna Knickerbocker
Chung 양정화 (Yang Jeong Hwa) 沢城 みゆき (Sawashiro Miyuki) ???
Ara 여민정 (Yeo Min Jeong) 佐藤 聡美 (Satomi Satō) Dina Sherman
Elesis 윤여진 (Yoon Yuh Jin) 井上 麻里奈 (Inoue Marina) ???
Add 정재헌 (Jeong Jae-heon) 釘宮 理恵 (Kugimiya Rie) Bryce Papenbrook
Lu 김현지 (Kim Hyeonji) 井口 裕香 (Yuka Iguchi) ???
Ciel 김영선 (Kim Yeongson) 杉山 紀彰 (Noriaki Sugiyama) JC Hyke
Rose 이용신 (Lee Yong Shin) 小清水 亜美 (Ami Koshimizu) Erica Lindbeck


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Beginners Site Movie.

NA Promo Trailer (2015).
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JP Promo Trailer (2014).

"Playing with Fire" Trailer.



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