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Tiny - Rusty Child.png Rusty Child
Portrait - Rusty Child.png
Name Laby
Class Tiny - Rusty Child.png Rusty Child
Weapon Mirror (Nisha), Black Forest Energy, Memories
Age Unknown
Class Tree Icon - Laby.png > Icon - Rusty Child.png > Icon - Daydreamer.png > Icon - Daydreamer (Trans).png > Icon - Nisha Labyrinth.png
Release Date Korean Flag.png 31 January 2019
Chinese Flag.png 6 March 2019
Flag-us.png 6 March 2019
Thailand Flag.png 6 March 2019
Flag-tw.png 7 March 2019
Japanese Flag.png 13 March 2019
Rusty Child
Speed: Slow Average Fast Dunno.png
Attack Range: Short Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard ???
I'm a little worried... You'll be by my side, right? Nisha.

Icon - Rusty Child.png Rusty Child

[A lonely stranger who finds refuge with Nisha]
Rely on Nisha and hide
fear and anxiety while
reminisce the memory of the forest.

When reacting to Laby's skill, fire homing projectiles and grow. Damage increase per growth stage.
 [Bad Dream]
Multi hit near Laby. Last hit will apply immobility debuff.
 [Bramble, Grow!]
Grow a huge bramble ahead to deal great damage. Damage increase when using Sentimental Points.
 [Like This?]
Increase Physical Attack Power, Awakening Charge Speed, and Awakening Duration.


Laby's excitement from entering a new world soon faded and was replaced by a feeling of discomfort. She could not shake the feeling away eventually leading her to make a mistake in the battlefield. Despite this, she was able to defeat the enemies with Nisha's help. Bellonde, however, was injured in the process and his wounds were not healing immediately like hers. She finally realized where her feelings of discomfort were coming from.

There was no one else like her outside the forest. She realized she was different when she was inside the forest and until now, she was still different even outside. The troubled Laby seeks Nisha's comfort realizing that no matter what happens, Nisha will always be with Laby.

Bellonde was still kind after the spell disappeared but Laby's heart was plagued with distrust. The more she felt uncertain, the more she relied on Nisha and slowly begins to close herself off from the rest of the world.

First Class Advancement

After reaching lvl 15, Laby can decide between advancing as a Sparky Child, Twinkle Child or Rusty Child.
Rusty Child can also be obtained by using the Item Mall item: Rusty Child's Fear  .

Rusty Child

  1. Clear L1-2: East Lurensia Port.
  2. Speak with Spring of Memory in Laby's Imaginary World.
  3. Clear L1-3: The Lariness.

Upon reaching Lv. 35, a Rusty Child can advance into a Daydreamer.

Skill Tree

Skills Passives Locked
          Level 15
          Level 25
Level 30
          Level 35
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.

Additional Combos

  : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.05x multiplier during 1st job.
Combo Description Damage
  Tree Toss

After performing her dash jump attack, Laby will throw a tree stump at a diagonal angle downwards.

  183% Phy. Damage
  326% Phy. Damage

  Puddle Stomp

After performing her neutral air kick, Laby will dive straight down to the ground.

  163% Phy. Damage
  197% Phy. Damage + 189% Phy. Damage


Growth Gauge, empty (left) and full (right).

Upon advancing to Rusty Child a new gauge will appear next to your Skill Slot, consisting of a blue flower with empty petals representing Growth stages.

Gain one stage per [Laby's Friend?] skill used while a [Memory of the Forest] is on the field, up to a maximum of 5.
Enhances the response attack and sacrifice attack for each Growth stage.
Growth stages also affect certain passives.

Gaining Growth has a cooldown of 3 seconds, and only one [Memory of the Forest] can be active on the field at any time. Sacrificing one will always consume all Growth stages from the gauge. If a [Memory of the Forest] skill is in a Transcendence Skill Slot, it will only gain damage on its initial summoning attack. [Memory of the Forest] skills also do not go on cooldown until they are sacrificed. Additionally, any response skill will always gain the effect of 1 Growth stage at minimum when used.

[Memory of the Forest] skills include Poco...!, Wooki...!, Zumyu...! and Bibi...!.
[Laby's Friend?] skills include all other Special Active skills, except those gained at Laby's Base class.
Growth specifically affects the passives Not Alone, Awakened Will: Daydreamer and Equivalent Exchange.


Date Changes
02/21/2019 -

Growth gain cooldown decreased


Special Active

  Poke It?
  Go Away!
  Bad Dream
   Camilla's Secret Manual (Intermediate) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Intermediate Training Skill Quest or Item Mall.
  Bramble, Grow!


  Handy Vines


  Like This?





  • Laby is relatively similar to her base appearance, but many of the plant-like features already present are shown to be overtaking her body in this path.
    • The small vines on her back gain thorns and grow into a nearly tail-like appearance, and the bright blue flower bud on her chest has bloomed open, revealing a dark purple flower.
  • Nisha looks almost identical to how she appears initially, but the upper section has been overgrown by the dark blue flower, and the bottom section has shattered, with the pieces spiraling towards the center of the "mirror". The black aura originally contained is dripping out of the bottom as a result, and is no longer filling up the entire frame.
  • Strangely, despite both the Awakening Skill and Crunch N' Munch using the same thorn vines this path is entirely based around, this path deals Physical damage, not Magical. The same goes for various of the black aura effects used in attacks like     and Oopsie!, which again clash with the damage type used for those same effects in Splashy Splashy.
  • Unlike all other additional systems like You and I or Wavering Faith, this class's system gauge is not given by a passive at all, simply being granted the moment you job change.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
  South Korea 러스티 차일드 Rusty Child
  Japan ラスティーチャイルド Rusty Child
  Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 活力女孩 Sparky Girl
  China (Simplified Chinese) 黯淡萌萝 Gloom Loli
  Brazil Criança Ávida Avid Child

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