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So, annoying thing about Specter Chung

While I'm running Trials, I will occasionally get hit by a cannonball that literally arcs and changes direction in mid-air. It's a rare occurrence, though, as the rest of the shots in that Siege Shelling will pass by without changing direction, and it doesn't happen on every Siege Shelling that's aimed in my direction.

Another Thing About Chung

His Super Armor is actually when he has at least 50% HP, it just lasts until Siege Shelling ends after he's put under 50%, or when the player uses a res stone. After that, he won't have Super Armor, even when he's firing cannonballs, but he won't spam Siege Shelling at that point.

  • What I mean is that Siege Shelling doesn't trigger Super Armor, it just extends it after his HP gets under 50%. He has it immediately when he spawns, as is removed either by reducing his HP or by knocking him down.